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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Movie Night + American Flag Shirts

My Web-site - It's a Wonderful Family Movie Night has a brand new look! Come and check it out! There is a full schedule there of Family Shows on TV... that's typically everyone's favorite. There is lots to see and I would love to hear your response!

Also, you will see some DVDs for sale on my web-site and T-shirts, too. These sales help to pay for the cost of running the web-site, so thank you, in advance, for ordering through my site.

The best seller currently are the American Flag t-shirts.

The ladies mostly like the American Flag Tank that says God Bless America, while the Guys like the American Flag with the Truck, but there are several other options! There is an All American Boy Flag Tee and an All American Girl Flag Tee for children, and more! You can choose your favorite American Flag Design Here and be sure to vote on which is your favorite by giving it 5 stars.

I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July! God bless America and our Troops that serve to protect our country and our freedom.... Net Movie Blogger

Monday, June 23, 2008

Camp Rock - Movie Review

Camp Rock was a decent and somewhat cheesy, but fun movie for young children and pre-teens. No worries about any language, or any other inappropriate behavior - which I have to admit is refreshing in today's age.

It's definitely a movie the family can watch together. The DVD says NR (Not Rated) but I think it is pretty safe to say that it is very "G". I'm not sure if it will hold the interest of much younger viewers between Musical Scores, but it's a safe bet that many kids will love hearing and seeing the Jonas Brothers.

So.... should you SEE IT? or SKIP IT? I Vote SEE IT!

Click Here to check out Camp Rock on DVD.

Til Next Time.... God bless, Net Movie Blogger

Friday, June 20, 2008

Camp Rock Premiere + American Girl Movie

Move over High School Musical... Camp Rock is the newest Disney Channel Original Movie Premiering tonight on the Disney Channel from 8 PM to 10 PM. The Movie stars Alyson Stoner, who has done a lot of work for the Disney Channel... she was the tom boy, Sarah Baker, in the Cheaper by the Dozen movies and she played Max, a friend of the Sprouse Twins, on the Suite Life of Zack & Cody... and she has done lots of other work and voice-overs. The main stars of the film are the Jonas Brothers, (who are already well known from their Music Videos, CDs, and guest appearance on Hannah Montana) pictured to the left, Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas.... and the movie introduces Demi Lovato and Meaghan Jette Martin.

According to IMdb.com - Camp Rock's movie plot (storyline) tells the rock n' roll Cinderella story of Mitchie Torres (Demi Lovato), a teen with an amazing voice and a driving ambition to be a pop singer who wants to spend her summer at a prestigious rock camp. Unfortunately, an expensive music camp is a bit out of reach for her family, but her mother gets a job as Camp Rock's cook so that Mitchie can attend as long as she helps out in the kitchen between classes. Befriended by fellow camp member Caitlyn (Alyson Stoner) but intimidated by the immensely talented Tess Tyler (Meaghan Jette Martin) and her friends Peggy (Jasmine Richards) and Ella (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle), Mitchie lives a double life hiding that she is the cook's daughter and posing as a well-to-do camper in order to become part of the hottest clique at camp. When she's overheard singing, but not seen, by teen pop star and celebrity camp instructor, plus lead singer of Connect Three, Shane Gray (Joe Jonas), he is completely taken and sets out to find the girl behind the beautiful voice. Meanwhile, Shane Gray is having a bit of trouble shaking off his bad boy image, which is causing trouble with his band members, Jason and Nate (Kevin and Nick Jonas) and Mitchie will have to learn how to confront her fears, by stepping out of the kitchen and into the spotlight.

* Air Times:

Friday Night, June 20 - Camp Rock - Disney Channel- 8 PM - 10 PM (2 hours)

Saturday Night, June 21 - Camp Rock - ABC - 8 PM - 11 PM (3 hours)

Sunday Night, June 22 - Camp Rock - ABC family - 8 PM - 10:30 PM (2 hours & 30 mins)

Click Here to check out or order the Camp Rock DVD (with Extra Goodies) & Soundtrack CD !

Enjoy the Show and check back for my Review.

Also, Premiering today at the Theater is the 4th American Girl Movie - Kit Kittredge: An American Girl starring Abigail Breslin. It looks like a great family movie - I am looking forward to seeing it.

Click on these links (below) to check out or order the other American Girl Movies!

Click Here for Samantha - An American Girl Holiday ,

Click Here for Felicity - An American Girl Adventure, and

Click Here for Molly - An American Girl on the Home Front.

God bless and Have a Wonderful Weekend, Net Movie Blogger

Monday, June 16, 2008

First Blog


This is my first post for this Blog. I have kept other blogs before - but just wasn't pleased with the overall look, with ads and such, and so I recently switched to Blogger because of the cleaner look of design. I hope this will be a lot of fun and I look forward to hearing back from those of you, who view my web-site looking for family movies.

About Me-

I love the Lord, Jesus Christ, and my precious family with all my heart! For fun, I love creating and designing on the internet and sharing my joy for watching family made movies. I hope you will enjoy my take and reviews on movies!

It's a Wonderful... Family Movie Night-

My web-site originally started in October of 2007, as It's a Wonderful CHRISTmas! At that time, the web-site was solely based around CHRISTmas and a TV Movie page that listed all the Family Favorite Christmas Specials and Movies I could find on Television from October to December. Those Christmas web-pages still remain here. And the Christmas TV Schedule - that everyone loved, will be back again in October of 2008! Until then, you can visit the Family TV Schedule for all the family friendly films that are currently airing on TV.

In January of 2008, I started to branch the "It's a Wonderful CHRISTmas" web-site out to the all new - "It's a Wonderful... Family Movie Night" web-site! It's a nice way to keep track of all the wonderful movies that air on TV throughout the year, (and sometimes at the theater, too!) that the family can grab a bowl of buttered popcorn and watch together!

God bless,

Net Movie Bogger