Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Your Favorite Christmas Movies from 2009

The Last POLL was...

What was your Favorite "New" Christmas Movie on TV in 2009?
(You could choose More than One!)

Hallmark Channel's Mrs. Miracle and Christmas in Canaan tied for first place Favorites with 40% of the voting for each!

Picture from Debbie Macomber's Mrs. Miracle

Here are the Official Results:

Mrs. Miracle 18 (40%)

Christmas in Canaan 18 (40%)

A Dog Named Christmas 12 (26%)

A Golden Christmas 8 (17%)

The National Tree 7 (15%)

The Dog Who Saved Christmas 5 (11%)

Other 5 (11%)

Santa Baby 2 Christmas Maybe 4 (8%)

The Christmas Hope 4 (8%)

The Three Gifts 3 (6%)

Lanny and Wayne the Christmas Elves in Prep & Landing 2 (4%)

Merry Madagascar 2 (4%)

Yes, Virginia 1 (2%)

Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure 0 (0%)

Gotta Catch Santa Claus 0 (0%)

I personally enjoyed Hallmark Channel's Mrs. Miracle and Disney's new animation, Lanny and Wayne, the Christmas Elves in Prep & Landing. Both were fun and delightful Christmas Programs... and I look forward to seeing both again next Christmas!

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