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Happy Thanksgiving!!! *Enjoy a Feast of TV Specials!*

A Very Happy Thanksgiving
to All of You...
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As we all gather with dear Family and Friends to Give Thanks to the Lord above for our blessings.... May we also enjoy a Feast of Thanksgiving Week TV Specials...

November 25, 2015 Wednesday


Marathon Begins Wednesday November 25th at 5 PM/4c. – and ends Thursday, November 26th, Thanksgiving Day at 5 PM/4c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Click Here for more details!

*Actress Candace Cameron Bure will be hosting 5 Nights of Thanksgiving Premieres on the Hallmark Channel - starting Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve, with the premiere of...

via Hallmark: When an actual, honest-to-goodness royal princess runs off from her official obligations and duties for a couple of days to see how the other half lives, she winds up... Click Here for more details!

Premieres November 25, 2015 Wednesday  
Hallmark Channel ... 8 PM/7c.

November 26, 2015 Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS ... CBS ... 9 AM/8c.
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ... NBC ... 9 AM/8c.
McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade ... WGN ... 9 AM/8c.

*The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will include the New "Heartwarming Holiday" Hallmark Channel "Countdown to Christmas" float! Mariah Carey will be singing on the Hallmark Channel float to promote her upcoming movie "A Christmas Melody"!

It is better to give than receive, in Hallmark's...
via Hallmark: When Anna Russo, an unemployed fine arts painter, is unable to make ends meet, she is hired to become a personal Christmas shopper for Marc, an uptight corporate exec. As they begin working together, Click Here for more details...
Premieres November 26, 2015 Thursday
Hallmark Channel … 8 PM/7c.


A Special Documentary film about the power of one song...


via Hallmark Press Release: A powerful and inspirational film about hope, faith and optimism and the power of music to inspire and heal. It is the first film of its kind to explore how one extraordinary song has changed people's lives. Click Here for more details...

Premieres November 26, 2015 Thursday
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 9 PM/8c.

November 27, 2015 Friday

It's a Christmas story fit for Royalty, starring actress Danica Mckellar in...

via Hallmark: Allie, a fired maid from a ritzy NYC hotel, takes a job as a governess to a young girl who is part of a powerful family in Europe. After reluctantly accepting, and upon arrival at the castle, learns the girl is Princess Theodora and that her father is Maximillion, the King of Winshire. Max informs Allie that the Princess prides herself on terrorizing authority figures and has gotten worse since... Click Here to read more... 
Premieres November 27, 2015 Friday
Hallmark Channel … 8 PM/7c.

November 28, 2015 Saturday

Candace Cameron Bure stars in the New Adventurous Hallmark Christmas tale...

via Hallmark: This heartwarming holiday comedy tells the story of a young relationship advice columnist who learns a surprising lesson about love when her holiday flight to New York takes an unexpected detour.

With Christmas only a few days away, Paige Summerland (Bure), a Los Angeles magazine writer specializing in relationship advice, boards an eastbound flight to spend the holiday with... Click Here to read more... Click Here to read more...
Premieres November 28, 2015 Saturday
Hallmark Channel … 8 PM/7c.

CLICK HERE to see my Movie Review!


Lifetime's first Christmas movie premiere this year...

via Lifetime: Personal shopper Gwen's newest client, Charlie, is a high-rolling, workaholic, single father. When Gwen meets his 8-year-old son, Owen, during a package drop, she is saddened to see just how little time Charlie spends with him. Determined to get Charlie to appreciate... Click Here to read more...  
Premieres November 28, 2015 Saturday
Lifetime … 8 PM/7c.

November 29, 2015 Sunday

A Disney "Short" Animated Frozen Premiere.
It's Anna's Birthday Celebration, in...

via Disney: Queen Elsa is excited because today is Anna's birthday and intends to make sure her sister's special day is perfect. Using her ice powers, she creates a special ice decoration on... Click Here to read more...
Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
Disney Channel ... 6:30 PM/5:30c.

An UP Original movie based on a real life story... 


via UP: Jackie Turner is a straight-A college student, who was abused, abandoned and starved as a child. Although she has resolutely turned her life around, the holidays are still very painful for her. Facing another lonely holiday break on campus, Jackie takes an ad on Craigslist for My ONE CHRISTMAS Wish - a family for Christmas - and even offers to pay $8 an hour. To her surprise... Click Here to read more...

Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
UP ... 7 PM/6c.


INSP's Heartwarming First Original Feature Film starring Sarah Lancaster...
via INSP: "Christmas in the Smokies" tells the story of Shelby Haygood, a headstrong woman, who along with her loving and supportive parents finds herself on the verge of losing her family’s historic berry farm to an impending retail expansion. Over one eventful holiday season, she tries every avenue possible to save the farm, and her last hope is... Click Here to read more... 

Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
INSP ... 8 PM/7c.



Hallmark gives us a Heavenly-sent story with...


via Hallmark: Susan is a newspaper staffer who decides to generate some Christmas spirit by writing an article about her family’s storied 100-year-old, hand-carved, heirloom Christmas angel. This leads her to accidentally meet... Click Here to read more...

Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
Hallmark Channel ... 8 PM/7c.
From the writer who brought us "The Christmas Secret"...

via Hallmark: Having just moved back to her hometown without her husband but with her young son, Gretchen Daniels finds her life in disarray as Christmas approaches. But she seems to find new purpose when she helps to deliver a message... Click Here to read more...

Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries ... 9 PM/8c. 


A "Secret Santa" Lifetime Christmas Movie starring Michelle Trachtenberg....

via Lifetime: When ten-year-old Megan receives a Secret Santa gift, she is touched by its contents which end up having a huge impact on her life. Now a driven young journalist, Megan can't shake her desire to thank the person who sent her that heartfelt gift over a decade ago. Determined to prove herself... Click Here to read more...

Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
Lifetime ... 9 PM/8c. 
A Royal Christmas Story comes to ION with...
via ION: Experiencing cold feet about his upcoming arranged royal wedding, a charming European prince steals away incognito to the U.S. in search of true love. Pretending to be someone he isn't... Click Here to read more...
Premieres November 29, 2015 Sunday
ION ... 9 PM/8c.


As we all take time to give thanks, let us also remember the sacrifices of our forefathers, and give gratitude and prayers to those who serve our great country everyday!

I pray you all have a Safe, Happy,
Blessed Thanksgiving Day & Week!
God Bless Us, Everyone!
For all the Movies above and more, see the

Movie Review: Candace Cameron Bure's "A Christmas Detour"

See my Movie Review for the new Hallmark Channel Christmas movie "A Christmas Detour" starring Candace Cameron Bure, Paul Greene, Barbara Niven, Marcus Rosner, Sarah Strange, David Lewis, etc....!

Premieres November 28, 2015 Saturday
Hallmark Channel … 8 PM/7c.

Click Here to see my review - along with details, images, & more...

Monday, November 23, 2015

INTERVIEW ALERT: Gary Wheeler of INSP's "Christmas in the Smokies"

“It’s a Wonderful Movie” is honored today to interview...
 Filmmaker Gary Wheeler, VP of Original Movies at INSP.

"Welcome Home" to INSP's movie "Christmas in the Smokies"

You will recognize Gary Wheeler's previous work on various films, such as: “The Heart of Christmas” starring Candace Cameron Bure, with singer Matthew West, “The Trial” with Matthew Modine and Nikki Deloach, “The List” with Malcolm McDowell, Hilarie Burton, Will Patton, and more!

Gary Wheeler on set of "Christmas in the Smokies" directing Actress Jill Wagner
Gary was also co-producer on the recent box office movie hit, War Room.

Today, I’ll will be interviewing writer, director, producer Gary Wheeler on his latest movie project “Christmas in the Smokies”, starring Sarah Lancaster, Alan Powell, Jill Wagner, and Barry Corbin, which airs this Christmas Season on the INSP television network!


It's a Wonderful Movie: Congratulations Gary on your new INSP original movie, “Christmas in the Smokies”. Could you share with us your role in the creation process of this film?

Gary Wheeler: Thank you very much, it was a really fun, meaningful film to be involved with… Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Christmas and I love Christmas movies so it was an honor to be involved. I served as the co-writer, producer, and director. I spent a lot of time listening to Christmas music on my computer and writing into the wee hours of the morning! Our hope is that we have created a classic Christmas movie that will resonate for years to come.

"Christmas in the Smokies"

It's a Wonderful Movie:Christmas in the Smokies” sounds like a lovely story of going home again. Please share a little of the storyline with us…

Gary Wheeler: At its core, the film is a story about hope…

It follows Sarah Lancaster as Shelby Haygood and her attempts to save her famous Smoky Mountain farm over the Holidays. All the while dealing with her long lost love played by Alan Powell who returns home for the first time in years. It’s very funny, heart-warming and has a very “down home” feel to it. We took great care to make it very beautiful and full of Christmas cheer. Alan plays singer Mason Wyatt so there is a lot of great Christmas music too.

It's a Wonderful Movie: Since you have been involved with the creation of many Christian films, I must ask... where do you find inspiration for your stories/characters? Does your faith play a key role?

Gary Wheeler: Absolutely! While this is very much a family film, my faith is at the core of who I am. As I said, hope is at the core of the story and for me, my faith in Christ represents the ultimate hope… Which really is what Christmas is all about.

"Christmas in the Smokies" cast

It's a Wonderful Movie: You have an amazing cast for "Christmas in the Smokies", with Sarah Lancaster, Alan Powell, Jill Wagner, Barry Corbin, etc...

Actor Barry Corbin
with Filmmaker Gary Wheeeler

What was it like working with all of them?

Gary Wheeler: They are all great!!!!! I’ve worked with Barry before on Mountain Top and he’s a legend. Alan and I have known each other for a while too and I was a big fan of his work in the film THE SONG. My kids and I have watched Jill in WIPE OUT and the role of Trish was really written with her in mind… and of course Sarah anchors the film as Shelby. My wife and I love the show CHUCK and Sarah was my first choice for the role. She was so easy, pleasant, talented and nice to deal with. I hope to work with them all again.

It's a Wonderful Movie: What was the filming process like for “Christmas in the Smokies”, working with the cast and crew, on location? Were you actually, in the Smokies?

Gary Wheeler: I’ve spent a lot of time in the Smokies and taken a lot of great vacations there. We knew we wanted to shoot in Georgia due to their great film tax incentives so my fellow producer Richard Clark Jr found the town of Dahlonega, Georgia which is a great small town where the Appalachian Trail begins. So this Spring a whole film crew descended on the town and fortunately for us they were incredibly supportive and hospitable.

"Christmas in the Smokies"

It's a Wonderful Movie: As the creator of a Christmas movie… Do you, perhaps, have a favorite Christmas Movie, that you enjoy watching every year?

Gary Wheeler: Like I said, I LOOOOVE Christmas movies… My three favorite are probably It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and A Christmas Carol (the George C. Scott version and the Muppets version are my two favorites)… Elf and Home Alone have to be right up there and we always try to show our kids The Nativity Story every year as well.

Filmmaker Gary Wheeler wears "ELF" t-shirt on set!

It's a Wonderful Movie: As VP of Original Movies at INSP, could you give us any hints – on what’s to come for future original TV movies on INSP, in 2016?

Gary Wheeler: It’s a very exciting time for INSP films! We are about to begin principal photography on our second film on location in Augusta, Georgia. INSP will air the U.S. television premiere of a slate of movies planned for 2016 and we’ll be sure to keep you and your readers informed with all the latest announcements. Stay tuned!

"Christmas in the Smokies" on set

It's a Wonderful Movie: Lastly, what do you hope viewers will take away from watching your INSP movie “Christmas in the Smokies”?

Gary Wheeler: I definitely hope that the film will be a bonding experience for families this year and years to come. It’s something that everyone can enjoy… I hope that viewers will remember to never give up and that no matter how bad things look, there is always hope!

Thank you, Gary, for having this "chat" with "It's a Wonderful Movie" today! I am thrilled to promote your movie "Christmas in the Smokies" with all of my followers! It sounds like a wonderful, hopeful, family film - and I am honored to share it here, where we also believe in the true hope and meaning of Christmas!

I also appreciate you sharing some excitement to come in 2016 - with the creation of more INSP films (thanks for the sneak peek!) and we will certainly look forward to hearing more details along the way! :)

After looking through on set photos, video clips, comments, etc... I must say,  it truly looks like you all had an amazing time filming this Christmas movie and when you have a beautiful story to tell - it certainly comes through to everyone on set!

It has been so nice to hear from you, Gary... and get this behind-the-scenes look at the first INSP feature film!

God's Blessings to You, my dear friends at INSP, and the entire Cast & Crew of "Christmas in the Smokies"!


Everyone - be sure to Watch
when it Premieres on INSP,
November 29th, 2015 at 8pm/7c.
See additional airings in the Christmas TV Schedule!
For even more information on Christmas in the Smokies-

Hallmark's Cedar Cove has Concluded...

This November, the Hallmark Channel made an official announcement via their Facebook page... Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove has ended with 3 seasons.

‪This isn't the complete end for us to see cast members of ‎Cedar Cove - on the Hallmark Channel !

Barbara Niven (Peggy, the always cheerful B&B co-owner) stars alongside Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison in the ‪‎"Murder She Baked" series, the latest being "Murder She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery" and one coming January 10th, "Murder She Baked: Peach Cobbler". Barbara also co-stars with Candace Cameron Bure in "Christmas Detour". (Love that they work together again - Barbara & Candace's first movie together was the Hallmark Christmas movie "Moonlight and Mistletoe".)

Barbara will also star in the new Chesapeake Shores movie series, along with Treat Williams, Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Dianne Ladd, and Laci J Mailey.

Andie MacDowell (Judge Olivia Lockhart) will star in "The Beach House", Dylan Neal (Jack) will continue to star in the Gourmet Detective movie mystery series with Brooke Burns, both in 2016.

Writer Debbie Macomber has a new Christmas movie this Holiday Season: "Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow"!

Jesse Hutch (Luke) starred in one of the Fall Harvest Hallmark movies: "Harvest Moon".

And, while we no longer will have Warren... we will see Brennan Elliott star with Mariah Carey & Lacey Chabert in ‎"A Christmas Melody" on December 19th and next year - in January, with Brooke Shields in a new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries series: "Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word"!

Stay tuned... as we will surely see more of our Cedar Cove stars in Hallmark Movies and Series...

Hallmark's HOME & FAMILY Holiday Special - Tonight!!!

It's the 2015 *HOME & FAMILY* Holiday Special!

image via:

via Hallmark: "Join Mark, Cristina and the rest of the family for a primetime holiday extravaganza with appearances by Hallmark stars Holly Robinson Peete, Lacey Chabert, Danica McKellar and Barbara Niven; Grammy-winning musician LeAnn Rimes performs holiday songs from her new Christmas album; the H&F home is lit up to music by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra; Aerial Ice Extreme performs; the Six String Soldiers perform; how to make perfect wreaths for the holidays; the family shares holiday memories and traditions!"

Every year it's such a festive, entertaining special with Family Members and Guests singing Christmas Carols, baking Christmas Goodies, making Christmas crafts, and Interviews with those who are soon to be in Hallmark's Next NEW Christmas Movies! It's a Joyous Event for you are your family and a great Special to watch as you are preparing your own special Holiday... with Thanksgiving now only days away!!!

I hope you enjoy the warmth of the season... with HOME & FAMILY's Holiday Special - Tonight!

Premieres: Monday - November 22, 2015 on the Hallmark Channel at 8pm/7c.!

((Repeats: Tuesday - November 23, 2015 at 10am/9c. and Wednesday - November 24, 2015 at 12pm/11c.))

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