Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bridal Fever


Bridal Fever:

a sweet Hallmark Channel romantic comedy starring the beautiful and dramatic Delta Burke ("Designing Women") and Andrea Roth ("Rescue Me").


Delta Burke ... Dahlia Marchand
Andrea Roth ... Gwen Green
Melinda Deines ... Sandra
Gabriel Hogan ... Jake
Vincent Walsh ... Mark
Brandon Firla ... Paul
Caryn Green ... Cheryl


from Hallmark Channel-

It's a literal race to the altar when a steamy romance novelist with a long line of torrid romances - and ex husbands - sets out to help a single bachelorette ditch her bridesmaid gowns once and for all.

Gwen Green (played by Andrea Roth), an aspiring editor at Hearts Desire Publishing, is growing tired of being one of the only women left from her group of college friends not to be married. She and her friend Sandra (Melinda Deines) have tried every dating option in the book to no avail, until Gwen is assigned to work with Dahlia Marchand (Delta Burke), a famous romance novelist who has begun writing her steamy memoirs, detailing - among other things - the parade of famous men who have fallen in love with her.

Soon, Dahlia takes Gwen under her wing and promises to find her a husband in just six months, quickly introducing her to Mark (Vincent Walsh), a handsome and successful bachelor. With everything moving so fast, Gwen has to decide if Mark is the right man for her, or if her perfect match may come from a more unlikely source. Making matters more difficult is the fact that Dahlia's memoirs read more like one of her novels and less like the honest tale of the 'women behind the myth' that her fans are dying for. With time running out on her personal and professional deadlines, Gwen's head begins to spin, and it seems like everyone is catching "Bridal Fever!"

Movie Review:

Delightful and Dramatic! I loved it from the very beginning! I guess this movie would definitely be classified as a "Chic-Flick". Although, I think... there's enough spark and intrigue to keep men interested, as well.

The main characters, Gwen and Sandra, are best friends, who are desperate to find the love of their life, and to be married -- like all of their girlfriends. Dahlia, the dramatic writer, is confident she can find both women the perfect match -- in just a few months!

It's fun to watch the dating journey, and of course, it's a perfect romantic comedy... with both friends finding their soul-mates!

See, especially good... with your girlfriends! Decent enough for young ladies, too! No language or inappropriate relations.... just a sweet romantic comedy!

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  1. What is the name of the song at the beginning and ending? and the singer also.. thanks

  2. I'd also like the know the name of the song. Can't find it anywhere. "Everybody knows how, it's as natural as sin, fall out or fall in..." Can someone please reply with the name of the song? Thank you :)


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