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Friday, May 30, 2014

Inspiration, Romance, Faith, Mystery... find it all this Weekend in "The Color of Rain", "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", and "Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio"

This Weekend: Discover the true story of
Michael and Gina Spehn,
portrayed by Warren Christie (The Most Wonderful Time of the Year)
and Lacey Chabert (Matchmaker Santa)
Premieres Saturday May 31, 2014
at 9 PM / 8c. on the Hallmark MOVIE Channel
"The Color of Rain" tells the emotional true story of two family?s unexpected new beginning in the face of unimaginable loss. Inspired by the true story of Gina Kell and Michael Spehn and the New York Times bestselling book "The Color of Rain" they wrote together, the heartfelt movie follows both families as they unite to become one after cancer tragically claims both Gina's husband and Michael's wife six weeks apart. (via Hallmark)

*Visit "The Color of Rain" page for more movie images & details!

On Sunday Night, June 1, 2014...
let the music carry you away in an All New
"Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
Airs at 8 PM / 7c. on the Hallmark Channel.
In "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" Episode 7 "Something Good": Oliver, Shane, Rita, and Norman track down a wildly talented but anonymous singer/songwriter using only the lyrics of his undiscovered song, taking on an investigation like no other. As the team follows the song’s clues, they quickly unravel the details of a fated night, where two lives were changed. Meanwhile, an old friend of Shane's, Rebecca Starkwell, arrives and stirs things up in the DLO. (Guest star: Valerie Bertinelli) (via Hallmark)

*Visit the "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" page for more details on this episode and upcoming ones, too!
Also on Sunday Night...
Don't miss the All New Suspenseful 'UP Original Movie'
based in Amish Country:
"Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio"
Starring Tom Everett Scott and Sarah Lancaster!
"Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio" - Storyline (via UP): Rachel Troyer (Sarah Lancaster) is a smart, focused, single policewoman in the quaint town of Sugarcreek, located in the heart of Amish country.

She frequently looks in on her three kindly Amish aunts, who are the proprietors of a picturesque, although faded, farmhouse inn and raised Rachel from girlhood after she was orphaned.

When a mysterious stranger, Joe (Tom Everett Scott), shows up on the inn’s doorstep with... (click here to read more)

See the "Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio" page for more movie images & details!

for more air times for these New Movies and more!

*Also, for those of you interested in the family drama,
"Granite Flats",
you can see it from the very first episode -
starting this Sunday night on BYU-TV!
BYU will re-air the "Pilot" episode and the 2nd episode : "Empty Box" on Sunday June 1st, with repeat showings during the week, and it looks like further episodes of Season 1 will run on Sunday nights throughout June... Enjoy!
If you have the chance to catch one of these TV Shows or Movies...
please stop back by and let us know what you thought of it!
Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Issue with E-mail Updates for "It's a Wonderful Movie"

Thank you to Everyone who has e-mailed or left comments in regards to my Blog E-mail Updates not coming through to all of You!

The program I use is...
FeedBurner and I know, at times, in the past it has had issues, but generally it had been a reliable, free e-mail newsletter service, so I was fairly happy with it. (I mean, who can complain with free, right?) I was fine with it's few little kinks, until my e-mail updates completely stopped delivering.

I have followed the advice of others on-line, who have given suggested fixes to this problem; therefore, I have been in the process of trying to test them, but none of them have worked. So, it looks like it's time, for me personally, to abandon the 'FeedBurner' ship!

It was my hope, in the beginning, when e-mails stopped coming, that it would just be a short-term problem that they would fix, but it looks to be an on-going issue.

Here's what happened...
On April 7, 2014 Yahoo Mail and other Free E-mail services, such as: Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc... switched to a DMARC policy.

See this article at PCWorld for more of the technical aspects:

In a nutshell, they are trying to reduce spamming and phishing by eliminating newsletters being sent from a free e-mail service.

However, it also seems that people who have switched to a paid e-mail are still having problems with e-mails going through.

My next step is...
to decide which e-mail service I will use. Some of the ones I have heard others suggest are: Feedblitz, Mail Chimp, Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, and Aweber.

If any of you, who have blogs, use any of these services, I would love to hear from you... which one you chose, how you like it, etc? Please share in the comment section below.

Thank you all for your patience as I do my best to decide what to do next. It means so much to me that so many of you missed receiving my e-mail updates and took the time to contact me and let me know. I appreciate all of our support!

Thank you ALL so much!
God Bless, Net

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

UP Original Movie "Rocky Road"


Rocky Road

Network: UP

Original Air Date: July 20, 2014


Mark Salling ... Harrison Burke
Rebecca Dalton ... Suzie Barns
Steve Byers ... Rick Johnson
Nicholas Campbell ... Ben Burke
Deborah Tennant ... Marla Burke
Scott Edgecombe ... Gerrard
Riley Roberts ... Tyler
Jahmil French ... Razor
Robin Duke ... Fiona
Scott Thompson ... local Reverend


via UP: Harrison Castle has the corporate apartment, expense account and big office at his prestigious Wall Street firm. But it all comes crashing down in an instant when his firm suffers catastrophic losses and is forced to downsize. Harrison, now broke, returns to his parents' house in a quaint New Hampshire township. Harrison pretends that he is taking a long overdue vacation, when, in fact, he is living his worst nightmare – moving back with his parents and working his old route in his father’s ice cream truck business.


Movie Review:


See or Skip:



UP Original Movie "My Dad's a Soccer Mom"


My Dad's a Soccer Mom

Network: UP

Original Air Date: June 21, 2014


Lester Speight ... Marion "Mad Dog" Casey
Wendy Raquel Robinson ... Holly
Skai Jackson ... Lacy
Tracey Gold ... Lori
Terrell “T.O.” Owens ...


Marion "Mad Dog" Casey is one of the biggest, baddest names in football. But lately his performance on the field has left a lot to be desired. Marion is cut from the team and no one else is rushing to sign him. He is not happy but his wife Holly, who has spent many years being a stay-at-home mom for their 10-year-old daughter, sees this as an opportunity for her to pursue her career ambitions in interior design. After chauffeuring his daughter to ballet and theatre class, Marion discovers that she has a knack for soccer. He signs her up and begins his new life as a Soccer Dad - the only 300 pound, overbearing, ex-NFL player in the group! As he navigates the trickiness of being a hands on parent, Marion discovers the joy of his new relationship with his daughter.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:



UP Original Movie "Comeback Dad"


Comeback Dad

Network: UP

Original Air Date: July 12, 2014


Tatyana Ali ... Nima Babineaux
Brad James ... Spence
Charles S. Dutton ... Othell
Donna Biscoe
Brooklyn Miller
Loretta Devine


(Via UP) Nima Babineaux looks like a woman who has it all – she is an accomplished pianist who runs her own music school and is engaged to Spence who adores her. But, in truth, she has never recovered from her alcoholic father walking out on their family and it has made it hard for her to truly trust anyone. When her father, Othell, decides it is time to make amends and tries to reenter her life, Nima begins an emotional and eye-opening journey she could have never expected.

(*This was the 2013 honorable mention winner in UP’s Faith & Family Screenplay Competition at ABFF.)

Movie Review:


See or Skip:



*images via UP-TV.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend: Movies, Specials, & More...

On this Memorial Day Weekend, may we remember our Military and their sacrifice for our Freedom.

will premiere on TBN, this weekend.

Last Ounce Of Courage is an intergenerational story about family,
free expression, and taking a stand for cherished beliefs.
See my page on Last Ounce of Courage for movie details.
Premieres on TV: Saturday Night in Pacific Time at 10 PM
and in Eastern Standard Time at 1 AM.
Repeats Tuesday (May 27) in Pacific Time at 2 PM
and in Eastern Standard Time at 5 PM.
This Sunday, May 25th, see the
25th annual "National Memorial Day Concert" on PBS.
Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna return to co-host the National Memorial Day Concert
for the ninth consecutive year.
image credit: PBS
"Each year, the National Memorial Day Concert presents a unique program  honoring the valor and patriotism of Americans who have served our country. The show pays tribute to their sacrifices, as well as those of their families and loved ones.
This year they will honor a "Gold Star Mother", and do a "special “welcome home” to  thank veterans who served in Afghanistan" and "The 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion also will be commemorated." (details via PBS)
Please check your local PBS station for times airing,
and for repeat showings.
Also NEW this Weekend...
on the Hallmark Channel
image credit: 2014 Crown Media
Episode 6 "The Future Me": When the postal detectives discover a letter postmarked with a future date, it sets off a chain reaction that leads them down a surprising, emotional journey. As Rita (Crystal Lowe) prepares for the Miss Special Delivery pageant and faces threats from Glynis Rucker (special guest star Marilu Henner), an intimidating supervisor whose daughter is also competing for the crown. Oliver (Eric Mabius), Shane (Kristin Booth) and Norman (Geoff Gustafson) find themselves in the middle of a unique couple's struggle for acceptance. (via Hallmark)
In relation to Memorial Day... two recent episodes of Signed, Sealed, Delivered had patriotic story themes: Episode 2: To Whom It May Concern: "The postal detectives are inspired by their supervisor to take a risk to save the life of an army veteran" and Episode 5: The Edge of Forever: "A letter from beyond the grave brings new life to an estranged family". This story includes the tragic events of September 11, 2001.
You can watch these episodes (and more) online, at Amazon.
 The Season Finale of Granite Flats Season 2
will air Sunday Night on BYU-TV.
image credit: BYU-TV
Episode 8: Beth, Whittison and the Andrews turn the tables on Ashmeade, suspicions arise about Professor Hargraves, and Timmy and Madeline find what everyone has been looking for in the Season 2 finale.  
There are Patriotic American themes throughout the dramatic story of Granite Flats. It's the 1960's and the Feds, and local law, are searching for communists and spies at the Army Base and Hospital in the small town of Granite Flats, Colorado.
On Monday, Memorial Day...
INSP will have the first U.S. TV Premiere
of the 2006 "Feature Films for Families" War Movie:
Beautiful Dreamer
This movie also stars James Denton (Grace Unplugged).
Airs Monday, May 26, 2014 at 9 PM est. on INSP.
I hope you all have a nice Memorial Day Weekend.
Thank You to ALL, who have served our Great Country.
God Bless America!

Patriotic Movie "Last Ounce of Courage"


Last Ounce of Courage

Network: TBN

Original Air Date: May 24, 2014


Marshall R. Teague ... Bob Revere
Jennifer O'Neill ... Dottie Revere
Rusty Joiner ... Greg Rogers
Fred Williamson ... Warren Hammerschmidt
Hunter Gomez ... Christian Revere
Nikki Novak ... Kari Revere
Jenna Boyd ... Mattie Rogers
Austin Marks ... Thomas Revere
Lindsey Brinnon ... Jessica 'JJ' Revere
Steve Marks ... Randy
Joe Brinnon ... Charlie
Walter Coppage ...Matt Schnake
Charles Graham ... Leonard
Dean Vivian ... Principal Rusty Cruzan
Darrel Campbell ... Renaldo Boutwell
Benjy Gaither ... Ernie
Steve Nave ... Walter Putman
Michelle D. Bratcher ... Connie Lee
Richard Headrick ... Angel
Duke Mason ... Duke
Vincent Manachino ... Possum
Adelie Campbell ... Lindsay
Sarah McMullen ... Reagan
Michael Fukunaga ... Stewie
Sally Spurgeon ... Trudy Pigtails
Emily Boresow ... Tylor
Maria Fukunaga ... Sandra
Gene Bicknell ... Jailer


Synopsis via DVD:

A story of faith, family & freedom

Last Ounce Of Courage is an intergenerational story about family, free expression, and taking a stand for cherished beliefs. A family is struck by tragedy when a young man is lost in combat overseas, leaving behind a wife and young son. Years later, the fallen soldier's father, Bob Revere, serves as mayor of a small town where powerful Washington interests seek to stamp out religious expression. The soldier's son, now a young man, inspires his grandfather to take a stand for the ideals and traditional values that our heroes in uniform sacrifice everything to protect. In honor of his son, Revere embarks on a personal mission to reignite the latent patriotism and faith of his fellow citizens and reassert the cherished rights guaranteed to all Americans.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:



Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Guest Stars of "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"

The Television Series "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" has had and will continue to have throughout it's first season - wonderful guest stars on their show. Daphne Zuniga starred in the original pilot movie, as the first postal supervisor, but since the weekly series began, the role has become a revolving door of celebrities.

Valerie Harper portrayed the role in Episodes 1 & 2, as supervisor Theresa Capodiamonte, who challenges them, inspires them, and then decides to leave the post office and follow her dream, on the stage. I must add... it was wonderful to see Valerie looking so healthy, vibrant, and full of life!

Valerie Harper

In episodes 3 & 4... Touched by an Angel star Della Reese appeared as the new Supervisor, Cora Brandt. She was, at first, strict in her ways, but then she became so engrossed in reading Rita's book, that her duties at the post office were put on hold. Cora leaves at the end of episode 4 - on her way to write her own memoir.

Della Reese

Actress Marilu Henner (June in January) will take over the reigns as postal supervisor in the 6th episode. Marilu portrays an intimidating supervisor, Glynis Rucker, whose daughter is competing in the pageant, for the crown of Miss Special Delivery, along with Rita. (details via Hallmark Press Release)

Marilu Henner

The 7th and 8th episodes of Signed, Sealed, Delivered, include guest star Valerie Bertinelli, portraying Rebecca Starkwell. As visiting supervisor and an old friend of Shane's, her arrival stirs things up in the Dead Letter Office. (details via Hallmark Press Release)

Valerie Bertinelli

The First Season Finale show, which is episode 10, will guest star the amazing, well-known legendary comedic actress, Carol Burnett. This episode will center around family reunions, as well as Norman meeting his grandmother (portrayed by Carol Burnett) for the first time. (details via Hallmark Press Release)

I hope you will enjoy seeing these Wonderful Guest Appearances on "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", the creative weekly drama series, Sunday Nights on the Hallmark Channel.

Please see my page on "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" to read my review of this series and more!

*Images Credit: 2014 Crown Media

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Garage Sale Mystery" released today on DVD!

Lori Loughlin stars in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie:

Garage Sale Mystery is available, as of today, on DVD!

Viewers were instantly taken with "Garage Sale Mystery"
when it first premiered September 14, 2013, on the
Hallmark Channel.

Due to the movie's popularity, the Hallmark Movie Channel will air in 2015, a series of Mystery Movies, including a continuation of the "Garage Sale Mystery" movies.

Lori Loughlin (who many of us Hallmark Channel viewers love from the "When Calls the Heart" weekly drama as Abigail Stanton) will reprise her role as "Jennifer Shannon, an expert garage sale treasure hunter, who has a keen eye for detail and natural problem solving instincts, which inspire her to help the police solve mysteries and crime. The movie franchise will continue to follow Jennifer as she scours the sales for hidden treasures and clues." (via Hallmark)

If you are planning to get or give this DVD,
please consider clicking here to order,
and you will also support this site.

Thank you!

*For more information about the Mystery Movie Series coming in 2015 to the Hallmark Movie Channel, please see my previous post: Can you solve this Hallmark Movie Mystery?

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Hallmark Channel and AT&T U-Verse

I received an e-mail from Amy, one of my blog followers, in regard to AT&T U-verse not carrying the Hallmark Channel. Even though I do not personally have this cable provider, I long to help her and others with their mission to encourage U-verse to carry the Hallmark Channel again.

Here is the e-mail I received:

"Hi Net,

Thank you for your fun, wholesome blog!

But, many of us don't get to watch all the great movies and shows on the Hallmark Channel because we have U-Verse, and it is very, very frustrating!   I spoke with a nice lady from the Hallmark Channel last week, and she said that getting back onto U-Verse is their #1 goal this year.  I am so glad to hear that!

She suggested that I try to get everyone I can to click on the link below and fill out the very short channel survey, which lets people request the Hallmark Channel on U-Verse:
Anyone can take the survey it appears - even those who don't subscribe to U-Verse.

Anything you can do to help publicize/support/get the word out about this would be so appreciated!!

The more people who contact AT&T and take the survey, the better.   I also emailed the CEO, randall.stephenson@att.com and think that is another great thing for people to do to voice their desire for them to carry the Hallmark Channel.
Thank you, thank you.  God bless you! Amy

Here is a statement from the Hallmark Channel, regarding this issue:

"Attention AT&T U-verse customers, we are stunned AT&T has dropped our networks and has been misleading its customers by telling you they are fighting for you. We want everyone to be able to see our family friendly programming. We would never deny our loyal viewers the chance to enjoy our original movies, series and specials. AT&T needs to hear directly from their customers that they care about family friendly programming. They need to hear your voice on the phone!" (The Phone Number to call is: 1-888-MADE-4-FAMILY)

I hope this is helpful information for all of you who are hoping to have the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel return to U-verse.

Please be certain, to take the survey, here: http://uversechannels.att.com/channel-survey and take a few minutes to give them a call at 1-888-MADE-4-FAMILY, and share with them that you want family programming back... you want the Hallmark Channel to return to AT&T U-verse.

Hope this helps you, Amy, and many other AT&T U-verse Subscribers, in your endeavor!

*UPDATE - Merger News: AT&T has agreed to buy DirecTV for $48.5 million. I hope this means we will get to keep the Hallmark Channel on DirecTV, too!

Friday, May 16, 2014

New This Weekend: Two TV Dramas the family can watch together + see the faith-based movie, Seasons of Gray!

Hallmark Channel

Episode 5 "The Edge of Forever" : the Dead Letter Office detectives are dealt their most heart-wrenching challenge yet when they receive an unusual package with a letter from a deceased woman. The Postables help the family on a dramatic journey to piece together clues from their past, so they can move towards a better future. (via Hallmark press release)


Season 2, Episode 7 "Cor Unum, Corambis": Arthur continues his investigation alone and finds a resonant soul in Whittison. Hargraves counsels Timmy on romance. And Hershel becomes the bait in a dangerous trap. (via BYU-TV press release)

See the Premiere of
this Sunday, May 18th, on INSP
at 8P/7c and repeats at 10P/9c!
Brady Gray was always the favorite son. Overcome by jealousy, his brothers resort to an unforgiveable crime to drive him away from their father's ranch. Brutally beaten and hauled away to an uncertain destiny, Brady chooses to... (click here to read more)

*By the Way, if you are curious about the weekly mystery series "Granite Flats" and would like to see it from the first episode - (which I highly recommend!) then stay tuned until Sunday, June 1st - when BYU will re-air the "Pilot" episode and the 2nd episode : "Empty Box"... and it looks like further episodes of Season 1 will run on Sundays throughout June...

Until then,
"MAY" you all have a Wonderful Weekend!

Seasons of Gray premieres on INSP


Seasons of Gray

Network: INSP

Original Air Date: May 18, 2014


Andrew Cheney ... Brady Gray
Megan Parker ... Kate Welling
Akron Watson ... Chris
Mark Walters ... Jake Gray
Jonathan Brooks ... Ryan Gray
Spencer Harlan ... Logan Gray
Sean Brison ... Sean Gray
Kirk Sisco ... David Benson
Todd Terry ... Bill Tanner
April Hartman ... Julia Tanner
Al Garrett ... Jamison
Roderick Lang ... Bigs
Marcus Estell ... Whitmore
R.J. Gloria ... Ricky
Doug Goodrich ... Stevie


Synopsis via DVD:

What man intends for evil, God uses for good.

Brady Gray was always the favorite son. Overcome by jealousy, his brothers resort to an unforgiveable crime to drive him away from their father's ranch. Brutally beaten and hauled away to an uncertain destiny, Brady chooses to forget the past and start anew. Yet his troubles are just beginning. Falsely accused of assaulting his new boss's wife, he ends up in prison. Daring to believe there may be some purpose in his suffering, he's given a chance to turn his life around. At long last, success brings him the opportunity to decide the fates of the men who wronged him. But what man intends for evil, God uses for good. This simple, yet powerful, message is all he has left. Brady must now decide whether acts of cruelty or the hand of Providence will mark the seasons of his life.

Movie Review:


See or Skip: