Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August TV Schedule Update - Part Two

Today, I added in the Family TV Schedule, Movies from GMC (Gospel Music Channel), ION, Local Channels, Disney, Disney XD, Cartoon Network, etc....

Check the Family Schedule, here:

This link (above) will not be effective after Yahoo shuts down Geocities.

Please visit the new site by going directly to:

Have a Great Day!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August TV Schedule Update - Part One

Today I updated the Family TV Schedule with the Networks- Hallmark Channel, ABCfamily, TBN, ABC, Lifetime, and Lifetime Movie Network.

Tomorrow I will add in GMC (Gospel Music Channel), ION, Local Channels, Disney, Disney XD, Carton Network, etc....

What's up with the web-site updating?

No News on that front, yet. The site will be here, though, for the Christmas Schedule. Just be sure to visit my web domain - that will direct you to wherever my new web-site is hosted.

By the way, I will still be updating the Family Schedule, for now...

Til next time... God bless!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christmas on Division Street

Even though it is months before Christmas, I decided to write about this heartwarming movie starring Fred Savage and the late, Hume Cronyn ... because it will be airing on the Gospel Music Channel, August 5th at 2 PM.

It is such a touching, moving story. I don't think it is good for small children, however those over 12 years old, would understand and learn compassion from the boy (played by Savage) who helps a homeless man (Cronyn), inspite of others discouraging his kindness.

It was once available on Video (Vhs), but I don't believe it is available on DVD, yet.

Based on a true story, this isn't a story at all... but reality for many people in our world today. The film reminds us all at Christmastime and all year long... how it is more important to give than receive and to appreciate what we do have!

I hope many of you will have a chance to watch it.

God bless,
Net Movie Blogger

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