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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Hello, Movie Friends!

Over the years as I've been blogging here at It's a Wonderful Movie, my main focus has always been on seeking the family-friendly movies airing on TV; however, the streaming world has definitely taken off through the years- full steam (or stream!) ahead.

I didn't think the streaming option would ever work for me since our internet speeds used to be somewhat slow, but as those have improved, so has my own interest in streaming movies.

One of the first streaming companies I purchased was PureFlix, which has now become Great American Pure Flix. I highly recommend this company as a streaming option because it offers faith-based, family-friendly movies and shows with trusted content.

I've also tried or currently own other subscriber-based streamers- Hallmark Movies Now, UP Faith & Family, Amazon Prime, etc... Plus, I'm definitely a fan of FrndlyTV, which lets viewers stream and record. It's actually the one I use the most often, and it's super user-friendly.

There are also many companies that offer FREE movies, which is great, even if we have to watch a few ads here and there.

Given the popularity of streaming, I thought I would give all of us a centralized location to share movie reviews with each other from these streaming services with others.

Share MOVIE REVIEWS from these Streaming Sources:

Great American Pure Flix

UP Faith & Family

The Cowboy Way Channel

Hallmark Movies Now


Xumo Play




Amazon Prime



and MORE!!!

(There are too many to mention!)

I have gone back through ALL of the comments submitted this year (so far) to collect all of the movie reviews from followers here - from these streaming sources. I am including these movie reviews below in order by date posted, and please feel free to share your streaming reviews in the comment section beneath this post. If you can give your streaming source, too, that would be great.


🎬 Xumo Loving Every Minute unfortunately is *NOT* family friendly. The main characters sister is marrying a woman. ~ Elizabeth Smith (January 8, 2024)

🎬 The Date Whisperer is not family friendly ~Anonymous (January 8, 2024)

🎬 The Date Whisperer - (watched on Dove Channel) In the first 10 minutes or so we learn the lead girl's father has left her mother after MANY years of marriage. The best man (the lead girl's love interest) gave the girl's father the advice to follow his heart - and he introduced him to his UNCLE Frankie. From watching the trailer, I learned the two men get married by the end of the movie. Thank goodness I only watched the first 10 minutes and the promo. ~Net (January 9, 2024)

🎬 Meet Me In New York - Starring Corey Savier & Brooke Nevin is certainly family friendly ~Anonymous (January 9, 2024)

🎬 We watched Love's Fast Lane on Xumo last night. I've no particular interest in cars but it was surprisingly good with a really sweet ending. ~Florence (January 10, 2024)

🎬 Far Haven - I happened upon this movie late last fall when it was on the Cowboy Channel, which we get as part of our paid-for Friendly TV app. I am not a western-type fan, but from the ads I’d seen for it, it looked like a truly wholesome movie and I knew some of the stars in it from other shows, so was really interested to see what it would be like. Well, I LOVED it. As a Christian myself, it had me sit up and take notice immediately when the main character is quoting some scriptures at the very start of the movie. Very cool!

I highly recommend your readers to watch this movie whenever they get a chance. It’s so worth it! And wonderful to fully support movies these days that not only truly wholesome, celebrating high morals and character, but are also well made like this one. ~Anonymous (February 1, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Love's Fast Lane is clean and quite delightful! It'd make a great fit for UP TV! –Maria (March 13, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The Perfect Man(icure) is a clean, delightful gem, would make a great fit for GAF or UP TV! (streaming on Xumo Play) –Maria (March 13, 2024)

🎬 Nicely's Law of Attraction is clean, and totally hilarious!! Would be a good fit for UP TV. (streaming on Pluto TV). -Maria (March 13, 2024 )

🎬 Reel One's The Wedding in the Hamptons is clean, beautiful, and AWESOME!! (streaming on Roku). –Maria (March 14, 2024)

🎬 Falling in Love in Niagara (Hallmark Movies Now) yes it's clean. ~Anonymous (March 15, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Mr. Pawsitively Perfect is both clean and adorable! Would be a good fit for GAF or UP TV. -Maria (March 15, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Just for Showmance is clean and quite nice. :) (streaming on Roku). –Maria (March 16, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Steal your Heart is clean, hilarious and heartfelt. (streaming on Freevee). –Maria (March 16, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The Beauty of Love is clean and delightful. (streaming on Fubo TV) –Maria (March 17, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Love Amongst the Stars is clean and FANTASTIC!! Would make a perfect fit for GAF, UP TV or even Hallmark! –Maria (March 18, 2024)

🎬 The Beauty Of Love definitely worth a watch - there was good chemistry between the leads and I am a fan of Jonathan Stoddard anyway. Entertaining story. Too long ago now to give it a fair score but around 6/7 – Florence (March 19, 2024)

🎬 Love Amongst the Stars - Wasn't one of my favourite ROE movies. I like Patch May but thought he had an arrogant and unlikeable side to him.

The subject matter of astrology was a bit dry for me. From what I remember about a 5 – Florence (March 19, 2024 )

🎬 Reel One's The Wedding Arrangement is a clean, and perfectly delightful flick! Would be a perfect fit for GAF or UP TV. :) -Maria (March 19, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Let Love Grow is clean, and so lovely! (yes, with today being the official start of spring, figured I'd watch some flowery themed movies.) (streaming on Roku). –Maria (March 19, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Love Hacks is clean (with 1 small exception of the female lead trying to move in with her current boyfriend), funny and heartfelt. (streaming on Xumo Play). –Maria (March 19, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The Love Gala has a gay best friend. –Maria (March 20, 2024)

🎬 Let Love Grow (watched on Xumo Play) reminded me a lot of Learning to Love, except she was the Landscaper instead of the Nanny. I liked the guy and the girls were sweet. The woman was a little pushy for me, though, and I didn't like how they incorporated her meditation to the universe. I think she also mentioned something about crystals, too, but she was talking really fast, so I'm not 100% sure. It was an okay one-time watch for me and thankfully, wholesome. Wish we could've seen more of them enjoying the lovely new garden. ~Net (March 20, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's "Sparks Over Brooklyn" is clean, but I had a hard time getting into it, almost like I couldn't really buy into the two leads actually falling in love. ~Alicia (March 20, 2024)

🎬 Tried to watch Reel One's Love at first Like on the Pluto TV app on my computer, but it kept messing up, and when I tried to fast forward a bit, it just froze and when I had to reload it a few minutes later, it wouldn't start again from where I left off at.

As far as I know, it's a clean movie. –Maria (March 20, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The Love Issue is clean and pretty. –Maria (March 22, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Signs of your Heart has a gay man. –Maria (March 24, 2024)

🎬 Scented with Love (2022) - (watched on Dove Channel) Super sweet and family-friendly. I enjoyed the chemistry between the leads (nice to see Marshall Williams from "When Hope Calls") and the delightful community and family in this film. ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 Meet Me in New York (2022) - (watched on Dove Channel) First, this movie has excellent leads with Brooke Nevin and Corey Sevier. I really can't believe UPtv, Hallmark, or Great American Family hasn't snatched this one up! The chemistry is fantastic, it's funny, entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! There is one quick comment by Corey's character near the end about living with his previous girlfriend, but beyond that brief mention, the movie is completely G-rated and I loved the interaction between Corey and the young girl who portrayed his niece. This is one I'd love to have on DVD! ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 From Italy with Amore (2022) - (watched on Roku Channel) Okay, I was enjoying this one at first with Rebecca Dalton and Marcus Rosner; it has great banter, love friction, and just really cute overall, but about 20 minutes in we learn that Marcus' brother in the movie is trying to adopt with his husband, Andrew. I quit watching from there. ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 Hearts Under the Olive Tree (2023) - (watched on Xumo Play) I tried to watch this movie beyond 15 minutes, but the acting was rather bad, so I just had to give up. What I saw was family-friendly, but don't know beyond that. ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 The Perfect Man(icure) (2023) - (watched on Plex) This movie is family-friendly and sweet. It's somewhat cheesy at times, but still cute enough for a one-time watch. ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 Wedding in the Hamptons (2023) - (watched on Xumo Play) The lead girl in this is adorably clumsy, at times, which also makes her character likeable and charming. This movie is wholesome, except the lead girl, Jenna, pretends to be someone else (a popular social media influencer) to attend an extravagant wedding being held by a rich family. Overall, Wedding in the Hamptons is entertaining, but I'm not sure in this day and age with technology at everyone’s fingertips, that it's realistic that no one would recognize that Jenna is not who she says she is; however, the movie ended up being an enjoyable afternoon watch. ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 A Royal Recipe for Love (2023) – (watched on Plex) Okay, yes this is a Royal movie and I know not everyone loves those, but in this case, it wasn’t that bad. Sure the king and queen were a bit stuffy and snobby, at first, but they softened up by the movie’s end. A baker in NYC, Emma, is invited by the Royal daughter to come bake for her family in Sanovia for her parent’s anniversary celebration. Once Emma arrives, she meets Oliver Batcher, the younger Royal son, who wants to be a chef – so Emma and Oliver have some tension working together in the kitchen. I truly enjoyed actor David Lafontaine as Oliver and his struggle to pursue a profession that he enjoyed, even if that job seemed beneath that of a royal. Initially, I always thought of actor David Lafontaine as the somewhat unlikeable, insensitive boyfriend in Christmas at the Plaza, but more and more, I have been enjoying seeing David and his caring/humorous side in various films as the lead. A Royal Recipe for Love is a delightful, family-friendly film. ~Net (March 25, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Heart of the Manor is clean. (streaming on Roku). –Maria (March 27, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Been there All Along is clean (if you ignore the office poster in the hallway with the small rainbow flag), goofy and charming. (streaming on Freevee). –Maria (March 28, 2024)

🎬 I got to watch Falling in Love With Niagara early, and I LOVED it!! –Maria (March 29, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Vote One for Love is an AMAZING movie!! (streaming on Freevee). –Maria (March 30, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Made for You with Love is a superb movie!! (streaming on Hoopla). –Maria (April 1, 2024)

🎬 Reel one's Love on the Reef (1 of Ansley's movies) is a cute, clean movie. (streaming on Freevee). –Maria (April 2, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The PA and the Manhattan Prince is clean, and quite funny! (streaming on Tubi). –Maria (April 2, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The Happiness Playbook is clean (just as long as you forget that the sister wants to move in with her unmarried boyfriend), and quite relaxing. –Maria (April 5, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's The Proposal Spot is hilarious, adorable, and clean (ish). (Very brief showing of rainbow hearts on the wall during a 'blink and you'll miss it' scene halfway through). (streaming on Roku). -Maria (April 5, 2024)

🎬 I watched the new film on Hallmark Movies Now titled "Legend of the Lost Locket" featuring some cast from WCTH and other familiar faces. It was such a nostalgic watch, very much reminded me of Hallmark the way it was many years ago. Family friendly and the best Hallmark film I have seen in a long time. ~Laura (April 5, 2024)

🎬 Reel One's Hearts Under the Olive Tree (not to be confused with the very similar sounding Hallmark movie from 2020!) is clean and charming. (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria (April 10, 2024)

🎬 The Reel One Entertainment movie "Team Bride" appears to include 2 men in a relationship, who are in the supporting cast. ~Net (April 11, 2024)

🎬 "Team Bride" (in response to above comment) - Sadly this is so and they do have a fair amount of screen time. This is unfortunate because otherwise it's a decent little movie - Florence (April 12, 2024)

🎬 Net, I wanted to thank you also for a review. We saw Meet Me in New York was available to watch on Xumo Play, and I remembered your review, so we watched it and everyone loved it. Super cute family movie! Wonder why the networks haven’t picked this one up? ~Allie B (April 13, 2024)

A very special *Thank You* to those of you who shared a review above.

Please feel free, EVERYONE, to share your streaming movie reviews in the comments below.

Happy movie-watching!


  1. The Dating Whisper is not family friendly on Amazon Prime. Date Whispering is the new trend in dating, and of all the date whisperers in LA, Sam is the best. But when the value of her service is called into question by her dad's life coach, Mattie, she'll learn the real worth of true love.
    Sam works as a matchmaker, where she assists her clients with advice through earpieces during their dates. However, she has lost her edge after her parents' divorce. Additionally, her father is now getting married to his boyfriend, and the best man is her father's tennis trainer, Matt, who is very competitive. They soon find themselves in a bet where Sam has to succeed with her next client. However, Matt becomes overly involved in the challenge, which is particularly challenging as he was also the one who encouraged Sam's father to get divorced

  2. Thanks so much for getting this page up and including all my past reviews!! I hope this will be of much help for those who want to watch streaming movies but feel uncertain about the content. -Maria

  3. A Match for the Prince is family friendly about A medieval romance novelist named Julia Castle is hired to be a matchmaker for a real-life prince named Max in a desperate attempt to find true love before the fixed royal wedding date.

  4. Thanks for creating this thread, Net.

    It will make it a lot easier to keep track of where new movies appear.

    Streaming isn't my preferred method of watching movies but more and more now it's the only way to watch a particular one - Florence

  5. So, the Dove Channel is no longer family, friendly? How disappointing. We did recently get a mystery movie that was Dove approved and it was awful!!! NOT family- friendly! We obviously didn’t finish it and I threw it away. I don’t remember the name of it but it’s several years old. I don’t understand it with Dove. -Anonymous1

    1. Dove Channel is a direct-to-consumer, over-the-top digital streaming subscription service. Dove Channel offers a library of family-friendly and Christian-based programming. The channel is a partnership between Cineverse & The Dove Foundation

    2. I’ve been burned by Dove movie reviews too. I only trust Plugged In (from Focus on the Family) now.

  6. I saw that BYU TV shows "Heartland" with no commercials. I'm going to try to install that on my TV. Also, Karen Kingsbury's "The Baxters" series is FINALLY released and is on Amazon Prime, I believe "free with Prime" to watch. It should be really good!

  7. A Royal Recipe for Love is family friendly about when Emma is an up-&-coming baker in New York City, is hired to bake for the King & Queen of Sanovia’s Anniversary Party, she convinced a good job will lead to her landing a cookbook deal. Upon arrival, she discovers she must share the kitchen with the handsome but unpredictable Prince Oliver is the royal middle Son, who wants her to throw all of her plans & recipes out the window. Emma’s black recipe journal is missing when Oliver takes hers for interviewing at restaurant. Oliver owns green recipe journal I the kitchen. (Streaming on Prime)

  8. Meet Me in New York is family friendly about Kelly Broussard is a young, creative, ambitious events planner in New York City & quickly gaining a reputation as one of the best in the business. But when Joe is a stubborn, difficult, influential website editor, hires her organize his Niece named Willow’s birthday party, Kelly quickly realizes the she may have just met her match. Kelly quits her job but she starts her own events business. Joe isn’t moving to Dubai but he wants to near his family, friends, & Kelly that where he’s belong in NYC. Joe’s friend named Forrest who works at coffee shop & Kelly’s friend named Emma. Joe & Kelly and Forrest & Emma get together at the restaurant. They’re attending Willow’s party at the park.

  9. Reel One's Planning for Joy is cute and clean. (streaming on Freevee). -Maria

  10. You’re So Cupid is family friendly about this is just an old fashioned story about a set of Fraternal twins named Emma & Lily Valentine who believe in true love and are good at the matchmaker game only to find out it runs in the family. Lily & Emma’s Dad named Daniel Valentine is a Cupid. Lily & Emma fall for same teenage boy named Connor. Emma is with Connor & Lily is with Elliott. Two sisters with a talent for matchmaking find out that they've inherited the special skill from their father - Cupid! However, when the teenage twins both fall for the same guy, love and happiness go out of the window as they compete for his affections. Daniel wins back his ex-Wife named Audrey. Daniel & Audrey are back together. (Streaming on prime)

    1. I love this movie! Watch every Valentine’s. It is a bit corny in some spots, bust still a lot of fun. Lauren a Holly is SO funny in it. -Anonymous1

  11. APPROVED FOR 12+
    The Whisper Home

    Three years after Dave Patterson left home with his father's money, he returns penniless to a forgiving family who are ready to welcome him back, except for his brother, Stephen.
    "The Whisper Home" is a peek inside a normal family dealing with the complexities of family relationships and sibling rivalry. A modern-day Prodigal Son story

  12. A Picture Perfect Wedding is a family friendly about a Wedding photographer Lindsey gets her big opportunity when a New York mogul’s son named Josh, asks her to shoot his sister’s wedding. Sparks fly as Josh and Lindsey prepare for the ceremony, and the pair begin to fall for each other. But as the big day arrives and the project finishes, do they go back their old, separate lives or will they follow their hearts?

    1. No, it is not family friendly. Two men planning on getting married.

  13. Picture Perfect Romance is not family friendly about Zoey gave up her passion for wedding photography after her ex-fiance named Todd left her at the altar. But when a childhood friend named Marvin insists her to be photographer for her wedding, she is forced to confront her past, & allow love to return. Zoey has a dog named Lloyd is Bernese Mountain Dog. Zoey meets Dr. Clark Bauer. Zoey’s ex fiancΓ© named Todd & Jade. Marvin & Kenny get married at the end of the movie with Marvin’s Mom named Bernice & his Sister named Brianna. Zoey & Clark get together. Jade & Todd are back together when the two have a chance to talk.(Streaming on Prime)

  14. Valley of Love (2023) is family friendly about Kathleen “Katie” Reynolds is an upcoming fashion designer living in New York City with a successful lawyer/boyfriend. She thinks she has it all until her Grandmother named Mary dies & leaves her house & farm in the country. Kathleen discovers a whole new world as she meets Dr. Oliver “Ollie” Johnson, a handsome local doctor who helps children with emotional disabilities by specializing in hippotherapy & therapeutic horseback riding. Katie’s Mom named Ann Reynolds. Oliver’s named Randall Johnson. A family friend named Henry Stevens. Toby’s Mom named Joanne Burrows mentions money for them until Oliver’s Dad hands his Son a check for Kate’s Grandma’s property (steaming on Freevee &’ Prime)

  15. Quest for Love is family friendly about Mackenzie travels to Costa Rica with her best friend Ethan to secure cacao for her work at a chocolate company. She hopes that Ethan will finally see her through new eyes. When a tourist meets Mackenzie, his interest in her makes Ethan wake up. Mackenzie & Ethan finds cacao beans & cacao nibs for Chocolate Company. (streaming on Freevee or Prime)

  16. Love, Lost, Found is family friendly about Joey plans to propose to Claire at the picnic in the wildness. Accidents separate them & Joey ends up with amorous ranger Natalie, while Claire ends up with her ex boyfriend named Colt who is rescue volunteer. Joey & Claire are back together at the ranch (streaming on Prime)

  17. Reel One's Our Take on Love is clean and lovely. (streaming on Roku) -Maria

  18. "The Wedding Rule" from Reel One (Peacock streaming) – not family-friendly. Around 20 minutes in, a barista behaves like a silly middle school girl to convey his homosexual attraction to the uninterested male lead, even writing a heart and his phone number on the coffee cup. We see him fawning in a couple more scenes. Then, some language is tossed in: playing pin the tail on the donkey at a speed dating event, the two leads joke about being bad*** and jack***; later she exclaims "d*** it" when he correctly guesses a secret ingredient. There's also a scene with the male lead in nothing but a towel.

    Beyond the disappointing content, the movie just didn't draw me in, hitting neither a particularly sweet nor fun note. I was game for an unrealistic plot, but the whole marry-a-stranger-in-3-weeks never even got believable traction in the script. Feels like this one should have sped straight to marry-each-other-to-save-the-restaurant-then-grow-to-realize-it's-actually-for-real as the bulk of the movie. Overall, it left me bummed about the squandered talent. Oh well!


    1. Alicia, I actually quite liked this but then I particularly like Dennis Andres although certainly it's one of those where you have to suspend belief but there wasn't enough "unfriendly" content to spoil it for me.

      The scene where Max had a bare chest was nothing you wouldn't see on a beach anywhere and the towel completely covered his lower half.

      Not that it would have changed your opinion of the story line but you were unfortunate to watch it on Peacock.

      I saw it through UP Faith & Family and they had done a bit of editing - taken out bad language and there was no scene where the barista wrote his phone number on the coffee cup for Max - Florence

    2. Reel One Entertainment Bucket List.

      I had over 50 ROE movies I wanted to see but thanks mostly to Xumo this has been reduced to 15!

      I check every week but there has been nothing now for a couple of months.

      Finfing Love In Saint Lucia
      A Conflict Of Love Interest
      Love At The Bootcamp
      A Bestselling Kind Of Love
      The Marry Me Pact
      The Wedding Contest
      Sister Dating Swap
      To England With Love
      Two Chefs And A Wedding Cake
      Hastag Proposal
      The Honeymoon Pact
      Dare To Say Yes
      Modeled With Love
      A Bet With The Matchmaker


  19. Reel One's May the Best Wedding Win is not clean (gay man and his 'lover') and is honestly really stupid and annoying. (on Peacock). -Maria

    1. Sadly have to agree - this movie is one big waste of time.

      One of the weakest ROE movies I have ever watched - Florence

  20. Love in Tahiti is family friendly about Brielle finds all sorts of lost items & returns them to their owners. When she helps Marcus find an engagement ring that was lost, Brielle soon discovers what has been missing in her life, a treasure of the heart.
    Brielle has always found all sorts of lost items and has returned them to their owners. When she helps a handsome man, find an engagement ring, Brielle soon discovers what has been missing in her life.
    Ever since she was a young girl, scuba diver Brielle has found all sorts of lost items and has returned them to their owners who thought their personal treasures were gone forever. When she helps Marcus, a handsome US Navy serviceman, find an engagement ring that was lost, Brielle soon discovers what has been missing in her life, a treasure of the heart (steaming on Tubi or YouTube)

  21. The Wedding in the Hamptons is family friendly about Jenna is a fashion designer who works for her friend's boutique, and their failing business was saved by an influencer. When Jenna comes to a Hamptons wedding, she is mistaken for that influencer, but she decides to go along to save the business? An aspiring fashion designer gets her chance to debut at a lavish Hamptons wedding where she is mistaken for a socialite and falls for a groomsman.

  22. Love at First Like is family friendly about a cynical journalist is assigned to cover the Don Juan of dating apps and ends up finding there's more than meets the eye. Sparks fly between a cynical journalist named Kacey & a handsome celebrity named Ryan Watson who offers dating advice for women. If this movie is based on the book as the same titular title “Love at First Like”, by Hannah Orenstein. Ryan has a Brother named Chris Watson is a Photographer. He gives Kacey his business card.

  23. Mr Right is family friendly! It’s about a romance writer. It’s published by lighthouse media group. You can watch it on YouTube or Hoopla.

  24. Did not care for Law of Attraction. It featured an unmarried couple staying together at a hotel. And the whole show wa rather poorly done.

  25. Did not care for Law of Attraction. An unmarried couple stayed together at a hotel. The whole script was rather ridiculous.

  26. Reel One's Love Marks the Spot is clean, full of sweetness, and a lot of fun. -Maria

  27. Nicely's Christmas Wedding Runaway is clean, and so lovely! (streaming on Pluto TV). -Maria

  28. A Vineyard Christmas is family friendly about Heather Marques, host of Tannin TV’s popular show: Read Between the Vines, is determined to create the perfect Christmas episode by featuring a unique winery from her hometown in Vermont the specialists in Ice Wine. The only thing standing in her way? Rudy Knobloch, the attractive, stubborn owner of the winery. Heather is determined to create the perfect Christmas episode by featuring a unique winery from her hometown.

    1. A Vineyard Christmas is Not family friendly. The lead characters brother is gay. During the preparations of the festival the leading actor makes a comment about the female friend of the leading actress not being his brother's "type". We later see a guy giving the brother his phone number and putting it in the brother's pocket and the brother then gives the guy a smile.

  29. Love & Radio Star is family friendly about Image consultant and single mother Savannah Joy is asked to help rebrand a popular New York radio show host. When she accidentally ends up on the air with the handsome host named Patrick Dillon, she becomes part of the rebranding herself & discovers if on-air differences or love will have the last word.

  30. Midnight Stallion is family friendly about when Jack Shepard needs money to save his farm, his teenage Daughter named Megan adopts a wild horse named Midnight & trains it to compete in high-stake race


  31. Adeline is family friendly about is base on true story about a small Midwestern community becomes the epicenter of miracles when a mysterious woman brings a healing horse named Adeline to town

  32. A Gift Horse is family friendly about a torn apart by the loss of her Mother, young Amanda spends time at a ranch owned by a business tycoon named Mr. Canton. When his spoiled Daughter named Abigail rejects their new horse, Amanda proved that Misty is a true champion & restores her jab own happiness in process. Still grieving the death of her mother, a girl (spends most of her time at a business tycoon's ranch. The arrival of a new horse gives the youngster a chance to heal as she works to prove that the animal is a true champion.

  33. Testing! To see if it let's me comment ~Kaitlyn

    1. I see your comments and reviews (below), Kaitlyn! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

      Unfortunately, I have to moderate the comments, due to all of the spam stuff people try to submit.

      Wonderful to hear from you! :)
      Blessings, Net

    2. Hi Net! I'm so glad that you do that. I have troubles sometimes with my chrome browser when I submit comments. It will say an error occured:( But today I used my ad block browser and there was no error! I'm so glad.
      Thanks for all the work you put into this blog. It's such a blessing😊

  34. I recently watched The Boxer and the Butterly on YouTube. I skimmed through it, but I did notice at the end, during the dance performance, one of the lines in the song says something like "I don't give a da**" or something along those lines. I felt that was surprising

  35. I also watched "Been There All Along" on YouTube and thought it was a cute movie. However, towards the end, the lead actor is in an airplane chatting with an older man who is telling him that he regrets not spending as much time with his kids when he was younger, and now he is visiting his grandkids as often as he can to make up for it. But he mentions going to see his son and his partner...there is nothing else said or shown, but I'm not sure what they were trying to imply there...

    1. I thought Been There All Along was one of the better ROE movies.

      Nothing you wouldn't have seen before but a nice little watch, imo family friendly, simply because the chemistry between the two leads was good which for me is the main criteria - Florence's rating 7

  36. Dear Viola is family friendly about a shy accountant named Viola Miner takes over a local newspaper's advice column, and falls in love with one of her correspondents named Russ. Soon the whole town is involved in the romantics

    1. That's right! Dear Viola is such a sweet, family friendly movie starring Kellie Martin. It originally premiered on UPtv in 2014. I've been noticing a lot of movies that previously aired on UPtv are now available to stream.

      Here's my original post for Dear Viola with my review:

      Thank you for reminding me about this delightful rom-com! I'll have to look it up and watch it again sometime. :)

      Blessings, Net

  37. Divine Influencer – (streamed through Great American Pure Flix)

    At first, the main girl, Olivia ‘Liv’ Golden (portrayed by Actress, Lara Silva), is rather conceited and self-centered as a social media influencer, but when she loses her apartment and ends up working and living at the local homeless shelter – we begin to see the incredible influence this has on her life as she opens up to caring for others and discovers a renewed sense of faith.

    Overall, the entire cast is spectacular and the production quality is excellent. It was also nice to see Jesse Metcalfe have a role in this, as well, in the supporting cast.

    This inspirational, family-friendly movie is heartfelt, humorous, and uplifting! I would love to see this movie also air on Great American Family! ~Net

  38. When Hope Calls Christmas
    The little town of Brookfield is selected by a national magazine to be featured for its holiday spirit, with the Brookfield residents banding together to turn their community into Christmas wonderland Tess has Victorian Vintage Beauty Lady Portrait Brooch Pins. Gabe gives Victorian Vintage Beauty Lady Portrait necklace Christmas gift forr Lillian. Gabe gets Team Kinslow picture from Lillian (Available streaming on Prime Freevee)

  39. Reel One's A Match for the Prince is clean. (streaming on Peacock). -Maria

  40. A Wedding for Christmas is family friendly about Haley Foster escapes her small-town & builds a life in Los Angeles as a wedding planner. When her Sister named Angela Foster asks her to plan her wedding, Haley returns to her childhood town & reunites with a childhood flame named Carter Wilson. Haley’s Grandfather named Joe Foster owns Christmas Tree Farm just before he passed away but now Christmas Tree Farm owns by Carter. Angela plans her wedding to Paul at her Grandfather’s Christmas Tree Farm

  41. Reel one's Falling for the Competition is clean and so much fun! Would make a great hit for UP TV. (streaming on Peacock). -Maria

  42. Reel One's For the Love of Chocolate is a fantastic movie!! Would love to see UP TV buy it (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  43. 3 Wishes for Cinderella

    Three Wishes for Cinderella is family friendly about Living with her evil stepmother and her spoiled stepsister, downtrodden Cinderella meets a handsome prince while walking through a snow-heavy forest and soon gets the chance to determine her own fate.

  44. Reel one's Love Afloat is a fantastic movie, would make a great fit for UPTV or GAF! (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  45. Reel One's Love Map is a beautiful movie! Hope UPTV eventually airs it. (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  46. A Wedding to Remember is family friendly about On opposite sides of a development project, Olivia Owens and Brian Wolf are surprised to find they are the Maid of Honor and Best Man at the same wedding. They have to put their feelings aside to save their best friends’ wedding… which may turn out to be their own as well! Olivia’s best friend is Jenny & Richard’s best friend is Brian

  47. Reel One's Love For Starters (written by Ansley Gordon) is a very lovely movie, and would be a perfect fit for GAF or UP TV. (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  48. Reel One's A Slice of Chicago Romance is a delicious gem, and UPTV really should air it! (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  49. Reel One's A Slice of Romance is clean, and quite good. (yes, it's a completely different one then the one from earlier!). (streaming on Tubi). -Maria

  50. Reel One's Love in Full Swing is a cute clean movie, would be a great fit for UP TV or GAF. (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  51. New reviews:

    I tried, but The Engagement Dress (Tubi original from Reel One) is just too silly. Plus, I think 1 of the girls mentioned having a female lover.

    Reel One's The Love Hunt is a clean, and very interesting adventure! (streaming on Freevee).


  52. Reel One's Write Place, Write Time is clean and interesting. UP TV should consider buying it. (streaming on Xumo Play, Roku and Freevee). -Maria

  53. Reel One's Inspiring Love is clean, fun, and very sweet. (streaming on Freevee). -Maria

  54. If anyone is looking for an intriguing mystery show with great friendships and a mature feel, then I recommend Nicely's 1 Season YA Aussie series 'Dive Club'. It's on Netflix, and I've seen the 1st 5 episodes, no offensivive content so far. -Maria

    1. And speaking of YA Aussie content from Nicely, 'A Second Chance: Rivals' has some mature content, but it's gay-free and is quite inspiring! (also on Netflix). -Maria

    2. Finished the show, and it ended on a very shocking cliffhanger that was never resolved. -Maria

  55. Nicely's YA cheerleading film 'Finally Me' is clean (exception of 1 swear word), sassy, and very inspiring. (streaming on Freevee). -Maria

  56. Vote One for Love – (Dove Channel Streaming, Tubi, Plex, Xumo Play, etc...)

    First of all, I loved Actor Jesse Hutch as Derek Casey, the small town good-ole-country rancher turned local politician, who just wants to make the world a better place for his family and community by running for mayor.

    Natasha Wilson portrays Candace, who is sent by Washington insiders to elevate Derek’s campaign and fast-track him on his way to running for Mayor, then for Senator. She also grew up in the same town, but it’s been awhile since she’s been home.

    This is a family-friendly movie, with one brief caution… in the first 20 minutes or so, Derek explains that he was lost as a teenager, so after high school graduation and breaking up with his girlfriend, Amy, he decided to join an organization in Africa to help build schools, hospitals, and such and when Derek returned home to Heartstone, Wyoming, he met his newborn daughter, Naomi, who he didn’t even know about. Since Amy wanted a career over being a mother, Derek raised the girl with the help of his sister, Stacy, on their family farm. It’s obvious Derek wants to right the wrongs of his youth as he has become over the years an honorable church-going citizen, a hardworking man, a caring father, and now a mayoral candidate.

    Overall, “Vote One for Love” is a nice, feel good story, of the local guy trying to compete with Washington corporate figures and big donors. The romantic spark between Candace and Derek was somewhat low-key for me, but still sweet.

    My favorite scene is when Derek gives an impromptu impassioned speech to a group of potential local supporters at the local church and he mentions how hard the community of Heartstone, Wyoming works giving back to others, and he includes two Bible verses, which he says later on to Candace that he must’ve remembered from his Sunday school days.

    Derek paraphrases Galatians 6:9, by saying “We must never grow weary of doing good,” and he quotes Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron,” which is key in in explaining how each person in Heartstone influences the other by doing acts of kindness every day.

    “Vote One for Love” is one of those movies you’ll likely enjoy watching at least once. ~Net

  57. Reel One's Food for the Heart is sooooo sweet! Would be a perfect fit for UPTV or GAF! (streaming on Pluto TV). -Maria

  58. Reel One's A Priceless Love is amazing!! Would be a great fit for UPTV and GAF. (streaming on Xumo Play). -Maria

  59. The Blind – (streamed on Great American Pure Flix)

    The production quality of the movie, The Blind, is excellent, as it depicts the early life of Duck Dynasty stars, Phil and Kay Robertson, and their young sons at the time, Alan, Jase, and Willie.

    The actors who portrayed Phil and Kay are phenomenal, as well as the supporting cast. Unfortunately, though, there were times that the background music drowned out the dialogue, and in spite of the fact that I have great hearing, I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Thankfully, Great American Pure Flix allows closed captioning, so I turned that on to catch any dialogue that was muffled by the music.

    This movie is not for young children and best-suited for a mature audience, as it does include violent and immoral behavior – heavy drinking, driving drunk, an automobile accident, a man shakes a woman and threatens her, there are accusations of infidelity, unwed teen pregnancy, and one character contemplates suicide.

    This impactful film is also a true redemption story, which shows that anyone can turn their life around – if they choose to ask for forgiveness and follow God. ~Net

  60. Finding Faith – (streamed on Great American Pure Flix)

    This is an impactful story with a heavy plot that deals with marriage difficulties and infertility for Victoria (an anonymous Christian advice columnist) and her husband, Billy, who is a musician, often traveling away from home.

    Victoria uses the pseudonym Faith, when giving advice to others, but she’s struggling to deal with her own life issues and finding her faith.

    Actor John Schneider portrays Victoria’s father; he’s trying to cope after losing his wife of many years, while Victoria grapples with the pain of losing her mother and a painful secret from the past.

    It is revealed that one character had an affair many years ago, and how grace and forgiveness have healed this person’s heart.

    Throughout the film, we see the wounds and scars of these characters – and gradually we see their healing after surrendering and turning to God.

    Due to the subject content, this is a movie best-suited for a mature audience. ~Net

  61. Love’s Second Act – (streamed on Great American Pure Flix)

    This is a lighthearted, family-friendly rom-com. The movie was a little slow, for me, at times, but it was still a nice watch. It’s the standard story of a woman (Jamie, played by Jodie Sweetin, "Full House," "Craft Me a Romance," "The Jane Mysteries"), who leaves her hometown years ago, then she returns and reconnects with her family and her childhood sweetheart (Nick, played by Tilky Jones, "Christmas Love Letter," "The Charm of Love").

    Of course, the family business, the local theater, is also in danger of being sold by Nick’s father (played by George Wendt, famously known as Norm on the sitcom, "Cheers"). The theater is a special memorable place for Nick and Jamie, where they worked together as teenagers.

    Overall, it is a pleasant, feel good movie with a happy ending.

    A side note for "Full House" fans… I thought it was kind of funny that Jodie played the older sister, and her sister’s name, of all names, was Stephanie.

    I wonder if "Love’s Second Act" might be one of the movies we’ll see on Great American Family later this Summer or early Fall. ~Net


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