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❄ Hallmark's JANUARY 2023 Movie Schedule is HERE! "The Wedding Veil" Returns and More... ❄ SEE DETAILS:

New romantic comedies are coming in the New Year, and an all-new mystery, too! Hallmark Media has released their upcoming movie premieres via ET. See what's airing this January 2023 on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries...

See all the movie details...


All premieres are at 8 p.m. ET/PT, unless otherwise noted.

The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

Starring: Rebecca Dalton and Corey Sevier

Premieres: Sunday, January 1
, 2023

Simon (Sevier) believes Chloe is the girl of his dreams, but can’t seem to win over her beloved pup. He enlists dog trainer Alex (Dalton) and soon finds himself wondering where his real connection might be.


The Wedding Veil Expectations

Starring: Lacey Chabert, Kevin McGarry, Alison Sweeney and Autumn Reeser

Premieres: Saturday, Jan
uary 7, 2023

In the first movie of this sequel trilogy, Avery (Chabert) and her husband Peter (McGarry) are in the midst of renovating the old house they’ve purchased, which is proving to be a bigger undertaking than they anticipated. Avery has some exciting news to share with him, but is waiting for just the right moment. Meanwhile, Avery’s mother-in-law, Grace (Karen Kruper), reconnects with a former beau, and Peter has concerns. Between that, the pitfalls of remodeling and navigating the politics of having a new boss at the museum, Avery is lucky to have Emma (Reeser) and Tracy (Sweeney), who offer support from afar as well as in person when they decide a video chat won’t suffice. When newlywed Tracy returns the antique wedding veil to Emma, the friends may find that they haven’t seen the last of its magic.


The Wedding Veil Inspiration

Starring: Autumn Reeser, Paolo Bernardini, Alison Sweeney and Lacey Chabert

Premieres: Saturday, Jan
uary 14, 2023

In the second movie of this sequel trilogy, Emma (Reeser) is teaching and working hard to prove she can step into the department chair role, as Paolo’s (Bernardini) lace shop is about to open. On track for her life plan, Emma feels strongly that things fall into place before she and Paolo grow their family. As the couple navigates their busy work schedules and finding the perfect time, Emma bumps heads with the current chair of her department and starts questioning her life choices. With support from Paolo –- and perhaps a little help from the veil -- will Emma find the courage to stop planning her life and start living it?


Weekly TV Series:

The Way Home

Starring: Andie MacDowell, Chyler Leigh, Evan Williams and Sadie LaFlamme-Snow

Premieres: Sunday, Jan
uary 15, 2023 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

The Way Home is a family drama following the lives of three generations of women -- Kat Landry (Leigh), her 15-year-old daughter, Alice (Laflamme-Snow), and Kat’s mother, Del (MacDowell), who are all strong, willful and independent. More than 20 years prior, life-changing events prompted Kat to move away from her small, Canadian farm town of Port Haven and she remains estranged from Del to this day. Alice has never met her grandmother and is unaware of the reasons for their fractured family. With Kat’s marriage coming to an end and having just been laid off from her job, she decides to return home after receiving an unexpected letter from Del urging her to come back. Although Alice is not thrilled, Kat and her daughter arrive at her family’s farm -- and the reunion isn’t what Kat had envisioned. As the three generations of women slowly work on finding their footing as a family, they embark on an enlightening journey none of them could have imagined as they learn how to find their way back to each other.


The Wedding Veil Journey

Starring: Alison Sweeney, Victor Webster, Lacey Chabert and Autumn Reeser

Premieres: Saturday, Jan
uary 21, 2023

In the third movie of the sequel trilogy, Tracy (Sweeney) is now head of the auction house and Nick’s (Webster) restaurant is such a success, he’s looking at expanding. Their success comes at a cost, however, as it gives them little time to see each other. The couple agree to make time for their long overdue honeymoon. They head to Greece as it’s the perfect place to relax and sightsee. When a travel delay costs the couple their hotel room, they get the opportunity to stay on a remote island nearby. Is it possible the veil is once again working its magic and bringing them exactly where they need to be?


Glacier Park Romance (working title)

Starring: Ashley Newbrough and Stephen Huszar

Premieres: Saturday, Jan
uary 28, 2023

Sparks fly when Hannah (Newbrough), an expert in avalanche forecasting, brings her new technology to Glacier National Park and faces pushback from the director of Mountain Rescue (Huszar), who relies more on intuition and common sense. Their dual approach bring more than forecasting to the forefront of their hearts.



All premieres are at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Family History

(Also Known As: Family History Mysteries: Buried Past)

Starring: Janel Parrish and Niall Matter

Premieres: Sunday, January 8, 2023

Genealogist Sophie McClure (Parrish) is an expert at digging up the past and bringing families together. When her close friend Jonathan (Morgan David Jones) urgently needs to find a bone marrow donor, it brings his twin brother (and Sophie’s old flame) Jackson (Matter), back into her life. With Jackson’s help, Sophie must use her skills to track down the brothers’ long-lost birth father, a man they never even knew existed, in time to save Jonathan’s life. Ultimately, growing closer to Jackson on this search gives Sophie the push to finally explore the mystery of her own adoption.


Hopefully, there will be some good films coming our way in 2023. It's nice to see some familiar faces once again in the coming year, and I certainly hope many of the movies will be family-friendly, too. Stay tuned!

Blessings to you all, Net

πŸŽ„UPDATEπŸŽ„ Recent Changes Made to the *Great American Family* Christmas Movie Schedule & More... 🌟 SEE HERE:

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, Great American Family released a revised schedule for their Christmas movies, which includes some minor changes for their Christmas movies airing around mid-December.

At the time I received this news, I updated the information on my blog under the Great American Family list of Christmas movies, plus the full Christmas Movie List and the main Christmas TV Schedule.

However, I wanted to be certain to alert you all today to these new changes - just in case you missed it over Thanksgiving.

Here are the details...

*The Art of Christmas has been moved from December 18th to December 9th

*Aisle Be Home for Christmas was moved from December 9th to December 17th

*A Brush with Christmas (previously known as Crafting Christmas and A Brush with Christmas Romance) was moved from December 17th to December 18th

*Plus, a special encore showing of A Christmas… Present will air prime time on December 11th at 8pm/7c.


Also, I have an update on the movie A Puppy for Christmas, starring Cindy Busby, Christopher Russell, and Greyston Holt.

Just before Thanksgiving, I was contacted by Great American Family and was asked to inform my followers that A Puppy for Christmas was acquired with the realization that it would require some editing before it would air on their network. The movie was previously 86 minutes long and has since been edited down now to 71 minutes.

Even though A Puppy for Christmas required editing, the network's primary reason for choosing this film was the two main stars, Cindy Busby and Christopher Russell. You can be assured that before choosing to air a movie on the channel, each film is watched by the programming department multiple times, and they are striving to provide family-friendly programming for their viewers.

If you'd like to give the Great American Family programming department your thoughts on this movie or any of the others airing on the channel, you can do so here.

I haven't had the opportunity yet, to view the edited version of A Puppy for Christmas, but I'm grateful to know Great American Family took these steps and they are doing their utmost best to provide quality entertainment.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!
Blessings to you all, Net


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

πŸŽ„Movie Reviews for Candace Cameron Bure's "A Christmas... Present" + Catch Candace TONIGHT in "Reindeer in Here"πŸŽ„ SEE DETAILS HERE:

Movie reviews are in for Candace Cameron Bure's all-new Christmas movie - "A Christmas... Present," and it's unanimous; the It's a Wonderful Movie family (including myself) loved it! Check out all of the rave reviews below.

If you missed the original showing of "A Christmas... Present" Sunday night, then be sure to catch an encore airing Tonight (Tuesday, November 29th) at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family. It's an absolutely beautiful movie filled with faith and family.

Movie Reviews:

πŸŽ„ A Christmas…Present was great. Of course family friendly and it's a keeper! Can't believe that we actually have such a strong faith based movie on tv in the world we live in! A must see film!! ~ Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„ A Christmas…Present is absolutely the best Christmas movie I’ve watched in a very long time. Such a wonderful message for Christmas! All the actors were fantastic! And Hillary Scott singing at the end! So beautiful! - Jennifer R

πŸŽ„ A Christmas Present is by far the best GAF movie I've seen all year! A + from me! –Maria

πŸŽ„ There are no words to express how I feel about A Christmas Present. Just WOW! Awesome! My heart was overflowing with joy at the end of this movie. Thank you Candace and GAF! ~kitkat

πŸŽ„ A Christmas... Present is a beautiful story that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas! It is heartwarming, inspiring, emotional, funny, and inspirational all wrapped up in one! This movie is by far deeper than your typical Christmas movie romantic comedy, and I loved all the heartfelt brother and sister talks about faith and scripture. Plus, Candace Cameron Bure and Marc Blucas (who portrayed her husband) had wonderful chemistry on screen together. It was nice to see a family go to church with one another, and I loved hearing Hillary Scott (of the country music group Lady Antebellum / Lady A) singing Silent Night! Candace has starred in many wonderful Christmas movies throughout the years, but this moving role that focuses on faith and family is truly her best! You’ll definitely want to watch A Christmas... Present this holiday season on Great American Family and unwrap the true gift of Christmas... Jesus! ~Net

πŸŽ„ I have been looking forward to watching "Candace Cameron Bure Presents: A Christmas… Present" since I first saw the trailer and heard Matthew West's song. Now the wait is over and I'm just so happy to have watched this truly special movie! It really is about Christmas, about our greatest gift - Jesus, about family, about what really matters in life. I'm so grateful to Candace Cameron Bure and all the creators of this movie for all the Bible verses, for all the deep conversations about God and faith. You don't happen to see it often in Christmas movies though they're called Christmas. Thank you GAF for not being afraid to be different in this world. That's what faith all about! ~Oksanka~

πŸŽ„ A Christmas…Present is family friendly about Eric & Maggie Larson are professionals, with busy work schedules that include some high-maintenance clients. The entire Larson family has every moment scheduled, with activities and events. However, they stop all their extra holiday plans because they are reminded that this is the first Christmas for Maggie’s brother since her sister-in-law passed away. Therefore, they have decided to spend Christmas with Maggie’s brother, Paul, and his daughter, Ashley. This is a difficult time and family is more important than ever. Things don’t start too smoothly. Maggie likes to stay busy, and check items off a list. Meanwhile, her brother prefers to take things slower and embrace the moment. Therefore, their ideas about Christmas are dramatically different. Yet, after a few unexpected events, things start to transform for the Larsons. Maybe Christmas is meant to be more peaceful than busy? ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Candace Cameron Bure Present: A Christmas Present is family friendly. It’s refresh & emotional movie about Real Estate Agent Maggie Larson is determined to give her Brother named Paul & Niece named Ashley the best Christmas possible & to lift their spirits when they most need it. (Review contains Spoilers) It’s about God, Faith, & Family. Bible Reference & Quotes. Bible Verses: 1 Corinthians 13:8 - Love never fails ❤️ Love bears all things … endures all things. Love never ends.” (1 Cor. 13:7–8a). Maggie & Eric keep their marriage strong & heal. What’s God has plan for them? Hilary Scott sings Thy Will?; at the church ~Anonymous

See even more reviews for the Thanksgiving weekend Christmas movies - here!

Tonight at 8pm/7c., Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, takes flight on CBS!

Following the airing of Rudolph, CBS will premiere an all-new cartoon titled Reindeer in Here. Many well-known actors will voice the animated characters, including Adam Devine, Henry Winkler, Donald Faison, Candace Cameron Bure, and more! By the way, Candace will be the voice of "Pinky" in this all-new Christmas cartoon.

Reindeer in Here is based on the award-winning Christmas book and plush set created by Adam Reed. This all-new cartoon special is one-hour long and tells the story of Blizz, a young reindeer.

Here's the official storyline via CBS: REINDEER IN HERE® is the heartwarming story of how Blizzard (Blizz), a young reindeer living at the North Pole who has an unusual trait – one antler that is significantly smaller than the other – and his unique group of friends band together to save the future of Christmas. In doing so, they unknowingly create a magical holiday tradition like none other.

Holiday Special Premiere
Tuesday, November 29, 2022
at 9pm/8c. on CBS

Blessings and Christmas Joy to you all, Net


Monday, November 28, 2022

🎁 AMC's Best Christmas Ever 2022 Schedule 🎁

AMC has released their schedule for the 2022 Christmas season! (Thank you to my Christmas movie friend for sending this info my way!)

You can see all of AMC's Christmas scheduling details in their press release below. Please note: not all of the movies are family-friendly, but there are still many excellent holiday film classics and animations being played. Enjoy! :)

AMC Press Release:

Beloved Holiday Classics and Fan Favorite Films Elf, The Polar Express, Four Christmases, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Fred Claus Will Air Exclusively on AMC in December AMC+ Exclusively Premieres Christmas with the Campbells From Vince Vaughn and Starring Brittany Snow and Justin Long

NEW YORK – November 21, 2022 – AMC and AMC+ will again celebrate the holiday season with the return of “Best Christmas Ever,” a month-long celebration featuring over 62 titles and more than 622 hours of holiday season programming beginning November 27 and running through December 25. AMC kicks off “Best Christmas Ever” with Love Actually and Christmas With the Kranks and will be the exclusive broadcast cable home in December for some of today’s most cherished holiday favorites, including Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Four Christmases, The Polar Express, and Fred Claus. Additionally, fans of the Yuletide season can enjoy classics and fan-favorite films like Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Rankin/Bass titles, Planes Trains & Automobiles, and much more.

As previously announced, AMC+ will serve as the exclusive streaming home to the original film Christmas with the Campbells, which premieres in theaters and streaming on Friday, December 2. A new spin on the traditional holiday rom-com from Vince Vaughn (Fred Claus), Peter Billingsley (A Christmas Story), and Dan Lagana (American Vandal), the film stars Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect), Justin Long (He’s Not That Into You), Alex Moffat (Saturday Night Live), Joanna Garcia Swisher (Sweet Magnolias), Julia Duffy (Newhart, Designing Women), and George Wendt (Cheers). In Christmas with the Campbells, when Jesse (Snow) gets dumped right before the holidays by her boyfriend Shawn (Moffat), his parents (Duffy and Wendt) convince her to still spend Christmas with them, and Shawn’s handsome cousin (Long), while Shawn is away.

Other holiday films on AMC+ in December include the premieres of Shudder slasher Christmas Bloody Christmas (in theaters and on AMC+ December 9), new Anna Gunn thriller The Apology (in theaters and on AMC+ December 16), and holiday romance Saving Christmas Spirit (December 23), as well as last year’s #1 AMC+ Exclusive film premiere Silent Night.

Additional “Best Christmas Ever” programming highlights include:

“Christmas Magic Marathon” on November 28 featuring The First Christmas Snow, Frosty’s Winter Wonderland, Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Rudolph’s Shiny New Year.

“Candy Coated Christmas” on November 29 with Planes, Trains & Automobiles, The Great Outdoors, Uncle Buck, and “A Murray Christmas” on November 30 featuring a few Bill Murray classic films, including Ghostbusters, Ghostbuster II, Caddyshack, and Groundhog Day.

“Naughty or Nice Weekend” on December 3 through December 4 featuring Elf, Four Christmases, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Fred Claus, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Nanny McPhee, Nanny McPhee Returns, Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure, White Christmas, To Grandmother’s House We Go, Jack Frost (1979), and Dennis the Menace Christmas.

“Merry 80’s Marathon” on December 10 featuring National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Great Outdoors, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, The Karate Kid, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

“Santa We Know Him!” on December 11 featuring Elf, The Polar Express, The Year Without Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, and Fred Klaus. “What the Elf?!” On December 17 featuring AMC exclusive titles Elf, Fred Claus, and The Polar Express.

“Holiday Hijinks” on December 18 featuring National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Christmas with the Kranks, and Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

“Best Christmas Ever” concludes with the “Best Christmas Marathon” on December 24 and December 25 with a packed lineup featuring Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Four Christmases, The Polar Express, Fred Claus, Christmas with the Kranks, Rankin/Bass titles, and White Christmas.

🌟 Net's CYBER MONDAY Shopping Guide with Amazon! 🌟 #CyberMonday #Deals πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ SEE HERE:

Hello, Friends! Today I thought I would share some possible Christmas gift ideas with all of you! Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get some great deals, and I hope you'll find some good ones below for under your tree this Christmas!

Click on the links below for more details on each item/category:

🌟Fire Tablets for the whole family -


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🌟Ring Doorbells, Cameras and Alarms -

🌟DVD Collections, including Signed, Sealed, Delivered -

🌟Christmas Movies on DVD, such as: Christmas Town, Christmas Waltz, One Royal Holiday and more -

Want more items on sale? Visit Amazon Cyber Monday Deals - click here!

I did a little shopping on Black Friday and Saturday for my family, but today's the day I'm planning to get some great deals on tools and tech. Hope you find some fantastic deals, too!

Those "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" DVD's are such a wonderful buy, nearly a steal. If I didn't have them already, they would absolutely be on my list.

Happy Christmas shopping, everyone!
Blessings, Net

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

🍰 Happy Thanksgiving 2022, Dear Friends! 🍰 Let Us Count Our Blessings and Feast on 17 New Christmas Movies Thursday through Sunday! 🌟 SEE HERE:

It's here! Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Even though we've been celebrating Christmas together for over a month now, this weekend is truly the official kick-off to the Christmas season! After this, it always seems to go by so fast, so let's hold on tight to each precious moment.

I will be busy in the kitchen with my momma and sister, cooking and baking our family Thanksgiving meal and reflecting on our many blessings. As a farm family, we must feel a little like the Pilgrims did so many years ago as we bow our heads and give thanks to the Lord for another bountiful harvest. What a joyous time to think about everything we are grateful for, especially our dear family and friends.

We remember today, with enormous gratitude, the course the Pilgrims took over 400 years ago to make it to America, fleeing persecution from the Church of England. What must it have been like to cross the ocean for two long months and then survive through many trials and obstacles? Were they joyful or fearful when they landed that day on Plymouth Rock? We cannot even imagine the hardships they faced as they set off on their mission to leave their homeland behind, determined to live in America, where they would be free from religious persecution. We thank the Lord for guiding them here, and we pray for that same bravery and courage today.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you who visit here. We have bonded over our shared interest in movies and Biblical values, and I pray you all truly enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday. I think of you all as dear friends and my family in The Lord, too, since we share the same Heavenly Father!

God's Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

See all of the 17 *NEW* Christmas movies and more being served during this Thanksgiving weekend below...


Thursday, November 24, 2022:

Thanksgiving-themed Programming

Thought I would share some Thanksgiving classics + an encore of the new Walton's movie. (Please note: Even though this is an encore airing of A Waltons Thanksgiving, I haven't had the opportunity to watch it yet. If you've seen it, I would love to hear your thoughts.)

Thursday, November 24, 2022:

🌟Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade - Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - 6am/5c.

🌟A Waltons Thanksgiving Reunion - Great American Family - 6am/5c.

🌟The Waltons Thanksgiving Story - INSP - 7am/6c.

🌟A Waltons Thanksgiving (2022 encore airing) - The CW - 8pm/7c.

🌟Reminder: You can stream A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving free through Apple TV+ from November 23 through November 27, 2022.


Thursday, November 24, 2022:

Thanksgiving Day Parades

🌟The 96th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade from New York airs on NBC Thanksgiving morning, starting at 9am/8c. I love to see the traditional floats and Santa Claus most of all.

🌟Also, you can see Jen Lilley and Jesse Hutch (who will be starring together in Great American Family's "B&B Merry") hosting the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade on Thanksgiving Day, starting at 9am/8c. The parade will air on the CW, channel 26, in Illinois. Additionally, the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade can be viewed via streaming: watch live on YouTube - click here or for more options - click here.



Thursday, November 24, 2022:

Storyline: “Under the guise of a journalist, Campbell has a chance to get to know her biological father for the first time — without him ever knowing who she really is. As she spends time with him and his family, as well as with the town’s record keeper, she realizes that families are messy, wonderful things. In the end, Campbell must decide if she’s going to keep her identity a secret or reveal the truth to her father — a decision that will change their family Christmas forever.”

Premieres Thursday, November 24, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Thursday, November 24, 2022:

Storyline: Julia Wilson (Cory Lee), an accomplished pastry chef from Chicago, heads to a small town bakery famous for their gingerbread to complete her Christmas cookbook. There she finds herself at odds with Kris Thompson (Yannick Bisson), the bakery's charming but private owner, who is ambivalent about sharing his secret recipe.

Premieres Thursday, November 24, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Lifetime


Friday, November 25, 2022:

Storyline: “When Jen gets the chance to enter a brand’s design contest, she poses a family influencer, enlisting the help of her best friend, Max, and her baby nephew. When her video is selected as a finalist, Jen is torn on whether to go on with her perfect ‘family’ or reveal the truth.”

Premieres Friday, November 25, 2022
at 6pm/5c. on the Hallmark Channel


Friday, November 25, 2022:

Storyline: “Reluctant Crown Prince Edmond returns home just before Christmas in anticipation of being named successor to the throne. To ingratiate himself to his mother the Queen, he gifts her with ‘Mistletoe,’ a rambunctious Corgi in need of some serious training. After several doggy disasters, Edmond turns to Cecily, a canine behavior expert from America for help — but to his great surprise, Cecily demands that he take an active part in the daily dog training sessions. Sparks fly between them as the pair work together to get Mistletoe ready to present at the annual Christmas Ball. Just as the precious pup captures their hearts, they discover that love can grow in the most unexpected places, leading them to question what they really want.”

Premieres Friday, November 25, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Friday, November 25, 2022:

Storyline: A property lawyer works to prove that her town’s Drive In Theater, a local institution is not closed down at the holidays, finding romance with the very person who is trying to sell the property.

Premieres Friday, November 25, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family


Friday, November 25, 2022:

Storyline: Former Broadway star Billy Holiday (Mario Lopez) returns to his hometown for Christmas after being abruptly fired as the host-producer-judge of the hit TV series “Celebrity Dance Off.” While there, he encounters Rae (Jana Kramer), the charismatic owner of the local dance studio, where Billy’s 12-year-old nephew is her standout student. This Christmas, Rae is planning a dance recital fundraiser with the goal of taking her students to see a Broadway show in New York City. Billy volunteers to help Rae with the recital by reviving the town’s traditional Christmas Eve show, which was once a showcase for local talent. With Billy’s knack for producing and Rae’s knowledge of all things local, their collaboration clicks and romantic sparks start flying!

Premieres Friday, November 25, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Lifetime


Saturday, November 26, 2022:

Storyline: “Thanks to some Christmas magic, Emma gets to experience two different Christmases – one where she stays in the city and celebrates with a new crush and his friends, and one where she returns home for all the traditions with her family…and Drew, a longtime friend who may have feelings for her. Emma’s double holiday ultimately helps her discover what will truly make her happy in life as well as in love.”

Premieres Saturday, November 26, 2022
at 6pm/5c. on the Hallmark Channel


Saturday, November 26, 2022:

Storyline: “Emily arrives home, hoping to visit her parents, only to discover that they are leaving on a trip of their own. As she stays at their house for the holidays, their HOA is determined to get Emily to participate in the neighborhood’s many Christmas festivities.”

Premieres Saturday, November 26, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Saturday, November 26, 2022:

Storyline: An aspiring Broadway singer is convinced to participate in a small-scale production for her local Christmas celebration. Along the way, she finds hope and unexpected mentorship towards her dream career. But will her professional success come at the cost of her chance at love?

Premieres Saturday, November 26, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family


Saturday, November 26, 2022:

Storyline: “Four days before Christmas, Elizabeth Athens receives a voicemail from a number she doesn’t recognize. On the message, a man she doesn’t know makes one final plea to the love of his life for a second chance. The fifth installment of the popular movie franchise, based on Blake Shelton’s song ‘Time for Me to Come Home.'”

Premieres Saturday, November 26, 2022
at 10pm/9c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Saturday, November 26, 2022:

Storyline: Brian Conway is a successful businessman whose relationships with those around him have really suffered. While this Christmas season has been the most successful for his business, he’s divorced, his relationship with his daughter Michelle is strained and he doesn’t have a meaningful connection with his only granddaughter. After Brian gets into a car accident on Christmas Eve, Santa gives him twelve chances to re-do the day and repair the relationships in his life to find the true meaning of Christmas. For Brian, these twelve days are a journey of self-realization about life, love and happiness as he attempts to right the wrongs of his life in pursuit of the Christmas spirit.

Premieres Saturday, November 26, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Lifetime


Saturday, November 26, 2022:

Storyline: This sequel to the popular Bounce Original movie “Faith Heist” finds Pastor Benjamin (Jonathan Langdon, “No Tomorrow”) and his motley crew of congregants locked in the local mall on Christmas Eve. A fearsome team of armed thieves break-in to rob the mall and all the money raised by the church for a Christmas charity. Unable to flee or signal for help, the pastor and his friends realize it’s up to them to battle the crooks and save the mall – all before Christmas morning.

Premieres Saturday, November 26, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Bounce


Sunday, November 27, 2022:

Storyline: “Annie Cooper has big shoes to fill when she takes over as CEO of her late grandmother’s small-town cookie company and is doing her best to help their struggling business get back on track. That task gets more daunting when her grandmother’s secret recipe is stolen during the Christmas party. As Annie tries to crack the case and uncover the culprit she works with Sam, the owner of a local bakery, to recreate the recipe in the hope of saving the company and her job. As Annie and Sam bake batch after batch in pursuit of the perfect one, they begin to learn that their lives go together like milk and cookies.”

Premieres Sunday, November 27, 2022
at 6pm/5c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, November 27, 2022:

Storyline: “In 1958, Maggie is an heiress from Philadelphia who puts her high-society wedding plans on hold in order to sneak up to New York City and make her secret dream come true: dancing live on stage in the 'Christmas Spectacular' at Radio City Music Hall.”

Premieres Sunday, November 27, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, November 27, 2022:

Storyline: Maggie and Eric are busy parents of teenagers who embark on a trip to the home of Maggie’s widowed brother to celebrate Christmas. Everyone has different expectations of the perfect holiday. Through a series of transformative events, Maggie learns to embrace the season.

Premieres Sunday, November 27, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family

In case you haven't seen it, here's a trailer for "A Christmas... Present," featuring the heartwarming Matthew West song, Come Home for Christmas...


Sunday, November 27, 2022:

Storyline: Recently widowed Molly (Jane Seymour) has lost her zest for life and given up on ever finding love again. But when she decides to visit her daughter for Christmas, she has no idea what holiday magic is in store for her. A former drama teacher, Molly reluctantly takes on the job of directing the town's Christmas pageant and soon finds herself falling for her leading man, Hank (Joe Lando), the town's most eligible bachelor. As Molly and the irrepressible Hank fall in love, she rediscovers her inner free spirit and finds a new lease on life. And when the star of the pageant loses her voice moments before the show, it will be up to Molly to step into the spotlight and shine brightly for the first time in her life.

Premieres Sunday, November 27, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on Lifetime


Sunday, November 27, 2022:

Storyline: "When an egotistical social media influencer's dog is kidnapped overnight, her long-suffering assistant Emily (Ball) teams up with charming local vet Jonathan (Fearnley) to find the puppy before Christmas. As the two investigate suspects, including a rival influencer and a crazed fan, they form a romantic bond along the way – until she suspects her charming vet isn't all he seems to be."

Premieres Sunday, November 27, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on ION


My Take on the New Christmas Movies:

As for the 17 NEW Christmas movies (yikes, that's a lot!) airing this Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I'm personally looking forward most of all to the NEW Great American Family Christmas movies: Christmas at the Drive-In, I’m Glad It’s Christmas, and A Christmas… Present!

Christmas at the Drive-In looks so cool and fun, with a bit of a retro feel to it. Plus, this will be Danica McKellar and Neal Bledsoe's third movie together, and they have such wonderful chemistry together on screen.

I'm also looking forward to all of the beautiful music in I’m Glad It’s Christmas, with Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene, and the legendary singer, Gladys Knight!

And I'm most excited to see the faith-filled Christmas movie, A Christmas… Present, starring Candace Cameron Bure and Marc Blucas, on Sunday night. I can't wait to "Come Home for Christmas" with Great American Family!

Please share what you are looking forward to seeing this Thanksgiving weekend in comments below.


Movie Reviews:

If you'd like to check out the 2022 Christmas Movie Reviews shared by It's a Wonderful Movie family members and myself, please visit *here*.

Christmas Schedule:

To see more Christmas movies coming up, be sure to visit the Christmas Movie Schedule.

Please know when I share a movie, this is NOT an endorsement of any of the actors involved, personally or professionally, with their other TV/film projects.

Please note: I haven't pre-screened the new Christmas movies airing this weekend. If you'd like to post a review on whether a film is family-friendly, please share in comments. Thank you so much to everyone who participates in this.


My Thanksgiving Thoughts:

When we think of this holiday, I'm sure we're all filled with all sorts of memories; some may be recent or way back when.

This week we have the opportunity to make new, lasting memories with family and friends.

In between the visits and having a nice meal, there are plenty of new Christmas movies to enjoy on TV, as well.

If you watch ALL the *NEW* Christmas movies, you are sure to be stuffed. Surely one, two, or three will be good, I trust.

So... enjoy this special holiday of giving thanks to The Lord by joining hands and praying.

Much love and blessings to you all... Happy Thanksgiving!




"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name. For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting; and His truth endureth to all generations."
~Psalm 100:4-5

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The Latest Christmas Movie Reviews are Here...

The latest movie reviews are in from the It's a Wonderful Movie family! 

See below...

Great American Family:

πŸŽ„ A Merry Christmas Wish is worth watching. It has a great and festive atmosphere, a beautiful setting, a great acting from Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison, a heartwarming story. I'm so happy we have the Great American Family, their movies are always great and you can enjoy them without worrying about their content. Oksanka

πŸŽ„ A MERRY CHRISTMAS WISH. For starters, I'm never a fan of love triangle, so I couldn't love this as much as I wished. Cameron Mathison was so charming and Jill Wagner was just wonderful, and I'd watch anything they're on. Both are really great actors and perfect for the roles. The plot is wayyy overdone though. It's another "cookie cutter" type of Christmas movie to me. I wished the storyline was more interesting but it's same old "city girl going back to country" story. It was enjoyable to watch but not a keeper for me. ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„ Review: A Merry Christmas Wish - Family-friendly? Yes - Keeper? Most definitely! - I'm not sure how you can go wrong with having Jill Wagner and Cameron Mathison together in a movie. In my opinion, these are two of the very best actors for these kind of movies! You can tell that they enjoy each other's company - they both seemed to be having fun and even ad-libbing some of their lines to each other. The movie itself seemed like a throwback to the old Hallmark movies of years ago, and the supporting cast - especially the sister and the little girl - were great! One of the best so far this year! ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„ Finally found the time to watch A Merry Christmas Wish, and I loved it! -Maria

πŸŽ„ Christmas at Pine Valley. Not up to Great American past presentations. Built on a Lie from the beginning and then continuing to add on as it went just to justify the first. Definitely not a keeper no matter how it ends. Not really my idea of a strong Christmas movie. ~JoCo

πŸŽ„ Christmas in Pine Valley was quite charming! -Maria

πŸŽ„ Christmas in Pine Valley is family friendly about a reporter named Josh interviews an entrepreneur named Natalie Cameron thinking her company is family owned that not knowing it’s run by her friends. (Review may contain Spoilers) Natalie Cameron is the owner of a successful handmade soap company that garners the attention of a major magazine. The magazine sends a reporter named Josh to profile Natalie’s company thinking it’s a family-run business. Little does he know that Natalie’s business is run by her with the help of longtime family friends, Mary, Carlos, Elsa, & Lisa! Knowing how much the article will help Mary hang on to her struggling Christmas tree farm, Natalie must convince Josh that her “family” and Christmas traditions are all real. As Josh spends time around Natalie & her “family” to write his story, Natalie narrowly avoids blowing her cover, especially when Lisa’s friend named Dave arrives unannounced. Determined not to jeopardize the ruse, Lisa introduces Dave to Josh as Natalie’s fiancΓ©. Everyone struggles to keep up the faΓ§ade of being a family-owned business, & matters only get more complicated when Josh uncovers the truth—just as he & Natalie are falling for each other. Angry about being lied to, Josh plans to leave the farm but, after seeing that Natalie’s business really is a “family” effort, decides to stay to be with Natalie & her so-called family. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Christmas in Pine Valley is NOT family friendly in my opinion. Near the end of the movie, a couple is walked in on getting up from the floor or couch with there clothes disheveled and in the process of being removed. It's obvious what was in the process of happening. It could have been totally family friendly if they were walked in on sharing an innocent kiss but this ruined the movie for me. ~J. Adams

πŸŽ„ Review: Christmas Sweethearts - Family-friendly? Yes - Keeper? Ugh! It's not too often when I want a movie to end before it actually does, but this was one of those times. This movie is bad in so many ways! First, the storyline. Ashley will lie and deceive in order to get back with her ex-boyfriend Grant. Grant meanwhile has hooked up with arrogant Bella, although he keeps eyeing Ashley. Liam, Ashley's friend, has romantic feelings for Ashley, but is willing to help Ashley in her deception to win back Grant. People, can't you just be honest and tell each other how you truly feel? How old are you anyway? Which leads me to what I really dislike about this movie. The two leading ladies act like they are teenage schoolgirls. Their mannerisms, their displays of giddiness, their mile-a-minute talking - this really wore on me after awhile. Finally, the whole movie (and especially the ending) just seemed rushed and had a cheap look to it. For me, there is nothing to recommend Christmas Sweethearts. ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„ Christmas Sweethearts was a bit of a dud for me. -Maria

πŸŽ„ Royal Christmas on Ice, just had to review this far it is my favorite one and I've watched it about 4 times already. I love both actors and I noticed one person stated that the actress was too sad, but I think she did a great job portraying someone who had watched her dreams being shattered. I could identify with her. Good chemistry and definitely family friendly. ~Clara

πŸŽ„ I've enjoyed My Favorite Christmas Tree so much! It was a great movie with great actors, very beautiful Christmas tree farm, cosy winter atmosphere, great story, actually two stories: about Christmas tree farm and search for the answers about family ancestry. The leading actors Emma Johnson and Giles Panton were so great together. Recommended! ~Oksanka~

πŸŽ„ My Favorite Christmas Tree is family friendly about Kyla is a genealogy researcher who travels to the charming town of Conifer, hoping to piece together her ancestry. The search leads Kyla to a Christmas tree farm, its stubborn but handsome owner - and, possibly, love. Kyla visits a small town who attempting her ancestry & meets a Christmas Tree Farm owner named Joel ~Anonymous

Hallmark Channel:

πŸŽ„ In Merry Measure was one of the best Hallmark movies they’ve had in years! I was not expecting to like this movie at all, but the humor really drew me in. I didn’t care for the teenage actors, although their singing was great fun. I did enjoy the adult actors and how hilarious they were. This is a must watch, highly recommended, family-friendly movie! I loved their choices in Christmas Carols too! ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ The Royal Nanny was a very unique style of Christmas movie which I enjoyed! Family-friendly and intriguing right from the start! They probably could’ve passed this off as any regular mystery movie, but having it set at Christmas time made it that much better. I do wish there was more humor and that the actors showed more emotion. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Christmas at the Golden Dragon. Was not the complete dud I expected it to be. It won't be a keeper for me, but it was oddly entertaining for a one-time watch. It wasn't a traditional Christmas movie, but it was kind of fun and heartwarming to watch all the different lives intersect/connect through the Golden Dragon restaurant; and, yet, at times, it also felt a bit out-of-control and weird (the ending seemed a bit "off the rails" and unbelievable). There were some feel-good moments and some good messages in the movie, as well as some questionable ones. I would say, for the most part, it is family friendly. One dating couple appear to maybe be sharing a bedroom when they go visit their parent's home, but it's not blatantly obvious. A single woman is desperately trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization to have a baby all on her own with no husband in the picture (unfortunately, this seems to be a new trend in these movies). That same woman has some strong "feminist" ideas and some other questionable opinions, but, thankfully, her mother sometimes points out the opposing viewpoints. There's a single father with two little girls and for most of the movie I thought he was a widower, but then it turns out he's newly divorced and it's all handled kind of weirdly with the kids (I didn't understand why their mother wasn't a part of their lives at Christmas?? Was she out of town? Maybe I missed something in the beginning?). Overall, a cute and quirky movie that is non-traditional and would be fun to watch if you've exhausted all your other options. (By the way, I can't stand it when these movies throw in very obvious commercials for products and try to make it seem like a natural part of the movie. In this movie we got to extol the wonders of Walmart and Chex Mix. Ugh.) ~~Jane

πŸŽ„ Christmas at the Golden Dragon - We enjoyed "Christmas at the Golden Dragon" as it was a departure from the usual Hallmark Christmas movie formula which is focused solely on romance. It was family-friendly and incorporated multiple story lines that all connected through the Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant and the place it held in each character's heart. The movie would not be interesting to younger children, but I found it heart-warming and engaging, and it even incorporated a scene from a Nativity pageant. I recommend this movie to people who want to watch a little something different this Christmas season. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Really enjoyed 'Inventing the Christmas Prince' and very family friendly! ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ I LOVE Three Wise Men And A Baby! So heartwarming sprinkle with funny moments. It's a keeper for me! ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Three Wise Men And A Baby is family friendly and hilarious, especially in the beginning of the movie. It also helps the brothers work through some issues personally and as brothers. Very sweet ending! ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„ Three Wise Men and a Baby. I laughed so hard during parts of this movie that I think the neighbors probably heard me! Loved it! It's a keeper for me. These three actors are great together. And, thankfully, Paul Campbell kept his woke agenda out of this one. It was family friendly (there was a single mother who left her baby and there were questions and eyebrows raised by people implying that maybe Andrew was the father - he wasn't - but there wasn't anything explicit said and I think it would be considered by most people to be ok for families). There was a part of the movie where they have one of those neighborhood decorating contests and that part got a bit over-the-top; it's the part where they dress up as wise men for a live nativity scene with the baby. I did not consider it sacrilegious; I myself have been in live nativity scenes. I don't ever expect Hollywood to get it right, they usually mess up anything that has to do with church or prayer or pastors or the meaning of Christmas, and it doesn't matter if it's Hallmark, GAF, or UP - rarely do they truly honor Christ in these movies (and I don't go into these secular movies expecting them to get it right, I just hope they'll give us a nice, clean Christmas movie with warm feelings). The whole decorating contest was a small part of this movie and it was wonky and awkward and could have been left out, but at least in this movie the wise men actually say they've come to see the King. Other than that part of the movie, I thought it was a lot of fun. It wasn't the typical "warm fuzzy feels" Christmas movie, it was more about restoring the relationships between the three brothers and I thought they handled that quite well. There were romances, but they weren't the main thread of the movie. Of course it was all unrealistic but, overall, it was just a lot of fun on a night when I really needed a laugh. ~~Jane

πŸŽ„ Three Wise Men & a Baby is family friendly. It’s hilarious movie. It’s parody modern day of 3 Men & a Baby. Three brothers named Stephan, Taylor, & Luke are surprised when they find themselves forced to care for a baby named Thomas during the holidays, during the journey they begin to rebuild their relationships as brothers while rediscovering their love for Christmas. The 3 Brothers’ Mother named Barbara. Taylor & Fiona, Stephan & Susie, and Luke, Sophie, & a baby Thomas. Stephan mentions the show by name; The Twilight Zone (1959), Stephan refers to Taylor as Mommie Dearest (1981), Taylor refers to Stephan as a pet detective from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), Luke referred to Michael from 3 Men & a Baby (1987) who found a baby with a baby bag at doorsteps. There’s a young woman named Sophie with her baby Son; Thomas that Luke is holding him. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ We loved Three Wise Men and a Baby!! Extremely family friendly, hilarious in several parts. Happily the brothers grow in this film with forgiveness for each other and learn to work together for baby Thomas and their Mother (Barbara). The Paul (Michael) Andrew (Luke) and Tyler (Taylor0 were great together. I don't know about a sequel - I don't know how Paul Campbell & Kimberley Sustad can top this script!! We've watched the movie several times and "re-round" the choreographed dance to The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy to see it again (great choreography, btw, and very funny.) I hope it comes out on dvd soon. I was watching my sister when the dance came on because I wanted to see her reaction to it. She laughed until she cried and I was laughing along with her. It's a keeper. This is one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies. ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„ THREE WISE MEN AND A BABY **spoiler alert** Hilarious! And surprisingly heartwarming and touching too. So many scenes that made me chuckle. Loved the unique storyline and the three different personalities of the guys. Not much romance. Family friendly but if you're watching it with younger kids, the story about the baby getting dropped off to one of the leading men (Andrew Walker's character) brought up some conversation that sort of raised my eyebrow and might have a sense of normalizing pregnancy before marriage. I do love the reconciliation that happened between the family, and even with the neighbor. Some of my favorite hilarious moments: - tyler hynes and paul campbell getting the baby to bath after the cookie making fiasco - assembling baby swing - tyler hynes doing a squat putting the baby to sleep - andrew walker grabbed the wrong car seat - the three guys in elf costume - the sugar plum fairy dance ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„ Hi Net! I haven't had much time to watch movies or hang out here, but I just want you to know I still rely on your blog for all my TV movie info and appreciate your efforts so much! I haven't seen many movies so far, but I couldn't miss Three Wise Men and a Baby. That was the one I was most looking forward to out of all of the movies this season, and, happily, it didn't disappoint! It is as hilarious as I thought it would be and also heartwarming and touching. I giggled and laughed out loud throughout, especially at their dance! That was priceless! I also teared up a couple times. I love that it was something different from the usual storyline. The romances are great, but we get so many of those, I appreciate when the story centers around something else, especially when that "something else" is family relationships. I'm particularly partial to stories involving siblings because I have four brothers and one sister of my own who I'm very fond of. The ending was wonderful. Endings are too often abrupt in Hallmark movies, so I loved the more extended wrap-up in this one. I will definitely be watching this movie over and over again, and I'll be surprised if anything else tops it for me this year. ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„ Three Wise Men and a Baby Wow, I was not expecting to like this movie. I thought for sure I wouldn't, but I was so wrong. It was wonderful, sweet and really funny! Family friendly (just how we like it ;) and I loved how it was about the importance of family. It was sweet to see them have mistakes in the first half, but then improving after they realised to not think of themselves, but of their mother. I loved how they couldn't resist the Baby's First Ornament, and that baby swap thing(in real life, that would have been terrifying!) Another great addition to the film was the women in the movie. It was so kind of them to help out, and I literally said, "ahh," when she brought a casserole. The year later ending was sweet as well, all of them together! The only thing that bothered me was during the pageant scene. You could tell Hallmark did everything they could to not say Jesus Christ's name. They did not even mention that He's our Savior. That scene really made me upset me, and it's a shame because the rest was fantastic! I gotta say it though, the corgi fan in me LOVED that dog Arnold!πŸ˜‚ And I liked Stephen's character, he kinda reminded me of Niles from Frasier. If you have not seen it yet, give it a try. It has it's corny moments, but it was a delight! I think with the story plot it would have made a great Thanksgiving film as well! God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here! ~Abigail

πŸŽ„ Three Wise Men and a Baby. I found this movie really good, except for the Nativity scene. I know it was to be funny and in some ways it was but I found it a little sad that they knew so little about Christ's birth. It was family friendly and I found myself laughing out loud many times (and I'm alone so that is a good feat). I did really appreciate the impact of the baby and taking care of it on the brothers. ~Clara

πŸŽ„ When I Think for Christmas is family friendly about Sara Ferguson reunites her ex-boyfriend named Josh Hartman when she returns to her hometown to her Mother named Anna Ferguson move. When Sara makes a surprising discovery, she & Josh forge a bold plan for upcoming Christmas concert that takes them back to their musical roots. Sara finds music sheets of When I Think of Christmas was written by Sara’s Dad named Shane Ferguson. Josh convinces Anna Ferguson to sing a Christmas song; When I Think of Christmas onstage. Anna & George and Sara & Josh get along ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ When I Think of Christmas is family friendly. Some great music and a couple of cameos, one of which is hilarious. ~Joyce in Carolina

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:

πŸŽ„ Our Italian Christmas Memories If you can get past the sister being married to a woman your in for a very heart warming movie, with great acting, I was a little hesitant at first but the more I watched it was just such a heart felt story, one too many of us have had to deal with in our own families! I laughed, I cried, I will watch again -Susan Ann

πŸŽ„ Our Italian Christmas Memories turned off the movie. The cast and the movie was terrible. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Review: Long Lost Christmas - Family-friendly? Yes - Keeper? Borderline Yes - I like the storyline of this movie - a daughter trying to bring together her mother and the mother's long-lost brother to repair a broken relationship. And the story succeeds, due in large part to the wonderful acting of all the leads. There was also chemistry between Hayley and Jake - another case where you felt the actors enjoyed playing off each other. So why a borderline yes? Two reasons. First, it's another case of a person lying to others - and far too long - in order to achieve her goal. But what was upsetting to me was how, the day after she saves Gordon after he suffers a hear attack (and he call her his guardian angel) - she does a sudden, and very surprising and uncalled-for, about-face and just tears into him about his actions. Kind of hypocritical and, considering he just had a heart-attack, uncaring! Still, because of the positives I mentioned, it's a keeper for least for awhile. ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„ Long Lost Christmas; This film was so heartfelt and beautiful. So nice to watch a movie with a positive message! It was family friendly and had wonderful strong characters and storyline! The connection between Jake and Halley was really special and I cried when the family found each other again. I also appreciated how understanding Jake was when he found out she wasn't there to rent a cabin. This was one of the best Christmas movies this year and is a winner to me. Taylor Cole never disappoints me! A good one to buy and add to our collections. Keep tissues nearby, this movie is one of those precious ones! The very best kind!⛄ God bless and Happy Thanksgiving! Can't believe it's almost here! ~Abigail

πŸŽ„ Long Lost Christmas is family friendly. It’s based on the book by Joan Kilby. It’s tearjerker at the end of the movie.This Christmas, interior designer Hayley Brandy plans to surprise her Mother named Patricia with the perfect holiday present: the extended family she knows her mom yearns for. Hayley herself thinks she & her Mom are fine alone, but she has recently discovered the existence of a lost relative, Patricia’s Brother named Gordon. Hayley hopes to find him & reunite the two siblings named Gordon & Patricia for Christmas. She travels to a town outside of Denver in Silver Valley, Colorado to chase a lead on a man named Gordon Renton, who owns a cabin construction company and who just might be her uncle. Hayley is delighted by the town, which is all decked out for Christmas. She’s equally charmed when she meets Gordon, his Daughter named Brianna & Jake the property manager. As Hayley tries to discover whether Gordon is actually her long lost Uncle, she beings to fall in love with the idea of extended family, the charm of the town & Jake. However, when she learns the circumstances surrounding the siblings’ separation, Hayley has second thoughts and decides to abandon her mission. Gordon, on the other hand, is happy to finally have a lead on finding Patricia – but will he be able to bring the family together in time for Christmas? Since Hayley finds her Mom’s memory box in storage shelves where she finds a picture of her Mom & long lost Uncle Gordon. Gordon, his Daughter; Brianna, & Business partner; Jake visit his long lost Sister; Patricia & Niece Hayley’s house. Gordon reunited his long lost Sister; Patricia - long time no see. Both Patricia & Gordon wrote each other Christmas Cards every years unsend & put in memory boxes & even see in persons. Gordon, Brianna, Jake, Hayley, & Patricia have Christmas Dinner at Patricia’s house. ~Anonymous


πŸŽ„ Six Degrees of Santa is a very sweet movie! Highly recommend. -Maria

πŸŽ„ Christmas on Mistletoe Lake is family friendly and a good movie to watch. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Phew! My dvr is getting crowded!! But these two movies quickly got deleted so at least there's some space for two more this weekend! Christmas on Mistletoe Lake. I watched about 25% and just couldn't take anymore. It's probably an ok movie but it just wasn't thrilling me, so I quit to move on to better things. The part I saw was family friendly. ~Jane

πŸŽ„ The Dog Days of Christmas. Seriously? No. Just, no. I couldn't take more than 25% of this movie. It was just weird and silly. I felt everything was sub-par/low-budget -- the acting, the set, the directing, the script, the whole production was just a big "no" for me. The part I saw was family friendly. ~~Jane

πŸŽ„ Sweet Navidad. Family friendly. Cute movie. I thought it was going to be a bust for me because in the very beginning I felt like there was way too much exuberance and over-acting, almost like somebody had turned up the speed on everything. But then it all settled down and turned into a nice movie. I liked seeing the Puerto Rican traditions and foods. I liked the lead actor and actress and felt they played their opposite personality roles quite well. There were, of course, parts that were silly and unrealistic but, overall, it was a "sweet" movie. Good for a one-time watch. Maybe even a borderline keeper? ~~Jane

πŸŽ„ I started watching 'A Country Christmas Harmony' and when they brought the gay couple into the storyline (which in my opinion wasn't necessary) quickly started channel surfing for a better option. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ A Country Christmas Harmony features prominent gay scenes throughout the movie. Lots of PDA, blowing kisses, and in person gay kissing. Not a lot of chemistry between the main actors and not great acting in general. Just overall a strange movie. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ I just finished watching Santa Bootcamp and I am very happy to say that it was family friendly and rather delightful! There are very few Lifetime Christmas movies that I love but this is definitely one. I especially loved the sweet relationship between Rita Moreno's character and her husband. It just showed glimpses of it but for some reason it felt like there was a depth to it and I really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to watch it with my family! ~Sara S.

πŸŽ„ "Santa Bootcamp" -- family-friendly. It was nice for a one-time watch but didn't charm me enough to see again. ~Alicia

πŸŽ„ Santa Bootcamp. So, this one was a cute movie buried inside of a bizarre, ridiculous, over-the-top movie. It definitely was not a keeper for me, but if you can withstand the craziness and all the woowoo Santa magic, then this could be a fun movie to watch. The lead actress and actor were a cute match (he reminded me a bit of Kevin McGarry) and their romance was sweet. I thought Rita Moreno was horrible in the beginning but she mellowed out and ended up being a nice character (she’s amazing for 91 years old!). It was family friendly (I guess?), except for all the magic and woowoo fairy dust and Santa as a replacement for God and all the usual Hollywood confusion about the real meaning of Christmas. The first few minutes really rubbed me the wrong way and I almost deleted the movie; but because I was multitasking, I let it keep rolling. The movie gradually improved but it still had a very hefty dose of all the magic Santa stuff. The scene in the very beginning that bothered me was this: Rita Moreno’s character (Mrs. Claus in disguise as a sort of Christmas guru that trains seasonal workers) sits in the middle of her humongous, undecorated entry hallway. She sits in a sort of weird yoga/meditation pose and holds her fingers together and closes her eyes. By magic or some “force” we see – in fast forward motion all around her - all these elves/people dressed in green who magically decorate the whole house in a split second. She comes out of her “trance”, opens her eyes, and says “Let there be Christmas”. Then she, prayerfully, folds her hands and raises her eyes heavenward and mouths “Thank You”. Normally when people look heavenward and say Thank You, they are thanking God, but in this case, I presume she was thanking Santa or some other magical supernatural source. If Santa magic doesn’t bother you and your family, then this movie would probably be family friendly. ~~Jane


πŸŽ„ The Case of the Christmas Diamond is family friendly mystery movie. Blue collar, Andy is a little nervous but thrilled when she is invited to her rich friend's estate for Christmas, but when the family matriarch's multi-million-dollar gem suddenly goes missing she finds herself accused of the theft. With the help of a famous mystery writer, Andy must find the real culprit amid the litany of wealthy guests all of whom have their knives out for her. Blue-Collar Andy finds herself accused of theft when a multimillion-dollar gem suddenly goes missing from her rich friend’s estate. With the help of a famous mystery writer, Andy must find the real culprit amid the litany of wealthy guests ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ The Case of the Christmas Diamond is family friendly mystery movie about Blue collar Andy is a little nervous but thrilled when she is invited to her rich friend’s estate for Christmas. But when the family matriarch’s multi-million-dollar gem suddenly goes missing, she finds herself accused of the theft and at the center of the investigation led by Detective Billings. (Review may contain SPOILERS) With the help of a famous mystery writer, Andy must find the real culprit amid all the wealthy guests all of whom have it out for her. Blue-collar Andy finds herself accused of theft when a multimillion-dollar gem suddenly goes missing from her rich friend’s estate. With the help of a famous mystery writer named Jackie Evenson, Andy must find the real culprit amid the litany of wealthy guests. Jackie plays the role as Detective from Whodunnit Game hands 2 envelope on the pillow with cards: The Theft & The Prowler while Andy is sleeping & took a shower. Andy is being sidekick to Jackie. Andy can solve the case by using cards from Whodunnit Game. Detective Billings arrives in the afternoon at Kenilworth Estate with the guests & Andy plays the role as Deputy Detective. Jackie - The Detective Olivia - The Innocent Liam - The Gambler Harper - The Liar Margaret - The Lover Amelia - The Schemer Raphael - The Thief Lenora - The Opportunist Bridgette - The Harlot Gary - The Cheater The Prowler Gary runs toward the hall when the polices after him. Detective Billings & Polices handcuff Lenora & Gary. Andy knows Jackie sent her cards oh The Thief & The Prowler. Jackie wants to write mystery books with Andy. The Case of the Christmas Diamond by Jackie Evenson & Candace “Andy” Kayne. Andy drinks Kenilworth Spiced Ale with cinnamon stick. Liam hands Andy an album. Andy & Liam kids under the mistletoe ~Anonymous


πŸŽ„ Christmas in the Pines. Oh, I loved it!! This was hilarious and heartwarming. The type of feel-good Christmas movie that has everything you want. Love the family aspects as much as the romance. Unique storyline, which wasn't too believable at first (the whole real estate mishap) but still super fun to watch. Jillian Murray is charming and so likeable. Ariel and Mark were adorable together. Love the sweet chemistry. If I can be picky, Ariel's parents just seem a bit too young to me. But I love the dinner prayer where they mention the name of Jesus, FINALLY! I haven't seen many movies this year but this was the best one I've seen so far this year by far. ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„ The Picture of Christmas is a very charming, enjoyable and nice movie. The cast is great, especially a little girl, playing a daughter of the leading character. The movie is family-friendly. Oksanka

πŸŽ„ A picture of Christmas, is family friendly ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ The Picture of Christmas: Very nice movie! Plus the kid was really cute. ~Maria

πŸŽ„ The Christmas Retreat: Delightful movie! Definitely recommend. -Maria

πŸŽ„ There are 2 guys picking out a cake in a Christmas lucky charm, I didn’t think too much of it until it showed one guy put his arm around the other in the background. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ I just finished watching Christmas Lucky Charm on UPtv and there was a short segment in the bakery where the young lady baker was discussing her wedding cakes with a male couple. I'm sure others may have reported this, but just wanted to let you know. Thanks for all you do. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ Christmas Lucky Charm. Not family friendly. I was having a hard time really getting into this one and I thought it was just me and my usual issues with UPtv movies being less polished, as well as being more targeted to younger viewers. I figured others would probably like the movie and there were only a few mildly questionable issues (mention of unmarried characters living together and a neighboring shopkeeper who was into some woowoo mystical stuff). But then at about the 3/4 mark they went and had a scene with the lead actress in her bakery showing wedding cakes to two men with their arms around each other shopping for their wedding cake. Delete! I only wish I'd deleted in the beginning and not wasted my time with this one. ~~Jane

πŸŽ„ Also, in a little tiny house Christmas it sounded like her female friend referred to her ex as a female as well, unless I miss heard, it was just a brief comment. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„ The Holiday Swap Family friendly. It was cute, but I would have liked more from the main characters. I didn't feel too much chemistry between them. But I still enjoyed watching a new chic flick. I especially liked Henry, the older man who ran the general store. At first I was concerned Laura and Derek were living together, but then I found out they ran the lodge. Beware...Jake does say the Lord's name in vain though as he's opening her suitcase. ~Abigail

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