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Friday, January 29, 2010

New Hallmark Channel Movies on DVD...

I thought I would share today - some Hallmark Movies (below) that were recently released on DVD.

Come Dance at my Wedding

I liked this movie... stars John Schneider and Roma Downey.
You can Read my Review and see more Images from the film, Here.


A Dog Named Christmas

This was a well loved Christmas Movie last year.
You can Read my Review and see more Images from the film, Here.


Bridal Fever

A Sweet Romantic Comedy starring Delta Burke & Andrea Roth.
You can Read my Review and see more Images from the film, Here.


For the Love of Grace

Another Sweet Romantic Comedy from Hallmark, starring Mark Consuelos and Chandra West.
You can Read my Review and see more Images from the film, Here.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jimmy Stewart Christmas Movie on TCM

No, it's not our favorite... "It's a Wonderful Life", however it's always good to see Jimmy Stewart in just about any movie. TCM is playing The Shop Around the Corner. A fun little romance movie with a scene around Christmas Time. Van Johnson & Judy Garland did a remake of this movie, titled "In the Good Ole Summertime".

January 28th, 2010, Thursday
The Shop Around the Corner ... TCM ... 4 PM

Au Pair 3 - Adventure in Paradise - DVD Release

Au Pair 3 - Adventure in Paradise...
Click Here for my MOVIE REVIEW!




Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: February 14, 2010


Sterling Knight ... Christopher Wilde
Danielle Campbell ... Jessica Olson
Maggie Castle ... Sara Olson
Brandon Mychal Smith ... Stubby
Chelsea Staub ... Alexis Bender
Dan O'Connor ... Dean Olson
Beth Littleford ... Barbara Olson


from Disney Channel:

When the hottest Hollywood pop star by chance meets and falls for an unpretentious small town girl, his lavish world is turned upside down, and he's faced with the decision to either follow his heart or do what is best for his sizzling career.

Filmed at landmark locations in the Los Angeles area including Malibu and Venice beach, Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood, the story begins as Jessica Olson and her family prepare for a trip to Los Angeles to visit her grandmother. Eldest sister Sara is obsessed with pop singing sensation Christopher Wilde and is hoping to somehow catch a glimpse of him in L.A., but Jessica is more interested in seeing the city's sights.

Meanwhile, a top Hollywood director is vying for Christopher to star in his next film but first must convince the producers that Christopher, who is a magnet for the media, has the right image for the movie. To help the cause, the director asks Christopher to stay out of the gossip pages for awhile.

Soon after the Olsons arrive in Los Angeles, Sara learns that Christopher will be singing at Club Under 21 so she convinces Jessica to stake it out with her. Eventually, Jessica meets Christopher the hard way, via a stage door accident that leaves her with a bruised head and Hollywood's hottest pop star rushing her to the hospital.

The next day, Jessica feels as if she's somehow smack in the middle of the kind of stuff that only ever happens in movies, but agrees when a smitten Christopher offers to be her personal tour guide, taking her on an exciting journey to popular Los Angeles tourist spots. Amidst the fun, Christopher realizes that for the first time in a long time, he can relax and just be himself. Jessica keeps Christopher's ego in check but as the days goes by, she gets to know the real person behind the pop star and is surprised to find herself enjoying his company. His best friend since childhood, Stubby, also chimes in to keep his friend's head from getting too big.

Although he has a girlfriend in up and coming starlet Alexis Bender, Christopher feels a connection to Jessica. He asks that she keep their adventure together a secret, fearing any story about them in the gossip press might ruin his chances of being in the movie. When pictures surface of them together, Christopher publicly denies their friendship and must now decide what's more important – being true to himself or becoming a movie star.

Movie Review:

This is a cute Disney Movie for young Boys and Girls. It's very sweet and decent. A terrific movie for a party or sleepover.

Christopher Wilde, (Sterling Knight) a popular singer/actor, has become stuck on himself, his fame, and career. It takes Jessica, who is not a fan at all, mostly due to her sister's obsession, to shake up his thoughts and his world, and bring him back to reality.

The moral of the story: Be true to yourself, your family, and your friends.

See or Skip:

See, with your family.


Monday, January 25, 2010

The Waltons Movie Collection on DVD

The Waltons Movie Collection available on DVD - January 26, 2010.

This includes all 6 of The Waltons Reunion Movies that were made after the series concluded.

A Wedding on Waltons Mountain

Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain

A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain

A Waltons Thanksgiving Reunion

A Walton Wedding

A Walton Easter

  At last, these wonderful Family Movies are available on DVD. These Movies are Treasures your family will love and enjoy for today and many years to come!!! A perfect gift for family... Grandparents, Parents, Children, and Grandchildren. A Great Learning tool for children as they learn the history of the Depression years and the deep love of family.

  Product Description
Honesty. Integrity. Family. Stories of a family's - and a nation's - yesteryear continue in six Reunion Movies. Set in the 1940s are A Wedding on Walton's Mountain (will Erin have a change of heart?), Mothers' Day on Walton's Mountain (honoring the person everyone turns to when crises arise) and A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain (with Robert Wightman as John-Boy). Taking place in the 1960s and featuring Richard Thomas as John-Boy are A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (as a nation mourns the death of JFK), A Walton Wedding (no big-city Manhattan nuptials for John-Boy) and A Walton Easter (Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary, John and Olivia!). Six warm Walton memories are yours to share. For fans of the family-friendly classic TV series, this 3-disc set features six made for television holiday-themed movies.

Click Here for DVD information.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catch Home Alone on TV twice today!


Catch Home Alone one more time this January!

Airing Today - January 21, 2010...

at 4 PM and 10 PM on Fox Movie Channel !!!

Check out the entire Home Alone DVD Collection, Here.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Dreams Premieres on the Hallmark Channel - January 23, 2010

For those of you who enjoy Ice Skating, the Olympics (coming in February) and a sweet Hallmark Movie... then you should Ice Dreams, premiering this weekend on the Hallmark Channel.

Click Here for more Movie Plot Information and Pictures!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Movie Review - The Wishing Well

January 18, 2010-
Click Here to read my all New "Movie Review" just added for The Wishing Well.

Visit my Movie Reviews Page for more Hallmark Channel and other TV / Cinema Movie Reviews.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Margaret O'Brien!

If you have ever watched the delightful Judy Garland Christmas Movie, Meet Me in St. Louis, then you were sure to fall in love with the witty little girl who portrayed the youngest of the children, Tootie Smith... played by Margaret O'Brien.

Today TCM is playing many movies that star Margaret O'Brien in honor of her Birthday today. She was born January 15, 1937... so today will be her 73rd Birthday!

My favorite Margaret O'Brien Movies are: Meet Meet Me in St. Louis, The Tenth Avenue Angel, The Secret Garden, and Her First Romance. What a wonderful actress she is... such great Dramatics!!!

The Tenth Avenue Angel is a very sweet Christmas Movie and will be playing today on TCM at 5 PM.


Child Christmas Movies Today...

Three Wonderful Christmas Movies are airing today on TV...

Home Alone
Tenth Avenue Angel

Check the Christmas TV Schedule for Times.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hallmark Channel's HIGH December 2009 TV Ratings!!

Congratulations, HALLMARK CHANNEL!!!

I was so excited to read this Press Release (below)  from the Hallmark Channel. It states that their Christmas Programming in December, 2009... was very Highly Rated! I am so glad to hear this... because our family loved watching their many hours of Christmas Movies - it seems our TV was always on their Channel! Thank you, Hallmark!!!




 December Success is Highlighted by Network's Highest-Rated Week Ever And Three Consecutive #1 Rated Original Movies

 2009 Marks Fourth Straight Year Hallmark Channel Ranks Among Top 10 Cable Networks in Prime Time

Hallmark Channel, the leader in holiday programming with more than 450 hours of holiday-themed programs, delivered its highest-rated month in network history with a 1.5 HH Prime Time rating in December 2009, earning a #5 ranking among all ad-supported cable networks. The network also averaged a .9 HH Total Day rating for the month, ranking #6 among all ad-supported cable networks.

Hallmark Channel ranked #9 in Prime Time (1.0 HH rating) for the full year 2009, marking the fourth straight year ranking in the Top 10 in Prime Time. Among the network's key demographic of W25-54, the network was Top 10 for the third consecutive year in Total Day (#10).

Highlights of Hallmark Channel's record-setting December included:

-Hallmark Channel ranked #1 in the Saturday 8-10 PM time period among Households (2.9 rating) and W25-54 (1.4 rating) from Nov. 28 - Dec. 19, with three consecutive Hallmark Channel Original Movies ranking as the #1 ad-supported cable movie of the week: "Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle" on Dec. 5, "Christmas in Canaan" on Dec. 12, and "The Three Gifts" on Dec. 19.

-Hallmark Channel achieved the highest weekly ranking in its history with the help of "Christmas in Canaan." The movie's strong performance helped the network to achieve a #3 ranking for the week of 12/7-12/13, with a 1.8 HH rating in Prime Time.

-Hallmark Channel's holiday movie marathons (Monday-Friday, 12 noon to 12 midnight) more than doubled the time period average among W25-54 (+116%).

Source: Nielsen Media Research, 12/29/08-12/27/09
Released by The Hallmark Channel - January 5, 2010

 It is so good to hear that the Hallmark Channel's Christmas Movies did so well in December, 2009... hopefully this will encourage them to play just as much this year during Christmastime... and maybe other channels will be encouraged to play more Christmas Movies, as well... since Hallmark's ratings were so high!

I loved the Hallmark Christmas Movies from 12 Noon - 12 AM... however, I liked it best on weekends when they showed a 12 AM Movie, too! Hope they can do that on weeknights this year, too... that was so great for late night Christmas wrapping, projects, etc!!!

Again, Congratulations HALLMARK CHANNEL, for your Successful December TV Ratings in 2009!

We Love Your Christmas and Family Movies!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Your Favorite Christmas Movies from 2009

The Last POLL was...

What was your Favorite "New" Christmas Movie on TV in 2009?
(You could choose More than One!)

Hallmark Channel's Mrs. Miracle and Christmas in Canaan tied for first place Favorites with 40% of the voting for each!

Picture from Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle

Here are the Official Results:

Mrs. Miracle 18 (40%)

Christmas in Canaan 18 (40%)

A Dog Named Christmas 12 (26%)

A Golden Christmas 8 (17%)

The National Tree 7 (15%)

The Dog Who Saved Christmas 5 (11%)

Other 5 (11%)

Santa Baby 2 Christmas Maybe 4 (8%)

The Christmas Hope 4 (8%)

The Three Gifts 3 (6%)

Lanny and Wayne the Christmas Elves in Prep & Landing 2 (4%)

Merry Madagascar 2 (4%)

Yes, Virginia 1 (2%)

Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure 0 (0%)

Gotta Catch Santa Claus 0 (0%)

I personally enjoyed Hallmark Channel's Mrs. Miracle and Disney's new animation, Lanny and Wayne, the Christmas Elves in Prep & Landing. Both were fun and delightful Christmas Programs... and I look forward to seeing both again next Christmas!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lies Between Friends - Hallmark Channel Movie


Lies Between Friends
A.K.A. - Among Friends or Murder Among Friends

NOTE: This Movie, due to the subject content mentioned below (in the Plot), does not sound like a show for families or young children.

If perhaps, you were ever a fan of Mystery Woman, Miss Marple, or Murder She Wrote... then you'll most likely want to watch this Mystery!

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: July 31, 2010


Gabrielle Anwar ... Joss Jenner
Craig Sheffer ... Sheriff Zach Watts
Thea Gill ... Cait Randell
John Newton ... Doug
Carrie Genzel ... Beth
Sarah-Jane Redmond ... Laura
Susan Hogan ... Rebecca
Venus Terzo ... Stephanie
Franรงoise Robertson ... Marti
Anne Openshaw ... Wendy


from Hallmark Press Release:

A Hallmark Channel Original Movie about a group of college friends who reunite for a bridal shower that turns into a crime scene investigation when one of the friends is found dead and is presumed to have been murdered. One of the friends is devastated and becomes fixated on solving the crime.

Joss Jenner (Anwar), an art authenticator, joins her college girlfriends, including her beautiful former roommate, Cait Randell (Thea Gill, "Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows"), with whom she has an unresolved dispute. Despite some tension, all of them are looking forward to a fun reunion of the old gang and a bridal shower for one of the girls. When they all arrive at the cozy White Swan Bed and Breakfast, the women start getting caught up on each other's lives and taking part in the festivities, including playing silly bridal shower games. However, after dinner on the second night, when Joss volunteers to help clean up, she sees something on the ground and realizes it's Cait's dead body.

Sheriff Zach Watts (Sheffer) and the local authorities immediately begin an investigation, and Joss, who has many questions including the truth from Cait about what really happened in their past can't relax until she finds out who committed the crime.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:



When Love is not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story


Hallmark Hall of Fame -

When Love is not Enough: The Lois Wilson Story

Network: CBS

Original Air Date: April 25, 2010


Winona Ryder ... Lois Wilson
Barry Pepper ... Bill Wilson
Ellen Dubin ... Dora
Kristi Angus ... Anne Bingham
Paul Popowich ... Rogers Burnham
Sarah Manninen ... Elise Shaw
Adam Greydon Reid ... Ebby Thatcher
Luke Vitale ... Merchant
Brent Crawford ... Speakeasy Doorman


from CBS Press Release:

This Drama, Based on the Biography by William G. Borchert, Is About the Trials and Ultimate Triumph of the Co-Founder of Al-Anon, Whose Alcoholic Husband Co-Founded AA.

WHEN LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH: THE LOIS WILSON STORY, is a new "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation starring Golden Globe Award winner and two-time Academy Award nominee Winona Ryder ("The Age of Innocence," "Little Women," "Star Trek") and Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award nominee Barry Pepper ("61*," "Seven Pounds," "Flags of Our Fathers"). Spanning more than 30 years, this movie is based on the true story of the enduring but troubled love between Lois Wilson (Ryder), co-founder of Al-Anon, and her alcoholic husband Bill Wilson (Pepper), co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A college-educated young woman from an affluent family, Lois Burnham spent her winters in New York and summers in Vermont, where she began her deliriously happy courtship with Bill Wilson, a slightly younger man of modest means. She married Bill in 1918, and, after his return from duty at the end of WWI, the two set out to build a life together in New York City. While Lois worked as an occupational therapist at Bellevue Hospital, Bill struggled to find his niche. Lois strongly believed, however, that Bill was destined for greatness, and despite noticing an increase in his drinking habits, she showered him with love and support. Eventually, Lois persuaded a friend's husband to hire Bill at his financial firm. By 1927, Bill was a lucrative securities analyst on Wall Street and the couple was living a luxurious lifestyle. Despite Lois' countless efforts to control his drinking, Bill's addiction to alcohol spiraled further and further out of control until his job, their lifestyle and dreams were gone.

In 1935, after years of unsuccessfully struggling to cover for Bill and manage his disease, Lois finally saw him take control of his alcoholism; however, his sobriety was not the result of Lois's help, rather it came through the support of a fellow recovering alcoholic, Dr. Bob Smith. As Bill and Bob attained lasting sobriety and co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous, Lois began to question the value she had in her own marriage. After devoting 17 years to healing her sick husband, Lois felt isolated and resentful that he was sober without her help. Lois eventually discovered that she was not alone. She slowly engaged the wives of the men in Bill's program and came to realize that while Bill was addicted to alcohol, she was addicted to him - and that the family and friends of alcoholics are, in some ways, as sick as their loved ones. Lois gained the necessary understanding needed to repair her fractured relationship and to help millions of others do the same. She co-founded Al-Anon in 1951.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:






Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: August 14, 2010


Jodi Lynn O'Keefe ... Kylie Burch
Justin Bruening ... Whitt Sheffield
Constance Marie ... Professor Victoria Corrales
Eric Roberts ... Benjamin Sheffield


It's the story of a well-to-do law student who is given the assignment to help a young, working class woman facing a tough life situation, and how the experience ultimately brings profound lessons and other surprises to both of them.

Whitt Sheffield (Bruening) is close to graduating from The Sheffield Law School with his law degree and then moving into his father's company as a corporate lawyer. He is given an assignment in his Public Interest Law class to help a disadvantaged, single mother, Kylie Burch (O'Keefe), find a job with benefits but he doesn't at first understand why he needs to even bother with this assignment since he's going into corporate law. His teacher, Professor Victoria Corrales (Marie), quickly makes it clear to him that it's a requirement for him to graduate. Kylie Burch is an attractive young woman who can't hold a job, primarily because her son is ill which forces her to leave work often to get him medical attention. Whitt gets started on his assignment but is immediately challenged in his efforts to establish a connection with Kylie who doesn't want to be thought of as a charity case.

But soon a series of incidents and unexpected events lead each one to realize that they're more alike than they had at first realized, and that they both have a lot to learn from and appreciate about one another. Eric Roberts plays Whitt's demanding father, Benjamin Sheffield.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wishing for New Movies on TV...

The Hallmark Channel grants you your wish with an all new Original Movie... January 9th, 2010 with the movie, The Wishing Well ...

Check out the Storyline, Pictures, and More, here.

This Hallmark Movie stars Ernest Borgnine (A Grandpa for Christmas), Jordan Ladd (Cheryl Ladd's daughter), Jason London (A Golden Christmas), and Tempestt Bledsoe (Vanessa, The Cosby Show).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

More Christmas Movies...

It's the start of a New Year now, yet it is still fun to catch a few Christmas Movies, for those of us who want to hang on to "the most wonderful time of the year"... just a little bit longer.

Hallmark has ended their Christmas Movie run with their Countdown to the New Year, which I loved and hope they do again next year! I loved all of their Countdowns... Countdown to Thanksgiving, Countdown to Christmas, and Countdown to The New Year!!! Thank you, Hallmark Channel, for all the Many Many Hours of Christmas Movies!

Check the Christmas TV Schedule to find a few Christmas Movies and other Specials still airing on TV on various networks.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ice Dreams


Ice Dreams - Family film about pursuing your dreams

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 23, 2010


Jessica Cauffiel ... Amy
Shelley Long ... Harriet
Brady Smith ... Tim
Jerry Stiller ... Skipper
Kathleen Wilhoite ... Debra
Noelle Bruno ... Nicky

from Hallmark Channel-

After abandoning a dream years ago, it will take the dedication of an ambitious teenager to get an ex-Olympian back in the game in “Ice Dreams.”

When U.S. Olympian Amy Clayton’s (Cauffiel) father died trying to get his daughter to
practice on time, it only seemed right to hang up her skates for good, even if it meant disappointing her mother, Harriet (Long). But the call of the run-down Mid City Ice Rink was too strong to ignore, and having worked out a deal with Skipper (Stiller) and the owner the rink, Amy has continued to skate privately.

When the owner passes away, he leaves the rink to his nephew, Tim King (Smith), who arrives to decide the property’s fate. Having skated there for years as a kid, Tim knows what the rink means to the few who still frequent it, among them aspiring figure skater Nicky Laston (Noelle Bruno). But the offer from developers to buy the property is tempting, and with dwindling funds, Tim is finding it almost impossible to keep the rink open.

Meanwhile, Nicky and her mom find out that Amy is skating at Mid City, and convince
the reluctant (and broke) ex-Olympian to coach Nicky. Although reluctant at first, Amy recognizes Nicky’s dedication and talent, and through coaching the ambitious young skater, she has the chance to reevaluate her own dreams, even the one she thought she had left behind.

Movie Review:

For anyone who likes ice skating, I'm certain you would also enjoy this movie. There's nothing in it that children can't see... which means it is safe for family viewing, as most Hallmark Channel Movies are! (Thank you, Hallmark! There's a reason why people enjoy your wholesome Family Movies... they're a rarity among the other Channels!)

Nicky, the ex-Olympian and barely getting by Waitress, finds herself back at the ice rink more and more, inspite of her avoiding it publicly in the past due to her own past issues. She learns to deal with losing her father and she and her Mother strenghten their relationship.... just as Nicky and the Ice Rink's New Owner, Tim start skating and dating one another.

Shelley Long, who plays the Mother, is a refreshing part of the story... very witty & funny!

When funds are low, Nicky tells her Mother... "It's the Economy!" I thought this was a very realistic comment that hits home with a lot of people today.

Also, when Nicky asks Amy to practice on the ice again the next Morning, she says... " I can't, I have Church. " I liked this comment. It was refreshing to see a show with a teenager who has goals and strong faith.

Can Tim & Nicky save the rink from being sold... in spite of lack of business?

I'll just say... it's a Sweet Story with a Hallmark Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

See... sweet family movie!