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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Where to Find Erin Krakow's Dress from "When Calls The Heart" - SEE HERE:

Often when I am watching a movie or show, I not only get caught up in the storyline, but I am often intrigued by the various characters and their fashion. In the latest episode of When Calls The Heart, titled: "Brother's Keeper," Erin Krakow wore this lovely pink dress to the Hope Valley Choir Festival and Dance.

Barbara Gregusova, who is a costume designer for When Calls The Heart shared on social media that the dress was actually purchased at the clothing store, Anthropologie. To make it work for the 1920's time period, they had to purchase two dresses and create sleeves. Barbara explained that her mother, Elana, "did her reconstruction magic since this task is sometimes not an easy one when you don’t have proper shoulder seams or armholes and it requires lots of creativity."

I was even more curious, after reading that note from the costume designer, to find Erin's dress before it was altered. Thankfully, the dress was fairly easy to find, but unfortunately, it was available last year at Anthropologie, and it is now sold out.

One of the reviewers at Anthropologie said, "It has a real vintage feel," which made me smile. Apparently, the WCTH costume designers had the same feeling.

Although the dress is sold out at Anthropologie, I was able to locate it at Poshmark (click here for size/pricing) and Nuuly (click here for size/pricing). Nuuly has several sizes available. You can rent the dress from them and choose to buy it if you are happy with it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Erin's dress before and after! Look for the next all-new episode of When Calls The Heart - Sunday night on the Hallmark Channel!

God's Blessings to you all!

INSP News - Elkhorn, Wild West Chronicles, and TV Highlights for June and July ➤➤

Hey, Y'all! 
For those of you who enjoy stories 
of the old west, this update today 
on INSP's programming is for you!


First up, you can catch an all-new episode of Elkhorn tonight. Here are the details...

image courtesy: INSP

Episode eight of Elkhorn airs Tonight, May 30, 2024, at 9pm/8c on INSP.

A Wildfire Creates Chaos for Roosevelt-

Episode 8 ∙ “Crossroads”

Details via INSP: After a wildfire rages through Elkhorn Ranch, Theodore Roosevelt is forced to sell some livestock before the fall roundup. But Roosevelt's pride prevents him from accepting a low offer from the town's founder, triggering a violent chain of events.


Change of Premiere Date 
for Wild West Chronicles Season 4

The new season of the historical docudrama,
originally scheduled for June 20th,
is now set to bow on INSP
Wednesday, September 4th at 10PM ET

Press Release via INSP:

(Indian Land, SC – May 29, 2024) – Western cable network INSP, has announced that the 4th season of their original historical docudrama series, Wild West Chronicles, has been rescheduled. The new premiere date is set for Wednesday, September 4th at 10PM ET.


Once a feared gunslinger and sheriff, the legendary Bat Masterson trades his badge for a pen and becomes a newspaper reporter. He travels the untamed frontier on a quest to chronicle the notorious tales of the Wild West and bring them to life once more.

Titles for the 12 episodes of Season 4 are below:

“Bat Masterson Leaves the West”
“Black Bart’s Revenge”
“Elijah Briant and the Wild Bunch”
“El Bandito Vasquez”
“Bronco Bill’s Treasure”
“Ada Curnutt, U.S. Deputy Marshal”
“Bass Reeves: A Father’s Justice”
“Willie Kennard Makes His Mark in History”
“John Wesley Hardin: Killer on the Texas Frontier”
“Wong Fee Lee Stakes His Claim”
“Law Comes to No Man’s Land”
“The Battle of Stone Corral”







Blue Ridge: The Series makes its network premiere on INSP - Sunday, July 28th at 9PM ET.


I hope you'll be roped into some of these Western movies and shows airing on INSP in June and July. These legends and tales explore our rich history, following the cowboys and outlaws of that day. May good always triumph over evil, as it does in most old westerns.

Enjoy watching, 
and Happy Trails to you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

πŸŽ„Christmas in JulyπŸŽ„ is Coming to the Hallmark Channel with TWO New Movies and More 🌟 SEE HERE:

The Hallmark Channel has a new commercial preview out (see below) for their annual *Christmas in July* movie event- and here's what we can take from the new promo...

The new preview shows one fun movie that previously premiered on Hallmark's streamer, Hallmark Movies Now- Rescuing Christmas, starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Sam Page.

Also, the promo announces there will be TWO New Christmas Movie Premieres in July! One of these NEW Christmas movies will star Marcus Rosner (Love on the Right Course) and Rebecca Dalton (Christmas by Design) and the other will star Ryan McPartlin (Cut, Color, Murder) and Katie LeClerc (A Cape Cod Christmas).

Plus, in addition to the new movie premieres, the Hallmark Channel will show an extended cut of Three Wise Men and a Baby, starring Andrew Walker, Paul Campbell, and Tyler Hynes, which will, of course, have a sequel this upcoming Christmas season titled: Three Wiser Men and a Boy.

What once was known in years past as "Christmas Keepsake Week" has grown to a full month of "Christmas in July" holiday movies!!!

Hallmark Channel's Christmas in July Promo:

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas movie news! I remember when Marcus Rosner and Rebecca Dalton filmed their Christmas movie together back at the beginning of March.

I saved this screengrab from Marcus' IG stories at the time...

Since filming this Christmas movie with Rebecca Dalton, Marcus Rosner has filmed at least two more holiday movies, one with Emma Johnson (My Favorite Christmas Tree) and another recently with Brittany Bristow (A Safari Romance, Just Jake). He's quite the busy guy when it comes to making movies, so I'm really not surprised at all that one of his movies ended up during Christmas in July!

Stay tuned for more details on these new Christmas in July movies!

Have a Merry Day!

Candace Cameron Bure Shares Upcoming Filming News With Great American Family, Why She Left Hallmark, Christmas and More ➤➤

Last night, Candace Cameron Bure did a special Q&A with her Instagram followers and revealed some exciting news—she will have several movie projects coming up with Great American Family!

In the first (film-related) question, someone asked: "Are you working on any new projects?"

Candace responded with, "Yes!! I have mystery movies coming out in the Fall on Great American Family Channel called The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries."

I couldn't help from noticing she said MOVIES, which must mean the network will be airing at least two of these new Ainsley McGregor mysteries this Fall!!

Also, to the same question, "Are you working on any new projects?", Candace posted this response, "I also have a new Christmas movie premiering in November on Great American Family Channel called A Christmas Less Traveled.

Of course, we are already aware of this Christmas movie project
since GFAM officially announced it in a press release on April 17th. I still couldn't resist resharing her Christmas movie news!

In another question, someone asked, "Why did you leave Hallmark?"

Candace's response was thoughtful and I hope it enlightens those who have been wondering... "It wasn't so much leaving as it was about an opportunity to grow a new network that puts faith and family at the forefront of its content. I'm very proud of the work I did at Hallmark for 15 years and love all my friends there 😊.

Again, to the same question, "Are you working on any new projects?", Candace shared another response, "Also prepping to shoot two more films for Great American Family Channel in the Summer."

Wow! That is great news! We can only guess, at this point, what these "two more films for Great American Family" might be! Could both be more Ainsley McGregor mysteries, a second Christmas movie, or perhaps, a romantic comedy? Candace has yet to do a romantic comedy for the network, outside of the Christmas movie season.

If you'd like to share a guess, please do so in comments below.

In Podcast news, Candace shared, "Also, Season 7 of the @CandaceCameronBurePodcast starts next week!!! Lots of Surprises!!!!"

For those of you who may have been wondering about Candace's clothing line with QVC, her DaySpring products, etc... 

Candace's answer to this question was- "God said it's a new season in partnerships! I'm working on so much- some that will be new and some that will feel familiar 😊. I can't wait to share them when the time is right."

Looks like we will have to wait a little longer to learn more details on these new business adventures!

And I saved the best for last, as Candace spoke openly about her faith and commitment to The Lord.

"Have you seen the goodness of God today," one follower asked. 

Candace revealed, "I share time in God's word every day. I see His goodness, joy, sovereignty, grace, mercy, holiness, and love every day I read the Holy Bible. I look for His character in every passage. Every page. Every chapter. Every book."

Candace also posted this delightful, uplifting scripture, "Happy is the person who fears the LORD, taking great delight in his commands." Psalm 112:1

Amen to that! I always find my true joy, peace, and strength in God and His Word!

I hope you enjoyed this special Q&A with Candace Cameron Bure! It's always great fun to see so many actors and actresses sharing upcoming movie projects on social media, and I wish I could share them all, but there's simply not enough time in the day. However, I do look forward to sharing more news on movies as they are officially announced!

Stay tuned, everyone!
Blessings on your day!

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tuesday Thoughts Following Memorial Day and Prayer Request for Hallmark Actress ➤➤

Memorial Day -

I hope you all had a peaceful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

My family and I attended a Memorial Day ceremony that honored those brave souls in our military who made the ultimate sacrifice and their Gold Star Mothers and families. As stories were shared of their courageous heroism, tears filled all of our eyes, giving our already grateful hearts a renewed sense of gratitude for the incredible sacrifices made on our behalf for our freedom today.

When I hear the stories of war, I am always grateful to those in my family who served, including my Daddy, Grandpa, several Uncles (one was a Navy Chaplain), and Cousins. All returned home, Praise God! However, growing up, I always heard stories of how my Great-Uncle was never the same after returning home from World War II. He was on the frontline of the battle, and I can only imagine the horrors he saw. My heart goes out to those who return with not only physical wounds, but emotional scars, as well.

I pray Memorial Day will always remain a sacred day of remembrance and honor.

Storms -

I also wanted to mention that my prayers are going out to those across the Heartland, Midwest, Ohio Valley, East Coast, etc... where the storms badly hit over the weekend. It was heartbreaking to hear about the loss of life. I pray all of you and your property were safe. This has been quite a brutal spring with storm outbreaks of Tornadoes and strong winds. In fact, one of the storms that came through last week had a burst of strong wind that took down a large old maple tree in our backyard. Thankfully, it missed our home, but when it fell, it also damaged some of our wood fencing, which extends around our pastures and fields. We are grateful our damage is small and can be fixed, and our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost much more.

When Calls the Heart -

Briefly, I wanted to express how much I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday night's episode of When Calls the Heart titled Brother's Keeper.

When Elizabeth's brother-n-law, Tom, is in trouble and cannot repay his debt, Nathan spearheads an idea to bring everyone together for a Hope Valley choir festival fundraiser—Voices of the Valley. In this episode, there is cheerful, lively music from that time period and a beautiful, meaningful rendition of Amazing Grace

Amazing grace! How sweet the sound 
 That saved a wretch like me! 
I once was lost, but now am found; 
Was blind, but now I see. 

Overall, it was a delightful episode, and yes, it had a bit of romance with a very special dance, but more importantly, I appreciated how faith was an integral part of this story. Even the episode's title, Brother's Keeper, is a reference to scripture, Genesis 4:9. 

The scenes with Pastor Joseph and his brother, Jacob, who have been estranged for years due to a past disagreement, were especially enjoyable. Watching the two brothers renew their friendship and hearing Jacob's prayer over the Canfield's meal (after he admitted he hadn't attended church in years) touched my heart deeply and brought tears to my eyes. The mighty power of love and forgiveness never ceases to amaze me.

Prayer Request -

Also, if you follow When Calls the Heart on social media, then you have likely seen this news, but for those of you who haven't, the When Calls the Heart cast members are sharing their love and support for one of their own, who has had an unknown medical emergency. 

Mamie Laverock, who portrayed Rosaleen Sullivan on When Calls the Heart, the daughter of Molly (Johannah Newmarch), is currently in a hospital in Vancouver, Canada

To support their medical bills, her mother and stepfather have set up a GoFundMe page, where they recently shared this tragic update: "We are deeply saddened to report that on May 26th, Mamie, who has been in intensive treatment for the past two weeks, was escorted out of a secure unit of the hospital and taken up to a balcony walkway from which she fell five stories. She sustained life threatening injuries, has undergone multiple extensive surgeries, and is currently on life support." 

It is such a sad situation. If you'd like to give or read more details, visit Mamie's GoFundMe page.

Please join me in lifting sweet Mamie and her family up in prayer.

*See update on Mamie from May 30th in my comment below.

God bless you all,