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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Favorite Family "Made for TV" Movies

Thought I would share the Trailers from our Favorite Family "Made for TV" Movies in 2011. Most are only 30 seconds. I thought this would help us remember what we liked best about each film. Be sure to vote in the poll (listed in the right column) for your favorite!

Movie Trailers listed alphabetically:

1. Beyond the Blackboard

2. Change of Plans

3. Field of Vision

4. Finding a Family

5. The Lost Valentine

6. Love Begins

7. A Mile in his Shoes

8. Smooch

9. Three Weeks, Three Kids

10. What If

Thank you to everyone who participates in the "It's a Wonderful Movie" Poll.

Most of these movies are available on dvd, they are:
Beyond the Blackboard,
Change of Plans,
Field of Vision,
Finding a Family,
The Lost Valentine,
Love Begins,
A Mile in his Shoes,
What If.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings...

Rain, Rain, go away... don't you see it's picnic day - or rather... race day! Well, yesterday it didn't happen and the Daytona 500 was moved to today, Monday - February 27, 2012. The biggest race in the world (next to the Indy 500, of course) can't even out-run the weather. For all of you race fans, out there - hope your driver wins. (My picks are Tony Stewart or Trevor Bayne)


Update: (Tuesday February 28, 2012) The ultimate winner of the Daytona 500, after rain delays and a fiery crash delay (everyone was okay), was Matt Kenseth.

As for the Oscars... is it over, yet? Oh yes, it is. Oh my goodness - it's not exactly that it is late or long, but it's just so boring, at times. Our family decided to tape it... so we fast forwarded through a lot of acceptance speeches. We just didn't want to give that much time to it. Did you like the show? I know many will probably think it was grand and wonderful. I just wasn't taken in. The tributes to old Hollywood were not so great, in my opinion. The one segment that showed Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz was extremely stupid and quite pointless. It didn't showcase her at all - it just made critics of that era seem foolish. I don't know. I guess... I just am not easily impressed by spoiled elitist Hollywood actors who enjoy patting themselves on the back.

The worst moment - was when Robert Downey, Jr. mocked Tim Tebow's Christianity by pretending to bow down and pray before he came out on the stage. To me, that was extremely low. I was angry about it, at first - but now I am just sad for him and the other so-called celebrities that are so lost. I know Christ died on the cross for them, too.

Even the red carpet event was disappointing to me. I know it is frivolous and outlandish what these clothes cost when they could clothe so many people. Typically, I still see something that I find to be spectacular or lovely, but this year, I just didn't personally love any of their gowns. I found most to look like draping curtains or a step away from being "beamed up to Scotty"!

Anyway, I wish I could think of something positive or cheerful to say about it. I guess the best thing I can say is - it's over!!!

By the way, I also happened to catch one of the We Love Lucy episodes on the Hallmark Channel yesterday during their marathon event. It was wonderful and funny... as Lucy always is! That was the Hollywood days at their finest.

A report recently came out - I read it somewhere on-line, that family shows and movies actually do better at the box office, typically, than other movies do. Hopefully, their pocketbooks will listen, but I wouldn't count on it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Oscars, Nascar, & Lucy... oh my!

It's an interesting day for TV, Sunday ~ February 26, 2012. First, FOX has the Daytona Nascar Race taking place in the afternoon, in Florida. The Hallmark Channel has the All-Day Marathon of We Love Lucy Episodes, and then for the evening, on ABC... there's the Oscars.

I must admit I have not seen any of the Best Picture Nominees for the Academy Awards this time around. I typically am most interested in the Oscars ~ because I enjoy seeing the fashions on the Red Carpet... Or, if there is an actor or actress from the "Old Hollywood Era", (such as Mickey Rooney, etc...) I always enjoy seeing them.

I have heard a lot of buzz this year, however, about the movie, The Artist (Rated PG-13). You may have seen it or heard about it - it's a new film, but it is a Silent film - pictured in Black and White. As a "TCM watcher", a "Classic Movie Lover", I found this to be extremely fascinating. After seeing the trailer, which I've included below - it appeals to me very much as I see traces of old Hollywood films I love. One scene in particular reminds me of a scene right out of The Thin Man and in another I was reminded of Citizen Kane... with the dark shadows and camera angles.

As long as it has a "Nick and Nora successful 'we got the bad guy' ending" or the classic "small town girl makes it to Broadway" Happy Ending... then I'll be sold. Yes, I love sappy happy endings... I guess that's why Hallmark Channel movies appeal to me so much.

Have you seen any of the Movies chosen for Best Picture? Which one would be your favorite?

Best Picture Nominees:

*Please know that I am NOT personally recommending any of these films - I am simply sharing with you what has been nominated for Best Picture.

Most of the films listed above are rated PG:13, except The Descendants, which is Rated: R and Hugo, which is Rated: PG. If you would like to read movie reviews on these films - just click on their pictures above.

If you watch the Oscars 'Live', I do hope you enjoy the show... and can stay awake!

I haven't decided, yet, how much I'll watch or tape... we'll see!

To everyone who visits "It's a Wonderful Movie"...
I hope you have ... a "Wonderful Weekend"!

Beyond the Blackboard on the Hallmark Channel

The Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie - Beyond the Blackboard, will re-air on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, February 25th, 2012.

This is a touching and inspiring movie starring actress Emily VanCamp as she potrays the life of teacher, Stacey Bess, who reached out to teach homeless children.

*Visit the Beyond the Blackboard page for more Movie details.

*Visit the Family TV Schedule for airing time and other family movies.

*The Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie - Beyond the Blackboard is available on DVD.

Friday, February 24, 2012

See the MovieGuide Awards on the Hallmark Movie Channel

On Friday, February 24th, 2012 the Hallmark Movie Channel will air the 20th Annual Faith & Values Awards. This sounds like it will be a wonderful program honoring films that display family values and of course, our faith.

Hosting the event this year, is one of my favorite actors of today, Dean Cain.

According to the MovieGuide Blog, there will be celebrity appearances by: Robert Duvall, Kevin Sorbo, Corbin Bernsen, Pat Boone, AnnaSophia Robb, Grammy nominee Natalie Grant, Angela Lansbury, Kristy Swanson, Bella Thorne, Gregg Sulkin, and many more. (see the MovieGuide Blog for other celebrities)

I hope many of you will be able to watch the Awards Show on the Hallmark Movie Channel tonight. As I have shared in the past, I do not have this channel - but I would love to hear from any of you who watch and are willing to share your thoughts of the show. (just click on Comments below!)

If, perhaps, anyone from Movieguide reads this... many of us would love to know if this will re-air any time in the future on a different channel? Thank you to those of you - at MovieGuide for what you do - to promote family, faith, and values. God bless you!

*Please visit the MovieGuide Blog, for more details.

*You may also like to visit the Official MovieGuide Awards site.

*Image above from: contactmusic.com

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And the Nominees are...

We are honoring the Family Movies that aired on TV last year - 2011, by Nominating various Movies, Actors, and Actresses. Please see the complete list of Nominees below, with their pictures, to choose which ones were your favorites. Then, be sure to Vote for your favorites by taking the 6 Polls listed in the right column of this blog.

Nominees for the It's a Wonderful Movie Awards 2011 -

POLL #1:

Favorite Family Movie for 2011:
click on Movie Titles below for more details
(you may vote for more than one!)

Vote in Poll - listed in the right column of this blog.

1. Beyond the Blackboard

2. Change of Plans

3. Field of Vision

4. Finding a Family

5. The Lost Valentine

6. Love Begins

7. A Mile in his Shoes

8. Smooch

9. Three Weeks, Three Kids

10. What if

POLL #2:

Favorite Christmas Movie, 2011:

*This Poll has already been taken. (It ran from mid Dec. thru Jan. 25) Thank you to those of you who participated by voting. Polling results will be revealed when the results are released from these polls.

POLL #3:

Favorite Actor, from a Family Movie, 2011:
(you may vote for more than one!)

Vote in Poll - listed in the right column of this blog.

1. Dean Cain - A Mile in his Shoes

2. Ernest Borgnine - A Christmas Journey

3. John Ratzenberger - What If

4. Jordan Bridges - Holiday Engagement

5. K.C. Clyde - Christmas Angel & A Christmas Wish

6. Kevin Sorbo - What If

7. Luke Perry - Goodnight for Justice

8. Richard Thomas - Time after Time

9. Tom Cavanaugh - Trading Christmas

10. Sam Heughan - A Princess for Christmas

POLL #4:

Favorite Actress, from a Family Movie, 2011:
(you may vote for more than one!)

Vote in Poll - listed in the right column of this blog.

1. Amy Smart - 12 Dates of Christmas

2. Anna Chlumsky - Three Weeks, Three Kids

3. Bonnie Somerville - Holiday Engagement

4. Brooke White - Change of Plans

5. Emily Van Camp - Beyond the Blackboard

6. Faith Ford - Trading Christmas

7. Gabrielle Miller - Trading Christmas

8. Katie McGrath - A Princess for Christmas

9. Kristy Swanson - What If & A Christmas Wish

10. Shelley Long - Holiday Engagement

POLL #5:

Favorite Young Actor, from a Family Movie, 2011:
(you may vote for more than one!)

Vote in Poll - listed in the right column of this blog.

1. Drew Koles - Who is Simon Miller

2. Jakob Davies - Three Weeks, Three Kids

3. Jared Abrahamson - Finding a Family

4. Jason Dolley - Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas

5. Kevin Herring III - A Christmas Wish

6. Liam McKanna - Beyond the Blackboard

7. Luke Schroder - A Mile in his Shoes

8. Ryan Wynott - Love's Christmas Journey

9. Tony Oller - Field of Vision

10. Travis Turner - A Princess for Christmas

POLL #6:

Favorite Young Actress, from a Family Movie, 2011:
(you may vote for more than one!)

Vote in Poll - listed in the right column of this blog.

1. Abigail Mavity - Love Begins

2. Danielle Panabaker - The Shunning

3. Emily Osment - Cyberbully (PG-13)

4. Emma Duke - Dear Santa

5. Helen Colliander - The Case for Christmas

6. Isabella Acres - Beyond the Blackboard

7. Kiernan Shipka - Smooch

8. Kirstin Dorn - A Christmas Wish & A Valentine's Date

9. Leilah de Meza - A Princess for Christmas

10. Sydney Stamler - Three Weeks, Three Kids

POLL #7:


Favorite Supporting Character, from a Family Movie, 2011:

(a Smaller Role, but definitely a Big Part!)

(you may vote for more than one!)

Vote in Poll - listed in the right column of this blog.

1. Carrie Wiita - Holiday Engagement

2. Chonda Pierce - 12 Wishes of Christmas

3. James Dugan - Dear Santa

4. Jayne Eastwood - 12 Dates of Christmas

5. Marion Ross - Keeping up with the Randalls

6. Mike Bell - Lucky Christmas

7. Miles Richardson - A Princess for Christmas

8. Olivia Wickline - Smooch

9. Oxana Moravec - A Princess for Christmas

10. Page Petrucka - A Christmas Wish

You may vote for as many Movies or Characters, as you like, in each category. However, there is only one voting process of all categories - per computer.

Poll is listed in the right column of this blog and will only be open for voting February 22nd, 2012 - March 22nd, 2012.

Have fun Voting and Thank You to all who participate!

( *Images above: Property of Hallmark Channel, Crown Family Media Networks, ABC Family, MPCA, GMC, IMDB.com, Childstarlets.com, etc... )