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“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights...”
~ James 1:17

Friday, December 29, 2023

πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰ Happy New Year 2024! πŸŽ‡πŸŽ‰

As we welcome in the New Year this weekend, we pray and plan over the year ahead, make New Year's resolutions, and enjoy the last of the Christmas movies on TV.

I will highlight the best of the final Christmas movies airing all weekend long, plus New Year's Day on Monday!


Great American Family -

Tune in Saturday and Sunday on Great American Family as they count down the Top 20 Great American Christmas movies of all time, chosen by their Programming Team. Begins Saturday, December 30th at 8a/7c and ends at midnight on Sunday, December 31st!

See *Promo Video*... (click the arrow button to play)

Great American Christmas Movie Countdown
Saturday, December 30th through Sunday, December 31st:

#20 - Christmas on Candy Cane Lane - 8am
#19 - A Dash of Christmas - 10am
#18 - A Kindhearted Christmas - 12pm
#17 - B&B Merry - 2pm
#16 - Peppermint & Postcards - 4pm
#15 - A Christmas Miracle for Daisy - 6pm
#14 - ‘Twas the Text Before Christmas - 8pm
#13 - A Christmas Blessing - 10pm
#12 - Bringing Christmas Home - 12am
#11 - A Christmas... Present - 2am
#10 - Destined at Christmas - 4am
#9 - A Hot Cocoa Christmas - 6am
#8 - A Merry Christmas Wish - 8am
#7 - A Paris Christmas Waltz - 10am
#6 - Catering Christmas - 12pm
#5 - Christmas at the Drive-In - 2pm
#4 - Journey to Christmas - 4pm
#3 - My Christmas Hero - 6pm
#2 - A Royal Date for Christmas - 8pm
#1 - Jingle Bell Princess - 10pm

On Monday, January 1st, 2024, Great American Family will air it's last day of Christmas movies, along with the Rose Parade and the #1 Christmas movies from 2021, 2022, and 2023...

A Brush of Christmas - 12am
Christmas on Windmill Way - 2am
A Match Made at Christmas - 4am
Royally Wrapped for Christmas - 6am
Destined 2: Christmas Once More - 7:30am
Christmas in Maple Hills - 9am
Rose Parade - 11am
12 Games of Christmas - 1pm
Christmas Keepsake - 2:30pm
A Christmas for the Ages - 4pm
Jingle Bell Princess - 6pm
Christmas at the Drive-In - 8pm
A Christmas Blessing - 10pm

Hallmark Channel Weekend Highlights:

Saturday, December 30th:
The Royal Nanny - 12am
Christmas Detour - 2am
Holiday Road - 2pm
Christmas Town - 4pm
Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas - 6pm
Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas - 8pm

Sunday, December 31st, New Years Eve:
Noel Next Door - 12:01am
Christmas Next Door - 4:01am
A Biltmore Christmas - 8am
Three Wise Men and a Baby - 10pm

Monday, January 1st, New Years Day:
Checkin it Twice - 6am
The Santa Summit - 8am
One Royal Holiday - 8pm

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Weekend Highlights:

Saturday, December 30th:
A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love - 12am
Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow - 6am
Miracle in Bethlehem, PA - 10am
Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas - 12pm
The Christmas Note - 4pm
Northern Lights of Christmas - 8pm
A Godwink Christmas - 10pm

Sunday, December 31st:
A Little Christmas Charm - 12am
Heaven Down Here - 6am
A Veterans Christmas - 12pm
The Christmas Card - 2pm
Mystery on Mistletoe Lane - 8pm
The Christmas Promise - 10pm

Monday, January 1st:
Long Lost Christmas - 12am
Love You Like Christmas - 2am
Christmas on My Mind - 4am

Praying you and your families 
have a *Happy New Year* 
filled with hope, health, and happiness!

God's Blessings to you all,


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, 
he is a new creation. 
The old has passed away; 
behold, the new has come.
~2 Corinthians 5:17

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

πŸŽ„Still Searching for Christmas?πŸŽ„

I know. I know. Some people are done with the Christmas movies as soon as the clock strikes midnight, and December 25th is over, but NOT ME!!! I'm one of those people who continues to search for nearly any Christmas movie I can find this week, and frankly, all-year round!

And in case you're wondering, it does appear that the Hallmark Channel will be keeping the special Friday night airings of Christmas movies, beginning on Friday, January 5th, with Flipping for Christmas, starring Ashley Newbrough and Marcus Rosner, who are both also starring in Hallmark's first movie for 2024, on January 6th, Love on the Right Course.

Plus, even more good news... Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will be airing TWO Christmas movies on Thursday nights in January 2024 at 7pm and 9pm EST. I hope this is something they will continue to do throughout the year! (Actually, Thursday, January 4th, will have three Christmas movies with Murder, She Baked: A Plum Pudding Mystery at 5pm, Ms. Christmas Comes to Town at 7pm, and World Record Christmas at 9pm, but the other Thursdays, thus far, will only have two.)

As for this week... between Christmas and New Year's Day, Christmas movies are thankfully continuing to air 24/7 on Great American Family, the Hallmark Channel, and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and I'm soaking them up like a sponge! Both Freeform and PixL have also sprinkled in a few more Christmas movies. Plus, I love that Great American Family is giving us an end-of-year New Year's Eve Movie Countdown of their best Christmas movies from the past three years! I've been searching through the TV guide and recording all of my new and past Christmas favorites. I kind of feel like a squirrel, hunting and hiding acorns and storing them up for the rest of winter. (haha!)

Due to a family member getting sick on Christmas Eve, we were unable to have our BIG Christmas celebration, so Christmas will be continued and extended for us on another day. (I know some of you are also in the same boat, and I pray your loved ones are feeling better.) It's hard when we remember all of the past Christmases and traditions and long to be together, but we are still going to have our Christmas gathering soon, Good Lord willing!!!

Today, I'm also looking at some of the Christmas deals online at Walmart and Amazon... gift wrap, decor, storage, and supplies. Typically, there are some fantastic sales to find this week. I must admit, I'm a goner when it comes to cute Christmas gift wrap, ornaments, etc... and getting a good deal is always great, too!

The Nativity Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap by Susan Winget at Walmart has caught my eye, plus this DaySpring - A Cozy Christmas - 4 Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll Set and Christmas Burlap Wired Ribbon. It's fun to shop for and dream about Christmas next year.

I pray you all are well and had a nice Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!
God bless you all, Net


*Shop Amazon's Christmas markdowns.

*Shop Walmart's Christmas gift wrap deals and Christmas decor clearance.

Nativity Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap by Susan Winget - 1 Giant Roll DaySpring - A Cozy Christmas - 4 Reversible Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll Set
Christmas Burlap Ribbon Wired Edged Xmas Tree Ornaments Red White Brown for Wreaths Bows Gift Packaging E Holiday Time 30 Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper, Christmas Script, and Red Trucks (90 Sq. ft., 2-Roll)

*Please Note: The items above contain affiliate links. If you buy something through these links, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. Thank you all for your support.

🌟The Last Sunday of Advent with Danica McKellar🌟

The Last Sunday of Advent fell on Christmas Eve, and even though I didn't get the chance to share it with you all on that day, I didn't want the Christmas season to end without including it here.

The fourth Sunday of Advent celebrates God's faithfulness and love in sending Jesus Christ.

Great American Pure Flix recently posted this inspiring Advent Devotional (below) with actress Danica McKellar (A Royal Date for Christmas, Crown for Christmas). 

In the final week of Advent, Danica McKellar dives into Philippians to talk about how we can experience true joy...

Recently, in an interview with TBN, alongside Great American Media CEO Bill Abbott, Danica freely shared with exuberant joy how she discovered her faith in Jesus when her friend and fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure invited her to Easter services at her church in April of 2022. The Passion Play was performed that Sunday and the whole experience awakened Danica's spirit to discover her faith. This year, she shared how she is reading (or listening to, in this case) the entire Bible with the podcast “The Bible Recap.”

As we reflect back on the Christmas season, we rejoice together that God sent His Son, Jesus, as a newborn baby to ultimately be our Savior!

God Bless you all 
 during this Holy Christmas Season! 

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Have YOU Received the Greatest GIFT? 🎁 —>

Have you received the Greatest Gift?

The true meaning and spirit of Christmas is about the birth of God's Son, Jesus, and how He came to earth to give us love, joy, hope, and peace!

That gift doesn't change the day (or days) after Christmas! For those who know Jesus, we continue to celebrate in our hearts the fact that we are loved and have hope for the future.

Just as children are still playing with the presents they received on Christmas Day, we can continue to unwrap the Greatest Gift every day!

Even when the Christmas lights, trees, and all the holiday decor come down, Jesus will still be here. We are never alone.

Christ loved us so much - He came to earth as a little baby and ultimately, died on the Cross for us!

If you ask Jesus into your heart and ask forgiveness of your sins, you will receive the ultimate Gift, eternal life with Him!

May we all continue to seek Him each day, just as the Shepherds followed the star until they found the Christ Child.

Sinner's Prayer:

"Oh God, I know I am a sinner.

I believe Jesus was my substitute when He died on the Cross.

I believe His shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection were for me.

I now receive Jesus as my Savior.

I thank You for the forgiveness of my sins,

the gift of salvation and everlasting life,

because of Your merciful grace.

In Jesus name, I pray...


Happy day and days after Christmas, everyone!
God's Blessings to you all!

Thursday, December 21, 2023

πŸŽ„πŸŒŸ Merry CHRISTmas, It's a Wonderful Movie Friends and Family 2023! πŸŒŸπŸŽ„ My Christmas Card to You -->

Just like the pureness of freshly fallen snow, 
on that first Christmas LOVE came down 
in the form of a newborn baby, 
and was called JESUS! 

And with that Priceless Gift 
came the promise 
of Eternal Life with Him!

🌟 Merry Christmas! πŸŒŸ

Oh, what a wonderful Christmas Season this has been at *It's a Wonderful Movie* once again!

I hope many of you have enjoyed the friendships you've made here and all the numerous movie reviews, too, whether it be of inspiring new Christmas movies, Christmas comedies, or rom-coms throughout the year!

I'm so glad to know each of you! I consider you all to be dear members of this It's a Wonderful Movie family! It truly blesses my heart the way you all share with, pray for, and encourage one another! Thank you all, my dear friends!

As Christmas Day draws near... may our hearts continue to prepare Him room and our homes radiate His love and light!

This is my Christmas Card to you, plus (see below) the last (yes, the very last) of the NEW Christmas movie premieres...

Please turn up your volume and hit the play button to watch this special video. This beautiful song, A Hallelujah Christmas by Cloverton, has especially touched me and my family this Christmas; I just had to share it with you. The lyrics are revised from the original rendition in such an amazing, moving way that tells the Christ Child's birth.

I pray this Christmas song also blesses you!

πŸŽ„ TV Premieres for Christmas Week: πŸŽ„

Thursday, December 21, 2023:

Synopsis: A new DaySpring movie. Successful and fiercely independent, Mary Ann Brubeck (Vandervoort) adopts a baby girl to raise on her own just before Christmas. Due to weather, she and the baby get stuck in Bethlehem, PA for the holidays. When there is no room at the inn, her only option is to stay with the innkeeper's brother Joe (Ayres), a quintessential bachelor who lives in a house that he treats like a barn. As Mary Ann learns the value of community by spending time with Joe's family and participating in the local church's Christmas events, Joe starts getting his act together with new motivation…and the two begin to see each other in a new light.

Premieres Thursday, December 21, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Thursday, December 21, 2023:

Synopsis: When couple Jack (Justin Long) and Caroline (India Mullen) travel to Caroline's native Ireland for Christmas, they find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage: Jack is ready for kids, and Caroline isn't. Will spending Christmas with Caroline's big Irish family make them realize they're ready for a family of their own? Or will it scare them away from the idea of having kids altogether?

Premieres Thursday, December 21, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on FOX


Saturday, December 23, 2023:

Synopsis: In search of her big break, a reporter (Underwood) arranges a Christmas interview with a European Prince (Stoddard) visiting the States. Will the reporter’s big story become her love story?

Premieres Saturday, December 23, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family


Saturday, December 23, 2023:

Synopsis: Precocious 10-year-old Lily Morgan (Ai Barrett) enters a writing contest about her Christmas wish. She wishes that her single mother, Emma (Jeananne Goossen), finds love and a father for Lily whom Emma adopted as an infant in China. After winning the contest, will Lily’s wish come true?

Premieres Saturday, December 23, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on Lifetime


Sunday, December 24, 2023:

Synopsis: A Christmas Letter is a modern love story meets epic adventure that ultimately brings a family together, with an uplifting, feel-good look at how the spirit of the holidays – and help from some pro hockey players – can unite a community and new-found friendships. This is a tale of how love, compassion, and a little Christmas sparkle can bring us together when we need it the most.

Premieres Sunday, December 24, 2023
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv

*This is the cable movie premiere of this movie from Incendo; it is also available to view via streaming sources, including UP Faith & Family.


πŸŽ„ Notable Christmas Programming: πŸŽ„


Friday, December 22nd:
Dolly Parton's Coat of Many Colors

Sunday, December 24th:
It's a Wonderful Life

πŸŽ„ E! Network:

Binge Watch All Day...

Monday, December 25th:
It's a Wonderful Life


Friday, December 22nd:
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

Sunday, December 24th:
Home Alone


Friday, December 22nd:
The 25th Annual A Home for the Holidays
Fit For Christmas (2022 movie)

πŸŽ„ Hallmark Channel:

Enjoy special airings of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel:

Saturday, December 23rd:
Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas - 6pm
Mystery on Mistletoe Lane - 8pm

Sunday, December 24th:
A Veteran's Christmas - 6pm
My Christmas Guide - 8pm

*Note: 2 more Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movies will air on the Hallmark Channel before the year ends...

Saturday, December 30th:
*New Years Eve - Eve!*
Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas - 6pm
Time for Her to Come Home for Christmas - 8pm

πŸŽ„ Hallmark Drama:

Monday, December 25th:
One Christmas Eve
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Love Always, Santa
Window Wonderland
Angels and Ornaments
and more!


Friday, December 22nd:
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (cartoon)

Sunday, December 24th & Monday, December 25th:
A Christmas Story (movie marathon)


Sunday, December 24th & Monday, December 25th:
A Christmas Story (movie marathon)

Monday, December 25th:
A Christmas Story Christmas (2022)


Sunday, December 24th:
Christmas in the Rockies

πŸŽ„ UPtv:

Among UPtv's Christmas movie marathon this weekend, see encore showings of these two Christmas musical programs...

Sunday, December 24th:
Home for the Holidays: A Christmas Homecoming
Josh Turner: King Size Manger

πŸŽ„ Great American Family:

Christmas Eve Schedule:
(all times below in Eastern Standard Time)

🌟GENTRI's "Finding Christmas" - 2pm
🌟A Silent Night at Museum of the Bible - 3pm
🌟Nativity - The Art of Maltese Crib-Making - 4pm
🌟Yule Log marathon on Christmas Eve - 5pm-12am

Christmas Day Schedule:

🌟Yule Log marathon on Christmas Day - 12am-12pm
🌟Christmas Movie Countdown on Christmas Day - beginning at 12 noon

πŸŽ„ Freeform:

Friday through Monday:

See encore airings of...
Home Alone
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
The Santa Clause
The Santa Clause 2
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
Frosty the Snowman
Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
and more!


Friday through Monday:

See encore airings of...
Christmas Jars
Christmas Oranges
A Very Corgi Christmas
Shoelaces for Christmas
and more!


See beloved classics 
Friday through Monday:
The Shop Around the Corner
In the Good Old Summertime
Love Finds Andy Hardy
It Happened on Fifth Avenue
Meet Me in St. Louis
Christmas in Connecticut
Holiday Affair (1949)
A Christmas Carol (1938)
and more!


See encore airings of...
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
White Christmas
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (PG-13)
Christmas with the Kranks
The Polar Express
The Year Without a Santa Claus
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
and more!


I love this image of the Carolers singing around this lovely Christmas tree; it makes me think of sweet memories of Christmas tree lightings and the Dickens Christmas carolers I've seen. I can just imagine the carolers singing... O Come Let Us Adore Him!

I hope it brings to mind wonderful memories for you, too!

This year, it has been a blessing to see how the true meaning of Christmas and faith has been incorporated more meaningfully in more Christmas films. I hope this is a trend that continues; I'm beyond grateful Great American Family is embracing more and more of this in their programming and movies.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news on TV Movies and Christmas Movies throughout the Year in 2024!

Thank You to ALL of my dear friends and loyal blog followers who visit regularly and share uplifting comments and movie reviews here with us! I appreciate each and every single one of you! And even though we may be miles apart, I feel with our shared values and faith in The Lord, we are close in heart!

God Bless Us, Everyone!

From my home to yours...
Merry Christmas to You All!


Luke 2:8-14

8 And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

9 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

10 And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.

12 And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

13 And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

14 Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

πŸŽ„ Merry Christmas! πŸŽ„

πŸ”Ž Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Announces New Mystery Movie Coming February 2024 - "Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers" πŸ”Ž SEE HERE:

Hallmark Media press release:



Nathan Witte also stars

STUDIO CITY, CA - December 21, 2023 - A society page writer in 1895 Rhode Island witnesses a murder while attending a ball at the Vanderbilt mansion and is drawn into the investigation when her brother is arrested. Starring Ali Skovbye ("Firefly Lane") and Danny Griffin ("Fate: The Winx Saga") "Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers," a new, original premiering Friday, February 2 (9 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is coming back in 2024 with a fresh slate of all new mysteries. "Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers" takes viewers behind the scenes of the East Coasts high society. Introducing Hallmark's newest "family" members Ali Skovbye and Danny Griffin along with returning favorite Nathan Witte. This all-new mystery is set to become a network favorite with the period costumes and the mysterious ups and downs. Leading viewers to question who could possibly be responsible for this murder and will the suspect be found before they can strike again.

It's July 1895 and the New York elite have decamped to Newport, Rhode Island for a summer of balls, garden parties, and yacht races. Covering these events for the women's pages of the Newport Observer is Emma Vanderbilt-Cross, (Skovbye) a fearless twenty-one-year-old writer with family ties to the wealthy Vanderbilt family. But writing articles about food and fashion is the last thing on Emma's mind when her half-brother Brady Cross (James Drew Dean, "Marry Go Round") is arrested for the murder of Goddard, (Cesare Scarpone, "The Bold Type") long-time Vanderbilt business advisor. She decides to take matters into her own hands and sets out to prove her half-brother's innocence, discovering Goddard had more than his fair share of enemies. As Emma investigates with the help of police detective and crush Jesse Whyte, (Griffin) housekeeper Nanny O'Neal (Gillian Barber, "Chesapeake Shores") and coroner's assistant Harriet Rice, (Amira Anderson, "Foragers") she's plunged into a word of intrigue and danger - while attracting the attention of the town's new mysterious stranger. (Witte) As Emma grows closer to the truth, Goddard's true murderer goes on the offensive, willing to stop at nothing to keep their identity a secret.

"Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers" is a Newport Road Productions Ltd. and Front Street Pictures Inc. production. John Cassini, Allen Lewis, Sunta Izzicupo, James Walsh, Michael Shepard served as executive producers along with producer Charles Cooper. Terry Ingram directed from a script written by Keri Ferencz, based off a book series written by Alyssa Maxwell.

# # #

Monday, December 18, 2023


Just a quick little note today... to wish you all a Very, Very, Merry and Happy ONE WEEK AWAY from CHRISTMAS DAY!!!

I'll have my official *Merry Christmas* post coming soon, but I didn't want to miss highlighting this momentous day with all of you as we Countdown to Christmas!!!

Our weatherman said a week or so ago we would most likely have unseasonably warm weather this week before Christmas, but guess what? We have SNOW!!! And it's very cold, too! Mind you, it's only a dusting of snow, and likely, it will not last until Christmas day, but it's delightful to see the snowfall today, even if it lasts a short while. I love the feeling of living in a Snow Globe!

Oh what *JOY* this Christmas season brings! I'm holding onto it ALL as tight as I can!

I also wanted to share with you all Great American Pure Flix's 3rd Sunday of Advent with writer Karen Kingsbury:

The theme of the 3rd Advent Sunday is the joy of the shepherds seeing the newborn Christ!

All who visited the Child were blessed, overjoyed, and filled with peace - because they knew God had fulfilled His prophesied promise to send a Savior!

Our purest joy doesn't come from Christmas presents or tangible things here on earth, but from the first Gift of Christmas - Jesus!

I pray you will know that Special Joy this Christmas! The Shepherds followed that big, beautiful, bright star 🌟 until they found the Christ Child lying humbly in a manger.

May we all continue to seek the Light of Jesus daily in our lives - this Christmas and beyond!

Happy One Week 'til Christmas!
Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Saturday, December 16, 2023

❤️ Hallmark Channel is honoring Jane Austen with Loveuary Movies in 2024 ❤️ SEE HERE:

Loveuary with Jane Austen

Hallmark Channel is honoring Jane Austen with Loveuary, a month of original movie premieres inspired by the author’s work!

Starting on February 3rd, the Hallmark Channel will premiere four all-new original movies with a Jane Austen theme every Saturday in February at 8/7c.

UPDATE: A fifth movie has been added to Hallmark's February schedule, A Taste of Love. The movie is currently scheduled to premiere on a Monday night, February 19th, and appears not to be Jane Austen-themed.

Plus, Hallmark will have 2 mystery movie premieres in February!

See details for all of these movies below...



Paging Mr. Darcy

Premiere Date: February 3, 2024

Starring Mallory Jansen and Will Kemp

Storyline: When an overly serious scholar attends a Jane Austen annual conference, she strikes a deal with the man playing Mr. Darcy and finds her perspective, and her heart, changed.

Movie Reviews:

❤️ We watched Paging Mr Darcy and enjoyed it. The movie was family friendly and the acting and story was nice. I love Jane Austen books and movies. The movie Emma is a beautiful movie. We also have enjoyed Persuasion, Sense and Sensibilities and Pride and Prejudice. ~Anonymous

❤️ Hallmark’s “Paging Mr. Darcy” is a family-friendly, funny, and most entertaining story that was expertly cast and produced. Mallory Jansen and Will Kemp are absolute dynamite as the story’s main characters, and I found myself eagerly anticipating where each new segment of the movie was going to take us. This film is classic Hallmark, and kudos to everyone involved in its production. ~MPT

❤️ Paging Mr. Darcy – This movie is charming and captivating from the very start. Look out Colin Firth, Will Kemp was absolutely the most perfect choice to play the role of Sam Lee, a simple, yet intriguingly handsome, regular guy pretending to be Mr. Darcy. And Mallory Jansen was ideal as Eloise Cavendish, an Elizabeth Bennett sort of character choice; I often thought of Keira Knightley (from the 2005 Pride & Prejudice film) as I watched her.

Although, as much as this movie was very much about Mr. Darcy and Pride & Prejudice, I couldn’t help from drawing parallels of this story to Sense & Sensibility. First we have Mallory Jansen as Eloise, a smart, structured, sensible woman, who doesn’t like to be showy or the center of attention. Eloise has developed a talent of disciplining herself to keep her emotions in check; she’s very much like the more mature, older sister, Elinor Dashwood.

And then, there’s Eloise’s sister, Mia. The whole world seems to revolve around Mia, who is experiencing relationship troubles and it seems everyone must know her romance drama. Mia loves to be the life of the party, she’s flirty/friendly, and dare I say, self-centered and a bit annoying. Sometimes, she also speaks without thinking. Mia’s a definite young and carefree Marianne Dashwood type.

I couldn’t help from wonder if their names were also chosen purposefully to closely match those characters… Eloise – Elinor and Mia – Marianne. As a Jane Austen fan, I loved hearing all of the familiar phrases and book references throughout the movie, and likening people to various Austen characters and such. If someone does not know the original stories, then it might be a little harder for them to understand some of these inside-jokes/comments.

Overall, I was thoroughly enchanted by Paging Mr. Darcy. Will Kemp and Mallory Jansen have that delightful spark of tug-and-war chemistry, that keeps pulling you back in – hoping the two will eventually meet somewhere in the middle.

This wholesome, lighthearted, Jane-Austen inspired, Loveuary movie won over my heart; it’s one I look forward to watching over and over again! ~Net

❤️ Paging Mr. Darcy – We loved it too! I plan on recording all four movies.~Namegirl

❤️ Paging Mr. Darcy is FANTASTIC!! Plus, if you pay attention, there's a couple of cameos: clips from the 1st Darcy film with Cindy Busby, and later o, Ben Ayrs is 1 of the golfers! –Maria

❤️ I absolutely agree with Maria! Paging Mr. Darcy is Fantastic! We loved everything about it. It was fun, light and breezy. It as funny, approachable and the chemistry was on-point between all of the main characters. I wouldn't change a thing. :-) I like when movies just bring sheer joy and make me smile. ~Joan

❤️ Paging Mr. Darcy - Yes! Same here!! I liked how the two sisters were like Elinor and MaryAnne and of course Darcy(Sam) with his own Lady Catherine as his aunt. ~Abigail


Love & Jane

Premiere Date: February 10, 2024

Starring: Ali Sweeney and Ben Ayres

Storyline: Lilly, a hopeless romantic and literary enthusiast, is surprised when her wish to talk to her favorite author comes true and Jane Austen herself appears in her life.

Movie Reviews:

❤️ Love & Jane - I LOVE Jane Austen, but to me this film was way to cheesy. I didn't care for Lilly's attitude against Trevor especially since he was kind to her practically in the beginning. As for being family-friendly... In the first few minutes one of the book club members(who is a man) mentions swiping left on a man for a dating app.

I love Alison, but this one wasn't for me. ~Abigail

❤️ Well, my husband and I attempted to watch the other two movies (Love & Jane and UPtv's Love by Design) and ended up deleting both after not finishing either one. I was very disappointed in 'Love & Jane'. I normally like Alison but oh my she was awful! Plus, when I saw what Abigail said, playing out in the movie, I told my husband to delete the movie. ~Joan

❤️ I was disappointed with Love and Jane. The acting was very bad and awkward and Jane didn't play that big of a role. A man made a comment that seemed he has S-S attraction. ~Laura


An American in Austen

Premiere Date: February 17, 2024

Starring: Eliza Bennett, Nicholas Bishop, and Nell Barlow

Storyline: Harriet, who thinks that no real man compares to Mr. Darcy, is transported into Pride & Prejudice and gets an unexpected chance to find out.

Movie Reviews:

❤️ An American in Austen is on HM Now. I watched it. Not worked up at all. Doesn't change pride and prejudice or criticize the sisters for obsessing over marriage. The lead female doesn't try to "modernize" them either. Wonderful movie and very family friendly and a classical feel to it. ~Laura

❤️ An American in Austen Review... This was my Valentine Movie...

This was family friendly, and I tried really hard to like it, but honestly it drove me crazy. Joan... I was talking to the TV again! ;) Maybe if I wasn't familiar with the story I would have enjoyed it. I liked the FiancΓ©, but felt like it put Americans to shame, she was so crude next to them. Sadly our vocabulary has lessened in the years!

I am a big fan of the book, Pride and Prejudice and the BBC, Colin Firth version is spot on! I watch it at least every other month. Each character was perfectly casted, the Hallmark version you could tell tried to copy it but was sadly lacking in my opinion. And that's not entirely their fault, it would be nearly impossible too ;) Mr. Darcy was too fickle almost like Mr. Collins switching to the next girl, Elizabeth did not show her wise character by running away to eloping with Wickem and Mrs. Bennett and Mr. Collins were too agreeable, so was Mary... Haha ;)

If you truly LOVE the book and Colin Firth version this movie probably won't be for you, but maybe it's just me.

Happy Valentine's Day! ~Abigail


A Taste of Love

February 19, 2024

Starring: Erin Cahill and Jesse Kove

Storyline: A pigeonholed chef determined to make her name as a respected culinary chef returns to her hometown. While reconnecting with her childhood sweetheart, she receives an offer she can't refuse.


Sense and Sensibility

Premiere Date: February 24, 2024

Starring: Deborah Ayorinde and Dan Jeannotte

Storyline: After the death of their father the Dashwoods' entire world changes drastically. While one sister is torn between two men the other is holding out hope for the man who has her heart.



Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers

Premiere Date: February 2, 2024

Starring: Ali Skovbye, Danny Griffin, Nathan Witte

Storyline: A society page writer in 1895 Rhode Island witnesses a murder while attending a ball at the Vanderbilt mansion and is drawn into the investigation when her brother is arrested.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ”Ž❤️ Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers

I did enjoy watching this. I thought the acting was poorly done but it was fun watching a mystery back in time. And I liked how the women were treated like ladies, unlike today. It was also family friendly.

Was is it though with Hallmark and their triangles!!! First we had Murder She Baked, WCTH, and now this. There may be more that I can't remember. But I do wish they would leave it alone! ~Abigail

πŸ”Ž❤️ Abigail, I agree with you regarding the acting in this film - it was pretty bad! Also, too many quick-discovery-of-clues for my liking. I stuck with the movie to see how it would end, but I don't think I will be watching any more of these films (that is, if they do make more of these with this cast). Mark 25

πŸ”Ž❤️ Newport Mystery Movie
At first we were very excited for a new mystery series. It quickly became apparent that this was not going to be a keeper. The least of its problems was the obvious historical inaccuracies of the dialog. My family endured to the end of the movie, not because we thought it would get better, but because of horrified fascination with how terrible it was. I understand that they wanted to make their female characters independent and strong, but the implication that the females would have to give up what they loved if they married and that getting married and having a family was undesirable was frequently brought up, ad nauseam. In the end we agreed it was just too boring and I hope they don’t continue on with this series. ~Anonymous

πŸ”Ž❤️ Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers is family friendly about in 1895, Newport, Rhode Island; a society page writer named Emma Vanderbilt-Cross witnesses a murder while attending a ball at a mansion in Rhode Island. She soon gets drawn into the investigation when her Brother named Brady is arrested who didn’t commit until Emma meets Detective Jesse Whyte. Later on, Emma meets Derrick Anderson when she found out that Derrick is actually Mr. Andrews. Derrick is only person know is Adelaide Halbrooke & he has a chance to tell Emma about her. Brady is actually Emma’s Stepbrother. ~Anonymous

πŸ”Ž❤️ Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers – First of all, I didn’t know what channel I was watching! I’m only kidding, of course, but Hallmark Movies & Mysteries did feel like it had transformed for the evening into PBS Masterpiece Theater!

For her first starring role, I thought Ali Skovbye shined as newspaper reporter, Emma Vanderbilt-Cross, an elegant, smart, and captivating young woman. But WHY, WHY WHY, does Hallmark insist on diversity over historical accuracy? Suffice to say, there were people in roles, who in that era and time would not be in certain professions or positions. It also felt off that Emma would even consider seeing Derrick; in that time period mixed-relationships would have been scandalous. (Please know, such a romance would be fine in a modern story for today, but not in 1895.)

It was perplexing and disappointing to watch Emma string along her handsome friend, Detective Jesse Whyte, who she’s nearly betrothed to and quite familiar with, while seemingly being smitten by Derrick, a man she barely knows. The mystery portion was intriguing enough, but I must admit, I had the case solved nearly from the start.

Overall, this movie includes a wonderful ensemble cast with several “When Calls the Heart” alums you are sure to recognize, including, Ali Skovbye (Becky Stanton, Abigail’s adopted daughter), James Drew Dean (Christopher Hughes, Henry Gowen’s son), and Mark Humphrey (Pastor Frank Hogan). You are also sure to spot Geoff Gustafson, as Emma’s no-nonsense newspaper boss, who is nothing like his role as the likeable Norman in “Signed, Sealed, Delivered.” Real-life mother and daughter, April and April Telek (“Signed, Sealed, Delivered: For Christmas”) were also spectacular in their roles as a high-society mother and her debutante daughter in this film.

Altogether, if you love mystery and period films, then this is not to be missed. The incredible, elaborate costumes and settings alone are enough to draw one’s interest and the dialogue is more in keeping with the time period, then say, Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” but even still, beware, there are many irksome historical inaccuracies. That and the potential lovely triangle were the major drawbacks for me with this film. ~Net

πŸ”Ž❤️ Hallmark’s “Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers” is family-friendly, but aside from enjoying the lavish wardrobes and sets, the movie is a one-time watch for me. I was hoping for much more than a historically inaccurate and woke version of 1895 high society. The presentation could have been so much better had the lead character Emma, played by Ali Skovbye, been more authentic to the Victorian era, and less focused on being an independent and liberated woman who ultimately relishes being in a love triangle. Hallmark’s DEI folks made a mess of what could have been a good mystery, and sadly, I’m not looking forward to any sequels. ~MPT

πŸ”Ž❤️ Newport Mystery Movie
At first we were very excited for a new mystery series. It quickly became apparent that this was not going to be a keeper. The least of its problems was the obvious historical inaccuracies of the dialog. My family endured to the end of the movie, not because we thought it would get better, but because of horrified fascination with how terrible it was. I understand that they wanted to make their female characters independent and strong, but the implication that the females would have to give up what they loved if they married and that getting married and having a family was undesirable was frequently brought up, ad nauseam. In the end we agreed it was just too boring and I hope they don’t continue on with this series. ~Anonymous

πŸ”Ž❤️ Gilded Newport Mysteries: Murder at the Breakers is family friendly about in 1895, Newport, Rhode Island; a society page writer named Emma Vanderbilt-Cross witnesses a murder while attending a ball at a mansion in Rhode Island. She soon gets drawn into the investigation when her Brother named Brady is arrested who didn’t commit until Emma meets Detective Jesse Whyte. Later on, Emma meets Derrick Anderson when she found out that Derrick is actually Mr. Andrews. Derrick is only person know is Adelaide Halbrooke & he has a chance to tell Emma about her. Brady is actually Emma’s Stepbrother. ~Anonymous


CrimeTime: Freefall

Premiere Date: February 23, 2024

Starring: Lyndie Greenwood and Luke Macfarlane

Storyline: Crime series actress Hadley Warner retires to a small town where she encounters her first real case. Using her TV crime knowledge, she teams up with Detective Caden to solve the case.


My Quick Take:

As a lover of numerous Jane Austen novels and movies (Frankly, Emma and Pride & Prejudice are my absolute favorites!), these story concepts for Hallmark's Loveuary movie event sound rather fascinating! Indeed, they do!

The two movies that appeal to me the most (on paper) are “Paging Mr. Darcy,” starring Mallory Jansen and Will Kemp, and “Love & Jane,” starring Alison Sweeney and Benjamin Ayres.

Please share your thoughts in comments.

Sincerely, Net✍