Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Come Dance at my Wedding


Come Dance at my Wedding:

A Hallmark Channel movie, starring John Schneider (“Smallville”), Brooke Nevin (“The 4400”) and Roma Downey (“Touched By An Angel”).


John Schneider ... Tanner Grey
Brooke Nevin ... Cyd Scarborough
Roma Downey ... Laura Williams
Christopher Jacot ... Zach Callahan


from Hallmark Channel:

“Come Dance at my Wedding,” an original movie about a young bride-to-be who is shocked when the father she never knew shows up alive and holding the deed to her family’s dance studio. It is the first of many surprises for Cyd who will soon learn other surprises about her father, including their shared love of dancing.

Cyd Scarborough (Nevin), a dance teacher in her hometown of Elksville, is busy teaching her classes at the Scarborough Dance Studio and finalizing details for her approaching wedding to the love of her life, accountant Zach. Her best friend, Jessie, is helping her stay organized, but Cyd dearly misses her deceased mother. To further muddle her thoughts, a real estate developer has offered to purchase the studio that has been in the family for several generations. If she sells, Cyd would have a chance to pursue her dream of becoming a therapist.

When she learns the shocking news that Tanner Grey (Schneider) – her father that she never knew – is alive and owns the family dance studio, she just wants to take care of business and get the studio sold quickly. She turns to her attorney, Laura Williams (Downey), for help, but as it turns out, Tanner isn’t in a hurry to hand over the deed or leave Elksville.

Movie Review:

From the moment I saw this advertised on the Hallmark Channel, I knew I would love it and I did! It was perfectly delightful from the first dance step!

The movie is based around a Dance Studio, which was left to (as mentioned above) a young bride-to-be who is shocked when the father she never knew shows up alive and holding the deed to her family’s dance studio. The bride-to-be is Cyd, played by Brooke Nevin and her father is Tanner Grey, portrayed by John Schneider.

I must say... that John Schneider (Bo Duke) is still just as handsome as ever and he was so suave on the dance floor. My favorite scenes were in the dance studio. I especially loved this scene where an older couple taking lessons... danced on their anniversary. It was beautiful and a very special and a wonderful addition to this sentimental movie.

It was interesting to see Cyd bond with her father in the dance studio and at home. He is over-protective and caring, determined to keep the dance studio going - while Cyd is unsure and on the verge of walking down the aisle, while very confused about her future. Will she keep the dance studio? Will her father, Tanner, leave town?

Here's a hint: there's a happy-ending!

If you love wedding movies like Father of the Bride, Wedding Daze, Bridal Fever, etc... then you should love this one, too! It swept me off my feet!!!

See or Skip:

See... it's such a Sweet Movie!


  1. Cyd's last name was, "Merriman". She introduced herself with that name when she called Tanner Grey.

  2. This Movies was tops for me. I down loaded this on my computer . their were 3 incidents of laura Williams, Cyd, Zach. said to him that would cut him down, but he never once retaliated . well except the scene at the bar when Tanner was talking to Zach. He realized that Zach was reading some thing more about tanner. He Politely told him not to read him before ever knowing him. . In all I love this Movie


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