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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

NOW on DVD: Today's Hallmark DVD Release is Completely Irresistible... "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm" starring Alison Sweeney and Marc Blucas!

image: Hallmark Crown Media

NEW DVD RELEASE- Tuesday August 14, 2018:

The Irresistible Blueberry Farm

From the fall of 2016, when "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm" starring Alison Sweeney, Marc Blucas, Shirley Jones, and Kavan Smith first premiered on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries viewers instantly fell in love with this film and the chemistry between the two leads... the dashing, laid back, easygoing Marc Blucas as Roy, and the effervescent, determined, lovely Alison Sweeney as Ellen!

Storyline via Hallmark: High-powered Manhattan attorney, Ellen Branford, is going to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish—to deliver a mysterious letter to a man who owns a blueberry farm. As Ellen sets out on her grandmother’s mission, she unravels the mysterious love story her grandmother left behind.

Click Here for "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm" on DVD!

Video Clip:

This movie stole many hearts when it premiered on Hallmark, and I'm certain many have enjoyed it countless times since that first viewing. There is an undeniable, yes, irresistible spark between Ellen (Alison Sweeney) and Roy (Marc Blucas). When Ellen researches further into her Grandmother's past, they both discover their connection lies even deeper.

This is definitely one I want on DVD! How about you? Will you be adding
"The Irresistible Blueberry Farm" to your DVD collection?

Click Here for "The Irresistible Blueberry Farm" on DVD!

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Thank you to everyone who clicks through my site to order your DVD. I appreciate it so much!

Have a Wonderful, Blessed Day! Net

Monday, August 13, 2018

L.M. Montgomery’s Anne Of Green Gables: Fire & Dew - Coming this Fall on PBS!


Movie: L.M. Montgomery’s Anne Of Green Gables: Fire & Dew

Network: PBS

Original Air Date: September 23, 2018

Rated: G

Available on DVD - see *HERE*!

images via: Breakthrough Entertainment


Ella Ballentine ... Anne Shirley
Sara Botsford ... Marilla Cuthbert
Martin Sheen ... Matthew Cuthbert
Julia Lalonde ... Diana Barry
Drew Haytaoglu ... Gilbert Blythe
Zoe Fraser ... Ruby Gillis
Amariah Faulkner ... Jane Andrews
Stefani Kimber ... Josie Pye
Isaac Kragten ... Moody Spurgeon
Kate Hennig ... Rachel Lynde
Natalie Lisinska ... Miss Stacy
Wendy Thatcher ... Mrs. Periwinkle
Frank Cox-O'Connell ... Pastor Allan
Kate Trotter ... Mrs. Barry
Tannis Burnett ... Muriel
Riley Gilchrist ... Mr. Williston
Jim Annan ... Mr. Abbey
Michael Hanrahan ... University President
Sean Cullen ... Mr. Sadler
Robert Clarke ... Examiner
Sean McCann ... Doctor
David Mackett ... Oculist


Storyline via Breakthrough Entertainment: Through the influence of a spirited new teacher – Miss Stacy – Anne steps up her ability at scholarship and competes for the few spaces available at a teacher’s college in Charlottetown. Her hard work and competitive nature (especially with Gilbert) pay off.

When Anne leaves for Queen’s College, Matthew and Marilla feel a sudden emptiness in their lives. Marilla’s failing eyesight and Matthew’s poor health make life more difficult on the farm and they are forced to hire a man to help out.

In Charlottetown, Anne is nearly overwhelmed by loneliness and the harsh circumstances of her urban surroundings. More than this, she feels the pressure of severe competition – especially from Gilbert Blythe. Their estranged relationship is almost repaired at the school dance but Anne misinterprets the moment and their estrangement continues.

Matthew and Marilla make the long journey to be present when Anne graduates and wins the coveted ‘Avery Prize’. They bring Anne back to Green Gables where she reunites with Diana and discusses the difficult choice she must make: to work as a teacher or continue on to University in some far off city like Halifax or Montreal.

Shortly after her return to Avonlea, Anne is devastated by the death of her kindred spirit, Matthew. That event and Marilla’s failing eyesight make her decide to teach locally rather than move away.

Just when all seems lost Anne discovers the dark cloud over her life has a silver lining in the person of Gilbert Blythe. His direct talk heals their relationship and rekindles their romance. Anne’s good feelings about this turn of events make her believe, “God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world.”

Movie Review:


See or Skip:


*images via: Breakthrough Entertainment, image of Ella Ballentine and Julia Lalonde via Twitter

Friday, August 10, 2018

Catch the 🌊Wave🌊 of NEW HALLMARK PREMIERES this Weekend with Love at Sea, Chesapeake Shores, and Garage Sale Mystery!

Saturday August 11, 2018:

Come aboard and cruise along with Carlos and Alexa Penavega in...

- Hallmark Crown Media -

Storyline via Hallmark: It’s been a year since Olivia Grayham, a child of the hotel business, struck out on her own as an event planner. It’s been a struggle but she’s finally poised for a major career boost thanks to her best friend Alexandra, who is taking her wildly popular YouTube lifestyle series onto the high seas for a Caribbean cruise. Tasked with organizing a multifaceted event for the fans onboard and online, Olivia has plotted the journey down to the last detail and planned for every possible contingency, or so she believes. She’s no sooner onboard than she faces her first curveball... Click here to read more...

See the Premiere of Love at Sea
Saturday August 11, 2018
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

*Encore Airings: Sunday August 12 7:00 PM, Saturday August 18 7:00 PM, Sunday August 19 3:00 PM, Saturday August 25 1:00 PM, Monday September 3 6:00 PM, Wednesday September 26 2:00 PM
(please note: it is possible these times may change, please check Hallmark's site for any future updates.)

Sunday August 12, 2018:

There's more family drama to come in...

- Hallmark Crown Media -
- Hallmark Crown Media -

Storyline via Hallmark: The Way We Were Episode 2- As Trace debates a big gig that would take him away from Abby, Abby questions what to do with an unopened letter that she wrote Trace years ago. Mick and Megan meet up with Thomas, whose rekindled spark with his once estranged wife prompts each of them to assess... Click here to read more...

Sunday August 12, 2018
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel

*There are NO Encore Airings of Chesapeake Shores on the Hallmark Channel.

If you miss an episode from Chesapeake Shores Season 3, you can watch it via - Amazon! *Stream Here*

Also, NEW Sunday August 12, 2018:

An All NEW Mystery is "unmasked" with Lori Loughlin in...

- Hallmark Crown Media -

Storyline via Hallmark: Garage sale guru Jennifer Shannon (Loughlin) discovers a dead body in the storage locker she and business partner Dani (Strange) have purchased at auction. When further inspection of the locker’s contents reveals... Click here to read more...

Sunday August 12, 2018
at 9pm/8c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

*Encore Airings: Monday August 13 5:00 PM, Thursday August 16 9:00 PM, Sunday August 26 5:00 PM, and Saturday September 22 5:00 PM
(please note: it is possible these times may change, please check Hallmark's site for any updates.)

Have a Wonderful August Weekend, Everyone!

Oh, how I love these Summer Days...
hold on to them as long as you can!
Make a Splash!
Blessings, Net

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

It's going to be a FULL 2018 HALLMARK CHRISTMAS Movie Season with Lori Loughlin & Jodie Sweetin!

images: Hallmark Crown Media

Hallmark Christmas Movie News!
EW has just shared today that both Full House and Fuller House stars "Lori Loughlin ("When Calls the Heart" and "Garage Sale Mystery") and Jodie Sweetin ("Finding Santa") have signed on to star in Hallmark Channel Christmas movies that are tentatively scheduled to air in December."

According to EW, Lori Loughlin will star in Homegrown Christmas as a "socialite who loses everything when her husband is arrested for insider trading. In shame, she returns to the small town she grew up in, where she is awkwardly reunited with her family as well as a former flame, and given a lesson in the meaning of Christmas."

Lori Loughlin will also star in a new When Calls the Heart Christmas movie this Christmas season.

Also, according to EW, Jodie Sweetin "is set to star in Making Spirits Bright, in which she plays a lost soul who will be given a vacation away from her parents’ house around the holidays if she helps them complete their Christmas shopping list."

Lori Loughlin's previous Christmas and Holiday movies include When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree, Every Christmas Has a Story, When Calls the Heart: Christmas, Northpole: Open for Christmas, and When Calls the Heart - New Year's Wish.

Jodie Sweetin's only Hallmark movie, thus far, was last year's holiday film Finding Santa.

It's always fun to hear more Hallmark Christmas Movie news!!!

What do you think of the sound of these two?

Have a Joyful, Merry Day, Everyone!
Blessings, Net

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

NOW on DVD: Lacey Chabert Hallmark Movie & The Beach House!

Lacey Chabert - "Moonlight in Vermont"
Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

NEW DVD RELEASES - Tuesday August 7, 2018:

Moonlight in Vermont

New on DVD - click here for details

Lacey Chabert's movie "Moonlight in Vermont" (from the 2017 Hallmark Channel Spring Movie season) is finally available on DVD! In this movie, Lacey portrays Fiona Rangley, who visit's her family at their inn and discovers something unexpected!

Storyline via Hallmark: After fast-paced New York City high-end real estate broker Fiona Rangely (Lacey Chabert) gets dumped by her boyfriend, she escapes to her family’s quaint Vermont Inn for a few days to slow down and evaluate her life. When her ex-boyfriend Nate shows up at the Inn with a brand new girlfriend, Fiona quickly devises a plan to win him back: pretend the handsome and very laid- back head chef Derek (Carlo Marks) is her new boyfriend! Much to the surprise of Derek --and to Fiona herself-- in pretending to be in love, she realizes that she’s been thrown a curveball: sometimes the best things in life are worth the wait.

Video Clip:

Click Here for Moonlight in Vermont on DVD!

Chad Michael Murray and Minka Kelly - "The Beach House"
Credit: Copyright 2018 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David M. Russell

Also, new on DVD:

Andie MacDowell, Minka Kelly, and Chad Michael Murray star in "The Beach House," which premiered this Spring as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on both Hallmark networks. Family is the core of this deeply touching story of acceptance, loss, and unconditional love.

Storyline via Hallmark: Caretta “Cara” Rudland (Kelly) thought she’d left her Southern roots and troubled family far behind, but returns to the scenic Lowcountry of her childhood summers after losing her job in Chicago. There, she reconnects with her mother Lovie (MacDowell), who has been caring for her young, pregnant friend Toy (Vega) in her charming beach house.

Before long, the rhythms of the island open Cara’s heart in wonderful ways as she becomes a bona fide “turtle lady” who conserves the area’s wildlife, repairs the family beach house and renews a past romance with former love, Brett (Murray). Eventually, Lovie reveals a secret she has been keeping from Cara and the mother daughter pair does their best to keep it from putting a dark cloud over the precious time they have together. When a devastating storm hits, Cara will help Lovie save hundreds of sea turtles from certain death and learn some of life’s real truths in the process: lasting love requires sacrifice, family is forever and mistakes of the past can be forgiven.

Video Clip:

Click Here for "The Beach House" on DVD!

These are both Keepers for my Collection!
How about you?
Do you want both of these movies on DVD?

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Blessings to you all, Net

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