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Friday, October 29, 2021

5 All New Christmas Movies This Weekend! Be There for GAC Family's First Christmas Movie Launch!

It's a weekend filled with NEW Christmas movie premieres on Hallmark, but what I am most excited about it is the launch of Great American Christmas on GAC Family! The first All NEW Christmas movie for the network, Much Ado About Christmas, will premiere Saturday night, October 30th. The writers of this movie are Janeen and Michael Damian, who also wrote and directed: A Princess for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, Crown for Christmas, Christmas Waltz, and others. They are well-known for their wonderful, intricately detailed films, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing their incredible work here.

I also want to share some sad news. Both Michael Damian and actor Cameron Mathison just recently shared that their mothers have passed away. Let's be sure to keep both of these gentlemen and their families in our prayers. My heart goes out to all of them.

It's hard to believe it's the last weekend of October now, although, it's truly feeling like Fall for us in the Midwest with a nip in the air and the leaves turning those lovely rustic tones. I hope your weather is pleasant where you live. When it's chilly outside- it's the ideal time to stay inside and watch a Christmas movie or two. Here are the new ones premiering this weekend...

Friday, OCTOBER 29, 2021:

Harmony (Murray) is tricked into auditioning for the Holiday Chorus—directed by an ex-boyfriend (James). By Christmas Eve, they could be harmonizing in the key of love.

Friday, OCTOBER 29, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Saturday, OCTOBER 30, 2021:

In "Much Ado About Christmas," Haley is beloved in her community of Winterstone for acts of kindness ranging from managing The Hope Chest to directing the children's choir. Haley is also the daughter of one of Winterstone's wealthiest residents Leona Lloyd. Despite Haley's down-to-earth demeanor, she is financially set as Leona's only heir – information she fails to share with new love interest Claud, an artsy, hopeless romantic. Haley introduces herself to Claud as "Haley Logan," raised by a single, struggling mom, a small fib that becomes a complication when Claud and his team present an ad pitch to Leona that includes a photo of Claud's new girlfriend…Haley! Secrets are revealed and relationships ruffled, but Christmas is coming and miracles do happen.

Saturday, OCTOBER 30, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on GAC Family and GAC Living


Saturday, OCTOBER 30, 2021:

A “Christmas Around the World” party helps two people find love at home.

Saturday, OCTOBER 30, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Saturday, OCTOBER 30, 2021:

Nicole (DeVitto) learns to deal with grief with the help of her grandfather (Duffy) and a carpenter (Bruce) she hires to renovate the home that was once meant for her and her fiancΓ©.

Saturday, OCTOBER 30, 2021
at 10pm/9c. on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Sunday, OCTOBER 31, 2021:

*This is the only non-holiday movie premiere.

Wedding photographer Lindsey gets her big opportunity when a New York mogul’s son, Josh, asks her to shoot his sister’s wedding. Sparks fly as Josh and Lindsey prepare for ceremony, and the pair begin to fall for each other. But as the big day arrives and the project finishes, do they go back their old, separate lives or will they follow their hearts?

Sunday, OCTOBER 31, 2021
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Sunday, OCTOBER 31, 2021:

When Liz (Sackhoff) returns home to take care of her estranged father she is determined to give her daughter a perfect Christmas and reconnects with her best friend.

Christmas Sail premieres
Sunday, OCTOBER 31, 2021
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Once again, it looks like there are plenty of Christmas movie options this weekend. I know I am going to be watching "Much Ado About Christmas" for sure. I'm so excited to see this new beginning for GAC Family! Be sure to share which ones you're looking forward to this weekend in comments below.

*Please know- I have NOT pre-screened these NEW Christmas movies listed above. If you happen to watch one of the new Christmas movies this week and want to share whether or not it is a family friendly movie, please stop back by and leave a comment. I know everyone here would be grateful to know any information you are willing to share. You can see the 2021 Christmas movie review page - here.

You can also check out the Christmas TV Movie Schedule - *here*, which includes NEW Christmas Movie Premieres and Christmas classics.

I pray you all have a joyous, wonderful weekend!

God Bless Us, Everyone! Net


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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Which πŸŽ„ 2021 CHRISTMAS MOVIES πŸŽ„ made the *It's a Wonderful Movie* NICE LIST! πŸŽ…

Welcome Friends -
to the 2021 Christmas Movie Review Page!

Here's what you'll find here...

To give us all a sense of which NEW Christmas Movies ARE and which movies ARE NOT family-friendly, I am going to be updating this page with reviews and comments on almost every NEW MOVIE from *It's a Wonderful Movie* family members throughout Christmastime. Be sure to bookmark this page by adding it to your favorites and return for reviews added for each film. Hopefully this will help us all enjoy many of the wonderful Christmas movies airing this Holiday Season - and make our Christmas movie viewing experience a whole lot easier!

My personal reviews come from a Christian view point, and I appreciate those who visit here at *It's a Wonderful Movie* and share these same moral standards and traditional values with us. Thank you to those of you who have contributed a review, thus far, and if you haven't shared, yet, but you would like to, please see details at the end of this post. Whether you share a little or a lot - it is all appreciated!

I hope you enjoy all of the movie reviews below...





*Christmas movies are listed in order by their premiere date below - underneath each individual network.


Much Ado About Christmas - October 30, 2021
(Susie Abromeit and Torrance Coombs)

πŸŽ„"Just finished Much Ado About Christmas and really enjoyed it. It was very well acted and the storyline believable. I was wary of the storyline, but it was done so much better than I anticipated. Loved the attention to detail of the Christmas spirit and loved the romance between Hailey and Claud." ~Misty

πŸŽ„"I watched the premier holiday movie on GAC, "Much Ado About Christmas". I was more than pleasantly surprised. The movie was well-written, produced and directed. Casting was excellent. Storyline was heartfelt and nostalgic. This movie had all the elements of Christmas and then some. It was the first holiday movie I have ever seen where the snow looked real and there was so much attention given to detail that truly helped to capture the essence of the holidays. This movie is a classic and one I will watch again & again." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Both Much Ado About Christmas and The Christmas Promise were wonderful! It is hard to believe we had two great movies on in the same night. These will stay on my DVR indefinitely. I will say, for me, The Christmas Promise is the better of the two. Though it is Hallmark, it is family friendly. Loved the JOY sign! ------ In my previous comment, perhaps I did not word it correctly. I loved those two movies equally well. If I were forced to choose, it would be The Christmas Promise first and Much Ado About Christmas second. Can't wait to watch them both again." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"Review: Much Ado About Christmas Family-friendly: Yes Keeper? Yes GAC is off to a great start! I really enjoyed Much Ado About Christmas, and kept thinking "what a sweet and innocent movie" while watching it. Torrance Coombs' character came across as rather shy and introverted, and that is something you rarely see in one of these movies. Susie Abromeit also came across as very likeable, and the chemistry between the two characters was right on! A keeper!" ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"Much Ado About Christmas was good too, LOTS of Christmas. we probably won't watch it EVERY YEAR, but we would definitely watch again. We all agreed it was SO nice to watch a movie for the first time and not worry for one second about what is coming next :) it felt like old hallmark!" -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas", "Much Ado About Christmas, "Five More Minutes". "My Family Christmas Tree" was interesting and good." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"MUCH ADO ABOUT CHRISTMAS Family friendly. I was skeptical at first but i'm loving all the GAC movies I've been watching! I really liked this one. Super sweet, chemistry was great." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"I really enjoyed Much Ado About Christmas! It is family friendly and delightful. Each scene had great energy and it was always intriguing. There is something so beautiful and magical about the Christmas decorations and THE SNOW – it was soooo enchanting! It was like looking into a snow globe. The storyline was captivating and I felt lots of sweet chemistry between Haley and Claud! In spite of her mother’s wealth, Hayley is down-to-earth and likeable and Claud is an honest, hard worker – who loves Christmas! This is one I look forward to watching over and over again!" ~Net

The Great Christmas Switch - November 6, 2021
(Sarah Lind and Dillon Casey)

πŸŽ„"Sorry to say, but I thought The Sister Switch was very boring. I didn't get why they would switch places. It also didn't seem very Christmasy. Looking forward to the next movie, though." ~Misty

πŸŽ„"I will talk about this movie 1st cause it was GAC Family, and it was a movie I was surprised i liked so much. The Great Christmas Switch!!!! I do usually like the twin sister switch movies, but when i saw the preview, the blond hair the 2nd sister had looked so bad, i didnt know if i could watch the entire movie with the bad wigs. But i decided to give it a try. As I was watching, i was apprehensive cause the sister that was married's husband was spending time with the sister switch so I was like "where are they going with this" and being so used to Hallmark, i said "wait a minute, give this a try cause this is GAC Family". I was glad i did. All I liked from the Great Christmas Switch--1st and foremost, that a married couple was having problems and looked like they could be headed for divorce, BUT worked it out and talked and I was so happy. We all know life isnt perfect, but i love to see married couples work things out. Loved that Sophia moved to Ohio to be with her sister and her sisters family. Loved Sophia's relationship with the kids. Loved that Kaelynn could see she was so rigid and perfect and didnt want to be anymore. She could see that was one reason why her marriage was struggling. I liked this movie a lot." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"Review: The Great Christmas Switch

Family-friendly: Yes
Keeper? Yes

I did not have high hopes for this movie, since many times in "switcheroo" movies the two personalities, portrayed by the same person, are not different enough to make you believe that are indeed two different characters. Not so here. Sarah Lind (you may remember her from the Martha's Vineyard Mystery movies) does an excellent job in making you believe that these two sisters are indeed two different people. (Spoiler: My favorite scene is the one at the dinner table where Sophia finds out how Kaitlynn has caused her to lose her apartment AND job - Sarah's reactions are great!) This movie, along with the great acting, has warmth and humor in a family setting. A keeper for me." ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"I like Sarah Lind although I have to say I don't think she's a good match for Jesse Metcalfe in Martha's Vineyard. Howwver she comes into her own here. This movie hasn't generally been received well and while there are some obvious drawbacks to it I personally really emjoyed it. I was a bit dubious about what to expect and the first 20 minutes or so were very fragmented - I'm sure there will have been more than a few who might have stopped watching but stick with it because it turned into a captivating and compelling watch. I thought Kaelynn's husband was charming and had great charisma - he was maybe the hit of the movie, Sophia's love interest had a quiet yet appealing demeanour. It was well scripted in showing how each twin had very different facets to their personality and in the switch was able to realise her mistakes and even help the other. A couple of downsides were that I couldn't believe Kaylynn's kids couldn't recognise that Sophia wasn't their real mother although she did manage to avoid having full contact with Patrick and towards the end I was getting so frustrated that they just didn't explain the situation - hardly a big deal. The reconciliation between Kaelynn and Patrick was wonderful and joyful -it gave me a lovely fuzzy feeling and the making up between Sophia and Jonathan at the New Year's Eve old time dance made a great ending. One word of warning - although the movie is set at Christmas there's not a lot really "Christmassy" about it but this didn't spoil the enjoyment for me. Overall after the early scens a surprisingly compelling and light-hearted movie which I actually slightly preferred to Much Ado." Florence's rating - 8

πŸŽ„"What a fun, family-friendly movie! The Great Christmas Switch is filled with lots of hilarious moments. The only caution is that two twin sisters (played by one actress) are pretending to be each other – so there is a bit of dishonesty with keeping up the act. At first, it reminded me of Candace Cameron Bure’s “Switched for Christmas,” but there is enough uniqueness to make this story completely different. “The Great Christmas Switch” is sometimes a little silly, but I liked all of the comedy. I literally laughed out loud throughout the movie. Sarah Lind portrayed both sisters wonderfully, and as Mark25 mentioned- the dinner scene at the end is Great! Sarah’s expressions totally cracked me up! The movie overall is lighthearted and sure to put a smile on your face." ~Net

πŸŽ„"I just watched "The Great Christmas Switch" and it's my favorite switch movie of all time! Often I get stressed out and feel like the comedic almost-get-caught scenes are so overdone and awkward such that no one would actually be fooled by the twin. Sarah Lind, though, did an incredible job "saving" situations in a believable way and was hilarious. The heartfelt moments for both twins, but especially with Kaelynn and Patrick, made the story. Loved it! I actually know a twin who is so identical that his brother's wife has walked up and kissed him on accident. Their younger brother is the only one who can tell them apart. There are many stories of two of them being pretty naughty playing switching games growing up. Wild how two people can be that much alike!" ~Alicia

Christmas Time is Here - November 13, 2021
(Dewshane Williams, Rukiya Bernard & Tom Pickett)

πŸŽ„"I just finished watching Christmas Time Is Here and loved it! It had everything I love about Christmas romance movies. It felt like a true Christmas movie and had what so many movies have been missing...chemistry! I loved the comedic, dramatic, romantic moments in this movie!" ~Misty

πŸŽ„"I too loved Christmas Time Is Here! Enjoyed it so much I watched again last night. Those two stars are adorable together.....a perfect match!" ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS TIME IS HERE (GAC) Family Friendly. This was so cute! Absolutely love the two leads and their chemistry. So fun to watch too. Had lots of laugh watching this." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Christmas Time is Here – What a sweet movie! Rukiya Bernard and Dewshane Williams are perfectly paired once again! Loved them both in the One Winter Weekend, One Winter Proposal, One Winter Wedding movies and it was nice to see them together in this Christmas movie. It almost made their story seem complete. Christmas Time is Here is a charming, family friendly movie that will surely warm your heart." ~Net

A Kindhearted Christmas - November 20, 2021
(previously: Secret Santa)
(Cameron Mathison and Jennie Garth)

πŸŽ„"A Kindhearted Christmas did not disappoint. I will watch this again. A Kiss Before Christmas is family friendly, and I really enjoyed this movie. James Denton and Terri Hatcher are good together, plus I loved the story. Another keeper for me. The stories have been told before in both of these movies, but I never tire of seeing good deeds and life changing things happen. When you leave a movie feeling happiness and joy, it is a good thing. That is how I felt." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"I watched Nantucket Noel, A Kindhearted Christmas and Five More Minutes. They were family friendly. I would watch A Kindhearted Christmas and Five More Minutes again. I really like David Hayden-Jones. I had to grab tissues for that last movie." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"A Kindhearted Christmas was a wonderful movie! Fun, sweet, and very family friendly!" ~Grace

πŸŽ„"I watched A Kind Hearted Christmas and it was pretty good. IMO, you would have to be out of it not to know who was the Secret Santa was to build a news story around it, but it was still enjoyable. Great Christmas theme and great chemistry with all the cast." Misty

πŸŽ„"A Kindhearted Christmas is such a good, sweet and inspiring movie. It is all about kindness and love. It inspires you to do some good things for other people, show them that they matter, and they are not alone in this world. I love Gac movies, they have something special about them." ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"A KINDHEARTED CHRISTMAS Family Friendly. This was a feel-good movie for sure. The chemistry and romance were definitely there. Always love Cameron and he was wonderful as always. The whole secret santa "reveal" thing and misunderstanding was a bit odd. But all in all, it was a sweet, feel good holiday movie that inspires the spirit of giving." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"A Kindhearted Christmas – Family-friendly and fun! I thoroughly enjoyed Jennie Garth and Cameron Mathison in this one! I loved the storyline of giving and it was cute to watch the “Secret Santa” attempt to hide their identity. It was also nice to see Emily Tennant – from the Wedding March movies and Marry Me at Christmas. Interestingly enough, the guy who portrayed Emily’s husband in Marry Me at Christmas, actor Blair Penner, also portrays her husband in this. I look forward to watching A Kindhearted Christmas over and over again." ~Net

πŸŽ„"A Kind-Hearted Christmas I'm afraid I have to be the exception which proves the rule here. I wasn't really into this. The theme has been done so many times before and this movie was nothing special - the situations all semed cliched. It was pretty obvious from the start who the Secret Santa was and although Cameron Mathison gave a reasonable performance Jennie Garth seemed to be very uptight My big question was where did she get all the money which she was spending so lavishly from? There WAS a certain muted but comfortable chemistry between the leads but overall I found it dull. I did laugh however at the scene in the restauarant when Jamie had to appear Scrooge-like about the Secret Santa - the expression on the other's faces was priceless! This movie was just not my cup of tea although it was family friendly and it was nice to see Emily Tennant again." ~ Florence's rating 4.5

Angel Falls Christmas - November 26, 2021
(Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes)

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas "The ultimate act of love is to put aside pride in giving everything to the other person" I have been waiting for this movie to watch and I was not disappointed. It was such a good one. It was full of wisdom and lessons to learn. For me is a different story with a refreshing ending. Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes were just brilliant in this movie." ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"Been going through my DVR this weekend and I want to say that Time For Them to Come Home for Christmas, Making Spirits Bright and Angel Falls Christmas are all family friendly and that old style feel-good we know and love." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas", "Much Ado About Christmas, "Five More Minutes". "My Family Christmas Tree" was interesting and good." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas – This movie instantly reminded me of the classic movie – The Bishop’s Wife. In Angel Falls Christmas, Chad Michael Murray portrays the Angel, like Carey Grant did in the original and Jessica Lowndes portrays Ally, the woman he is helping to find her Christmas spirit, much like Loretta Young did in the classic film. Also, like The Bishop’s Wife, the angel starts to fall for the woman he is helping. Overall, this movie is family-friendly, heartwarming and a good reminder of what is really important at Christmas and in life – spending time with the people we love!" ~Net

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas CONTAINS SPOILERS Jessica Lowndes and Chad Michael Murray are perhaps an acquired taste - they do have their detractors but I personally really like them both. I was really looking forwrd to this as one of the picks of last year's GAC Christmas season. Ally (Jessica) is a workaholic with little love for Christmas and has just broken up with her boyfriend Josh when she meets Gabe (Chad) who is an angel masquerading as a barista whose mission is to teach her the spiirit of Christmas. I did think Gabe was acting rather distant for the first part of the movie - and I have seen several others comment to this effect - but in retrospect I can see that perhaps this was the way he was meant to play it as events turned out. The other members of Gabe's angel team were pretty good in their parts. There is no question there was chemistry between Ally and Gabe, good interaction and dialogue as Ally began to lighten, the situations were compelling and touching and I was really enjoying the movie, little knowing the shock which was just around the corner. Maybe I just didn't pick up on the clues such as when Ally's ex beat Gabe to win the Christmas Wreath competition. Funnily enough when I had read the description in Net's initial blurb I had thought it was rather strange to insinuate Ally might get together again with Josh but then promptly forgot about it. It was building up to the inevitable conclusion when I suddenly realised that the plot was heading in an unexpected direction. I had totally misread it - Ally went back to her ex Josh with her new-found Christmas spirit , and she left her doctor's job at the hospital to take over a practice where she would have a more normal work period - I screamed a loud NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.............! What on earth were GAC thinking of - did they just want to be different from Hallmark? Lowndes and Murray were touted as the stars of the film. Why on earth she would end up with a guy who had no charisma and with whom she had no chemistry? For me, this was totally the wrong ending - within a year she would be bored to tears, start opening longer hours at her practice and her relationship would disintegrate. I was totally flabberghasted - anyone else feel shortchanged here? Very difficut to put a rating on this - until the ending I was enjoying it - could have been an 8 but maybe a 5 or 6" - Florence

Royally Wrapped for Christmas - November 27, 2021
(Jen Lilley and Brendan Fehr)

πŸŽ„"Loved Royally Wrapped Christmas!! I wasn’t sure I would because I’m not a big fan of Brendan Fehr, but Jen Lilley is one of my favorites. They were both excellent! Not only was it family-friendly, but it may be the best one this year. I haven’t decided yet. It’s definitely in the top three along with Next Stop, Christmas and the Great Christmas Switch. You all will enjoy this movie about giving so put it in your immediate to watch list!" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Review: Royally Wrapped for Christmas Family-friendly: Yes Keeper: Borderline, but leaning toward no Let's see...a commoner ends up in a royal kingdom, she and the prince fall in love, and there are obstacles to overcome. How many times have we seen this?! But what helps here is the adorable Jen Lilley. She is excellent as being shy and unsure about her feelings and what to do about them. Unfortunately, I found Brendan Fehr's performance as the prince somewhat wooden, especially when compared to princes in other movies. Bottom line - if I keep it, it is solely because of Jen Lilley, but I am not even sure that is enough." ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"Royally Wrapped for Christmas from GAC Family is family friendly. Nothing overly special about the movie but Jen Lilley is solid as usual." ~Keith

πŸŽ„"Had another sister girl night ;) Royalty Wrapped for Christmas was wonderful. I loved the message of giving rather than receiving. And I really admired Lindsey's family tradition, give a gift to keep and one to give away. Even if it's small. What a kind gesture. I want to continue it myself. The movie was real sweet and clean and had great characters. Did not disappoint. Jen Lilley looked cute in that red dress too!😊" ~Abigail

πŸŽ„"ROYALLY WRAPPED FOR CHRISTMAS (GAC) Family Friendly. To be honest, i'm not a big fan of royal themed movies. A lot of them are so pretentious to me. I'm also not the biggest fan of Brendan Fehr, but he was actually really decent here! This movie was actually not too bad. It was quite fun to watch. Jen Lilley was great as always, and I loved that they included the little scene with a girl who was getting adopted. I would've loved a different way to end it. It felt too abrupt to me." ~ CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Royally Wrapped For Christmas", "Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas", "Reba McEntire's Christmas In Tune" was great." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"Royally Wrapped for Christmas is every bit as precious and sweet as Jen Lilley herself. The message is all about giving - not only of presents, but of one's self. The Christmas decorations are lovely throughout and the castle is grand. Jen Lilley was ideal as the bubbly, creative, generous Lindsay Peterson, who works with the Festive Heart Foundation. I loved the way they incorporated the children and adoption into the story, plus the idea of giving two presents with the intention of... one to keep and one to give. As scripture tells us in Acts 20:35- “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Overall, Royally Wrapped for Christmas is lighthearted, family-friendly, and simply delightful. It was a joy to watch the prince open up his heart to Christmas and Lindsay, too! Perfect for all ages! The warm, happy ending is sure to leave a smile on your face." ~Net

πŸŽ„"Royally Wrapped For Christmas Tick the boxes: I like Jen Lilley but she is very hit and miss, mostly not her fault as she is given unappealing roles to play. I haven't rated Brendan Fehr in several films I have previously seen him in. I'm really not a fan of Royal films with a large dose of unreality and fake accents. There have been a good number of negative reviews of this elsewhere. So I wasn't expecting much and not particularly looking forward to this. Well, surprise, surprise this was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As others have remarked the main theme of the movie was about giving and perhaps Jen Lilley was a lttle self-effacing but she came across as genuinely caring, and outgoing in her work environment. Brendan Fehr wasn't as nondescipt as I have found him in the past and he gave a good and realistic performance as a Prince. Overall the cast was excellent with her two rivals in the running for a top job - one a supportive friend the other an ambitious and cutthroat guy ready to stop at nothing to achieve his goal. Superb performances from Michael Hanrahan as a I suppose you would call him "major-domo" and Fiona Reid who struck just the right balance beween being Queen and a mother. Despite others' comments I actually thought the accents were reasonable enough. Of course we had to have the princess of a neighbouring country who was being groomed for an arranged marriage with the Prince but this was woven into the entertaining overall plot tastefully. I did find the ending OTT and twee, a Prince proposing to a commoner in front of a gathering of guests?? puh-lease! But it was an entertaining and engrosiing movie - one of the hits of GAC's first Season." Florence's rating 8.

Christmas is You - November 28, 2021
(Becca Tobin and Matthew MacCaull)

πŸŽ„"Christmas is You on GAC Family is family friendly. Nice version of Silent Night sung in the movie too." ~Keith

Jingle Bell Princess - December 4, 2021
(Trevor Donovan and Merritt Patterson)

πŸŽ„"Jingle Bell Princess was great. GAC Family is the new home for family Christmas Movies. I have given up on Hallmark. I tried watching some Hallmark movies this year but I keep waiting for some non family moment so it ruins them for me." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Jingle Bell Princess was a nice movie. The set decorations were beautiful. It had all the elements for a nice, relaxing Christmas movie watching experience. And you can’t go wrong with Trevor Donovan and Merritt Patterson." ~Jennifer R

πŸŽ„"I absolutely adored Jingle Bell Christmas. It was 100% clean and family friendly. The plot was real sweet and filled with kindly characters. I thought Amelia's tradition of making a wish for someone else by tying a ribbon on the tree was very sweet. Trevor and Merritt really went well together, not surprising. Was wonderful and did not disappoint. 😍😊 GAC Family is looking better and better. Hope they become the next Hallmark." ~Abigail

πŸŽ„"I watched A Jingle Bell Princess even though I don't care for royal movies. I thought it was pretty good. I don't like how there is a blizzard one moment and then the weather is nice and no piles of snow the next. Pretty good chemistry and the daughter was cute." ~Misty

πŸŽ„"Jingle Bell Princess was such a good movie. I really enjoyed watching it. And it is such a good feeling when you don't have to worry about the content of the movie, because you know that GAC movies are family-friendly, and most of all, I like that they show some important values, such as, for example, in this movie the tradition with a ribbon (to make a wish not for yourself but for other people). And I like a beautiful Christmas atmosphere in each movie, and how cosy and warm you feel while watching it." ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"JINGLE BELL PRINCESS Family friendly. This was cute. Loved the chemistry between Merrit Patterson and Trevor Donovan. Merrit's accent took awhile to get used to for me, but she did a great job portraying a sweet elegant princess. The ending was a little wishy-washy... not sure how to make this long distance relationship works. It was a sweet movie overall, although not a standout." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Jingle Bell Princess - This was a lighthearted, family-friendly Christmas story from GAC Family. I enjoyed watching Merritt Patterson and Trevor Donovan together. Plus, the young girl, who portrayed Trevor’s daughter, was very sweet. I wasn’t overly crazy about Merritt’s fake royal accent, but it was still a charming movie – and totally believable that these two *might* fall in love!" ~Net

A Lot Like Christmas - December 5, 2021
(Maggie Lawson and Christopher Russell)

πŸŽ„"A Lot Like Christmas is family friendly. Jessica Roberts owns the most popular Christmas tree lot in Christmas Hudson Springs, but when Big-City Marketing Executive Clay Moore moves a big box chain store into the area & starts selling Christmas trees, Jessica finds her business in jeopardy. An engaged couple asks Jessica for their wedding venues - rent a barn for wedding because of the cities are too tending. Clay bought Jessica’s Dad’s red truck back to The Roberts Family’s place. The customers bought Christmas Tree at Christmas Trees Lot. The Roberts Family is use as any venues like Christmas Trees Lot, Pumpkin πŸŽƒ Patch, Easter Hunt, Weddings, etc..." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS Family friendly. It was just okay to me. I didn't like how Clay was dishonest to Jessica. There were also some scenes that had background music placed a little awkwardly, to the point that it was a little annoying (I had to pause the video and make sure my browser wasn't playing another background music). Other than that, it was sweet but not quite memorable to me." ~CH Mom

A Christmas Miracle for Daisy - December 11, 2021
(Jill Wagner and Nick Bateman)

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Miracle for Daisy was fantastic! Jill Wagner was lovely as always and Nick Bateman was a great co-star for her. And I loved the little girl who played Daisy! My favorite GAC movie so far!" ~Jennifer R.

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Miracle for Daisy is family & friendly. It’s based on the book by Jane Porter. (Note: This review contains possible spoilers) Whitney is an interior designer who gets her dream gig decorating a historic home in her small town for a big Christmas party — only to find the home's new owner is (surprise!) her ex-boyfriend named Connor Shennan, who's now raising his orphaned young Goddaughter, Daisy, as a single Father. Whitney & Daisy convention when she's lost her parents in car accident when she was 18th months old, but her wish this year is to have Mom is Whitney. Daisy’s parents are Connor’s Cousins; (how it’s possibly If your Cousin’s Wife or Husband are Cousin in Law but its seem logically so, your Cousin’s Wife is your Aunt & your Cousin’s Husband is your Uncle although according to crossword puzzles?) Whitney & Connor are stuck in snowy day & they stay at Dew Drop Inn. They play Gin Rummy with candies & build a snowman ⛄️. Kris Kringle gifts Whitney & Connor with Santa bobbleheads. Whitney reads Keep in Faith & follows your heart. Daisy sees Whitney & Connor holding hands ; it’s a miracle. People are at Connor’s housewarming party. Since Jill Wagner named her baby Daughter; Daisy when she read scripts & she chose the name of her baby Daughter; Daisy when she named her after the movie character named Daisy for Christmas movie called; “A Christmas Miracles for Daisy”." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Miracle for Daisy was such a sweet, heart-warming and touching movie. Jill Wagner and Nick Bateman were just amazing together. And a little actress playing Daisy brought so much light into this movie. It is highly recommended, it is so worth watching!" ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Miracle for Daisy was just ok for me. "Daisy" stole the show! She was great, but in my opinion it's not Jill's best work. Not much chemistry between the leads." ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Miracle For Daisy has had quite good reviews but also several pretty negative ones causing the overall rating to be lower than I would have thought. I'm with kitkat and Net on it. Although we've still a couple of the GAC Christmas movies to see yet, this and The Great Sister Switch are my favourites. A few years ago we started to watch a movie starring Nick Bateman not realising it was from Passionflix and there were some unsavoury scenes in it. It has taken me a long while to recover from this and appreciate Nick. He started redemption with Hallmark's A Brush With Love in which he co-starred with Arielle Kebbel. Both he and Jill Wagner were excellent in Daisy - the facial expressions told a story right from the start paricularly so with Nick. There was an abundance of chemistry from the start - the initial shock, then the awkwardness,the gradual realisation that the old feelings hadn't died. You could very quickly see that Connor was still carrying a torch for Whitney. There's just something which gets to me when a single man steps in to be a father to a child relative who has been orphaned - it suggests an innate goodness. I think that Jill Wagner has changed somewhat - maybe it's to do with the fact that she now has a second child but probably the word I would use to describe her is that she seems more matronly but she has superb screen presence. Whenever she and Mr Bateman were on the screen together it just felt so right and gave you a warm glow. I though the young girl playing Daisy was delightful in the role - not overacting as so often happens. Interesting plot and enough but not a surfeit of Christmas. A really nice ending too - the bewilderment on Nick's face when during the inevitable "misunderstanding" Whitney decided not to spend Christmas with him but go to her sister in Denver, then THE kiss in the final scene with Nick holding Daisy in one arm with his other around Whitney the absolute adoration on his face would have melted the most hardened heart. I have to be honest though (and it could only be me) but there was a downside to the movie. I'm afraid that I found Whitney's best friend very irritating - she seemed to have an obsessive interest in Whitney's relationship with Nick and then after blowing Eric off so ,when he turned cool (let's face it who wouldn't)? and started showing an interest in another woman she changed about face. This did sort of strike a wrong note with me. Overall a heartwarming movie though and definitely one of the best of 2021's Christmas movies. Florence's rating - tough, but for the friend this might have been a rare 10 but I'm going with an 8.5 which I may upgrade to a 9." ~Florence

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Miracle for Daisy – I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful, lighthearted Christmas movie! Loved the pairing of Whitney (Jill Wagner, "The Angel Tree") and Conner (Nick Bateman, "A Brush with Love"), and the little girl who portrayed Daisy (Rubi Tupper) was adorable! I liked that Daisy truly acted like a little girl, who believed faithfully in Santa Claus and making wishes. It was fun to watch Whitney and Conner reconnect, and I was thankful their misunderstanding towards the end was mild. I also enjoyed seeing Tegan Moss (“Mystery 101: Dead Talk”) portray Jill Wagner’s best friend Andi and Andrew Francis (“Chesapeake Shores”) portray the town’s local contractor. It was sweet to see how Eric was interested in Andi; although, I didn’t like how she took him for granted. I loved when Conner gave Eric advice to politely ignore Andi for a little while – so she could see what she was missing. Loved the snowman building scene with Whitney and Conner and how creative Whitney was with decorating the snowman! The older couple watching from the window was also a nice touch. Overall, this movie leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy... good inside. Another Jill Wagner Christmas movie to treasure! (I also love that Jill’s real life baby girl is also named Daisy!)" ~Net

A Christmas Star - December 12, 2021
(Sara Canning and Daniel Lissing)

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Star is family friendly. (Review may contain spoilers) An astronomer named Madeline Baggert works in the Lab at Planetarium in New York & she travels to small town in Summit View in order to search for life beyond Earth, but around Christmas when she meets a widowed National Park Ranger named Ryan Sparks, Wilson County Ranger & his Daughter named Celeste. Ryan calls his friend named Jimmy, a tow truck driver for Madeline’s SUVπŸš™. Ryan’s family owns Gingerbread Inn. He braided his Daughter’s hair. Summit View has Christmas Fair for Christmas Lighting in Christmas Village interrupted by Madeline’s telescope. Madeline & Ranger Ryan ride horses to Porter’s Peak for celestial event with a beautiful cabin. Ryan lost his Wife; Megan. Madeline & Ryan need to speak with Mayor June Jackson for special counsel meeting about meteor shower & Christmas Star. Madeline’s High School Teacher named Ms. Donner, whose sponsored by Astronomy Club when she took Physics class. Dave tells Mayor June we promise an astronomer to watch meteor shower & Christmas Star in between 8pm to 9pm to turn off Christmas lights & back on. So, there meteor shower & Christmas Star in the sky in the sky.. Madeline asks Naomi for perfect spot for observatory at Porter’s Peak." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"A CHRISTMAS STAR (GAC) Family friendly. I have missed seeing Daniel Lissing! This movie was a tad on the boring side to me. Sweet and family friendly but nothing memorable. I do LOVE that moment when Celeste the daughter asked Dad about the nativity story (why was He born in a barn... because He didn't just come for the rich.)." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"I watched A Christmas Star for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. I find Daniel Lissing brings a peaceful feeling to his movies. This movie is a keeper for me." ~kitkat

When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas, Part 1 and Part 2 - December 18, 2021
(Morgan Kohan, Ryan-James (RJ) Hatanaka, Wendy Crewson, Neil Crone, Hanneke Talbot, Jefferson Brown, Lori Loughlin, and Daniel Lissing)

πŸŽ„"When Hope Calls: A Country Christmas (both parts) LOVED this so much!! I'm so happy GAC Family picked this show up for Season 2. The decorations looked so beautiful!" -Maria

πŸŽ„"I had so much fun watching When Hope Calls tonight. (Review contains Spoilers!) The plot was really sweet. The part when the children ask Santa to give someone else a pony was adorable ​and it was great seeing all the familiar faces. I would have liked to see Grace, but since the actress wasn't available, I'm glad they said she married Chad. Especially loved watching Lori Loughlin again. She was the best Hallmark ever had. I'm glad gac family had the courage to hire her. Her scene with Jack was so touching. I watched it three times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and Cody grew up to be A handsome, respectable, and kind young man. Hope to see Abigail and Cody back home in Hope Valley soon. Speaking of Hope Valley.. The new teaser for WCTH looks good. Almost looks like Lucas might propose to Elizabeth in a hot air balloon. Exciting! Season 9! It'll be here soon. The When Hope Calls Christmas is also on Prime video. I noticed a lot of gac family movies are. Hope you all have a happy, happy Christmas!!πŸŽ„❤⛄ Can you believe it's only five days away now?!!" ~Abigail

πŸŽ„"I don’t mean to be a negative nan but I personally was a little let down by the When Hope Calls special. I loved returning to Brookfield and seeing everyone again but they completely dropped and/or ignored some plot lines from season one. These plots had nothing to do with Grace or Chuck so there was no need to jump ship so abruptly. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone. One of the stories that I was most looking forward to was completely set aside in favor of an extremely predictable, rushed romance. It’s not that they didn’t go the direction I wanted, it’s that they didn’t even resolve it satisfactorily. It was almost as if there were different writers and producers though I know that the production team was all the same. Aside from that, I loved seeing Abigail and Cody again as well as Daniel Lissing as Jack, although I’m not sure how I feel about the way his appearance on the show was handled. I’m on the fence about it. Sorry for the negativity! Lori Loughlin was wonderful and it was a heartwarming story, I’m just having a hard time getting over my disappointment in not seeing a certain story played out. Lol. But I’ll be ok πŸ˜‚" Rebecca

Joy For Christmas - December 19, 2021
(Cindy Busby and Sam Page)

πŸŽ„"Joy For Christmas is a sweet movie. It is centered on the joy of giving and love for others. Cindy Busby and Sam Page are great together. This is a keeper for me! Since this is GAC, it is definitely family friendly." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"Joy for Christmas was amazing! Cute, funny, and adorable! I really loved all of GAC Family's movies this year, and I'm looking forward to their winter movies next month!" -Maria

πŸŽ„"Joy for Christmas is family friendly. Desperate to save Holly’s family charity: Snow Belles Toy Giveaway, a publicist named Holly Silver whose works at Authur Publishing & she seeks out the help of a famous athlete named Jack Kane & helps him appreciate the Holiday Spirit hoping he will assist her. Gil Kilby sent Holly Silver to Wake Up Bay City in the wrong place but she supposed to be at Good Morning Bay City. He says Andrew McKenzie books at Good Morning Bay City but he’s at Wake Up Bay City. Holly meets Major League Baseball All-Star athlete Jack Kane. Holly’s family works at Silver Investment. Jack Kane has a dog named Beastley with his agent Mac Peterson. Jack & Holly doing Christmas Event: Jack dresses as Santa & Holly dresses as an elf, CAROLS FOR KIDS, & Holiday Feast. Holly & Eve’s Dad sends his Daughters a link: Silver Giveaway Gone Away! The Silver Family has plan for Silver Belles Ball for fundraiser. The Silver Belles Toy Giveaway fails their 2nd charity. Mac mentions Jack we’re gotta try & fix this tonight. The article: Silver Belles Ball blunder!! Celebrity Highlights Jack Kane fails to inspired attendees. Holly & Jack have connection. Jack made a call in hand for donation expect for toys, money, or whatever. There’s Bay City Toy Store truck, Jack’s Food Bank Network, & 150 Minor League Ballpark. Jack mentions to Holly that something is missing is Holly. Holly mentions that Mac says Jack has a feeling for Holly & she’s fallen in love with Jack as long as Jack & Holly dress as Santa & Elf. Eve talks to her Stepmother; Katherine about Bob. Bob & Eve and Jack & Holly" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"JOY FOR CHRISTMAS (GAC) Family friendly (as far as I know since I fast FWD a lot). Maybe I’ve just been watching too many Christmas movies, some good ones, that this one just didn’t measure up. I always try to be objective when reviewing a movie though. Even though I’m not a big Cindy Busby fan (as I know many here are), I tried to watch without being biased. Unfortunately, this felt really flat for me. Too much dialogue with her sister and made it reaaaally slow moving. I lost interest quickly in the beginning. The whole premise didn’t really make sense to me and in the middle I just kept rolling my eyes at how the storyline came to be. Sam Page was probably the only decent thing in the movie. Sorry, but I didn’t like this one." ~CH Mom


You, Me & Christmas Trees - October 22, 2021
(Danica McKellar, Benjamin Ayres, and Jason Hervey)

πŸŽ„"Happy to report to viewers, You, Me, And The Christmas Trees is family-friendly. Love Danica but do not enjoy watching Benjamin Ayers in anything. Someone else with Danica would have been more enjoyable. I won't voice an opinion until I watch it again. I was on edge the whole time since I took a chance watching it without a review first." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"As far as “You, Me and Christmas Trees” I would give it a 5 out of 10. Most of the positive goes for scenery. Very predictable about whole story line. Not a lot of debth to really get into. I usually rate a movie on if I would want to watch it again and here there is not a lot to go back to. Just my opinion. Be interested in seeing others." ~JoCo

πŸŽ„"As others have reported You, Me And the Christmas Trees is family friendly. Like Kitkat said, I was on the edge, so afraid it would suddenly appear out of no where!! Story line is different for sure, but not one that I will watch over and over. The story line is a little slow and not the best chemistry between the leads. But as is always Hallmark style, a happy ending." ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"I enjoyed You, Me, And The Christmas Trees. I liked how science was brought into the movie. It is family friendly." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"You, Me & Christmas Trees". Kinda cute, kinda hokey, at times kinda "thin"/silly/unbelievable. Both lead actors have much better Christmas movies out there from past years. This one was not a keeper for me; but I suppose it wasn't a total waste of time, it had some Christmas "feels". Family friendly except for a few small parts about drinking hard cider and a cocktail-making competition. It was nice to see Candace Cameron Bure introduce the movie, but I was not impressed with the set behind her (didn't feel very warm and Christmas-y to me). On to the next one!" ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"So we saw You, Me & The Christmas Trees and it was family friendly but didn’t feel that excited about it. It was good but the story or the chemistry felt off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it! But my girls liked it so I was happy about that." ~Sarah S.

πŸŽ„"Review: You, Me & the Christmas Trees
Family-friendly: Yes
Keeper?: Leaning toward No
Danica and Ben had to wait hours to see if her experiments would help save the trees...and at times I felt as if I was waiting along with them! This movie just seemed to move so slooooowly! I wish Ben Ayres would show more emotion or excitement - I think that is part of the reason why the movie dragged. Still, chemistry between the two leads wasn't totally lacking, and it was nice to see Hallmark kick off their season with a family-friendly movie! But I am hoping that The Winter Palace, Danica's first GAC movie in January, will be better." ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"I really liked You, Me, and the Christmas trees! I enjoy both Danica McKellar and Benjamin Ayres and I did like them together. The theme of the movie was fresh and different. I also liked the puns and joking throughout the script. It made the whole story more relatable. My family has different tastes in Hallmark movies (no, they aren't all created the same!) but we all enjoyed this one." ~Amanda D.

πŸŽ„"You, Me & The Christmas Trees" – I thought this movie was TREEmendously cute, lighthearted, and yes, family friendly! Sometimes, it was also a bit cheesy, but I loved all the fun puns, too! Danica McKellar and Benjamin Ayres were a joy to watch and their chemistry was excellent. I did think their romance developed rather quickly, but these things usually happen rather fast in Hallmark movies. Since I am from a farm family – I found myself quite interested in the issue with the trees withering and the history of the Connor Christmas Tree Farm. It was also fun to see Danica’s co-star from "The Wonder Years," Jason Hervey, portray her rival in the movie. Overall, a delightful watch! This movie is one that will surely “leaf” you with a smile on your face! (Sorry... I couldn’t resist adding in one more tree pun!)" ~Net

πŸŽ„"YOU, ME, AND THE CHRISTMAS TREES Family friendly. Love the chemistry between Danica and Ben Ayres. I haven't liked some of Danica's recent movies and I actually really like this one. Loved the cheesy puns and the storyline was quite unique. I mean, at least it's not another "real estate developer meets struggling property owner" again and again ;)" ~CH Mom

Boyfriends of Christmas Past - October 23, 2021
Catherine Haena Kim, Raymond Ablack, and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee

πŸŽ„"I think that Boyfriends Christmas Past is terrible. I thought that Boyfriends of Christmas Past is as bad as Nashville Christmas Carol." ~Chris

πŸŽ„"We also started watching Boyfriends of Christmas Past and within 5 minutes I could tell it wasn’t going to be family friendly. We didn’t watch past those minutes because in the opening scene I could see that there was an alternative lifestyle couple. But it didn’t feel like a huge loss because the premise and the commercials didn’t really draw me in anyway. We only started watching it because my oldest daughter was interested but we changed the channel and just found AFV which made up for having to skip it! I could be wrong because it wasn’t explicitly shown but we changed it pretty quick but it did look like they were snuggling. Someone who watched further might find that I was wrong but I didn’t want to take the chances of continuing to watch it with my kids in the room!" ~Sarah S.

πŸŽ„"Boyfriends of Christmas Past content warning - There is a gay couple sprinkled throughout. The movie started out very stilted and they didn't play well off each other but I would like to see the lead actor again." ~Kay

πŸŽ„"So...I watched Boyfriends of Christmas Past yesterday. (and like I said I've never commented here before, but wanted to share now) I really enjoyed both of the leads, they were pretty good together, and the story was a really fun idea! (I'm a big Christmas Carol fan) I wish I could say I will watch this again, but that is sadly not the case. There was a same-sex couple that popped up maybe three times, they played no part in the movie whatsoever, so I dont even know why they had to keep showing this same couple. It felt really forced to have them there. Very sad. Especially since it seemed like they stuck them in this movie to solely say they have another movie with representation. *minor spoiler to plot of movie ahead* Another issue I had with it, about halfway through the movie, Lauren,(the lead) is in the past with one of her boyfriends, and the reason they break up is because the boyfriend asks her to move in with him. Marriage is not talked about or considered one time during this part of the movie. They obviously don't move in together because she breaks up with him so nothing actually happened. But the movie still made her out as being the wrong one because she wasnt ready to take the next step in their relationship. They made it clear that moving in together should come before marriage. At that point I was already upset to see the first red flag, and this didn't make it any better lol It breaks my heart to see the way Hallmark's morals have dropped so low. oh well, all we can do is pray, and hopefully I can help someone else out that has no interest in watching what is becoming more and more the regular hallmark Christmas movie." Sincerely, - A Fellow Brother In Christ -

πŸŽ„"Hallmarks version of Boyfriends of Christmas Past actually didn't look like a Hallmark production at all. It felt more like a production from a Hallmark want to be channel. Too bad it just did not have the same kind of feel to it." ~Paul Li

The Santa Stakeout - October 24, 2021
(Tamera Mowry-Housely, Paul Campbell, and Joe Pantoliano)

πŸŽ„"The Santa Stakeout is so funny. I couldn’t stop laughing πŸ˜‚ in between 2 Police Detectives Tanya Morris & Ryan Anderson s with wildly different approaches to pretty much everything. They’re reluctantly partnered on a case involving a rash of robberies taking place during high-profile holiday parties around town. undercover as newlyweds Tasha & Rupert, moving into the vacant house next to Mr. Francis Miller to crack the case. They become swept up by Christmas, begin to see each other in a new light & start to fall in love. Ryan, Tanya, & Police Officer Talbot dress as elves & bellhop at Christmas committee to eyeing an ornament." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I watched The Santa Stakeout last night. I absolutely loved Tamera Mowry-Housley and Paul Campbell together, they were hilarious and had great chemistry. I also really liked the story, it was super fun! BUT...Hallmark sadly couldn't resist putting their agenda in their. About forty-five minutes into the movie, Tamera's and Paul's characters are introduced to two men, they are verbally never specified as a couple, but they didn't need to, it was quite clear what they were. They are shown a handful of times in the movie, and like in Boyfriends of Christmas Past, they played no real part in the movie, except to meet their quota for Hallmark! I will admit, unlike Boyfriends of Christmas Past (I think I turned off a little over the hour mark in Boyfriends, whenever the couple was confirmed of my suspicions) I did finish The Santa Stakeout though. I was just enjoying the leads and the story so much. If it wasn't for the gay couple, I think this movie would've been a classic for me, I was loving it so much, but sadly after the agenda came to the party, even though I kept watching, it didn't have its Christmas magic anymore. So, needless to say, I won't be watching this one again, which is too bad because it was ALMOST very good. - A Fellow Brother in Christ -

πŸŽ„"I just watched the Santa Stakeout. It was a cute movie with lots of little funny one liners in it. I did notice two things though. When the lead characters being introduced to the people at a party, they are introduced to two guys who appear to be there together. There is no mention of them being gay, and nothing shown, but I just got the feeling that it is implied in the couple of scenes we see them in. Maybe I'm just super sensitive to these things now...I don't know. I also noticed that there was a focus on a toy that the lead character bought for a family member and it happened to be a rainbow coloured bear. Again, it could be nothing or it could be a subtle message." ~Karen

πŸŽ„"The Santa Stakeout was a good movie. It does have what appears to be a gay couple who show up at gatherings here and there. No real personal displays of affection but it was pretty clear." ~ Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Santa Stakeout. I didn't know if I would like this movie after watching the trailer. But! I was pleasantly surprised. Paul Campbell's projects have really been taking a shine. I thought this movie was clever, creative and it hooked me, right from the start. The leads work well together and so do the minor characters. I think my parents would love it." ~Amanda D.

πŸŽ„"SANTA STAKEOUT *sort of* not family friendly, but not terrible. They definitely sneaked in the same gender couple even though not so blatant. I just hate them trying to normalize it through supposedly family friendly movies. Aside from that, this was a pretty fun to watch and the storyline is very unique for a Hallmark Christmas movie. Very entertaining. Chemistry was more of a friend vibe to me, but the whole movie was still enjoyable." ~CH Mom

Christmas in Harmony - October 29, 2021
(Ashleigh Murray, Luke James, Loretta Devine, Michelle Williams, Basil Wallace)

πŸŽ„"I thought that Christmas in Harmony was great it made me feel great with all the music and Church choir. I felt inspirational." ~Chris

πŸŽ„"Friday night I watched Christmas In Harmony and I really enjoyed it, it is my favorite new one so far. I really liked Ashleigh Murray and Luke James together, and Loretta Devine was super great as well! I loved how the movie was set at church, and God is mentioned in a positive way several times throughout the movie. It was REALLY nice to watch a Christmas movie that was a little more Christ centered than the rest. There were of course a few little things that I didn't care for(no need to go into detail, just my personal opinions lol) but it was family friendly!! I don't remember anything on it that would make it not friendly. AND, it was the first one this year that felt like Christmas to me. I probably won't watch this one EVERY year, but I would definitely watch it again!" -A Fellow Brother in Christ-

πŸŽ„"I missed most of Christmas In Harmony, but I saw one part that showed one of the characters being very open about their faith, which you never see much on any Christmas tv movie, let alone Hallmark. So that looked to be family friendly too!" Misty

πŸŽ„"I did watch Christmas in Harmony Friday night, and it was one of the best movies I have watched on Hallmark in a long time (besides any SSD). I really enjoyed Ashleigh Murray and Luke James. It was the most real and down to earth movie Hallmark has made in a long time. Some of the singing scenes with the choir sounded like they were almost green screened for singing, whatever the term is for that. That was really the only part that made me remember this was a Hallmark movie, as in it is shot in 2 weeks and they usually have major plot and story issues cause of it. The storyline was very believable, the family closeness was so wonderful too. It was a family of blood, friends, the church, all together and it had a lot of feel good feels. I love the song Harmony sung in the end, and this movie was really good. It felt so authentic, real and that came across as a very good movie to me." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS IN HARMONY Family friendly. This was so funny and entertaining. Love the witty dialogues, and I really love the church setting. The gospel music was INCREDIBLE... just lovely and gave me goosebumps. I would've loved the female lead to be a little bit more... cheerful. It's kind of hard to explain but she came across as a bit grumpy to me. Maybe just a little bit more smile" ~CH Mom :)

Coyote Creek Christmas - October 30, 2021
(Janel Parrish and Ryan Paevey)

πŸŽ„"I turned off Coyote Creek Christmas about 10 minutes in, because the main character and her sister run into another girl on the sidewalk, the sister acts very awkward, and, after parting ways, there's talk about how they should be together, as the sister says she has no time for dating. Clear enough for me to decide I have better things to do with my evening! Hoping "The Christmas Promise" will be good." :-) ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"Coyote Creek Christmas features a same-sex relationship. In case you want to skip or flag it." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I am so sad to say that Coyote Christmas is NOT a family friendly movie. Very early on they made it clear that a main character was interested in a person of the same sex and then the rest of the movie continued to develop and encourage the relationship until they end up together at the end. Otherwise, I enjoyed the movie. I usually love every movie that Ryan Paevey has been in, but I won't be keeping this one around." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Coyote Creek Christmas" exposes so many of Hallmark's weaknesses. For example, how is it that Asian and Caucasian parents have a Latina daughter? Adopted? Never addressed. Never resolved. Could this explain this year's exodus of some of the network's major, and most popular stars. Hilarie Burton expressed these "short comings" years ago when she declined to sign on for more than her initial 3 Hallmark movies sighting (years before the network clumsily tried to change) the lack of diversity in its programming. ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"As some have reported Coyote Creek Christmas is not family friendly. I was really bummed out, was really anticipating this one! The first clue was a little confusing, so I continued to watch. But it becomes very clear what's going on. I did finish the movie but will not watch again. This would be a great movie if not for the gay couple. The leads were great, the story line not original at all though. I think the pattern for HM now is not to advertise the same sex couples hoping you will see enough that you will want to see the end, which is exactly what happened to me! It seems they are putting same sex couples in almost every movie now." ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"I've always been one to read comments on HM FB page & other social after a movie airs. So, I was interested to see what kind of comments Coyote Creek Christmas garnered. The reviews for this movie were more negative than positive. I turned it on but sadly, turned it off less than 20 minutes in despite being a huge Ryan Paevey fan. That is how long it took for the movie to lose its family-friendly, feel-good elements. Last year when HM began to introduce more controversial elements to their storylines in the mix of their holiday movie programming, it was done subtlety. However, they have taken an in your face approach in an effort to prove they are trying to be relevant among the ranks of television programming. I watch holiday movies to escape from the reality of life, not to sit for 2 hours and watch art imitating life. What once was a standout channel, now makes them just like everyone else. This is no disservice to the actors who work hard to bring viewers good acting and stories to watch. However, when viewers are also making negative comments about the actors, this certainly speaks volumes. We have to remember that be it a good or badly scripted movie, this is work for actors. Overall, viewers are losing patience with HM's new direction. The good thing is viewers have options and can decide to watch or not. Many are choosing the latter. So far, not incredibly impressed with HM's offerings this year. Hopefully it improves as the season unfolds." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Not sure where to post this but presume Net you have now had feedback from viewers of the Coyote Creek Christmas movie from Oct 30 which unfortunately Hallmark is following their plan to infuse many of their movies with the "gay subplot" however subtle, in this one it is the lead lady's sister with the lady musician asked to perform at the last Christmas celebration. I am so sick of this...but just a heads up. Net so appreciate all the work you do to help keep us informed. Look forward to GAC movies we can watch without filter." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Coyote Creek Christmas: I am a big Ryan Paevey fan but I had a hard time getting into this movie. I didn't find he and Janel Parrish had alot of chemistry. I preferred Janel Parrish in the movie she did earlier this year -- Right in Front of Me." ~Amanda D.

Christmas Sail - October 31, 2021
(Katee Sackhoff, Patrick Sabongui, and Terry O’Quinn)

πŸŽ„"I watched Christmas Sail last night and have no regrets! I enjoyed every bit of it, my favorite one from this year so far! I loved the story, the characters, it was so Christmas-y! It is a new favorite for me!! It was definitely family-friendly!! I plan on watching this one at least one more time before the year is over, I really really enjoyed it. All of the acting was good. I would love to see Katee Sackhoff in more Christmas movies! There is so much I could say about it but i don't want to spoil for anyone so I'll stop here! :) Christmas Sail for me is an instant classic! P.S. Thank you again to the people who reviewed Coyote Creek Christmas, sadly one more I'll scratch off my list, but I truly appreciate knowing before turning it on so I can avoid altogether, thank you!" -A Fellow Brother In Christ-

πŸŽ„"I did catch Christmas Sail, which I really liked. Family friendly with great characters and a more original storyline." ~Savvy Girl

πŸŽ„"Christmas Sail – This one surprised me! I’m “knot” typically into nautical stuff, but I really enjoyed this sweet little movie. I enjoyed the chemistry between the leads, but what especially touched me was the relationship between the grandpa and the little girl, who is absolutely adorable! This family-friendly movie is smooth sailing – I highly recommend this lighthearted, feel-good movie as one to “sea”!" ~Net

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS SAIL Family friendly. This was very enjoyable. Both leads are new to me but likable and pretty cute together. I remember Terry O Quinn from watching LOST back then. Loved seeing him here. Although I think, Hannah the little girl was the show stealer for sure. I got a little teary watching the surprise slideshow at the end. Probably just a one time watch for me but it was really cute." ~CH Mom

Gingerbread Miracle
- November 5, 2021
(Merritt Patterson and Jon Ecker)

πŸŽ„"I just had to come on here after watching Gingerbread Miracle and say how much I loved it! It was definitely family friendly and as someone who is married to an immigrant from Mexico, it felt extra special. Some of the comments about being first and second generation immigrants and the expectations that are felt were spot on. And while I enjoyed the actor, William Levy, from South Beach Love (he was in one of my favorite telenovelas from years ago), this movie felt much more authentic as well as it feeling like a classic Christmas movie. Most of the movies this year haven't felt as good as years past but this one felt like it! Just had to share how much I enjoyed it!" ~Sarah S.

πŸŽ„"Watched Gingerbread Miracle last night and very pleased to say it is family-friendly!!! It was a super SWEET movie, Merritt Patterson and the lead guy were real good together. There was lots of Christmas and Gingerbread, it made me really hungry :) I'm not a huge Merritt Patterson fan, only a few of hers I watch every year, but this is now one of them!! I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end! Highly recommend!" -Brother in Christ-

πŸŽ„"We watched "Gingerbread Miracle" tonight based on the excellent reviews it received. We loved it and especially enjoyed the focus as the end on the Mexican Christmas tradition of Las Posadas and welcoming Mary and Joseph as they search for a room in Bethlehem. It is a heartwarming story of family, faith, love, Christmas miracles, and amazing Mexican food." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Review: Gingerbread Miracle
Family-friendly: Yes
Keeper: Yes
I very much enjoyed this movie and how they incorporated immigration into the plot. Merritt Patterson has become one of my favorite "newer" Hallmark movie regulars, and she didn't disappoint in this one. A keeper for me." ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"GINGERBREAD MIRACLE Family friendly. I didn’t know what to expect when I saw the synopsis but this was definitely one of the better ones this year! It was entertaining, and it has a lot of hearts. I have to admit that I wasn’t really a fan of Merritt Patterson but she has grown on me lately. Most movies she’s been on recently have been on point and I really loved her in this one. Loved the cute banters between Maya and Alex. Great chemistry. Absolutely love the Mexican culture highlighted here. Love the Las Posadas tradition, which I’ve never heard before watching this so I was glad to learn something new. This was a definite keeper!" ~CH Mom

Next Stop, Christmas - November 6, 2021
(Lyndsy Fonseca, Chandler Massey, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd)

πŸŽ„"Next Stop Christmas was a nice surprise. It is family friendly, thank God. I loved this movie! This is a keeper!" ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"I saw some of Next Stop, Christmas and it started off good, but then just seemed to lose steam at the end. The end was so blah." Misty

πŸŽ„"What a treat to watch Next Stop, Christmas last night. Lea Thompson and Chris Lloyd were perfect for their roles. The movie was family friendly, which can no longer be counted on as the norm for HM. Huge fan of BTTF movies so it was a pleasure to see Thompson and Lloyd together again. The film had a little of the feeling of Polar Express too. Fun film for the entire family." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Next Stop, Christmas was absolutely perfect! It was family-friendly and it was SO good. No doubt my favorite this year so far. It might even reach my all time favorite list too, it was a lot of fun! All of the characters were amazing and the story was not only fun and comedic, but also very heartwarming. This was one of my most anticipated ones this year, and it did not dissapoint! Will probably watch at least 3 more times before the year is over lol" -brother in Christ-

πŸŽ„"Next Stop, Christmas. LOVED Lyndsy Fonseca, she is so witty, funny, beautiful, and so good. Enjoyed Chandler Massey although i don't know any of his work before. I did see Lyndsy on Y&R back in the day, but haven't watched Days since i was a kid. so I don't know his work, but I really enjoyed him a lot. The movie wasnt bad or good, just ok to me. I liked all the acting, i think i just knew how the movie was going to go, pretty much she rides a train back 10 years and she has to decide if she is happy in her current life or if she maybe missed something. I think her and Ben were cute together, but she hadn't given him a 2nd thought for 10 years, so I didn't believe they were in love. I believed he loved her, but not she loved him. They were childhood friends that grew up together and he had a crush on her, and thats all.
It felt a lot like they were trying to be back to the future, like she had to do something from the 1st party to get her parents to decide to not go down the road of divorce. and the golden ticket, it was missing round trip, like the picture from back to the future kept fading away the kids like they were never born cause george and lorraine never got together. It just felt they were trying to capitalize on the back to the future and Doc and Lorraine, and wrote an ok story.
Takeaways--the acting by all was great. The cast was great. The storyline, ok, and I didn't believe she loved Ben at all." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"Next Stop, Christmas was great! Best one so far this year, not that I’ve watched many! Family-friendly and funny! The ending was a bit confusing, but definitely worth the watch!" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Next Stop, Christmas: I LOVED this movie. This is a great one -- for a family or dynamic group of people. The leads were amazing. I am not familiar with either of them, and I thought they had great chemistry together and were both enjoyable on their own. I hope to see them both in more Hallmark movies! The train scenes were beautiful. Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson were great additions. And plot wise, the movie had many ups and downs (in a good way) and it wasn't clear how things were going to turn out. We had a lot of laughs -- this one's a keeper." ~Amanda D

πŸŽ„"Review: Next Stop, Christmas Family-friendly: Yes Keeper? Definitely This is my favorite new Christmas movie so far this year. Although, like many time-travel movies, if you look too closely you will find many holes. But that said, I really enjoyed this movie primarily for two reasons: 1) It had some comedy in it. I love it when these movies include some comedic bits (which is why The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is my all-time favorite), and this one had me chuckle many times. 2) Lyndsy Fonseca. I was not familiar with her at all before this movie, but this looked like a role she was born to play! Great timing, and her facial expressions (astonishment, confusion, etc.) were right-on. I hope we see a lot more of her. And then throw in the always-great Christopher Lloyd, and you have a real winner here!" ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"NEXT STOP CHRISTMAS Family Friendly. I finally hit a Hallmark jackpot! This was so good. I'm not normally a fan of time-travel movies, but this was written so well. Such great directing, writing and actors. It's been a long time since Hallmark made wonderful movies that tugs your heartstrings and this was definitely it. Wonderful, funny, great romance, love the family reconciliation. It gripped my attention from the beginning throughout. Lyndsey Fonseca was amazing. She brought Angie's character to life. Love, love, the cute banters with Ben. Great chemistry. Adored the train conductor. This is definitely a keeper and one of my favorites this year so far!" ~CH Mom

A Christmas Treasure - November 7, 2021
(Jordin Sparks and Michael Xavier)

πŸŽ„"I watched A Christmas Treasure last night and happy to say it is family friendly. But...it's not that great of a movie. The best part was Jordin singing Oh Holy Night! Not much chemistry between the leads. Not one I will be watching over and over." ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Treasure was really good and family friendly." 😊- Grace

πŸŽ„"I'm surprised no one has commented on A Christmas Treasure. They edited the lyrics of "O Holy Night" and left out "when Christ was born." Hallmark is falling apart at the seams and I think I'm going to just collect the older movies on my DVR and be done with them. Previously I didn't mind sifting through bad films to find good ones, but actively deleting God is where I draw the line." ~Anonymous

Open by Christmas - November 12, 2021
(Alison Sweeney, Erica Durance, Brennan Elliott)

πŸŽ„"Open by Christmas not family friendly. Gay engaged couple introduced at party. Alison Sweeney is one of the Executive Producers of this movie. I will not trust her work going forward. A little surprised to see Brennan Elliott involved in a move that is family unfriendly. Disappointing." ~Andy T.

πŸŽ„"Watched Open by Christmas. Not family-friendly, which surprised me with Alison Sweeney and Brennan Elliott. About halfway through, one of the male high school classmates Nikki runs into introduces her to his fiancΓ©, another man. He also talks about his high school crush who was a guy. I turned it off at that point, so not sure if they were shown again or not." ~Jennifer R.

πŸŽ„"So sorry to report that Open By Christmas is not family friendly. About one hour into the movie there is a gay "engaged" couple introduced. I don't know if they are in the movie more than that one time. I stopped watching at that point. The movie is not that good, or at least the hour I watched wasn't. Story was hard to follow and not the best acting I have seen. I had just commented to my husband that "this is a very boring movie" when the "wham" came. So I just turned the channel at that point. So disappointed again. Alison is one of my favorites! Was so hoping we wouldn't see this!!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"Open by Christmas has a gentleman in it whom she thinks may have written the card. She asks him at a party and his fiancΓ© another gentleman enters the scene. Other than that it was a really cute movie. So if same gender attraction is not something you want to see don’t watch, but if it doesn’t bother you the movie is recommended. ~cami

πŸŽ„"Open By Christmas has a gay couple! Beware!" ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"I watched Open By Christmas last night. Once again, Hallmark had to dissapoint. About halfway through the movie, Allison Sweeney's character is talking to a man trying to figure out if he wrote her the Christmas card, about halfway through this conversation, his male fiancΓ© comes into the conversation. It was probably a 2 minute scene. Not much, but enough. I didn't see anything after that so I don't know if anything else happened in the rest of the movie. If anyone did, pretty please let me know who the card was from, I'm still curious, lol I'm sure it was somehow from Brennan Elliott. Still heartbreaking and frustrating that hallmark thinks they need to slip 2 minute scenes into so many movies now, not thinking about if it even effects their story, only caring about the loudest voice in society." -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"I have not watched "Open by Christmas" but decided to check Facebook and found mention of a gay couple being briefly inserted, just for wokeness, as Sabrina says. Bummer, I was hoping this one would be clean. Hallmark is losing me a little more each week, but, you know what, it's okay! I love that we have this community to help each other seek out the good, clean movies, and my life is great without the misfit movies." ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"I've just started to watch Open by Christmas and was very sad to see the same sex couple in the middle of it. It's a pity, because till that moment it was quite a good movie and I love Alison Sweaney and Brennan Elliot, they're such good actors. I'm so disappointed with Hallmark. They used to make family-friendly and clean movies. And now you're not sure what you will see in the movie, and that's why you're not relaxed and not enjoying this movie in full." ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"ARG! I thought I'd give HM another chance this rainy Saturday evening and began watching Open by Christmas, with my two faves, Allison Sweeney and Brennan Elliott. I was very much enjoying it, especially the chemistry between Allison's character and that of her best friend played by Erica Dorrance. And then I was smacked in the face with a non-family friendly character. That's when I shut it off and came here. Oh, I could cry. Well, I tried. ~Savvy Girl

πŸŽ„"Open by Christmas" with Allison Sweeney has a gay couple in it for a couple minutes. The gay guy introduces his fiancΓ©. I am so sad! Not family friendly." ~Judy

πŸŽ„"Open By Christmas--I watched this anyway cause I love Allison Sweeney, and i do believe on Days her son is gay, I dont watch Days and haven't for years, but i believe her son Wil was gay so I can see her movie having that tiny bit of woke in it. But this movie was.......................SO BAD!!!!!!!! It was going so well. The best was the secondary story of Erica Durance, who i had never saw before and loved, and her fiance and son and all they did for her, i mean i was thinking this movie was so good, til the end and i dont get it, Brennan Elliot (who seems like a stalker for real) who she didnt even know in high school at all loved her and wrote her a card and she didnt even know who he was???????????????!!!!!??????? Not to mention she lives in NY and had no plans to move back, so did they kiss at the end, and then she went home? I did not see LOVE at all between these 2. The movie was so bad and just a few lines here and there could have fixed it, i mean what director wants to put their name on such a mess of a movie? It was so rushed at the end, i kept expecting her to finally remember him or something. I get that sometimes people like people in high school and they have no idea, but they usually at least knew of the person." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"As someone else mentioned, Open by Christmas is a favorite as well, but not for the main characters, but for the secondary storyline. Totally loved the best friend and her fiance and son. They gave me all the feels. Allison Sweeney and Brennan Elliott just felt off." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Open by Christmas - Allison Sweeney...agree with the other posts. Not family friendly and so sad to see that Allison Sweeney produced this. Is there any other way to communicate with these people (producers of movies or the actors participating) in how disappointing it is to see they are partnering with this very "unfriendly family content".?? And the fact most of these Hallmark movies just have a scene here or there or commentary like a token mention is just sickening..it has nothing to do with story lines etc. I know Hallmark has a Dec 19 movie airing that is totally "gay agenda focus" but all the rest of their movies are just "honorable mentions" of which I use that term loosely there is nothing honorable about defiling what honors the Lord God creator of male and female and heaven and earth. super sad days we live in and how far we have fallen.

My Christmas Family Tree - November 13, 2021
(Aimee Teegarden, Andrew Walker, James Tupper)

πŸŽ„"From what I can tell, "My Christmas Family Tree" is family friendly.

Also, did anyone else notice the fun Tyler Hynes cameo, plus the restaurant that Vanessa and Kris stopped at looked very much like the one in "Roadhouse Romance" ~ Sarah B

πŸŽ„"I noticed the cameo too! Apparently he and Andrew Walker are good friends. I think you’re right. I believe that was the restaurant from Roadhouse Romance. I’m glad to report this movie was family friendly and such an enjoyable one. I will definitely watch this one again. It might be my favorite this year." ~MelissaπŸŽ„
πŸŽ„"My Christmas Family is family friendly and I loved this movie! Story is so different from the usual same ole, same ole! You just have to watch it and see the love this family gives to the main character played by Aimee Teagarden. All the actors gave outstanding performances! They even say grace at the dinner table! It's just a top notch movie! And watch for the Tyler cameo! Thought I was seeing things! Lol! This is definitely a keeper!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"My Family Christmas Tree was a sweet movie that departed a little from the usual Hallmark tropes. I love Aimee Teagarden and was refreshed by a family friendly and family-centered movie." ~J.F. Hale

πŸŽ„"Also watched My Christmas Family Tree! Happy to report it is also family friendly!! It did have a TINY bit of older audience content, sort of.(just because the entire plot is based around the father having a daughter with a woman he was never married to). But I think they handled it pretty well, the dad makes mention of being involved in a church pageant, and one thing I really liked, the family said grace before supper. I think that was their subtle way of showing that he has made mistakes, but that was in the past and he has clearly changed since then. Also.....TYLER HYNES!?!?! I had to rewind like 5 times make sure it was him! Lol Once Upon A Christmas Miracle is one of my all time favorites, so I was SO happy to see Aimee again, and she was REALLY good with Andrew. I had high hopes for this one and it didn't dissapoint, it was really sweet and Christmassy. Will definitely watch again! -brother in Christ

P.S. I hope this review and the review for One December Night is enough detail for a parent to decide if child should watch or not, I know it is hard to decide how old a child should be for certain content. If anyone had any other questions on the films, I will do my best to answer." -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"I will join the people who have good reviews of "My Christmas Family Tree". After a few disappointments with the previous Hallmark movies, this one was definetely worth watching. It was such a heartwarming, touching story (I've had tears in my eyes a few times). It is one of those movies that will be remembered and rewatched many times. I don't remember the last time I've watched Hallmark movies and felt in this way." ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"A Family Christmas Tree--not bad, but I dont understand, once again a few more lines like the DNA place calling her back to say that was her family. they left it that the DNA place said they got it wrong, which really??? The DNA place is just matching DNA, they don't mess up the names. To DNA your name is like what your favorite color is, it is matching your dna they dont get names wrong. But they took that they were biological cause of a picture he had of her mom that she doesn't even remember cause her mom died at 6? A few more lines, such as her showing them her mom's pic when he showed his pic of her. or the dna place calling back to say sorry again she is the right Vanessa, or even them doing a dna test at the end and they get the results while her and andrew walker are on a date, and the family is at home decorating for valentines day. I didnt believe her and andrew walker liked each other, they just seemed like brother and sister. Things i did like: the family doing lots together, the kids were cute, the mom saying many things like "I dont like the word step, we are all family" and she also said what's her husbands is hers, and that meant Vanessa was hers too, so sweet. The mother was my favorite character. But the movie love story was not good." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"MY CHRISTMAS FAMILY TREE Family Friendly (other than potentially discussing the topic of being pregnant before marriage). Oh so sweet! This was a tearjerker for sure. Really like Aimee Teegarden and Andrew Walker, but mostly Aimee. Not a lot of romance storyline between them though, but the family aspect here is the heart of this movie. I love that the family said grace in the movie. I just adore the step-mom character Pauline. Also the incorporation of Polish culture. *****spoiler alert***** Just one concern, and this is just me being nitpicky... I'm just a little puzzled in the end when the DNA company said it was a mix-up, but then it was not? It wasn't too believable to me for the DNA company to screw up 2 times like that. I felt like it was an unnecessary issue to create a climax. Even with this concern, it was still a wonderful movie." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas", "Much Ado About Christmas, "Five More Minutes". "My Family Christmas Tree" was interesting and good." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"My Christmas Family Tree was such a great Christmas movie surprise! I loved all of the warm family moments - with Vanessa meeting her biological father and new siblings for the first time. I liked how the children were hesitant, at first, but eventually came around to liking Vanessa. Also, the mother was super sweet and accepting of her husband's past; she was very welcoming, loving and kind. The DNA error was never fully explained, and I thought it made those sort of companies look rather bad. I do want to caution: that it is clear that Vanessa's biological father was not wed to her mother when she was conceived. He was in the service at the time and had no clue after leaving and going over seas that her mother was expecting her. Like brother in Christ said above, it's clear this is in his past now and he's a changed family man. Throughout the movie, it's interesting to watch Vanessa, who is normally used to being alone, warm up to the idea of having this big, beautiful family - with a grandmother, aunts, uncles, and lots of cousins, too! It was also sweet to see a children's Christmas nativity pageant incorporated into this story - telling the true meaning of Christmas!" ~Net

A Holiday in Harlem - November 14, 2021
(Olivia Washington, Will Adams, Tina Lifford)

πŸŽ„"Holiday in Harlem is family friendly. I usually come here to see if a movie is this way before I watch it, but because I didn't see anything regarding this movie, I thought Id bite the bullet, watch and report to the community. I was a little taken aback by the comment by Brother in Christ that he saw a character in a preview that didn't promote a lifestyle he supported. There is a character in the movie who is a bit "flamboyant" but we need to be careful not to characterize people who come off this way as having a contrary lifestyle." ~Keith

πŸŽ„"A holiday in Harlem was a really fun movie. I really enjoyed Olivia Washington and would like to see her in more hallmark movies. I enjoyed the story of her coming back to the community and trying to carry her mom's legacy. I really wonder if a Nativity Scene with the Drummer boy's drum working really exists." ~Brenny

Nantucket Noel - November 19, 2021
(Trevor Donovan and Sarah Power)

πŸŽ„"Just watched Nantucket Noel and happy to report it is 100% family friendly. One of my favorites so far this year. I love both leads!" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I went back on my word and watched Nantucket Noel because of Trevor Donovan. Trevor is a favorite! Thrilled to tell you this movie is family friendly and enjoyable." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"Like kitkat already said, Nantucket Noel is family-friendly!! I personally didn't really like it, but that's just my opinion. Still enjoyed it for the fact that it was friendly, but probably won't watch again. I really hope someone else enjoys this family Christmas movie though!!" -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"I tried watching Nantucket Noel, it was just really boring, mostly cause it is the overdone plot of a big business is coming to a town to revitalize and the shop owners are upset. Old, overdone and hard to watch anymore. It was a great cast, but i watched the 1st hour, struggled thru it, and did not feel much chemistry with anyone on the movie to each other. The lady's shop is supposedly so busy but there was like nobody around any of the shops. Boring and old and not a fun subject to suffer thru." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"Well, only because of Trevor Donovan, I did watch Nantucket Noel. Thanks to all your posters here for letting us know it was family friendly. That said, the storyline was the usual "I'm going to lose my family business because of the big bad developer." And once again, the main characters won the contest (sorry for any spoiler!). I might be a stickler, but the Nantucket landscape doesn't have green leaves at Christmas time, and I wish HM would pay more attention to details like that. I found it strange to find another boat parade as well (Christmas Sail). I did like Trevor's father portrayal and he does that very well, but I felt he and the female lead lacked chemistry, and that their love blossomed like that in just a few days before Christmas was kind of improbable as well. I have to also say that i did find what the little girl did in the first scene out of character for a HM Christmas movie, but I guess that's the norm for HM now. That said, it was predictable, but Trevor, and the actors who portrayed his father and his father's significant other, saved it for me. Thanks, Net and Happy Thanksgiving week!" ~Savvy Girl

πŸŽ„"I watched Nantucket Noel, A Kindhearted Christmas and Five More Minutes. They were family friendly. I would watch A Kindhearted Christmas and Five More Minutes again. I really like David Hayden-Jones. I had to grab tissues for that last movie." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"NANTUCKET NOEL Family friendly. Personally I think this was mediocre at best. The setting is beautiful but the plot is just sooo overdone (real estate developer vs struggling shop owner). There was nothing special and the movie was very slow moving. Trevor Donovan was alright, not as charming as usual. Sarah Power's character feels a little flat and needs a bit more personality. Chemistry was a bit lacking and just everything was a tad boring for me. Not a keeper for me." ~CH Mom

A Christmas Together With You - November 20, 2021
(Harry Lennix, Laura Vandervoort, and Niall Matter)

πŸŽ„"Happy to say A Christmas Together With You is family friendly. It's a little slow getting started, but it gets better as the story unveils. The story line is different too. But still probably not one I would watch over and over." ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"I watched A Christmas Together With You thanks to good reviews here, thank you everyone! I really enjoyed it! I've never seen Laura Vandervoort before, but her and Niall were very very good together. I do wish they had a little more screen time together, but then Frank's story of finding his lost love would have to be cut short, and i REALLY enjoyed that, especially the way they incorporated the song I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm, love that song! altogether i really enjoyed this Christmas movie!!" -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Together with You was such a pleasant surprise. I thought the storyline was mostly given in the preview, but it was filled with delightful surprises and a bit of mystery. I loved the father-daughter type relationship Megan had with her friend, Frank, a regular visitor to the coffee shop where she works. Coming off a bad break up, Megan finds hope in romance again when she sees Frank holding on to a picture of a past girlfriend, Claire. Since both are expecting to have a quiet, lonely Christmas, when Megan discovers where Claire lives, she asks Frank to go a road trip at Christmastime to find her. At first Frank says no, but knowing the trip might be good for Megan, he accepts her offer. The trip ends up being quite the adventure for these two – as they both gradually open up their hearts again to love. The lodge where they stay is beautiful, and the chemistry between Frank and Claire and Megan and Steve (a new guy she meets along the way played by Niall Matter) is fantastic! I did think at one point Steve made a sweet gesture of re-creating a special Christmas memory for Megan that wasn’t accepted very warmly. Of course, she was protecting her heart and afraid to fall in love again. This movie is family-friendly and it has such an adorable dog. He's, unfortunately, not in the movie much, but when he is, he's a scene stealer. The end was a bit rushed, as I was hoping we would learn more about their future, but it was still a wonderful, happy ending." ~Net

A Kiss Before Christmas - November 21, 2021
(James Denton and Teri Hatcher)

πŸŽ„"A Kiss Before Christmas is family-friendly, and I liked it very much. One of my favorites so far. James Denton and Teri Hatcher were great in their roles and great together. Stories from a male character's point of view seem to be rare on Hallmark, so I enjoyed that aspect of it. I love this type of "It's a Wonderful Life" story, even if it has been done many times before, and this one did not disappoint." ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"A Kiss Before Christmas is family friendly, and I really enjoyed this movie. James Denton and Terri Hatcher are good together, plus I loved the story. Another keeper for me. The stories have been told before in both of these movies (including A Kindhearted Christmas), but I never tire of seeing good deeds and life changing things happen. When you leave a movie feeling happiness and joy, it is a good thing. That is how I felt." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"Kiss Before Christmas was not bad or good, just ok. Kind of what i expected." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"A Kiss Before Christmas - I really wanted to like this movie, but I felt like it took James Denton’s character way too long to want his old life back. For a while there, he seemed to like his fortune and successful career more than his family. Plus, I wasn’t crazy about all of the political pictures that were supposed to be impressive behind his desk at work. I did, however, like the cute chemistry between James Denton and Teri Hatcher." ~Net

πŸŽ„"A Kiss Before Christmas was pretty good. As has already been shared, it is Family friendly. I was hoping for it to be a little bit better, but it was still a nice Christmas movie!" ~brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"A Kiss Before Christmas" was very good. I teared up toward the end of the movie - and I rarely cry at these movies." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"A Kiss Before Christmas Family-friendly: Yes Keeper: Yes I love how the focus of this movie is on the relationship between two "older" people. (FYI - both James Denton and Teri Hatcher are in their early 50's, though they both look much younger!) And the chemistry between them was right on! They have acted together before in Desperate Housewives, and it looked like they were having a lot of fun making this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it!" ~Mark 25

The Nine Kittens of Christmas - November 25, 2021
(Brandon Routh, Kimberley Sustad, and Gregory Harrison)

πŸŽ„"Watching 'The Nine Kittens of Christmas" and near the 40 minute mark a reference is made to a same sex marriage. So far nothing has been shown, but nonetheless I am very disappointed" ~Sarah B

πŸŽ„"The Nine Kittens of Christmas was totally family friendly but in my opinion it was nowhere near as good as the first one(The Nine Lives of Christmas-2014). Maybe worth one watch if you really like the first one, but not good enough for repeat watching." ~Anna

UPDATE: Thanks, I read the other review of the movie and I totally missed the reference Sarah B. mentioned. I thought character said Becket or something like that. I went back and watched the part again and it sounds like she actually said Becca. Sorry for not being more thorough." ~Anna

πŸŽ„"I noticed two different reviews for the Nine Kittens of Christmas...one saying family friendly and one mentioning a same sex relationship comment. I just wanted to let everyone know that there is in fact a quick same sex comment in the movie. The one firefighter says "Becca's wife". I probably would have missed it because it was so fast, except I was specifically looking for it." ~Karen

πŸŽ„"I agree with everybody else, the nine Kittens of Christmas was very disappointing. Like someone else on here said, for all we know they broke up the very next day lol we really like the first one too, we will probably just pretend this one doesn't exist" -brother in Christ

Christmas CEO - November 26, 2021
(Marisol Nichols and Paul Greene)

πŸŽ„"Just wanted to let everyone know "Christmas CEO" is family-friendly. The storyline is certainly nothing new or outstanding, but I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I might. Good for at least a one-time watch. Paul Greene was great, and his character was fun and lovable." ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"Christmas CEO – Family friendly but very slow moving. I like Paul Greene very much, but I just didn’t feel like this movie was right for him. There was a lack of chemistry and any sort of spark between the leads, in my opinion. Overall, it was just okay, but nothing truly special." ~Net

An Unexpected Christmas - November 26, 2021
(Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hynes)

πŸŽ„"I’m sad to say that in An Unexpected Christmas, Tyler Hynes’ sister reveals she was married to another female and they are now divorced because she wanted to adopt and her spouse did not. This happened around the 40 minute mark. I stopped watching so not sure if it was referred to again." ~Jennifer R

πŸŽ„"An Unexpected Christmas isn’t keeper for me after reading an article about that movie. Paul Campbell wrote the movie. Hallmark’s formula because it’s more from a man’s perspective and it has a same-sex couple among the co-stars." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Very disappointed with Unexpected Christmas. So looking forward to it as we really like both of these actors. Watched until the scene with his sister when she reveals her relationship with another woman and the tells Tyler if he won't marry Bethany she will to keep her in the family. At the beginning I thought sure this would be my favorite Christmas movie this year. I hope these actors see the responses on this web site and realize how many fans they and the Hallmark channel are losing." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Just read that Tyler Hyne's movie features a lesbian couple. It happened when they were wrapping presents. Something about Becca's wife. Very small and completely unneeded. I don't believe we ever met Becca. Just a word of advice, if Paul Campbell is attached, don't watch if you're against that stuff. He's very in to inclusivity. Very disappointing of Tyler. Going to have to be very discerning even with my favorite actors." ~Melissa

πŸŽ„"When I saw that Paul Campbell wrote the movie, I was apprehensive, but I was really enjoying it until the sister mentioned her relationship. I kept praying, please don't say it, but she did. I was so saddened by this. I find it very cruel that HM does this--little jabs in an otherwise what seems family friendly movie. This is absolutely intentional on HM's part. I was so hoping that this would not be the case because the leads are such fan favorites. I gave them the benefit of the doubt, but there's not much more I can do except not watch at all. So sad." ~Savvy Girl

Just a little addendum--I did not turn off the movie, and I did watch until the end, but the sister's storyline totally ruined it for me, and I should have shut it off. I also noticed some other references to the sister's sexuality in the movie, and that's when I knew I can't watch anymore HM unless I know for sure they are family friendly. I am hoping Lacey's new one is and my prayers are with her and her family. God Bless." ~Savvy Girl

πŸŽ„"The thing about Paul Campbell being about inclusivity is it is getting old and I call it woke when it is in every movie he does/writes. I watched An Unexpected Christmas and i didnt realize he was the writer, but i kept watching. I must not have been paying attention and was about to be like what he didnt put a gay couple, but i guess maybe the sister had a partner or girlfriend, i guess. To me, I dont understand why it has to be in every movie. It is UN-SINCERE. I mean is there a gay/lesbian couple in every single family in America? NO. Its just ridiculous and it is not at all sincere. I wish more gay/lesbian would call them out on it. The movie was ok, probably a little better than many of the movies i watched this weekend. Funny to see Andrew Walker making a cameo in the restaurant scene. Will avoid Paul Campbell in the future." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"Just saw An Unexpected Christmas with Lenz and Hynes. The sister is a no longer married single mom because her former female partner didn't want to adopt. The same gal was striking up relationship with another woman in the movie a few times thereafter. Paul Campbell was co-writer." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I'm glad several have already come here to share the news, I meant to comment a couple days ago but I haven't had the time. I watched An Unexpected Christmas the night it aired, I was SO excited for Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hynes, they are in some of my favorites! But I was REALLY let down, obviously having the same sex couple was sad, but the entire movie in general was......Unexpected, and not in a good way. It didn't even feel like a Hallmark movie many times. They tried SO hard to make this a comedy, that some of it came off as weird and almost delusional. SO many parts were just very different. I dont like to be so negative, but this was in no way a family movie. There is drinking on several occasions, there was a LOT of lying in this movie, and some of the lies were not even resolved and made right like we normally see in hallmark. Also, why couldn't Hynes'character just tell his family him and Joy Lenz broke up. His character came off as very cowardly. 2 ENTIRE months he just made stuff up about him and her. It was all very very sad." -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"UNEXPECTED CHRISTMAS Not Family Friendly. I have seen the reviews about it not being family friendly, so I made sure not to watch it with my kids, but I still wanted to watch it because I love both Bethany Joy Lenz and Tyler Hynes, and was looking forward to this. This started out really cute and had a really fun premise. Unfortunately not only was the movie ruined by the clear liberal agenda, I couldn't really feel a lot of chemistry. I don't know. Bethany's acting in the beginning was kind of borderline annoying to me, sadly. Tyler was alright.. I should say maybe a little off than his usual charming self. Personally, it just didn't really make sense why they broke up in the first place... and why they got together again other than still feeling the love/chemistry with each other (but still, the problem of why they broke up was not solved?). Not sure but I didn't pay attention too much to the movie after the unnecessary blatant liberal agenda that was included in the movies repeatedly. " ~CH Mom

Making Spirits Bright - November 27, 2021
(Taylor Cole and Carlo Marks)

πŸŽ„"Been going through my DVR this weekend and I want to say that Time For Them to Come Home for Christmas, Making Spirits Bright and Angel Falls Christmas are all family friendly and that old style feel-good we know and love." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"MAKING SPIRITS BRIGHT Family friendly. I really enjoyed it! Lovely chemistry between Taylor and Carlo. The italian carol singing was so cute. The plot did go a little repetitive/slow at times (the childish battle between the dads), but Taylor and Carlo are so cute as a couple and it makes up for it." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Making Spirits Bright". I deleted this one but then read CH Mom's review and decided to give it another go. I ended up quite enjoying it! The silly beginning and the over-the-top, ridiculous family feuding are what caused me to delete it. Plus I am SO NOT into all the excessive Christmas decorations (I prefer subtle, quiet decorations :)). But if you can get past all the overblown stuff, it's a cute movie that emphasizes family love. And the main couple were sweet together. Not a keeper for me but it was worth a watch. Also just wanted to say I completely agree with Alicia's review of "Ice Wine Christmas". Not a keeper for me but it was worth a watch." ~~Jane

Christmas at Castle Hart - November 27, 2021
(Lacey Chabert and Stuart Townsend)

πŸŽ„"We just watched Christmas at Castle Hart and it is family friendly. There is a little bit of drinking in the pub, as they are in Ireland, but nothing excessive." ~Karen

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS AT CASTLE HART Family Friendly. Lacey was solid as always. Chemistry between the two leads was decent. The movie was quite fun to watch and I had many laughs. Really like a lot of the banters and the conversations. I wasn't a big fan of the whole idea which was based on lying though." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Christmas at Castle Hart" was good, Lacey and Ali Hardiman (Margot) carried the movie. We were able to see part of Lacey’s comedic side. I loved the scene where she and her sister, Margot, were bouncing on the bed and got caught by the Earl." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"Christmas At Castle Hart exceeded my expectations! As someone else noted, the only part that isn't 100% friendly is the presence of alcohol, but I don't believe there are many times that we see the characters even drinking, maybe twice(I honestly cant remember). But the story was fun, sweet, and Christmassy! Felt more like one of the old Hallmark movies! :) " ~brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"Christmas at Castle Hart The setting is great, but I wasn't really that interested in the movie itself. It's family friendly though, which is a plus given how many of Hallmark's new Christmas movies are sneaking in gays." -Maria

Christmas in Tahoe - November 28, 2021
(Laura Osnes, Kyle Selig, Pat Monahan, and George Lopez)

πŸŽ„"I really enjoyed Christmas in Tahoe, which was 100% family-friendly. I'll admit, I didn't care for the music that much, but the characters (especially the supporting roles) were very like-able and I laughed aloud several times during the movie!" ~Sharon-shutterbug

πŸŽ„"Review: Christmas in Tahoe
Family-friendly: Yes
Keeper: Not for me
While I love Laura Osnes, and she does a fine job in this movie (although I was disappointed that she doesn't sing in it), unfortunately it is not a keeper. The plot is almost a rehash of an earlier movie of hers, In the Key of Love. (In that one, she has a new career after she sang with her ex; in this one, she has a new career after she managed her ex's band.) The plot is just so predictable, and the performances at the festival were rather bad. I'll stick with One Royal Holiday. (And how did they ever get George Lopez to do such a small supporting role??)" ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"Christmas In Tahoe was family friendly, but I wasnt a huge fan of it. I loved Laura Osnes in One Royal Holiday last year and I've heard her talk about being a Christian a couple times, so I enjoyed the movie since she was in it :) but she was about all that we really liked, the story for me personally wasnt really keeping my attention." ~brother in Christ

The Christmas Contest - November 28, 2021
(Candace Cameron Bure, John Brotherton, and Barbara Niven)

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Contest is family friendly but I'm not a fan of this movie. I didn't think I could watch it at first. Story is just missing something. Of course this is just my opinion! Others may love it!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"I did not care for "The Christmas Contest" with Candace Bure. There was bickering which I do not care for." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Contest was definitely different for Candace Cameron Bure. Her movies usually have a deeper script and plot. This story was fairly generic, so that was kind of disappointing. It was to the best of my knowledge family friendly, like I said, the story was pretty plain so i wasnt paying attention the entire time so i could've missed something small if they snuck it in there. But comparing this to Candace's normal performances, this was nothing to write home about. Except maybe the fact that this is like the third movie that Candace and Barbara Niven have been in together. ~brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Contest Eh, I don't know with this one. I usually look forward to Candace's movies every year, but I feel like this was one was just, flat. That, or my disappointment with Hallmark this Christmas Season is bigger then it looks. Either way, this one is family friendly. Hopefully her next movie is better then this one." -Maria

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS CONTEST Family friendly. The whole premise is just too silly for my taste I think. I feel like the script didn’t do the actors justice. CCB and John Brotherton were reuniting which is an amazing thing, but this was the script they chose? They are both good individually but their chemistry here is very lacking. Although I do love CCB as a person, I didn’t fall in love with the characters. The banters were too ridiculous, not so much cute. The moments that were supposed to be funny didn’t really make me laugh that much. This movie was not a keeper for me." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Contest – Family-friendly, but seemed to be missing something??? Sure, it was about charity and giving back, but it still felt… well, silly, at times. The on and off relationship between Lara (Candace Cameron Bure) and Ben (John Brotherton) was sometimes a bit annoying. I did like that Barbara Niven portrayed Candace’s mother – as this was their third Hallmark Christmas movie together. (Moonlight & Mistletoe, A Christmas Detour, and now, The Christmas Contest) They felt natural together, like real mother and daughter. Another bright spot was Ben’s relationship with his grandmother and the way he put her needs above his own, insisting that she join Lara’s team and meet new friends, even when he knew she would be competing against him. (Possible SPOILERS ahead) I wasn’t too fond of the upside down Christmas tree decorated at the end. I know it had meaning since Lara said repeatedly (almost to exhaustion) that Ben turned her world upside down, but I guess I’m old-fashioned when it comes to Christmas traditions, and I prefer a Christmas tree sitting the normal way, respectfully with a star or angel on top. Overall, this was an okay Christmas movie, but not a favorite for me. ~Net

Eight Gifts of Hanukkah - December 3, 2021
(Inbar Lavi and Jake Epstein)

πŸŽ„"Eight Gifts of Hanukkah is family friendly & its lovely movie. It’s a keeper for me. Daniel Meyers is Sara’s best friends & the boy next door. Every night Sara and her family light Hanukkah candles together & have dinner with Daniel Meyers, their semi-orphaned childhood next-door neighbor, who is also renovating Sara’s optometry practice. Sara is intrigued when an anonymous suitor sends her a gift for each night of Hanukkah on the porch. Every night when Sara receives a thoughtful gift from a secret admirer on the porch. When she received only 7 Hanukkah gifts minus 1? Sara could’ve figure it out it’s actually Daniel is her secret admirer. At Matzel Ball, the band plays Sara & Daniel’s favorite song called; “Collide by Howie Day. Daniel asks Sara for dance - For Sara, Night 8; Daniel shows Sara a ring, it’s actually promise ring that belong to Sara’s late Grandma Babbe Rose who she gave it to him & Daniel hopes 1 day he would give a promise ring to Sara when he puts a promise ring on Sara’s finger - Promise rings can be worn on any finger. Popular options are the ring finger or the middle finger of the left hand or the middle or fourth finger on the right hand. Daniel & Sara are meant to be together." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Really enjoyed The Eight Gifts of Hanukkah. Family friendly and I loved the family dynamic and secret admirer mystery. You could see her falling in love with each gift. Such a sweet story. They were "meant to be." ~Melissa

πŸŽ„"I believe Eight Gifts of Hanukkah is family friendly. I fell asleep once during it by accident :) but I'm pretty positive there was nothing bad in the film. It was just ok to me, I didn't care for how many different men were interested in her at the same time (I think 4?) And she was kind of flirting with several of them at the same time, did not really care for that." -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"I really liked this movie too. The cast seemed connected. The couple was believable. I remember Jake Epstein in "Mistletoe and Menorah" and liked his acting then. This is one that I'd watch again." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"I loved "Eight Gifts of Hanukkah"!" ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"EIGHT GIFTS OF HANUKKAH Family friendly. I thought I was going to skip this, but i'm so glad I gave it a try! This movie was so lovely. It made me smile and kept me engaged all throughout. I always love learning other traditions that I'm not familiar with. I sooo adore the family aspect of it, all the fun dialogues and back and forth. The writing and directing are excellent. The chemistry was definitely there. Love the cute banters between the 2 leads. Although they were meant to be friends in the beginning, their chemistry still felt palpable. They portrayed the friends-to-lovers relationship so well. I just LOVE that sweet dancing scene in the living room. My only complaint is that the ending felt sort of abrupt and I had wished they reconciled a little bit longer. Still, it was a really sweet movie and a definite keeper!" ~CH Mom

A Very Merry Bridesmaid - December 4, 2021
(Emily Osment and Casey Deidrick)

πŸŽ„"Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but A Very Merry Bridesmaid features a same sex married couple. Turned it off after that point so not sure if they were shown again or not." Sarah B

πŸŽ„"A Very Merry Bridesmaid is NOT family friendly, the best friend in the movie is married to a woman, not sure if we see these characters more throughout the film, but around the half hour mark(I think) is when I realized the two women were together" -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"I watched all of "A Very Merry Bridesmaid." That couple was strategically placed together a few times throughout the movie. The story line was decent but I wouldn't watch it again." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"A Very Merry Bridemaid isn’t family friendly. Lena mentions those ladies that she had crush on her Brother’s best friend, Drew. One of the lady says Drew is the Best Man. Lena says to thoss ladies that they’ve Twins. It’s Lena’s 30th Birthday as the same day as her Brother; Paul’s Wedding Day on Christmas Eve. Lena is Merry Bridemaid because of her Birthday on Christmas Eve." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"A VERY MERRY BRIDESMAID Not family friendly. Has 2-women couple (Leah's best friend). Male lead Casey Deidrick is handsome but I guess just not super expressive? Personally, I think Leah and Drew felt very platonic almost the whole movie. This movie had a lot of potential but I couldn't really feel or see the chemistry, until after the mistletoe kiss which was almost the end of the movie. Not to mention, it was also ruined by the unnecessary inclusion of a same gender couple. I was nervous for Paul (the brother) the whole time about him moving the wedding location and buying a house without his bridezilla fiance knowing lol. What touched me the most in the movie was Leah and Dad's conversation at the rehearsal dinner." ~CH Mom

Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday - December 5, 2021
(Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Ashley Williams, Mark Deklin, and Keith D. Robinson)

πŸŽ„"Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday was very family friendly and so darling! Loved seeing the William's sisters together!" ~Anonymous

A Dickens of a Holiday! - December 10, 2021
(Kristoffer Polaha and Brooke D'Orsay)

πŸŽ„"A Dickens of a Holiday is family friendly and is a great movie! My husband even liked this one!! Lol!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"Just finished A Dickens of a Holiday, and while I wasn't sure at first if it was going to be any good, I ended up loving it! Definitely a step or two above the typical, formulaic Hallmark movies. I really appreciated the portrayal of a broken relationship between brothers and the healing that can happen when forgiveness is extended. I also enjoyed the chemistry between the leads and Cassie's humor and sass in handling a movie star. However, my favorite part of the movie was actually watching Jake play Scrooge so wonderfully that I'm sad I don't get to see the entire play! Definitely family-friendly and recommended." ~Sharon-shutterbug

πŸŽ„"I’m happy to say “A Dickens of a Holiday” is family-friendly, and I thought it was delightful from beginning to end. Kristoffer Polaha and Brooke D’Orsay are two of my favorites to begin with, and they were great together. I loved that Kristoffer’s character’s story kind of mirrored Scrooge’s in the way that he reconnected with his family. I always like the stories that have a more heartfelt element to them that connect me emotionally with the characters, especially when it has to do with family. I don’t want to give too much away, but there’s a beautiful reconciliation scene that brought tears to my eyes. Definitely one of the top contenders for my favorite movie of the season!" ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"A Dickens of a Holiday is family friendly. Recently divorced Cassie Pruitt is directing “A Christmas Carol” in the 100 years Anniversary of Dickens Days in Dickens, Ohio. Unfortunately, Ray Mullens as Ebenezer Scrooge comes down with laryngitis and they need to find someone new. They insist on choosing someone from Dickens is a movie star Jake Dorsey. They ask big time actor Jake Dorsey to come home for Christmas and help to prepare for Christmas Play. Ray is being Mimenbenezer Scrooge on his badge. Since Cassie works for Broadway 🎭. Jake reunited his Brother’s family; Craig is his older Brother, Allison is his Sister in Law, & Brandon is his Nephew. Ben is being Jake’s personal assistant but Jake asks him being his MANAGER. Santa Claus doesn’t make unless Jake dressed up as Santa Claus a& Brandon wants his Uncle Jake & his Dad; Craig could work thing out to get along with. Jake as Scrooge, Millie as Billie, & Brandon as Tiny Tim from “A Christmas Carol”. Cassie drinks Bob’s Buttered Rum & Jake drinks Marley’s Mule. Audience watches the Christmas play “A Christmas Carol”, on Christmas Eve (December 24). Jake wants to portrayed the role from Dunes of Eastlynne by Gracie Burnett is his Mom’s favorite book. Ben tells Jake about the Producers whose consider the role for Jake is based on the book “Dunes of Eastlynne”, he gets the role when he’s not acting because of its Christmas. Jake gives Cassie a mixtape that he hasn’t give it to Cassie since High School. Although Cassie hands a book “A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens” to Jake. A quotes from the play." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Kris Polaha as Scrooge in "A Dickens of a Holiday!" was wonderful. He and Brooke D’Orsay were great together. it’s already favorite in our house." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"I agree! I was surprised how different this movie was. There are a lot of layers to this movie. It's one of my favorites for this year." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"A DICKENS OF A HOLIDAY Family friendly. This one was adorable, absolutely loved it!! Definitely one of the better ones from this year! Unique storyline, loved the writing, chemistry was there, family aspect was wonderful. Brooke D'orsay was solid as always. Kristopher Polaha was astounding and just hilarious. His acting here was just marvelous and I LOVED that they actually showed a good part of the actual play!!! Watching Brooke and Kristopher together made me smile. The estranged brothers storyline was touching. Noticed Antonio Cupo cameo as the movie director in the beginning. Great job on this one, Hallmark!" ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Thanks so much to everyone here with the family friendly alerts! Because of that I watched A Dickens of a Holiday and found it absolutely enchanting. KP and BD'O were paired perfectly and the plot was not the usual boy meets girl, they dislike each other, then they love each other. Each lead had great respect (and eventually love) for the other and the reconciliation between the family members was very sweet. Highly recommend!" ~ Savvy Girl

πŸŽ„"A Dickens of a Holiday Family-friendly? Yes Keeper? Definitely I was another one who wasn't going to watch this movie at first - I just didn't think I would like it - but after reading the reviews I thought I would give it a whirl. I am so glad I did! I loved this movie from start to finish! All of the points I would make were already said by CH Mom, so there is really nothing more to add. A keeper all the way!" ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"I'm so glad you gave that movie a try! A Dickens of a Holiday is one of my top favorites this year!" :) ~CH Mom

Sugar Plum Twist

See review in the Hallmark Movies Now section below...

A Royal Queens Christmas - December 11, 2021
(Megan Park and Julian Morris)

πŸŽ„"A Royal Queens Christmas" is family-friendly! My favorite part is her parents and grandmother. Megan Park does a nice job, but I think I'm just "royalled" out, having recently watched GAC's Jingle Bell Princess, as well. Whew, so many movies! :-)" ~Alicia

Sister Swap: Christmas in the City
(Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Ashley Williams, Mark Deklin, and Keith D. Robinson)
Not promoting due to content - see *here*.

The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls - Not promoting due to content - see *here*.

πŸŽ„"I think that The Christmas House 2 was absolutely terrible." ~Chris

'Tis the Season to Be Merry - December 19, 2021
(Rachael Leigh Cook, Travis Van Winkle, and Karen Malina White)

πŸŽ„" Tis The Season To Be Merry was family friendly. I'd put it as one of the better ones I've seen this year. Rachel and Travis play well off each other and they both have a sarcastic sense of humor in the way they deliver their lines." ~Kay

πŸŽ„" ‘Tis the Season to be Merry is family friendly. Book Author Merry Griffin is a Professional Dating Expert “Dating & Relationship Advice”. Darlene Walters is Merry’s Editor. Merry Griffith has written the book called; “Know My Rules for Love. Sonia mentions Eat, Pray, Love at Littlefield Publishing. Darlene & Merry spend Holidays in Snowbridge, Vermont with Darlene’s parents’ house. Darlene’s family owns Walters: Gift Shop & Tree Lot. Darlene & Adam’s family owns company: “Walters Gift Shop & Tree Lot”. Merry works on her book about relationships. Merry meets aid worker Adam helps her find new ideas & some Christmas cheer. She finds a new perspective & Christmas cheer with charismatic aid worker named Adam. Joe Smith owns restaurant & his James Smith owns Little Bristo in the village. What’s a bummer; Adam & Darlene’s parents sell their company whether or not they could’ve keep it. Adam tells Merry just put in the book about fiction turned into reality; Merry has something in her mind just before Sonia Hendricks aheads to Boston when Merry is with her Editor Darlene at the airport when Merry hands Sonia her manuscripts when Sonia will read in the plane. Merry signs her books called; “No Rules for Love”, for customers. Joe Smith & Sonia Hendricks, Darlene Walters & James Smith, and Adam Walters & Merry Griffith" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Really enjoyed ‘Tis The Season to be Merry! The leads were great together and I laughed often. There have not been many movies this season that I’ve enjoyed but this is definitely one of them. I also loved getting to see a little prop from a previous Hallmark Movie I enjoyed. They had a box of Merry & Bright candy canes from the movie Merry & Bright a few years ago! I would definitely recommend this movie." ~Sarah S.

πŸŽ„"TIS THE SEASON TO BE MERRY Family friendly. I didn't have high expectations but it turned out I really liked this one! It was quite funny (especially the beginning) and made me laugh a few times. The awkwardness between Merry and Adam when they first met was hilarious to watch. Rachael Leigh Cook always does best acting these types of scenes. I forgot how charming Travis Van Winkle can be. Both of them were great with plenty of chemistry. This was definitely one of the better ones this year and a solid keeper!" ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"After reading reviews on 'Tis The Season To Be Merry, I watched it. What an enjoyable movie! Thanks to reviewers, I did not miss out on one of the best for 2021. This is a keeper for me. Can't wait to watch again! I agree with all of you. Great chemistry with Rachel and Travis." ~kitkat


Christmas in My Heart - October 23, 2021
(Heather Hemmens, Luke Macfarlane, and Sheryl Lee Ralph)

πŸŽ„"Christmas in My Heart" was my pick of Christmas movie to watch, since I always enjoy Luke Macfarlane and any movies that have a music theme. I'm happy to report it's family friendly. I enjoyed the story a lot. It had some deeper elements to it that I always appreciate about movies on HMM. The little girl was very cute and a good actor. I would watch it again, but it's not going to be a top favorite because I felt like the leads lacked chemistry and their characters needed to have more scenes together. And as much as I like Luke Macfarlane, I'm afraid he's not a singer!" ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"Also, I didn't plan on watching another movie this weekend, but after I picked the wrong two to begin with lol I needed something better, and I saw someone here say Christmas in my Heart was friendly! It was so nice not having to keep my guard up while watching, for me it wasn't a classic. What Amy Lama said is really what I thought of the movie too lol but it was clean!! So that alone made for an enjoyable night, even if the movie wasn't beyond amazing, it was still heartwarming and Christmas-y! -A Fellow Brother in Christ-

πŸŽ„"Review: Christmas in My Heart
Family-friendly: Yes
Keeper? No
This was my Christmas movie for yesterday (the 25th). My thoughts: * It was family-friendly, but throughout I kept thinking how Hallmark went extra lengths to have 3 inter-racial couples integral to the movie (Sean and his deceased wife, Beth's father and his recently deceased wife, and then Sean and Beth). Also, more than once someone mentioned how difficult it was/is for people of color to have the opportunities afforded to others. And while I couldn't agree more, this seemed like a major point the writers wanted to hit home. * The story just kind of trudged along. It was hard for me to get wrapped up in it. * There was a definite lack of chemistry between the two leads. I thought Luke Macfarlane did a good job in some other Christmas movies, but here it just didn't seem like his heart was in it. * As mentioned elsewhere, Luke cannot sing, and his facial expressions while he attempts to sing are over-the-top. * And finally, for the record, the bench pictures on the poster are nowhere in the movie. Not a keeper for me." ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"I tried to watch Christmas in My Heart, I even tried to get past Luke's very bad country accent. I have to say Heather Hemmens is beautiful. She has such a pretty smile and I could watch her over and over, just not this movie. The child actress, i guess I am hard on the child actors/actresses sometimes, but this was not good. I will stop there. I changed the channel when someone brought over the Hanukkah gifts, I mean this movie couldn't be more woke." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS IN MY HEART Family friendly. Not sure if I would like this one but it ended up being pretty good. Although it felt a little slow at times (especially the beginning), it ended up being quite lovely. Heather Hemmens was a delight, would love to see her in more Hallmark movies. Both leads had pretty good chemistry although could be improved. Love those stolen glances. Although in the beginning i was not convinced that Sean and his daughter Katie was a good pairing, they were wonderful. One thing though, I think it deserves a better title that's more catchy and more related to music :) " ~CH Mom

The Christmas Promise - October 30, 2021
(Torrey DeVitto, Dylan Bruce, and Patrick Duffy)

"The Christmas Promise was very sweet, I always enjoy Torrey DiVitto and she was good with Dylan Bruce. I really liked the story, it was definitely more dramatic. It was family-friendly to the best of my knowledge. Without giving any spoilers away, I will say I think it could've been better, i feel like parts of the story weren't quite complete, I might be the only one that thinks this lol especially the storyline of Nicole's dad, it never felt resolved, like I said, it might just be me lol but it was friendly and Christmas-y, my favorite parts was the big Christmas tree in the field and the beautiful house!" -A Fellow Brother In Christ-

πŸŽ„"Both Much Ado About Christmas and The Christmas Promise were wonderful! It is hard to believe we had two great movies on in the same night. These will stay on my DVR indefinitely. I will say, for me, The Christmas Promise is the better of the two. Though it is Hallmark, it is family friendly. Loved the JOY sign! ------ In my previous comment, perhaps I did not word it correctly. I loved those two movies equally well. If I were forced to choose, it would be The Christmas Promise first and Much Ado About Christmas second. Can't wait to watch them both again." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Promise
Family-friendly: Yes
Keeper? Yes
A rather serious topic - the death of a fiancΓ© - is handled well but in an entertaining way. The always-enjoyable (to me, anyway) Torrey DeVitto does a good job in portraying someone who is in conflict, grieving over the loss of her loved one while falling for a new guy. And Patrick Duffy (from Dallas fame - cue the theme music!) is always good in his supporting roles. A keeper for me!" ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"I loved the Christmas Promise. It's a tear jerker for sure but had so many life lessons in the story of dealing with grief and healing. All the actors did a great job in their roles It's a keeper!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"THE CHRISTMAS PROMISE Family Friendly *i think*. It was vague, but I was under the impression that the two guys in the friend group (Allan & Teddy) were a couple, although it was NOT mentioned or talked about, I believe. The scene when they were washing the dishes together sort of made me think that way, and also that the other people in the friend groups all clearly have their spouses (Susan and Tom, Gail and Teddy). Seems like they want to imply it but not be so blatant about it. I might be wrong since it's been a while since i've watched it, so someone please correct me. Anyway, aside from that, this was very sweet. I loved seeing Torrey DeVitto again in Hallmark. I like the way they brought up topics of grieving and how the people around her tried to support her in different ways. How she also didn't want to get in the house that was being renovated. Love the natural connection and the build up between the two leads which didn't feel forced." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Promise – I liked this movie, even though it was rather sad, at times. Torrey DeVitto, Dylan Bruce, and Patrick Duffy were all fantastic in their roles. Torrey had fantastic chemistry with Dylan – and Patrick was great as the Grandpa, who was caring and supportive, giving his granddaughter encouraging advice after she loses her fiancΓ©. This movie is family-friendly for probably age 12 and up due to the storyline about loss. In the end, however, there is a hopeful outcome." ~Net

Debbie Macomber’s A Mrs. Miracle Christmas - November 6, 2021
(Kaitlin Doubleday, Steve Lund, and Caroline Rhea)

πŸŽ„"Sad to say that A Mrs. Miracle Christmas has a same sex couple near the end. You do not see this coming! I was so into this movie, and wham...there it is!! It's subtle. A child watching would probably not even recognize what this was. The story is intense and funny. Paula Shaw stole the show! Rhea was good, but she's not Doris Roberts." ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"I watched A Mrs. Miracle Christmas early this morning, and much to my disappointment this movie is not family friendly as it does include a same sex couple. Unfortunately, yet another movie ruined by the counter culture agenda
~ Sarah B.

πŸŽ„"How could Hallmark add a lesbian couple at the door of a church? This is a new low for Hallmark. I watched Mrs. Miracle Christmas and it was a beautiful story, and all the actors were great, but Hallmark had to snub all Christians and our Lord. This will not end well for Hallmark." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"I'm seeing it has already been shared, I should've just waited to see reviews, I knew I was going to love this one, so it broke my heart that A Mrs. Miracle Christmas was not friendly, it was the last one I was expecting to do this. The movie was AMAZING up until the end, the main characters were very talented and the story was so sweet and different than what we are used to. And than in THE LAST 3 MINUTES OF THE MOVIE, their plan worked, you've watched the entire movie already so you can't not support it now, so they throw in their agenda for ABSOLUTELY no reason at all. So sad, especially because it was very, very, very, very good until then." ~brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"Royally Wrapped For Christmas", "Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas", "Reba McEntire's Christmas In Tune" was great." ~Namegirl

One December Night - November 13, 2021
(Peter Gallagher, Bruce Campbell, Eloise Mumford and Brett Dalton)

πŸŽ„"One December Night" is family-friendly, though it does deal with a couple heavy topics (alcoholism and Alzheimer's) that might be too much for the very young.

For me, the movie fell a little flat. I couldn't quite put my finger on why. I don't know if it was the script or the acting or the chemistry or what.

There were moments I did enjoy, and I loved the songs the duo sang at the end. I would love for them to release them as singles. In case anyone else wonders, like I did, the first song they sing, "Coming Home," was released a few years ago, sung by Maggie McClure." ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"One December Night is family friendly and touches on some real life issues. As someone else has said might not be good viewing to small children. It's a little slow at first but the last hour of the movie is great. It's a heart warming story over all!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"One December Night, I LOVED. It is family friendly though definitely not light and fluffy. There are some hard topics but they were handled well and, by the end, it turned out to be downright heartwarming. After several disappointments from Hallmark already this season, I was just glad to find a couple genuinely good movies that my family and I could enjoy." J.F. Hale

πŸŽ„"Started with One December Night. I REALLY enjoyed this one. As others noted it does definitely have some older topics(Eloise's dad being a former alcoholic), but I think anyone who has even a basic grasp of what that is will be fine watching it. because he did overcome this addiction, so all content involving alcoholism is just talk about the past, he is never actually drunk in the film. Otherwise family friendly!!! I REALLY liked Eloise and Brett together, all of their Christmas films are amazing! I enjoyed both of the dads, and the entire story was just very festive and heartwarming. Loved the music too. Will definitely watch again. No question it is my favorite on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries this year so far." -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"ONE DECEMBER NIGHT Family friendly but Rated PG, not G, for reasons that others have mentioned. Lots of great reviews already, but I just wanted to echo that this was such a great movie. Definitely deeper than regular Hallmark offering but also quite entertaining. And goodness.. what a great cast. Brett Dalton and Eloise Mumford were just sooo adorable together. There is something about their cute flirty banters and chemistry. I just love that they genuinely seemed like they have such great friendships in addition to the romance, nothing seemed forced. I really felt it like I was right there with Quinn and Jason, as they walking on eggshells with the situation of their dads. That scene when Quinn and her Dad baked cookies in the kitchen… that pulled my heartstrings. Peter Gallagher and Bruce Campbell were just wonderful, especially in their scenes together. This movie is not just a keeper, but a strong contender of my top favorite one this year!" ~CH Mom

Five More Minutes - November 20, 2021
(Nikki DeLoach and David Haydn-Jones)

πŸŽ„"Oh my goodness! Not only is Five More Minutes family friendly it is soooo good! It's got a little mystery, lots of family love and honors our military too! This one is a keeper! Warning...have tissues close by!! Thank you Net and all who come here to write reviews for these movies! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"Five More Minutes" is also family-friendly, but I'm not sure what to make of the story. I'm still trying to decide if I liked it or not. On one hand, there were some touching things about the story, and I like David Haydn-Jones. On the other hand, there wasn't enough of David Haydn-Jones' character, and I found an aspect of the story (I'm trying not to spoil anything) a little too unbelievable or odd for me, even though I usually love stories that have a fantastical element to them. I also saw the "twist" coming from the beginning, so it wasn't a big surprise." ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"Just finished watching Hallmark Five More Minutes. It reminded me of the old Hallmark Christmas movies. Great movie, Great family theme. I was putting off watching this movie because Hallmark disappointed me so much this year." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I watched Five More Minutes this evening, no regrets!! It is family friendly and amazing!!! My personal opinion, the best one on movies and mysteries so far this year, and it might remain the best for the rest of the year too! One thing that surprised me in a very good way is it had a bit of a military theme which we haven't really seen this year like we used to, so that was wonderful!! I don't want to give anything away so I won't say anything else, but it is definitely a new favorite for me!!! It is a VERY special Christmas movie!!" -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"I watched Nantucket Noel, A Kindhearted Christmas and Five More Minutes. They were family friendly. I would watch A Kindhearted Christmas and Five More Minutes again. I really like David Hayden-Jones. I had to grab tissues for that last movie." ~Mary

πŸŽ„"I just want to share my impressions of Five More Minutes. It was was such a wonderful and touching story. One of the best. Watching it was such a joyful experience for me, I felt so warm and happy. I like Nikky Deloach, she was just amazing in this movie, her emotions were real. And thank Scotty Mccreery for such a wonderful song, which was the inspiration for this movie. It is indeed a very beautiful song. This movie will become a Hallmark classic, for sure." ~Oksanka

πŸŽ„"Watched 5 More Minutes last night. Very family friendly. Dealing with loss at this time of year touches all of us in different ways. I think an earlier comment mentions a fantasy element that was used in a good way I thought. In some ways it reminded me of 2002s A Christmas Visitor with William DeVane and the 2004s Angel in the Family with Meredith Baxter and Ronny cox. (I think these were the titles). They also had elements of wanting more time to get closure that used supernatural means." JoCo

πŸŽ„"Five More Minutes is everything the other comments have said. Finally watched it last night and I was blown away, not only by the acting but also the story. This movie is at the top of my favorites. The mystery is awesome; the ending unexpected. I left this movie full of joy." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"Angel Falls Christmas", "Much Ado About Christmas, "Five More Minutes". "My Family Christmas Tree" was interesting and good." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"FIVE MORE MINUTES Family friendly. What a tearjerker. Many great reviews already but I agree that this was one of the better ones this year. Heartbreaking and deep. This might be my favorite Nikki DeLoach movie yet. Great pairing with David Hayden-Jones. The only thing is that I personally have never been a fan of love triangle, especially that Clara was in a serious relationship. Although I could see how Clara was struggling with her feelings, she also definitely spent too much time with Logan, no matter how innocence it might seem. I do understand that sometimes that’s just how a love story is formed. I did love the ending. Without wanting to spoil too much, the way they conclude Grandpa & Clara’s relationship was beautiful and touching." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"This beautiful movie truly touched my heart! If only we could all have just 5 more minutes with our loved ones. Heartwarming and family-friendly." ~Net

πŸŽ„"Now this is very interesting. Nikki DeLoach is a class actress who rarely turns in a sub-par performance and I was delighted to see the return of David Haydn-Jones. I have mixed feelings about Five More Minutes - in many ways, yes, this is a rich and warmly emotional movie but for me it is NOT family-friendly (although only CH Mom has made a reference to my point) but it also demonstrates how much Hallmark has moved from its traditional values. Many times we have seen one of the lead characters in a committed relationship when they meet up. Sometimes they unintentionally get caught up in a " moment" but the red line is never crossed. However despite the fact that Logan knows Clara is in a long-term relationship he makes a determined move on her. So, "is all fair in love and war"? I personally found this rather upsetting and it left me with rather a bad taste in my mouth. I would seem to be the odd one out though" - Florence

Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas - November 27, 2021
(Jessy Schram and Brendan Penny)

πŸŽ„"Time for them to come home for Christmas is family friendly and in my opinion one of the better movies so far. Glad to finally be able watch one all the way through." Sarah B

πŸŽ„"Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas" is a beautiful and emotional story with a great theme of family and forgiveness (and completely family-friendly). There's a fun cameo from 2019's "Time for You to Come Home for Christmas" too! I definitely recommend." ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"Happy to say that Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas is family friendly. Overall it was a good movie but not the best in this series in my opinion. Chemistry is good between the leads. Certainly worth watching more than once!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas--This has been the best movie all season on either channel, probably best all year and in past years. i adore Jessie Schram and she is just so good with Brendon Penny. A really wonderful, family friendly (and I was worried cause this was Blake Shelton who i have been on the fence about for a while now, but he did not disappoint). I loved the mystery thru the whole movie. Loved all the places they stopped, loved the hard to think of subjects in this movie, things that are hard for everyone to deal with and this was such a great movie. Loved the Allison Sweeney in the movie and a tidbit on her family from Time for You to come home." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas" is family-friendly! I enjoyed it, even if it's not one I'll watch over and over. Grief and loss are dealt with, leading me more to sweet, quiet personal reflection than Christmas cheeriness. There's a surprising cameo--I won't ruin it." :-) ~Alicia
πŸŽ„"I watched Time For Them To Come Home For Christmas!! It is family friendly and amazing!!!! Jessy Schran and Brendan Penny were perfect together! Quite possibly my favorite one this year, not sure if anything else will top it, but hopefully I will be surprised :) Even though hallmark has sadly dissapointed several times this year, i am so thankful that I have found many this year that are sweet, fun Christmas movies!" -brother in Christ

πŸŽ„"Been going through my DVR this weekend and I want to say that Time For Them to Come Home for Christmas, Making Spirits Bright and Angel Falls Christmas are all family friendly and that old style feel-good we know and love." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas is family friendly. (Review may contain SPOILERS) Rebecca’s monogram is RB on her luggage. Her Brother in Law named Mark wants to come to Charleston Christmas Tree Trimming Lighting with his Family; Rebecca’s Sister; Annie & her Niece; Ava. Rebecca orders cherry pie & coffee at the cafe. She lost her memories since the car lost control in the middle of the night. She ends up at the Hospital & she doesn’t know her name & goes the name Jane as in Jane Doe. The dog is lost as Jane & Paul follow the dog its owner: Katherine, Jack, & Will. Alison Sweeney made a cameo as Katherine from Time for You to Come Home for Christmas is in the movie & Katherine married to Jack & bring 3 Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream. Katherine hands a gift box of Winter Cookies. Jane regains her memories that she’s Rebecca. The lady hands a gift bag of Journal with North Star. Mark calls out Rebecca when Rebecca regains her memories when Annie is her Sister. Rebecca & Annie could make up for now. Rebecca asks Paul to join her for Christmas party at her Sister’s place." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I absolutely loved Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas. I watched because of everyone here saying it was family friendly and thanks so much for that! Jesse and Brennan had great chemistry, the storyline had complex family issues, and there is an absolutely lovely scene in a church with a choir. I did not care for last year's version with Lacey Chabert and Stephen Husar (spelling?) and I have yet to see the other two, but I will be on the look out for them now. Merry Christmas!" ~Savvy Girl

πŸŽ„"I also just couldn't get into last years Time for Us with Lacey and SH. I tried a few times but I just couldn't get into it. I saw the 1st 2 movies, the 1st was really good, not a re-watcher for me though. the 2nd one was very boring to me, love Ali Sweeney, but it was blah boring. But Time for Them, it had mystery, i was waiting and waiting to see when she would remember, and the little clues along the way, to me, weren't so over the top hit you in the face. I kind of figured she might have been a writer. But all the rest I was surprised and was so happy that Mark was not a love she was running from. This is just my opinion and not anything to be mean, but Jessy Schram was perfect in this role cause she is someone that can wear very little make-up and she is just so beautiful. and she is apparently not afraid to be filmed in less make-up, like many other actresses that go to bed in full on false eyelashes and lipstick and wake up with the make up perfect. It made it so much more real to me that Jessy looked so natural and like someone in the hospital and that was dealing with a trauma. So just an aside there that other movie makers and actors and actresses could learn from. Since we have so much inclusivity nowadays, maybe we could have some inclusivity of people who dont sleep in mascara, false lashes and their hair done. I loved the mystery and the different people along the way. Really would watch a follow up movie with Jessy/Brendan and his cousin his wife and family. And, I just the other day, realized that the message he listened to in the beginning, was his brother before he passed. it all of a sudden hit me the other day, and i had some tears in my eyes. I think I thought of it again cause the brothers voice on the vm was Peter Benson's (the director) voice. when I first watched I was like, is Peter Benson in the movie too? I didnt even realize til a few days ago he was his brother. Fantastic movie!!!!!!" ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"Time For Them To Come Home for Christmas" was sweet" ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas Another great entry in this amazing movie series! While I prefer the 3rd movie better, this one wasn't bad. I'd give it a 7/10." -Maria

πŸŽ„"TIME FOR THEM TO COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS Family friendly. Trigger topic: grief/loss of loved one. I would say this is definitely my favorite "Time for ... to Come Home" sequel. Some tough scenes acted really well by Brendan Penny. Could really feel his grief and sadness. Love his chemistry with Jessy Schram. Alison Sweeney cameo was a nice surprise." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas is a wonderful, family friendly Christmas mystery. There are some beautiful elements of faith in this movie, as well, which really touched my heart. When Jessy Schram’s character is on a mission to regain her memory, she meets a lovely woman at a B&B who reminds her to “Stay strong. Keep your chin up. God gives the strongest soldiers the toughest battles.” I loved that line – it is a very encouraging message of hope and strength. Throughout the movie, it was interesting to watch both Jane (Jessy Schram) and Paul (Brendan Penny) deal with their individual issues – Jane was struggling to regain her memories, while Paul was struggling with his own personal memories and past regret. When their car broke down and they weren’t sure where to turn, they heard lovely Christmas carols being sung by a choir in a church and they both, without saying a word, walked there together, sat down in a pew and listened to the words being sung… “Fall on your knees! Oh, hear the angel voices - Oh, night divine - Oh, night when Christ was born - Oh, night divine, oh, night, oh, night divine…” Just like the song says, the choir truly sounded like angels and I loved the message of falling on our knees in the time of uncertainty. This was such a beautiful film – filled with powerful emotion. It was a delightful surprise to see Alison Sweeney (from the second film in the series, “Time for You to Come Home for Christmas”) make a brief cameo appearance in this movie, as well, and I loved how they squeezed in a little update on her character. “Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas” is a definite keeper for me, I enjoyed watching Jessy Schram and Brendan Penny together, and I look forward to watching it time and time again!" ~Net

Our Christmas Journey - December 4, 2021
(Holly Robinson Peete, Lyriq Bent, and Nik Sanchez)

πŸŽ„"Our Christmas Journey is family friendly & uplifting movie. Lena & her family cross country to Hope Hills Academy Guesthouse whose owns by Amanda’s family: her Son; Henry & Daughter; Morgan. Lucy the dog is so cute. The dog ratted Lena out by seeing her autistic teenager Son; Marcus. Lena got bust by a lady works for covert program & thanks a lot Lucy when the dog whimpers. Maya & Amanda’s Son named Henry look so cute together. Morgan helps Marcus to relax & gotta be okay. They’re on stage for Christmas pageant. Lena & her ex-Husband; Rick Wilson are back together to make their children happy. Hilda Martin made her first debut role as Maya Wilson loves her 18th years old Brother; Marcus." ~Anonymous

Every Time A Bell Rings

See review in the Hallmark Movies Now section below...

A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love - December 11, 2021
(Katherine Barrell and Alberto Frezza)

πŸŽ„"Happy to report A Godwink Christmas Miracle of Love is family friendly and is a great movie!" ~Joyce in Carolina

πŸŽ„"A Godwink Christmas: Miracles of Love is family friendly is based on an inspired true story of Eric & Joy Fellman. Eric & Joy find new purpose at Christmas with Sadie & Adam, and as they help a family rebuild their home, coincidences & a medical miracle leads them to believe in destiny. Joy, Eric, & others are attending Community Care in OshKosh, Wisconsin part of Summer jobs. Eric hands his Christmas present to Joy; it’s compass necklace. Eric is crushed by his snow plow truck when it’s breakdown & he ended up in Hospital. Joy by Eric’s Hospital bed until he woke up. People await them to lit up the candle & Angelo put candle on table with wreath alongside candles at the Hospital." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"GODWINK CHRISTMAS - MIRACLE OF LOVE Family friendly. I think this was pretty sweet and touching with a few tearjerker moments, but I am just personally never a fan of a love triangle situation. I felt that although Joy didn't really mislead Eric too much, they did have a little flirting and stolen glances here and there, so she still was supposed to come clean and told him earlier about having a boyfriend. Without giving too many spoilers, the ending caught me off guard a little and didn't have much relation to the beginning of the movie. The beginning was about service to community, love triangle, path after college, uncertain future, etc, and the ending was quite a dramatic twist, telenovela borderline (although the miracle was quite astounding indeed). But oh well.. It was inspired by a true story so I can't criticize too much ha!" ~CH Mom

Christmas For Keeps - December 18, 2021
(Christa B. Allen, Ryan Rottman, Ashley Newbrough, Marielle Scott)

πŸŽ„"Christmas for Keeps is not completely family-friendly. One of the women characters says, "I guess that's why I date women." We stopped it there, so I'm not sure about the rest of the movie." ~Annie

πŸŽ„"Christmas for Keeps was family friendly. It had an interesting premise that went deeper than Hallmark likes to go. I liked the ensemble cast with the overlapping stories." Kay

"I'd like to add on that I've been informed that there was a line I missed in Christmas for Keeps. I'm sorry if anyone watched it after reading my review thinking it would be family friendly." Kay

πŸŽ„"Annie, You mistook what Mia said the part she said That’s why Mia used to date women but she didn’t say That’s why she dates women. Since Mia was doing “A Christmas Carol” with her friends: Noah, Sarah, Ben, & Avery with their Drama Teacher named James Massey Mia is still single but she’s not dating anyone Noah & Sarah (Married Couple), Avery & Ben (Dating), and Mia & none (Mia is single) Mia, Noah, Sarah, Avery & Ben are eating desserts & drink wines" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"The part of Mia said she used to date women at Noah’s house while she’s talking with Noah & Avery. Look like she isn’t dating women a anymore. Mia wanna be a Drama Teacher at Culpeper High School. She helps High School students doing “A Christmas Carol”, directed James Massey, he passed away somehow & Mia has flashbacks with Mr. Massey to tell her something. Mia mentions Avery that she didn’t text Mr. Massey back just before he passed away. High School friends have flashbacks with Mr. Massey. Principal Larry Carter talks with former HS school students Mia, Avery, Noah, Ben, & Sarah honorary Massey onstage at the theater. Someone talks with Mia that Mia takes over his job as Drama Teacher until Mrs. Massey tells Mia that. Mrs. Massey tells Mia’s friends that Mia takes over as Drama Teacher (James Masey Theater) at Culpeper High School. Mia’s friends are so exciting for her. Mia walks toward Ben. High School friends have desserts & wines together." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Christmas for Keeps is family friendly (Review may contain spoilers) is about childhood friends honors their Drama Teacher; James Massey for “A Christmas Carol”. Noah & Sarah are married with 2 children - Sarah is a Doctor & Noah starts online cookies business. Mia wanna be a Drama Teacher at Culpeper High School. Avery starts her own Counseling Practice, & Ben starts to build things like furniture. Mia used to date Women. Noah makes bunch of cookies unless Mia sells Noah’s cookies πŸͺ. High School students doing drama for practicing “A Christmas Carol”. Mia, Noah, Avery, Ben, & Sarah have flashbacks with their Drama Teacher named James Massey. Mr. Massey told Avery that this Love is worth fighting for. Avery & Mia are Noah’s house while he’s baking cookies & decorate for cookies business. Avery’s friends join her onstage & also, Mrs. Massey & her Son; Michael join them @ Culpeper High School Theatre. James Massey Hall is Theatre Established 2005 Dedicated 2021 High School friends: Mia, Noah, Sarah, Ben & Avery join together for Dinner. At Christmas, a close-knit group of childhood friends: Mia, Ben, Avery, Noah, & Sarah return homes after ten years to take part in the celebration of life of their beloved high school teacher: James Massey @ Culpeper High School." ~Anonymous

(Hallmark's streaming service)

Every Time A Bell Rings

πŸŽ„"Warning to all who might want to watch “Every Time A Bell Rings” when it airs on Hallmark Movies Now… there is a same-sex storyline and it is a prominent one as it includes one of the three sisters that they story revolves around. We live near Natchez, Mississippi, where it was filmed and tonight they had a special showing of it just for the locals. I love Wes Brown and was so looking forward to this, especially since I would be seeing sights that I’m so familiar with but I’m just so disappointed. I can’t believe this is even something we’re having to deal with on Hallmark. I’m just heartsick." ~Rebecca

πŸŽ„"I just saw an advertisement on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries this morning that is advertising "Every Time a Bell Rings" on December 6th. My forewarning is - DON'T WATCH! Hallmark has now done it again....at the end they show the lesbian kiss...I could see it coming and zipped past but it just ruined the whole film for me. It was early in the show that it was going to be LGBTQ but wanted to see how far they would go! I am so disappointed with Hallmark, just don't know why they keep this up. Anyway, you might want to forewarn the It's A Wonderful Christmas community!" ~Janet

πŸŽ„"Every time a Bell Rings is not family friendly. As the sisters are catching up around the dinner table it is reeled the the youngest sister Nora is dealing with a breakup with someone named Vanessa. Yet another movie ruined by Hallmark counter culture agenda." Sarah B

πŸŽ„"I think that Every Time a Bell Rings is not family friendly one of the three sisters is a lesbian I don't know which one." ~Chris

Sugar Plum Twist

πŸŽ„"Sugar Plum Twist is a family friendly. New York City professional ballerina Natalia doesn’t get the leading role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker, she returns home to choreograph a local production of the Christmas classic. A ballet student VivΓ­ana Serrano who has a flare for Latin dance, Natatlia makes a bold move to incorporate a “Latin twist” to the The Nutcracker. Laura Rosguer is a professional dancer but not a professional ballerina. VivΓ­ana Serrano, an aspiring ballerina, joins forces with Natalia, a retiree from the New York Ballet. As they work together, with the help of the lighting designer Mateo, Natalia spends time with VivΓ­’s big, loving Puerto Rican family & encourages VivΓ­ to bring her Latin dance training to her ballet. Together, they create a surprise reprise of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy…with a twist.” ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Sugar Plum Twist is family family. (Review may contain Spoilers) A beloved Christmas ballet gets a Latinx twist in this an aspiring ballerina who is crushed when Viviana Serrano doesn’t get cast in her dream role as the Sugar Plum Fairy in an upcoming production of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece “The Nutcracker”, but Meredith McClain gets the role. Viviana Serrano is hoping to make be the star dancer in the production of The Nutcracker this year (December 20-26), at Richmond National Ballet/Dance Academy, a dream she has held dear for long. But as the dance nears and announcements are made Viviana fails to make the cut. Determined to fulfill her dream to be a part of the dance, she turns to a retiree Prima Bellerina named Natalia Haddad from the New York Ballet to create a new variation of the classic. At Baila Dance Studio. Rose Ortiz introduces her Brother named Justin to Viviana, Justin the Music Producer like their parents. They call Vivana “Vivi”. Natalia teaches Vivi salsa ballet Sugar Plum Fairy at Baila Studio. Justin & Viviana and Mateo & Natalia are cute together. Katarina Oblonsky suspected Natalia for training Viviana. Justin mentions Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Tony tells Ms. Oblonaky shame on her for letting Natalia go. It’s Natalia’s things on top of it. Ms. Oblonsky telling Viviana it’s something missing. Including Justin the Music Producer. The Nutcracker is an 1892 two-act ballet, originally choreographed by Marius Petipaq and Lev Ivanov with qa score by Pyotr Ilyich we Tchaikovsky. The libretto is adapted from E. T. A. Hoffmann's 1816 short story "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King". Ms. Kat introduces The Nutcracker whether there’s encore aka Intermission until Natalia becomes a Principal Choreographer. She introduces Sugar Plum Twist. Viviana Serrano as Salsa Sugar Plum Fairy. [Electric Version Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy] by Justin Ortiz at Richmond National Ballet/Dance Academy As they work together, with the help of the lighting designer Mateo, Natalia spends time with VivΓ­’s big, loving Puerto Rican family and encourages VivΓ­ to bring her Latin dance training to her ballet. Together, they create a surprise reprise of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy…with a twist." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Sugar Plum Twist (Hallmark Movies Now) I've been so disappointed with Hallmark this Season, I almost considered skipping the rest of the new movies. I'm glad I didn't, because this one was a very sweet surprise! This movie is fun, cute, vivid and family friendly! I'd definitely recommend this one." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"SUGAR PLUM FAIRY Family friendly. All the actors were new to me, but they're all very likable, especially the 2 leads Jamie Hyder and Ektor Rivera. Love the strong Latin culture represented in the language and family relationships. The movie was inspirational. That fusion dance was amazing and I was so impressed that the actress who played Vivi seemed to actually dance on the dancing scenes herself. I got a little teary when Vivi's parents were beaming watching her." ~CH Mom


(*A few of these movies premiered last year on ION. They are listed below as an *UPtv CABLE PREMIERE.)

A Royal Christmas Engagement - November 6, 2021
(Paige Bach, James Nitti, John Schneider)

πŸŽ„"A Royal Christmas Engagement. Not a keeper. I couldn't even make it halfway through. That's partly just my personal taste because I don't think there are many movies that can pull off the royal-prince-goes-undercover thing. However, I absolutely loved Hallmark's version of a "royal" movie, One Royal Holiday, and will buy the dvd when it becomes available. But this particular ION movie was just not my cup of tea, I felt it was just lacking in several areas. For "royal" movie fans, it might be worth a watch(??), but not for me. The little bit I saw was family friendly." ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"I must say - this movie didn't hold my interest very well. It was great to see John Schneider (from "Dukes of Hazzard"), but his role, unfortunately, was very small. I also recall the movie being family friendly." ~Net

Christmas With A Prince: The Royal Baby - November 7, 2021
(Kaitlyn Leeb and Nick Hounslow)

πŸŽ„"Christmas with a Prince: The Royal Baby review: This movie is family-friendly, light-hearted and somewhat silly and cheesy, at times, but cute, too. If you enjoyed the first 2 movies in this series, then you'll want to see the arrival of the royal heir - which comes with some surprises and a bit of royal family drama." ~Net

πŸŽ„"I was able to watch the Royal Baby movie on YouTube. Had a girl night with my younger sisters. You were right, it might have been a little cheesy, but it was sweet and the children in it were adorable. And it was fully clean, what a blessing!😊 Thanks and God Bless❤" ~Abigail

A Snowy Christmas - November 13, 2021
(Elysia Rotaru and Damon Runyan)

πŸŽ„"A Snowy Christmas – The premise for this movie is a little silly, but it wasn’t overly outlandish. Two adult sisters build a snowman and the single sister, Kelly (played by actress, Elysia Rotaru, from “It Was Always You”), pretends she is building the perfect man and says all the qualities she desires in the man of her dreams. Then, a man, whose names is Forrest (played by Damon Runyan, “One Starry Christmas” and “Christmas Festival of Ice”), appears rather suddenly – and he is dressed just like the snowman and has all the qualities Kelly is seeking. Is he real or just Christmas magic? This family-friendly story is cute and a little quirky; however, there is a heartfelt story about Kelly’s (deceased) father that touched my heart. Plus, the mother, (played by Mary Long from “Christmas Next Door” and “A Veteran’s Christmas”) obviously misses her husband, but chooses to be happy and enjoy life’s present moments with her family. Her attitude was very inspiring, especially for those who are missing loved ones during the holidays." ~Net

Snowed in for Christmas - November 14, 2021
(Kayla Wallace and Jeremy Guilbaut)

πŸŽ„"Snowed in for Christmas was very family friendly and fun. My kids now want special Christmas pancakes with bacon." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"I did watch Snowed in for Christmas from last week. And while this plot is done a lot, the someone getting stuck somewhere cause of weather, this one was cute, loved the cast and their connections with each other, it was very family friendly, and gave me all kinds of warm feelings. Kayla Wallace is a gem, and it was a little different in that the parents she au paired for got stuck where they were. And she didn't want to leave the kids with Uncle Ethan who barely sees them cause he is so busy working all the time. It was a great movie of spending more time with family, and i just loved all the stuff they did on their lists to prepare for christmas. Only thing i didnt love, i mean you are a business man, you won the business it seemed, or at least run it, and out pops in the middle of the movie that he always wanted to be an artist. And ********Spoiler******* He moves to NY to supposedly work in the NY office and pursue art. Is art really a career that you dont do for like 15 years or so, and then just pick back up? as a career?? thats all I wonder. That plot has been in many of these kinds of movies and I just don't believe in this case, the business man he was that he had any time at all to even pick up a paint brush. I dont know. But the movie was really wonderful." ~Sabrina

πŸŽ„"I really enjoyed Snowed In for Christmas. Family friendly. Might be a keeper (?) so long as there's room on the dvr." ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"Snowed in for Christmas - A-dor-able!!! This movie is perfect for family viewing and super cute! You’ll be hooked right in with Kaley (played by Kayla Wallace from “When Calls the Heart”), who is an Au Pair to two sweet girls. Over Christmas, the girl’s parents get stuck in New York due to a snow storm and Kaley insists on staying to watch them, even though their Uncle Ethan (Jeremy Guilbaut, from “Christmas Waltz”) shows up. At first, they disagree a little and Ethan is consumed with work, but it’s nice to see him put work aside and warm up to spending quality time with his nieces and Kaley. This is a movie that is lighthearted and sweet – one that all ages will enjoy!" ~Net

πŸŽ„"SNOWED IN FOR CHRISTMAS (UP TV) Family friendly. So cute! I don't normally see Kayla Wallace and Jeremy Guilbaut as leading roles and they were wonderful in this. The movie was nothing overly special but it was a very sweet movie." ~CH Mom

Mistletoe & Molly - November 20, 2021
(Eden Broda and Zach Smadu)

πŸŽ„"Mistletoe & Molly – This movie was not a keeper for me, personally. The story seemed to drag along. Molly and her best friend, Cameron, work at a coffee shop together. Cameron is a little eccentric and the phrase Oh My G--was used 2 or 3 times unnecessarily. Sometimes, it felt more PG, than G. One of the regular customers at the coffee shop is Aiden Ford, who makes a career, as he says, at fixing people. Molly is working her way up in the business world and doesn’t want help from her rich father or from Aiden. The best scene is when Molly meets Aiden’s nephew, who is deaf. Molly asks how to sign back to him, which was a sweet moment. Overall, the movie didn’t feel overly Christmassy, except Molly asked Aiden to help her string popcorn and a moment of caution: the two fall asleep in each other’s arms on her couch. Nothing else happens, but it was a bit too intimate for two single people for my taste. UPtv has some cute Christmas movies, but this is not one I would watch again." ~Net

Christmas on 5th Avenue - November 21, 2021
(Kathryn Davis, Olivier Renaud, Kate Vernon)

πŸŽ„"Last night I watched Christmas on 5th Avenue. Based on reviews elsewhere I thought I wouldn't like it, but it ended up being cute. I had read that the lead actor was cold and rude, but I thought he played his character quite accurately (he was still lonely and grieving over the death of his wife three years ago and had become a bit of a recluse). Family friendly. But be aware that lead actress is hired by his mother to temporarily move into his large penthouse apartment for a couple of weeks and decorate and cook to fill up his freezer in the hopes that he'll come home for Christmas - she sublets her apartment and has nowhere to go when he ends up actually being home the whole time "unbeknownst" to his mother - so they both stay in the apartment - but it's handled tastefully and there are no cringe moments or anything intimate happening. This movie doesn't hold a candle to the old classic, "It Happened on Fifth Avenue", but it was fun for a one-time viewing." ~~Jane

Christmas Beneath the Stars - December 4, 2021
(Vanessa Smythe and Steve Belford)

πŸŽ„"Christmas Beneath the Stars was kind of cute despite all the flaws. Low-budget, serious lack of attention to details, awkward, cheesy, some poor acting, the dreaded BIG misunderstanding and the resulting over-the-top melodrama by our heroine, etc., etc. But still, kinda cute if you don't have anything else to watch. Family friendly (there may have been one instance of God's name used in vain?). Not a keeper for me." ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"Christmas Beneath The Stars - This movie is cheesy cute and family friendly. A woman, Hannah Reed, and her Aunt Lucy spend Christmas in Alaska when she gets a photography job, where she has been hired to review a place called Christmas World. There, Hannah meets Ben, who is newly home from his military service and is trying to decide if he should keep his family’s lodge and other businesses, which of course is... Christmas World! It’s a bit run down, but can they work together to save it? (Possible SPOILERS ahead) Hannah and her aunt go for a walk in the woods to take pictures and get lost, Aunt Lucy falls and bumps her head on a rock, but after they are rescued by Ben, Hannah seems to get the most attention. Apparently, she sprained her foot. I barely noticed as I was more concerned about the aunt, whose HEAD landed on a ROCK. Of course, a sprain is extremely painful (I’ve been there, trust me I know), but I still think a head injury trumps a sprain. Just sayin’. Usually, you don’t move anyone too roughly with a head injury, but Ben puts Lucy on his horse with Hannah and they bumpily ride back into civilization. Hannah and her aunt visit the doctor; Lucy’s head is wrapped around in bandages, but she’s still walking around everywhere and Hannah is given a walking cast and she leaves and hangs out with Ben for a while. Lucy’s completely fine a day later and Hannah sort of limps around for much of the rest of the movie in the walking cast. It was so ridiculously funny, we couldn’t stop laughing. Overall, this movie was not great, but it was a fun one-time watch for us!" ~Net

A Furry Little Christmas - December 5, 2021
(Kristi McKamie and Jonathan Stoddard)

πŸŽ„"A Furry Little Christmas was family friendly. It was kind of cute but it wasn't a keeper for me (the dvr is way too full!); at times it felt a little low-budget or something(?). However, I think others will enjoy it more than I did simply due to the cute animals, the loving family, the cute little boy, and all the warm Christmas fuzzies." ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"A Furry Little Christmas – There are cute animals throughout the movie, but the acting was sub-par and the romance was way too instant for me. The movie is family friendly, but to be honest, there isn’t much of a story to keep one interested. Okay for a one time watch. Especially loved the adorable kitty at the end!" ~Net

Christmas in the Rockies - December 11, 2021
(Kimberly Sue Murray and Stephen Huszar)

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS IN THE ROCKIES (UP movie) Family friendly. I'm really not sure what to feel about this movie. Personally, I had a hard time liking the female lead and going past her sarcasm. She was just a tad too childish for me especially in the beginning. Jake, the ex BF guy was really weird. He was very hostile, but then suddenly got overprotective and jealous. Stephen Huszar was one of the few good things about this. He was adorable but I found it hard to believe that his character fell for the female lead character. I had to fast forward in the middle just to see how it ended. Not a keeper." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"Christmas in the Rockies This was a really good movie! Beautiful setting, a fun competition, and it's also family friendly! Great job for UP TV!" -Maria

πŸŽ„"This movie is family-friendly, an interesting story where the lead woman, Katie Jolly (Kimberly-Sue Murray), chooses to compete in a lumberjack competition in an attempt to save her family’s business after her father injures his leg and can’t compete. One might think it is slightly unbelievable that a woman with Kimberly’s slim figure could compete with your typical muscular lumberjack men, but they included another woman in the story, Marie Brown (Trish Stratus), who in real-life was a true champion. As the story begins, Katie is about to leave town for work in the city on saving the environment, but her father’s injury and the competition bring her back and she meets handsome paramedic, Harrison Brock (Stephen Huszar), who, of course, is new in town. There’s a little spark between Katie and Harrison (not as much as I would’ve liked), and the competition, with axe-throwing, sawing, chopping, and obstacle courses, is interesting. Overall, the movie was an enjoyable one time watch for me, but I’m sure outdoor and lumberjack enthusiasts would enjoy it even more." ~Net

Fixing Up Christmas - December 12, 2021
(Natalie Dreyfuss and Marshal Williams)

πŸŽ„"Fixing Up Christmas. Kind of cute despite being low-budget and rather unbelievable and quirky. The lead actress, herself, was kind of quirky, but in a refreshing, good way. At first I was not impressed with the lead actor but he sort of grew on me. Not a keeper, but okay for a one-time watch to get some Christmas feels. Family friendly." ~~Jane

Christmas Together - December 19, 2021 (*UPtv CABLE PREMIERE)
(Vivica A Fox, Anna Marie Dobbins, Marc Herrman)

πŸŽ„"Christmas Together", the UPTV movie on Dec 19th, actually was played last year on ION. I wrote a review last year. Other folks here may want to look at last year's reviews to determine if they want to watch this particular movie with their children; the movie has implications of couples living together even though not married." ~~Jane

Hi, Jane! Here's your review from last year...

πŸŽ„"Christmas Together. This had potential with a cute story idea, but not a keeper for me. The lead actor was completely unbelievable as the father of an eleven-year-old daughter (he looked and acted way too young and too stiff and showed no fatherly affection). The lead actress was adorable and believable in her role, likewise with Vivica Fox and the young actress that played the daughter. Other actors were just so-so. The movie was cute in a lot of ways but there was a lack of attention to detail with some of the writing/directing/producing. Lots of potential for a cute movie but, overall, it didn't work for me. I suppose it was okay for a one-time viewing if there's nothing better to watch (and it was definitely better than the other ION Christmas movie so far this season). Sort of family friendly except... it's vaguely implied that lead actress was shacking-up with her former boyfriend (whom she breaks up with in this movie). And then, after just two weeks of knowing the lead actor and his daughter, the final scene implies that she's going to move out of his guest house and stay with him (wink wink) so that his parents can stay in the guest house for Christmas. Those implications taint the story, and they could have so easily been left out of the script." ~~Jane


An Ice Wine Christmas - November 12, 2021
(Rosalyn Sanchez and Lyriq Bent)

πŸŽ„"I had "An Ice Wine Christmas" on last night while I was in and out, doing things. It's obvious casting was done by the woke brigade, lol, but the movie surprised me by being well-done, and, from everything I saw, it's family-friendly. I'd never seen the leading man, and I found his performance to be strong and enjoyable. The leading lady seemed more free to be a complete character than in another movie she's done. Overall, it pulled me in even though I was busy! I'm not sure how to put it into words, but Lifetime can sometimes get a very natural interaction with teasing and "realness" that I like, less staged and "perfect" feeling than Hallmark." ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"I also watched Christmas Wine and it was pretty good. I am not a fan of wine, so I really can never get into wine movies. It could have been any other time of the year movie with the storyline. The acting was pretty good, but I just wasn't that much into the movie." ~Misty

πŸŽ„"Also just wanted to say I completely agree with Alicia's review of "Ice Wine Christmas". Not a keeper for me but it was worth a watch." ~~Jane

A Picture Perfect Holiday - November 13, 2021
(Tatyana Ali, Henderson Wade and Dina Meyer)

πŸŽ„"A picture perfect Christmas is not family friendly. They help to ladies get engaged and the same gender couple is in a good portion of the movie." ~Anonymous

Dancing Through the Snow - November 19, 2021
(AnnaLynne McCord and Colin Lawrence)

πŸŽ„"Dancing Through The Snow was a really good movie for Lifetime. The only thing some may be uncomfortable with is that their first kiss was a little more passionate than what we're used to on Hallmark. But it still wasn't inappropriate. The storyline was extremely sweet and handled well." ~Grace

πŸŽ„"DANCING THROUGH THE SNOW Family friendly, although if you are watching with kids, make sure to cover their eyes during the dancing/kissing scene. It was a tad more 'steamy' than the regular Hallmark kiss scene. But then again, i guess this is Lifetime, ha! Collin Lawrence portrayed a really great and loving Dad. Loved the chemistry and the real-ness of the story. Usually in Hallmark movies, the kids would be the one "pushing" the single parent to go for a new relationship, but in this case Lily the daughter showed major insecurity and doubts about Dad having a girlfriend which is completely normal." ~CH Mom

You Make It Feel Like Christmas - November 20, 2021
(Mary Antonini, Michael Xavier, Stephanie Sy and Alex Poch-Goldin)

πŸŽ„"You Make Me Feel Like Christmas has female same gender attraction" ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"You Make It Feel Like Christmas is not family friendly! There is a same sex couple that is one of the main couples in the movie." ~Anonymous

Baking Spirits Bright - November 21, 2021
(Rekha Sharma, Dion Johnstone, Aadila Dosani, Praneet Akilla, Manoj Sood and Nimet Kanji)

πŸŽ„"Baking Spirits Bright has male same gender attraction." ~Anonymous

Reba McEntire's Christmas in Tune November 26, 2021
(Reba McEntire and John Schneider)

πŸŽ„"I LOVED "Reba McEntire's Christmas in Tune"! Full of humor and heart and all the Christmas feels! If you like country music, that's reason enough to watch it. I REALLY hope they make the music available to buy. Family-friendly as far as I remember (though I wasn't watching it with kids in mind)." ~Amy Lama

πŸŽ„"I loved Reba’s Christmas in Tune too! The music was great and Reba and John Schneider were good together. And the whole movie revolved around the military, as the Christmas charity show they headlined was for the army. Definitely family-friendly." ~Jennifer R.

πŸŽ„"Royally Wrapped For Christmas", "Debbie Macomber's A Mrs. Miracle Christmas", "Reba McEntire's Christmas In Tune" was great. Reba and John were great together." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„ "Christmas in Tune was music to my ears, literally! This movie struck just the right chord! I absolutely adored Reba McEntire and John Schneider together! This Lifetime Christmas movie was one of my favorites from the 2021 holiday season. I loved every minute so much– I didn’t want it to end! The music and singing was top-notch, and the chemistry between Reba McEntire and John Schneider, as Georgia and Joe Winter, was phenomenal. It was easy to believe these two had a real history, especially since they’ve worked together in real life before and known each other for years. I was so glad John was chosen for this role. In fact, when they first announced this movie last March (2021), I shared the press release on my site, and kitkat (a dear friend and faithful follower here) asked in comments who I thought might be good to play Reba’s co-star and my first response was John Schneider! I never dreamed my pick would come true, but I’m so glad it did! John still looked as handsome, as ever, with his blonde wavy hair and beautiful smile. (Side note: My big brother loved “Dukes of Hazard,” so I grew up watching many, many General Lee car chases!) I loved the tribute to our military in “Christmas in Tune” and much of the movie was upbeat and positive; it felt very Christmassy. Like a favorite song you set on repeat, I look forward to watching "Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune" over and over again! ~Net

Merry Liddle Christmas Baby - November 27, 2021
(Kelly Rowland, Thomas Cadrot, Bresha Webb, Latonya Williams, Jaime M. Callica and Nathan Witte)

πŸŽ„"I would say that "Merry Liddle Christmas Baby" is not family friendly. I thought the first movie (two years ago) in the "Liddle" series was kind of cute, but this third one wasn't worth it - I deleted it pretty quickly. One of the three adult sisters figures out the reason she's tired and queasy is that she's pregnant, and the father is the live-in boyfriend she's not married to (he's about to ask her to marry him over Christmas, but that's not exactly the order things are supposed to happen!)." ~~Jane

Miracle in Motor City - November 28, 2021
(Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Mark Taylor and Smokey Robinson)

πŸŽ„"This is my first movie review here, but I have been reading your reviews and comments all fall and enjoy your blog so much. I watched Miracle in Motor City and it is totally family friendly. There is so much to enjoy about this movie and it will be a keeper for me. The story is sweet and warm, Tia Mowry and Mark Taylor have good chemistry, and the little girl is lovely. But what really makes the movie special is their open expression of faith and love. They quote the Bible, tell the story of the Nativity, and show Christian faith and love in action. Every character is memorable, even those we meet for only a few minutes. There is lots of good music and you get a little tour of Motown history. And Smokey Robinson adds a special surprise as well, but I will stop there to avoid any spoilers. This is my favorite movie so far this season. After being disappointed by the content of several movies this season, this was a lovely surprise. Meanwhile, thanks for your blog and to all of the people who leave reviews." ~Deborah

πŸŽ„"Miracle in Motor City" is a beautiful movie, full of heart, a touch of dry humor, and, most surprisingly, our Lord and Savior! 100% family-friendly, it's one of Lifetime's unexpected winners. Definitely a keeper. I'm sure I've heard Smokey Robinson's music, yet until now have not known him by name--now I'll never forget him and the faith, wisdom, and joy he shared through making this movie." ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"I finally watched Miracle In The Motor City and loved it! I wish it did better in the ratings. It is my favorite movie this year. Great chemistry, writing and a theme of Christmas at it's best." ~Misty

Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion - November 29, 2021
(Michelle Argyris, Alonzo B. Slater and Asia'h Epperson)

πŸŽ„"Welcome To the Christmas Family Reunion was family friendly and a pretty decent movie." ☺️-Grace

Saying Yes to Christmas - November 30, 2021
(Erika Prevost and Romaine Waite)

πŸŽ„"Well, yet again I had to turn the station. Lifetime's Saying Yes to Christmas had a scene 30 minutes in with a psychic and a mention of something about exorcism. I couldn't turn it fast enough. I was having a hard time getting into it in the first place. Just wanted to share to let others know. Merry Christmas Net and thank you for being a family friendly place to visit!" ~Beth

Match Made in Mistletoe - December 1, 2021
(Natalie Lisinska and Damon Runyan)

πŸŽ„"Just watched Match Made in Mistletoe. Par for the course, Lifetime throws in a Same sex couple at the end for no good reason. Totally messes up an otherwise decent, if not outstanding movie. Viewer be aware." ~JoCo

A Christmas Village Romance - December 2, 2021
(Jake Epstein, Jeni Ross and Oliver Renaud)

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Village Romance" is family-friendly and pretty cute. Its budget wasn't huge and they shouldn't have bothered with throwing in the snow at the end, but the creative storyline and period costumes made me smile!" :-) ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Village Romance – I wasn’t sure how this movie would go since I heard some conflicting reviews before watching, but my Jane Austen romance novel loving heart fell in love with it! First of all, it was wonderful to see actress, Jeni Ross, who was fantastic in the BYU movie "Christmas Jars." In "A Christmas Village Romance" she portrays, Diana Darrows, a young romance novelist, who lost her parents when she was young and really has no clue about love in real-life. It was fun to watch her be rather shy in her interest of Greg, the guy who models for her novel’s book covers. When Diana travels to the small town of Maple Creek, which is based on her book series, she gets involved, using her popularity as a writer – to save the tourist location from shutting down with her best friend, Kayla and Kayla’s mother, Linda. Is Diana really in love with Greg, who is obviously self-absorbed or is she more interested in Carter, a guy she just met, who lives in Maple Creek, loves history, books, and perhaps, may be falling for Diana, too. The movie is overall family-friendly, however, two notes: Greg is shirtless at the beach in a scene when he calls Diana on the phone and later on, Greg has his shirt opened quite far when he’s dressed in period clothing. Carter, on the other hand, comes dressed impeccably, looking every bit the image of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Diana is lovely in an old fashioned period dress, with a high collar and full skirt, in a deep shade of cranberry, with black trim. This is a delightful Christmas movie that may not be overly realistic, but it plays out like a sweet romance novel." ~Net

A Christmas Dance Reunion - December 3, 2021
(Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu and Kim Roberts)

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Dance Reunion" is not family-friendly. It features a gay kiss during the dance performance at the end. I didn't watch the movie to know how prevalent the storyline is, but I googled for content hints and then verified by finding the moment in the movie. ~Alicia

Kirk Franklin's A Gospel Christmas - December 4, 2021
(Demetria McKinney, Chaz Lamar Shepherd and Kirk Franklin)

πŸŽ„"I finally watched Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas and really enjoyed it. It features a woman pastor, which is not something I’m used to, but everything about this movie was warm and family-friendly and I loved it. The movie lived up to the title’s promise and proclaimed The Gospel in several songs. From the opening song, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, to a song about putting Christ back in Christmas, and a great rendition of Go Tell It On The Mountain, the music was wonderful. Olivia comes to a small church as a new pastor just in time to face many challenges for the Christmas season. Along the way she encounters resistance from the leader of the church council and has to overcome her own fears about singing. There is a sweet romance with choir director Ashton, and It was nice to see how he both encouraged and respected her. I wish I’d watched it the night it came on, instead of recording it because for anyone who wants Christmas to be about Christ, this one is a keeper." ~Deborah

πŸŽ„"Kirk Franklin's A Gospel Christmas - The movie starts out with boisterous gospel music in a large church. The lead woman’s mother is a mega church pastor and she immediately seems very pushy- she goes up to the podium and announces in front of her entire congregation that her daughter is moving to Texas to take on the pastoral role in a church. She makes this big decision on her daughter’s behalf, instead of asking her if that’s what she wants. The daughter is just as surprised, but not as happy as everyone else, when she hears this news. I was frustrated that the lead woman didn’t speak up for herself. Then, a few scenes or so later we see her moving and living in Texas. I didn’t watch anymore, so I can’t give a full review beyond that, but I instantly didn’t like the lead woman being such a pushover." ~Net

My Favorite Christmas Melody - December 5, 2021
(MΓ½a & Rainbow Sun Francks)

πŸŽ„"My Favorite Christmas Melody was family friendly and pretty good too." :) -Grace

Secretly Santa - December 6, 2021
(Alicia Dea Josipovoc and Travis Nelson)

πŸŽ„"Within the first few minutes, "Secretly Santa" introduces the leading man's lesbian sister, and it appears from fast forwarding that it's an integral part of the storyline." ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"Secretly Santa has a female couple in it." ~Anonymous

Christmas Movie Magic - December 7, 2021
(Holly Deveaux and Drew Seeley)

πŸŽ„"Christmas Movie Magic" is family-friendly! If children are watching, the only caution would be an interview with the catty old makeup artist. She's reminiscing about the old movie star she worked with, and comments that he was a "walking streak of sex appeal." The line just doesn't fit!! Overall, though, it's a fun tribute to the classics with a touch of mystery. Enjoy!" ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"It was a good movie. It's a keeper." ~Namegirl

πŸŽ„"Christmas Movie Magic I haven't watched many new Lifetime movies this year, but this 1 is definitely my favorite for this year! It's fun, lively, and I also have a childhood love of movies. 10/10!" -Maria

πŸŽ„"CHRISTMAS MOVIE MAGIC Family friendly. Probably one of the better ones from Lifetime this year. Really enjoy the nostalgia theme, a little mystery, and the whole theater setting. Loved the ending so much when the couple danced and sang mimicking the movie." ~CH Mom

Christmas with a Crown - December 8, 2021
(Marcus Rosner and Lisa Durupt)

πŸŽ„"Christmas with a Crown. No idea if it's family friendly. I couldn't get past the first 30 minutes. Maybe someone who just looooves "royal" movies will find this one more to their taste. To me it was awkward and just "meh". Oh, well, on to the next one!" ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"Christmas with a Crown Family-friendly: Yes Keeper: No I have enjoyed Lisa Durupt in supporting roles in the past, so I thought I would give this one a shot where she plays a leading role. Unfortunately, the movie is (another) boring "royal" movie, and there is no chemistry between the leads. The only thing I enjoyed was seeing the wonderful Teryl Rothery play the role of the uppity queen." ~Mark 25

πŸŽ„"I too get tired of the "royal" themed movies, but I went ahead and watched this one and was pleasantly surprised. It was family friendly, and it seemed to have a different feel about it to me. The biggest thing that was your typical part of a royal movie was how the royal person is somehow able to be with the commoner and how they find loopholes for that." -Grace

A FiancΓ© for Christmas - December 9, 2021
(Marie Osmond, Amanda Peyton and Adam Gregory)

πŸŽ„"A FiancΓ© for Christmas". Not sure what to make of this one. Kind of bizarre and also kind of cute. I think I would like the lead actress in a different movie but in this movie I did not buy into the fact that she was a top-rated doctor; she just seemed too immature and almost childish at times (but at other times she was kind of cute and relatable?). The lead actor had the appearance of an 18-20 year old instead of a vet who owned his own practice; I really liked this actor but I didn't think he and the actress fit together. Marie Osmond as the mother was just way too outlandish. The nurse was one of my favorite characters and delivered some fun lines. But something just felt off with this movie. At times it was charming but then it also was just plain over-the-top and bizarre. I don't know if it was the writing or the acting, but this one wasn't a keeper for me. I watched one hour and then gave up." ~~Jane

Holiday in Santa Fe - December 10, 2021
(Mario Lopez and Emeraude Toubia, Aimee Garcia and Gia Lopez (Mario's 11-year-old daughter!)

πŸŽ„"Holiday in Santa Fe. Please, y'all, stop me next year before I attempt to watch another Mario Lopez Christmas movie!! Hah! :) Actually, this one was much better than last year's movie and I think others will find it to be fun. I watched maybe the first 40 minutes and then fast-forwarded through the rest. To me, Mario is fake and full of himself and artificially peppy; he, and the movie, are just way too over-the-top for my taste. Having said that, I did appreciate the movie's emphasis on the importance of family and traditions. And parts of the movie were cute. I think it might be worth a watch for others who don't have my aversion to Mario and too much cheesiness. The movie is family friendly -- mostly. The lead actress has an assistant back at the office that she checks in with often via phone and skype. He is over-the-top, flamboyantly gay. I fast-forwarded through the whole movie, fully expecting to see that the directors ended the movie with him finding love as well as the main characters, but, thankfully, they did not do that. The worst was his obvious flamboyant sassiness and his comments about how gorgeous/"hot" Mario was and looking at photos of him in swimsuit; and also using God's name in vain at least once." ~~Jane

The Holiday Fix Up - December 11, 2021
(Jana Kramer, Ryan McPartlin and Maria Menounos)

πŸŽ„"The Holiday Fix Up. Same sex couple embracing in the first five minutes of movie. My guess is that that couple is not featured later in the movie but if the producers decided to put it in the first five minutes I can only assume the rest of the movie is similar. So I deleted and am on to the next one -- so good to clear some space on the dvr." ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"THE HOLIDAY FIXUP (Lifetime) Not completely family friendly as they sneaked in one-second scene of same gender couple hugging in the beginning. There's also a scene where the male lead was bare chested and the female lead had quite a revealing sleep gown on. The scene was more comedic than sensual, but just a heads up. Chemistry was definitely there. Jana Kramer was solid and the couple was adorable.. but maybe just not enough to pull my heartstrings :) It was enjoyable but not a keeper." ~CH Mom

PEOPLE Presents: Blending Christmas - December 12, 2021
(Haylie Duff, Aaron O'Connell, Beth Broderick, Christopher Knight, Greg Evigan, Mike Lookinland, Barry Williams, Susan Olsen, Robbie Rist, Telma Hopkins and Jennifer Elise Cox.)

πŸŽ„"Blending Christmas". Not family friendly due to the fact that the main couple are not married and are living together and an early scene shows them sleeping in same bed. Only watched maybe twenty minutes and decided to delete." ~~Jane

Maps and Mistletoe - December 13, 2021
(Humberly GonzΓ‘lez and Ronnie Row)

πŸŽ„"Maps and Mistletoe. Cute. Not a keeper. Good for a one-time watch. Family friendly (although there is a hint that the cafe owner might be gay -- there's talk of his family and what his kids are doing for Christmas and it's filmed in such a way that you kind of think that the other guy working with him at the cafe might be his partner in more than just business... or maybe it's just my overly suspicious mind expecting things like this in all the movies this year!?!?)" ~~Jane

Ghosts of Christmas Past - December 14, 2021
(Annie Clark and Dan Jeannotte)

πŸŽ„"Here's the scoop on the movie: "Ghosts of Christmas Past" is unique and family-friendly (with a small caveat). In this type movie, usually a wise, magical Santa plays the role of making the character rethink something in his/her life, but, in this one, it's a crazy fortune teller lady at the office party with a magic snow globe, which may bother some people. The characters are quirky, but I like them. Mostly, though, I love that the storyline highlights how the current, cultural "ghosting" trend is soooo incredibly RUDE, and portrays things being made right. It sucked me in and I might even watch it again. :-)" ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"Alicia I agree with you about "Ghosts of Christmas Past." The basic core of the movie really brought how hurtful and rude people are today on social media. I felt like they were making fun of fortune telling with that silly lady so that didn't bother me at all. I feel like watching it with your kids might help them make better choices when they are on social media and I plan to watch it again too. ~Kathy

πŸŽ„"Ghosts Of Christmas Past Well, here was a surprise. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Lifetime movies in general but every year we religiously watch (nearly!) every one they air. Sadly they re mostly pretty dire but every so often a gem shows up and this is one of those. The plot is that bit different based around the practice of "ghosting" dates something which I have to admit I hadn't heard of before - this is where you blow off someone without an explanation or contact. It also brought to the fore as others have mentioned how with social media people have become so rude now. The good news is that this is entirely family friendly provided you can accept Ellie's visit with a medium at the office Christmas party. She is "warned" that unless she doesn't make it right by Christmas Eve with all the men she has ghosted in the past then she will never find true love. It all sounds very corny but it works. Ellie is then teamed up with Charlie who is regarded somewhat as the office joker (mistakenly in actual fact) to develop a pitch for a new game by Christmas. Charlie is played by Dan Jeanotte whom I didn't really remember but thought seemed familiar - it turns out he starred with Jen Lilley in Hallmark's Paris, Wine and Romance. What made the movie was the screen presence between Dan and his co-star Annie Clark and the banter between them as they worked together on their project and Charlie then began to help to trace down the previous "dates". It was light-hearted, romantic and held my interest for the whole film and there was also another sub-plot of Charlie not being in to celebrating Christmas. Dan Jeanotte has one of those faces like Andrew Walker or Paul Green which just make you want to smile - I wouldn't be at all unhappy if one of my daughters brought someone like him home! The secondary actors playing Ellie's mother, sister-in-law and brother(David Morgan Jones) all gave excellent performances. There was an unexpected twist at the end and praise be that sadly as is not the case in so many of today's Rom-Coms the finale was superb. It@s always a bonus when a movie you're not expecting much from hits paydirt. An unexpectedly delightful movie which has turned out to be one of my favourite 2021 Christmas Movies. Florence's rating 8.5 Memo to Hallmark - give Dan Jeanotte another leading role!" ~Florence

The Enchanted Christmas Cake - December 15, 2021
(Erica Durance and Robin Dunne)

πŸŽ„"The Enchanted Christmas Cake. I liked it. I thought the script was rather weak and lacked pizzazz and some believability, but the main actor & actress were quite good and carried the movie. Not a keeper, but worth a watch. Family friendly (the main actor is divorced; and the mother character is a bit of a middle-aged, sex-pot wannabe - but nothing too objectionable)." ~~Jane

Christmas by Chance - December 16, 2021
(Winny Clarke and Jacob Blair)

πŸŽ„"Christmas By Chance was cute and family friendly!" - Grace

Mistletoe in Montana - December 17, 2021
(Melissa Joan Hart, Duane Henry and Jamey Sheridan)

πŸŽ„"Mistletoe In Montana was surprisingly good and family friendly!" - Grace

Toying with the Holidays - December 18, 2021
(Chad Michael Murray and Cindy Busby)

πŸŽ„"Toying with the Holidays was family friendly. It was fairly average for Lifetime. I like Chad and Cindy so it made my watch list but I don't know that I would watch it again in the future." ~Kay

πŸŽ„"Toying With the Holidays is family friendly. The movie seemed to move very slow, but I enjoyed the story. Will watch again." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"Toying With the Holidays. Cute. Worth a one-time watch as a sweet but standard Christmas movie. Not a keeper for me. I'm not in the Cindy Busby fan club, although I really did like her in the Godwink movie. I felt like in this Lifetime movie (and in others) I was watching her "act"; whereas with someone like Jill Wagner or Jen Lilly I feel like I'm watching the actual character and not someone acting. In this movie, Cindy was especially non-believable as a mother to a ten year old boy, every scene with her son felt put-on and fake to me, like she was trying too hard. To me she's more enjoyable playing a young 18-25 year old girl-next-door instead of a mature parent. I quite like Chad M.M., although I probably couldn't watch a string of his movies in a row, something about the gravel voice and appearance might drive me batty; whereas Kristoffer Polaha or Tyler Hynes I could watch a whole marathon! This movie was family friendly." ~~Jane

πŸŽ„"Toying with the Holidays I got bored with this movie early on, but it's family friendly and kind of cute if you're into movies about classic trains." -Maria

Under the Christmas Tree - December 19, 2021
(Not promoting due to content - see *here*.)

Candy Cane Candidate - December 20, 2021
(Jacky Lai and Jake Epstein)

πŸŽ„"Just wanted you all to know, in a clip on YouTube, the "Candy Cane Candidate" stars and director talk about bringing LGBTQ Asian representation to Lifetime. Needless to say, I will be skipping this one tonight." ~Net

πŸŽ„"There was also a kissing scene between 2 men in one of the Youtube clips I found. Will be skipping for sure." ~CH Mom

The Christmas Ball - December 21, 2021
(Deidre Mullins, Nick Hendrix and Caroline Langrishe)

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Ball was really good! Great dancing, cuteness, and family friendly!" -Maria

It Takes a Christmas Village - December 22, 2021
(Brooke Nevin, Corey Sevier and Alli Chung)

πŸŽ„"It Takes A Christmas Village Won't say too much detail about this as most will not have seen it yet. There's nothing in the movie which we haven't seen before so it really mostly depends on the lead actors as to whether it works or not. In the event Brooke Nevin and Corey Sevier made an excellent pairing with great chemistry - the first 30 minutes or so were pretty amusing and although it took place at Christmas there wasn't an overabundance of the usual scenarios which was pleasing. One very pleasant aspect which is becoming rarer these days is that you can see actually see Aleaxandra and Darcy fall in love as the movie progresses. The good news is that it is Family Friendly. I found it gentle, amusing and heart-warming and thoroughly enjoyed it." Florence's rating - 8

Rebuilding a Dream Christmas - December 23, 2021
(Meggan Kaiser, Zane Stephens and Bryson JonSteele)

πŸŽ„"REBUILDING A DREAM CHRISTMAS Family friendly. With Lifetime you never know what to expect, and this was quite a pleasant surprise. This was very sweet and not super tacky like some of Lifetime offerings. Although it was predictable, it’s got some hearts, kept me interested, and didn’t make me want to fast forward like some other movies :). I’m not familiar with the two leads, but they were cute together and they got great chemistry. Noah is pretty cute too. Also, the best friend/second lead character, Ellen is pretty awesome. Loved it when she made some sense and talked to Josh to pursue Abby." ~CH Mom

πŸŽ„"This Lifetime movie was such a delightful Christmas rom-com! I didn’t know the leads, but I instantly liked them and rooted for them to be together. The little boy was absolutely adorable, and there was a very cute kitten, too! All in all, a very sweet movie – completely family-friendly!" ~Net

Hot Chocolate Holiday - December 24, 2021
(Aubrey Reynolds and Jonny Swenson)

πŸŽ„"Hot Chocolate Holiday was cute and family-friendly."-Grace

πŸŽ„"Hot Chocolate holiday was very sweet and family friendly." ~Anonymous

Writing Around the Christmas Tree - December 25, 2021
(Krystal Joy Brown and Curtis Hamilton)

πŸŽ„"Writing Around the Christmas Tree: right from the beginning her guy assistant admitted to liking men." ~Anonymous


Christmas Down Under - November 21, 2021
(Justine Kacir and Paul O'Brien)

πŸŽ„"Christmas Down Under ION November 21, 2021 definitely not family friendly and just a junk movie. Not worth watching, it was terrible and had so many scenes and comments that were definitely not family friendly." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"Next was Christmas Down Under. I like movies set in Australia. This, again, seemed to be more of a comedy than anything. While it had some mildly funny situations, it also had some mature themes and some language that was not family friendly. If I had not been busy doing other things with the TV on in the background, I wouldn't have watched either of these movies all the way through." ~Deborah

πŸŽ„"Christmas Down Under (ION) Yeah, definitely not family friendly. Swearing, mature themes, and I'm pretty sure there's a gay couple as well. Very disappointing for ION's 1st new holiday movie" ~Maria

A Christmas Witness - November 28, 2021
(Arielle Kebbel and Colin Egglesfield)

πŸŽ„"The premise A Christmas Witness that you read was misleading. It's tamer than it sounds." ~Ashley

πŸŽ„"First was The Christmas Witness which I hoped would be a mystery but turned out to be more of a awkward comedy. It seemed very low-budget and although Jessie, the FBI agent, was interesting, I just could not warm up to her love interest, Dean. Dean had a criminal background, having worked for the Mob for 10 years, and it was implied that he had been with a lot of women. There are some mature themes in this movie, along with some violence, so not family friendly. The two main characters share a motel room (platonically) because the heroine is guarding him in the witness protection program. In the very first scene, the wife of the mob boss tries to seduce Dean. Altogether, I felt I had wasted my time on this movie, and would have turned it off if I had not been busy with another project while it was on." ~Deborah

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Witness (ION) Definitely better then Christmas Down Under! A few adult stuff scattered here and there, but it's a really fun movie!" -Maria

The Christmas Thief - December 5, 2021
(Michelle Borth and co-starring Vivica A. Fox)

πŸŽ„"The Christmas Thief (ION) Definitely my favorite new ION movie this year! The mystery was fun, the movie itself was fun as well! Just a couple of adult stuff included." -Maria

A New Lease on Christmas - December 12, 2021
(Clair Coffee and George Stults)

πŸŽ„"I had ION's "A New Lease on Christmas" playing while in and out doing stuff. It started out okay but went downhill. I like both leads, and there's some decent acting, but it's clear the roommate and the guy she describes as her in-between-friend/boyfriend are sleeping together. Between this, a bit of language, and some other silliness, it's just not my kind of movie." ~Alicia

πŸŽ„"I was completely disgusted with ION's "A New Lease on Christmas"! Language, too much cleavage- may be the way life is, but not necessary for a Christmas movie." ~Penni


The Christmas Cabin (2019) - December 1, 2021

Joy & Hope (2020) - December 8, 2021

Deck the Heart (2021) - December 10, 2021

πŸŽ„"There is a very special grandpa who always made Christmas special for the entire family until he passed. I really enjoyed this movie and definitely family friendly. My DVR is filling up fast and thanks to you I can watch BYU movies on-line. I sure appreciate the tip! ~Kathy

πŸŽ„"This movie was obviously low budget, but the storyline was interesting – a New York businessman, Chris Ackerman, inherits his grandfather’s manor, with the stipulation that he has to host Christmas for the whole family, just like his grandpa used to do. Instead of doing the work himself, though, like he’s supposed to do, Chris hires an event planner, Meredith Block, to do all the decorating and cooking for $12,000!!! All of the decorating, however, looked fairly cheap with red bows everywhere, and definitely not thousands of dollars’ worth. The house was often described as being large, but every camera angle we were given, the house appeared to be rather small inside. Chris invited lots of people to come for Christmas, and I’m still not sure where he fit them all. At one point, Meredith is locked outside of the house on the balcony while decorating and passes out in the freezing cold before Chris finds her. When she doesn’t awaken, Chris picks her up and puts her in the nearest bed (fully clothed) and covers her with a pile of blankets. He sits on the bed beside her for what seems like hours, instead of mere minutes. This seemed odd to me – why wouldn’t he call an ambulance or take someone in this condition to the hospital? Kind of strange. Overall, it was family friendly, but “Deck the Heart” is a bit cheesy." ~Net

🌟Disney Channel:

Christmas Again - December 3, 2021
(Scarlett Estevez, Daniel Sunjata, Alexis Carra, Priscilla Lopez and Ashlyn Jade Lopez)

πŸŽ„"Christmas Again -- NOT family-friendly. Main character's uncle has a boyfriend, and I'm pretty sure there are other problems as well, didn't stay with it past the rainbow flaggery." ~Alfredo


A Christmas Proposal
(Adam Rodriguez and Jessica Camacho)

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Proposal could've been cute, but there was a scene where a sister told a woman she was gay. Nothing else was mentioned about it & nothing shown. It was like CBS just had to throw in something to appease a certain group." ~Anonymous

πŸŽ„"A Christmas Proposal (CBS) Cute movie. Up until the sister had to say that she was gay. Then I turned it off. Such a disappointment for CBS's 1st holiday movie in a long time." -Maria

Christmas Takes Flight
(Katie Lowes and Evan Williams)

πŸŽ„"Christmas takes Flight (CBS) After what happened with A Christmas Proposal, I was a bit skeptical about this one. But this one turned out to be really good!! This movie is fun, adorable, and best of all: family friendly! I definitely recommend this one." -Maria


Annie Live! - December 2, 2021
(Celina Smith, Harry Connick Jr., Taraji P. Henson, Nicole Scherzinger, Tituss Burgess and Jane Krakowski)


The Waltons’ Homecoming (remake) - November 28, 2021
(Ben Lawson, Bellamy Young, Logan Shroyer, Marcelle LeBlanc, Christian Finlayson, Tatum Matthews, Samuel Goergen, Callaway Corrick, Rebecca Koon, Alpha Trivette, Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr., and the original John Boy Walton in The Waltons series, Richard Thomas, will be “The Narrator.”)


Christmas in the Wilds (sequel to Romance in the Wilds)
(Victor Zinck, Jr. and Kaitlyn Leeb)

Streaming on Fox Nation / Available on DVD / Amazon Prime

*How/Where to watch: Available for DVD purchase at Amazon and Walmart; Stream on Fox Nation and on Digital HD on Vudu, iNDEMAND, DirecTV, Dish, iTunes and Christian Cinema.

πŸŽ„"I watched Christmas In The Wilds and enjoyed it. Everything about this movie was good except for a couple of things. Getting stuck in snow in a vehicle with snow tires or chains made no sense to me. Also, how could the guy not see through the manipulation of his co-worker? Both of the main actors are great together. Loved seeing all the same actors continue from Romance In The Wilds. The scenery is breath-taking! Real snow everywhere! Can not say enough about how Christmasy this is. Music is beautiful. Happy I have the DVD. Hope I did not say too much to ruin it for others.You will not be disappointed." ~kitkat

πŸŽ„"This is a sequel movie to the INSP film, Romance in the Wilds. I watched through Fox Nation, with a free streaming trial. Christmas in the Wilds is very similar to the first movie, but it has the wonderful addition of Christmas and some extra moments with Buck Thompson’s family added in, who are seen even more in this movie than the first. There’s a lot of action-adventure when Buck and his former partner/ex-girlfriend end up in the snowy forest with a blizzard on the way. Even though the weather outside is frightful, Jessica is determined to reach her boyfriend, Buck, spend Christmas together and return him to his family – before the Christmas eve service where they will honor the memory of Buck’s father. If outdoor survival is fascinating to you, then you will really enjoy this movie. Christmas in the Wilds is action-packed throughout, with some heartwarming moments, too. I especially enjoyed the scenes with Buck’s sister, (played by Laura Vandervoot (“A Christmas Together With You”), who was dog-sitting for Jessica. She said she was more of a cat-person, so it was sweet to see her warm up to the dog and later on, open up and share her feelings. Overall, it was a nice movie to watch; it shows great respect to those who serve in the military, how to cope with PTSD and best of all, it is family-friendly." ~Net

Christmas in the Pines
Streaming on Fox Nation / Available on DVD / Amazon Prime

πŸŽ„"Christmas in the Pines - Love this family-friendly movie from INSP films! The day after Christmas my family and I decided to do a free preview of Fox Nation to watch this, and we were so glad we did! (“Christmas in the Pines” is also available on DVD at Amazon and Prime Video) The leads were fantastic, with great chemistry, which is good because they are a real-life married couple: Jillian Murray (“Prescription for Love”) and Dean Geyer (“A Ring for Christmas”). The ensemble cast was also terrific – with the mother from “Good Luck Charlie,” Leigh-Allyn Baker (love her – she’s sooooo funny!) and Grant Goodeve (the eldest son from “Eight is Enough”). The movie centered around this quaint cottage in the country, where these two families come together to unexpectedly share their Christmas. It’s such a delightful, feel-good story, with some comedy and heartwarming moments, too! I would say more, but I don’t want to give too much away; I highly recommend “Christmas in the Pines” for family viewing!" ~Net

Candy Coated Christmas
Streaming on Discovery+

πŸŽ„"I watched a movie called Candy Coated Christmas. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know, in case you want to add it to this list of movies, that unfortunately due to one phrase, it is not family friendly. A younger girl is asking the main female character if she has any boyfriends back home. The main female character replies that she doesn't and explains why...to which the younger girl askes "Have you tried girls". There is no reply to this question...the topic totally changes. It's like this phrase has just been thrown in there to reach their quota or something. Otherwise, the rest of the movie is ok." ~Karen

A Match Made at Christmas
Amazon Prime and Pure Flix

πŸŽ„"I just wanted to let you all know about a movie called “A Match Made at Christmas” streaming on Amazon Prime and Pure Flix. I am personally acquainted with the filmmakers and a lot of the people who were extras in the film, and my brother even has a mention in the credits because he was an investor for the movie! It’s rated 13+ on Amazon, probably because the “drama” in the movie makes it more geared to teenagers and adults, and there is also a bachelorette party scene at a bar (nothing too wild). The filmmakers are Christians, so there is nothing of concern as far as suggestive content and language (unless you count a single use of the word "crap"). The story is more of a drama than a comedy and has some depth and realism to it. It centers around a young woman whose brother is marrying her best friend, her relationship with said best friend, and her rocky relationship with her brother's best man. The leading woman and the woman who plays her best friend are very good. The leading man I thought was less good, but my mom and I both liked him better on a second viewing. There are some great scenes, and I enjoyed the movie a lot. ~Amy Lama

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