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Saturday, April 29, 2023

πŸŽ„πŸ« Great American Family Announces New Movie for Christmas in July 2023 - "A Belgian Chocolate Christmas" πŸ«πŸŽ„ See Here:

"A Belgian Chocolate Christmas" starring Jaclyn Hales (Retreat to Paradise), Zane Stephens (Rebuilding a Dream Christmas), Sarah Pribis (Crown Prince of Christmas), Andrew Rogers (Christmas Matchmakers) is coming to Great American Family's Christmas in July!

Storyline: A photographer takes her best friend's place at a Belgian culinary school at the holidays and connects with the chocolatier leading the class. As romance begins to bloom, the only problem is a case of mistaken identity.

Filming locations for this movie included Los Angeles, California, and Brussels, Belgium at the Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier.

Great American Family's new commercial promo for Christmas in July states, "You shouldn't have to wait a full year to celebrate. Rekindle your love of Christmas with all of our classic Christmas movies and the premiere of an all-new original movie, "A Belgian Chocolate Christmas!"

promo video clip:

Some of you may recall that "A Belgian Chocolate Christmas" was originally slated to premiere during Great American Family's 2022 Christmas movie premieres. For whatever reason, it was not ready to air on the network at that time, so it was removed from the line-up.

Stay tuned for more details to come on Great American Family's Christmas in July event!

Have a Merry Day!

Friday, April 28, 2023

πŸ’Hallmark Media Announces JUNE 2023 Movie Schedule with NEW June Weddings & Mysteries πŸ”Ž SEE DETAILS:

Movie details via Hallmark Media Press Release:



Hallmark Channel viewers are cordially invited to the network’s June Weddings programming event, celebrating love and matrimony with four all-new original movie premieres featuring international locations and cultures. Meanwhile, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries brings fans two exciting new mysteries with a prequel to the popular, long-running “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” as well as a brand-new mystery, “The Dancing Detective,” set against the beauty of Malta.


Saturday, June 3 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Stephanie Bennett, Casey Deidrick

Trish (Bennett) is a journalist who is on back-to-back bridesmaid duty for her three best friends. When her date is unable to join, she pairs up with photographer Ryan (Deidrick), the brother of her best friend.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ Wedding Season - I enjoyed tonight's movie. Slow burn romance. Based on Samantha Chase's book. She had another book-to-film: The Christmas Cottage. ~ dstoutholcomb

πŸ’ In the movie Wedding Season near the beginning of the movie you can see two females slow dancing together. ~Anonymous

πŸ’ Wedding Season. Kinda cute but not a keeper for me. Family friendly except you'll need to fast forward through the one brief instance early in the movie where you see two women dancing together in the background of a shot. The two of them looked really awkward, almost like the Hallmark diversity director found two strangers milling around the set and told them to hurry up and get in the shot so Hallmark would get their "lgbtqxyz" social credits for the movie -- instead of an intimate slow dance like others on the dance floor, the women were almost standing at arm's length and looked like they hardly knew each other -- ridiculous Hallmark!! ~~Jane

πŸ’ Have watched the Wedding movie with Stephanie Bennett--fell asleep. Liked the movie based in Greece. The others will be a no watch for me. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry between Becca Tobin and her costar. Hallmark seems to be reaching. ~Anonymous


Saturday, June 10 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Torrey DeVitto, Giannis Tsmitselis, Marina Sirtis

When Ilana (DeVitto) travels to Santorini with her Greek boyfriend Mike (Tsimitselis) for his sister Alex’s (Katerina Konstas) wedding, she’s thrilled to be asked to be her American Maid of Honor. Mike surprises Ilana by proposing, leaving Ilana gets caught in the whirlwind created by his well-meaning and overly enthusiastic mother Athena (Sirtis).

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ Loves Greek to Me was hard to watch. If not for my wife, I probably would have stopped. Very negative feeling through out. Maybe it is their traditions but I can’t stand it when others want to control somebody else’s wedding. Especially when they make plans and commitments without even talking about it. ~Anonymous

πŸ’ Have watched the Wedding movie with Stephanie Bennett--fell asleep. Liked the movie based in Greece. The others will be a no watch for me. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry between Becca Tobin and her costar. Hallmark seems to be reaching. ~Anonymous

πŸ’ Love’s Greek to Me is family friendly about is an archaeology professor who’s prepping for a 10-day trip to the Greek island of Santorini with her boyfriend named Mike, his real name is Mikale. She travels to the island is Santorini in Greek with her Greek boyfriend Mike for Mike’s little Sister named Alexandra is getting married to her fiancΓ© named Chris, his real name is Christos. Mike proposes to his girlfriend named Ilana when she gets caught up in the whirlwind of his overzealous Mom named Athena. Ilana mentions My Big Fat Greek Wedding & Mamma Mia! She can’t help it — she’s excited! Upon arriving in Greece, Mike’s Sister; Alex asks Ilana to essentially fill in for her maid of honor — and that means spending even more time with Mike’s Mom named Athena. Ilana has evil eye πŸͺ¬ 🧿 necklace & Mike has evil eye πŸͺ¬ 🧿 ring. Athena cooks some yummy baklavas.There’s 2 weddings of Alex & Chris and Ilana & Mike in Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· Island of Santorini. ~Anonymous


Saturday, June 17 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Becca Tobin, Jake Epstein

Rebecca (Tobin), a teacher, and Adam (Epstein), an ad executive are excited to plan their Jewish wedding, but their wedding and future are put into jeopardy when Adam lands a new ad campaign, and their mothers meet for the first time.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ The Wedding Contract is family friendly about Rebecca is a teacher & Adam is an Ad Executive are excited to plan their Jewish Wedding. However, their nuptials & future are put in jeopardy when Adam lands a new ad campaign & their Mothers meet. Rebecca & Adam have chuppah for their Jewish Wedding. She & Adam have a lot of common. They’re finally married. Adam broke the glass to step on the chuppah during their wedding ceremony. Kevin is gesturing Adam by saying I’m watching you. Adam picks Rebecca up at school when she’s teaching Kevin at school. ~Anonymous

πŸ’ The Wedding Contract was a great movie. :-) The two leads had real chemistry and it did not have a contrived misunderstanding which was refreshing. I enjoyed getting to know some of the Jewish traditions. I highly recommend this sweet movie. :-) ~Joan

πŸ’ I watched the Wedding Contract-It is Family Friendly! Very sweet movie, and I didn't know much about the Jewish traditions, so it was pretty neat to see that in a movie. I loved Becca Tobin-She always does such a good job in these movies, and I thought her chemistry with Jake Epstein was really present throughout the whole movie. ~Sarah

πŸ’ The Wedding Contract – This June Weddings movie, starring Becca Tobin as Rebecca and Jake Epstein as Adam, is family-friendly and delightful! I thoroughly enjoyed Rebecca and Adam’s sweet love story and Becca’s role as a teacher. It was especially sweet to watch Rebecca help one young boy to read; those scenes truly touched my heart. Plus, the boy was absolutely adorable in a later scene when he warned Adam to be nice to his teacher. I thought the Jewish religious observations were shown respectively throughout the movie; however, since I’m not Jewish I cannot tell you if they were accurate. It was nice to see Becca and Adam honorably follow the religious customs and traditions of their family for their wedding. I wasn’t certain about the disagreeing mothers, at first, but in the end – they, too, captured my heart. Overall, “The Wedding Contract” was a pleasant, delightful, lighthearted watch. ~Net


Saturday, June 24 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Rushi Kota, Eva Bourne

Vivi (Bourne), an optimistic woman with a substandard romantic history, works at a data-driven matchmaking app. Once she discovers that the success rate for matches at her company is low, she hires Raina (Rekha Sharma, “Battlestar Galactica”), an Indian matchmaker, to provide advice on how to improve their numbers. As they embark on this matchmaking journey, Vivi meets Raina’s spontaneous son, Bhumesh (Kota), and questions whether finding love is something one must take control of or let naturally come to them.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ’ I know many Hearties and Sleuthers are happy to see the return of actress Eva Bourne (from When Calls the Heart and Garage Sale Mysteries). However, I do want to caution the basis of this story is focused on fortune-telling. Eva's character, Vivi, enlists the help of an Indian Matchmaker, Raina, who gives her a palm reading. Unfortunately, while I'd love to see Eva again, due to this storyline, this movie is a skip for me. (the Bible on fortune telling) ~Net

πŸ’ I’m pretty sure Make Me A Match was not family-friendly. I never watch premieres until I know if they’re clean. In this case, the tv didn’t get channeled quick enough after watching It Was Always You. Within the first five minutes there was an uncomfortable innuendo about a guy cheating on his girlfriend with his boss. I did not stick around to see how it turned out, but pretty sure it was not good. - The boss was implied a male. ~Anonymous



Filmed entirely on location in Malta
Friday, June 2 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Lacey Chabert, Will Kemp

Sparks fly when a no-nonsense detective (Chabert) must reluctantly team up with a charismatic British dance star (Kemp) in order to solve a murder, literally one step at a time, at a stunning luxury resort in Malta!

Movie Reviews:

πŸ”Ž The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango Review...

I thought this film was so cute and charming. It wasn't your average mystery series movie, definitely a rom com. Lacey and Will are perfect together! Their chemistry was spot on! I loved the dancing in water scene and hope to see more! Family-friendly as well.

It would have been nice if they didn't show them in the bed together, I know he was sleeping on the sofa, but still. And I loved the blue/navy dress with orange and yellow fruit she was wearing while dancing in the water. ~Abigail

πŸ”Ž The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango. Totally agree with Abigail, this was a really cute movie and had me laughing at times. And the dancing in the water scene was unique; it could've gone way too sensual but they kept it light and fun. Looking forward to more movies with Will and Lacey. Family friendly, except there was one teeny tiny blip of an objectionable comment where someone implied that the dead guy (who was married) might like/appreciate handsome young males - it was vague and just a quick blip, easily missed. ~~Jane

πŸ”Ž (In response to Laura's question, "Does anyone know if the dancing detective was family friendly?") Yes, it is family friendly and adorable. We had some storms here in Oklahoma so I get to look at 3 recordings to see if there are any of them that don't have pixels in them. I'm also going to look at it again to count how many movie & TV detective names Lacey called Will throughout the movie. ~Namegirl

πŸ”Ž (Also, in response to Laura's question, "Does anyone know if the dancing detective was family friendly?") Hi Laura, yes it was family-friendly! But definitely had more of a romantic feel. It was a cute film and Lacey and Will were terrific together!! ~Abigail

πŸ”Ž Hi! Sorry for the delay in posting. I was away enjoying a much needed vacation! :-) It looks like I am in the minority, but I honestly did not enjoy the new mystery with Lacey and Will. It bored me to tears throughout most of the movie. I figured out, who did it, rather quickly. The scenery was lovely and Lacey and Will had decent chemistry but I felt like Lacey was miscast. She did not seem to enjoy her role. I can't quite put my finger on it. Anyway, I thought Lacey and Will were MUCH better in 'The Christmas Waltz' which is one of my all time favorite holiday movies. ~Joan

πŸ”Ž Dancing Detective: The Deadly Tango is family friendly about Constance Bailey who goes undercover as a contestant in a ballroom dance competition to investigate the murder of a high-profile CEO. She enlists the help of Sebastian Moore to help her pass herself off as a real contestant. Moore is described as a “charismatic and free-spirited performer.” The descriptions are reminiscent of the characters the two played in “Christmas Waltz,” except without the murder mystery twist. ~Anonymous


Friday, June 9 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Skyler Samuels, Evan Roderick, Marilu Henner

Aurora Teagarden (Samuels) is back home in Lawrenceton post-college near her mother, Aida (Henner). Working as a teacher’s assistant in a crime fiction class, Aurora is struggling to settle on a thesis for her post-graduate degree. To support her schooling and life, Aurora also waitresses at the local diner at night, where she shares her love of researching true crime with her friend Sally and police officer Arthur (Roderick). When Sally’s fiancΓ© doesn’t show up at their wedding rehearsal, Maid of Honor Aurora gets Arthur to help her search for him. When they discover a body, everyone assumes it is Sally’s tardy groom, but when it turns out to be someone else, Sally’s fiancΓ© becomes the main suspect.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ”Ž Laura here. I know the new Aurora Teagarden isn't too popular but I had an attack of boredom last night and decided to watch it. It definitely had the feeling of the original series perhaps the same directing style. Although the casting is different keep in mind that for a prequel it would need to be anyway. This series focuses on Aurora solving her first crime when she was in college doing her master's degree. I think the cast they picked for Aurora, Sally, and Arthur were pretty good. They seem pretty close to how the original characters would have acted. As far as I know it was totally family friendly and compared to the other new mysteries that have aired recently, at least in my opinion, it held my attention and was interesting. I really think the man they chose for Arthur's character was true to his character. My only thought was that Aurora's character didn't seem bubbly enough and seemed slightly stiff. She didn't really match up to the Aurora we know but that's obviously because Candace Cameron gave that energy to the character. Sally too doesn't look too much like the Sally we know, but as I pointed out it is a prequel. Overall, however, I thought it was interesting and if they continue to be family friendly I will watch them. ~Laura

πŸ”Ž Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something New is an origin movie prequel. It’s family friendly. Aurora Teagarden is a waitress who works at the restaurant. Aurora’s friends; Arthur Smith is a police officer who works with Detective Cook Lawrenceton Police Station, & what’s Sally’s job must be. Aurora solves at the case in her bedroom with Arthur’s help. Aurora has 2 mystery books. Aurora. Arthur, & Sally are sitting at the table where Aurora works at the restaurant . ~Anonymous

πŸ”Ž Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Something Borrowed - Ok, I gave it a try. I appreciated how the actors tried to sound like the former cast, Sally's character did the best with her voice and Arthur was kind like his old self. But Arthur has dark hair, not blond and he's not short. Sally's roll looked Hispanic and wrong hairstyle. The mystery itself was ok, I guess. I didn't have the same warmth as before. It was interesting seeing Sally's aunt Gladys before she died at Bubba's Wedding. I would rate this a 4.5. It was also family-friendly. ~Abigail

My Quick Take:

It's nice to see familiar actresses Torrey DeVitto, Becca Tobin, Stephanie Bennett, and Eva Bourne starring in the 4 all-new June Wedding movies. I think of the four, ‘THE WEDDING CONTRACT’ sounds the most intriguing to me, thus far, but we'll see.

As for mysteries, I'll be skipping the new Aurora Teagarden. It's not possible to make those successful, in my mind, without Candace Cameron Bure. No one can take her place.

I will, of course, be most delighted to check out the all-new ‘THE DANCING DETECTIVE: A DEADLY TANGO’ starring Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp, who have been magical on screen together in Love, Romance, and Chocolate and Christmas Waltz. I can only imagine they will be wonderful in this new mystery, as well.

Be sure to note, the new mysteries now premiere on Friday night.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below...

Happy movie-watching,