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Thursday, August 31, 2023

🍁 Hallmark's October "FALL INTO LOVE" 2023 Movie Schedule is Here - Plus, "When Calls the Heart" and New Mysteries πŸ‚πŸƒ SEE DETAILS:

Hey, Y'all! 
More movies are coming This Fall!

Hallmark sent me this afternoon their latest press release which includes details of their *Fall Into Love* movie lineup for October, Mysteries, and much more!

Plus, it's official, Lisa Durupt returns to the Hannah Swensen Mysteries in her well-loved role as Hannah's delightful sister, Andrea! This must be due to all of the fans who requested her return to the series. Well done, sleuthers!

Also, When Calls the Heart's 10th Season will come to an end in October. It appears the season will not end with a wedding for Elizabeth and Lucas but an election.

Check out all of the details below...

on the Hallmark Channel:

When Calls The Heart Season 10 Episode 10
"All Dressed Up"
Sunday, October 1 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

The town prepares for the Governor's black-tie ball. While still reeling from the true intentions of Union City Holdings, Lucas decides to try to sway the Governor to their side.

See more details and images for When Calls The Heart Season 10 - here!


3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost
Saturday, October 7 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Julie Gonzalo, Chris McNally, Madeleine Arthur

A ghost from the 1920s refuses to leave the home just listed by Anna, a new real estate agent. Worse, the spirit is convinced she cannot "pass over" until she gets Anna back together with her ex.

Movie Reviews:

🍁 I thoroughly enjoyed Hallmark’s ‘3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost’ – family-friendly and fun. Casting Madeleine Arthur as the 100-year old ghost, Ruby, was pure genius. Her hair, make-up and wardrobe are all spot-on to create the quintessential 1920’s socialite and flapper, who now in 2023 longs to cross over and be with her true love. Ruby’s story of unfulfilled love parallels that of the realtor (Julie Gonzalo) who is attempting to stage the spooky mansion for sale, while cautiously reconciling her relationship with her ex-fiance. The interaction between Anna and Ruby keeps the story moving towards a two-for-one romantic ending. Loved it! ~MPT

🍁 I just watched 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost, and I thought it was cute and family-friendly. I know the "ghost" will make it a no for some, but there wasn't anything occultic in the story. It wasn't frightening, either, and I'm a huge wimp about scary stuff! The only part close to scary comes at the beginning. Ruby, the ghost, is used to scaring people away from buying the house with tricks. When Anna first comes to the house, Ruby slams some doors and then stand in the hallway with a white sheet or something over her. Anna isn't scared at all, thinking it's a co-worker pranking her. She pulls the sheet off and asks Ruby who she is. Ruby is surprised that Anna can see her. That's the extent of the "haunting" type of stuff.

🍁 The movie is more about Ruby and Anna helping one another and eventually becoming friends. Ruby sees that Anna and her ex still have feelings for each other and believes if she helps them, she can move on and be with her lost love, Charlie. I know everyone has different convictions about this kind of stuff in movies, so I hope that helps people make a decision. Our family doesn't celebrate Halloween or read/watch Harry Potter, and I still felt this movie was innocent. So, I hope my review helps! ~melnewlife

🍁 I watched "3 bed, 2 bath, 1 ghost" today and, at least for me, it would have been better without the ghost. I found her personality annoying (pushy, know-it-all etc.) it was driving me crazy throughout the whole movie. Chris was his usual self - charming, cute, kind. I not a big fan of Julia but i liked her here. ~Anonymous

🍁 I did watch 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 ghost. It was really good. I saved it. I liked it a lot. I do not know if they ever said what Ruby died of, but it seems she died in 1923 as it was 100 years later and she said she died in 1923. So she must have died right after they showed her alive.

🍁 I liked JG and CM together, they really sparkle, love that they are a real life couple as well. The house was pretty, Ruby was THE BEST in the movie. That actress was so good. The movie was really good and I loved it. There were parallels with Anna and Ruby in that they both loved boys that their fathers didn't approve of. I know that was a bigger deal in 1923 than 2023, most of the younger crowd still live with parents barely working and that's ok. I liked that Anna told her dad she wanted a relationship with him, but she was going to be herself. ~Sabrina

🍁 I have not watched a Hallmark movie in over a year because every movie they sneak in woke messages. I decided to watch 3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Ghost. It was a good movie. No sneaky surprises. I will be give a few Christmas movies a chance but I already saw so that I will not go anywhere near. ~Ken

🍁 We loved Hallmark’s “3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1 Ghost.” It was a fun and family-friendly light-hearted movie with great costumes from the 1920s. The character of Ruby, the “ghost” from the 1920s was the highlight of the movie. We liked how it is different from typical Hallmark movies and find that we enjoy the multiple historical time period movies the best. ~Laurie

🍁 MPT, I completely agree with your review! I love it when a movie can incorporate the "old days" without resorting to time travel, and this one is very original in having a ghost from the '20's be a major part of the movie. It was nice to see how she and Anna bonded after the initial "scare". And yes, Madeleine Arthur - who I was not familiar with before this movie - is just perfect as the flapper ghost. I can't imagine anybody better to play this part than her. That said, I think a better plot would have been to have this as a murder mystery - have Ruby killed in the '20's and she and Anna work together to determine who was the killer. Still, this is a very original movie and if you don't mind the ghost aspect, it is at least worthy of a one-time watch. ~Mark 25

🍁 And although I am not a fan of ghost movies but ‘3 bed, 2 bath and 1 ghost’ was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it way more than expected. It had reconciliations, character growth, exquisite clothing from the 1920’s, romance, and heartfelt emotion. I am not someone who cries easily but both my husband and I were moved to tears at the end of the movie. The friendship between Ruby and Anna was sweet and Anna and Elliot were lovely. It was nice seeing two actors together who are married in real life have strong onscreen chemistry. Sometimes real-life love doesn’t carry over well to movies. Anyway, the movie was all and all a magical and engaging experience. ~Joan


When Calls The Heart
Season 10 Episode 11 "Long Time Running"
Sunday, October 8 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Lucas is the talk of Hope Valley. Elizabeth and the whole town rally around him, but everyone still worries it won't be enough to stop the Governor.


Field Day
Saturday, October 14 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Rachel Boston, Benjamin Ayres, Shannon Chan-Kent, Carmel Amit

Jen (Boston), Marissa (Amit) and Kelly (Chan-Kent) are moms from different backgrounds who are thrown together to plan the annual Field Day at their kids' school. Along the way, they navigate a myriad of obstacles, including an unsupportive head of the PTO. New to town and still trying to move on following the loss of her husband, Jen is thankful to have the encouragement of Dan (Ayres), the school's PE teacher who is becoming a good friend…or could this be the start of something more? As the planning continues, Jen, Marissa and Kelly bond as friends who will stop at nothing to make sure their kids are happy, with each of them finding their own path as their friendship grows stronger.

Movie Reviews:

🍁 Field Day was a great, clean movie. It was fun too! ~Grace

🍁 Field Day was a good, family friendly movie about three very different moms learning to appreciate one another and then becoming friends, which I thought was a good message. Marissa (the workaholic mom) and Kelly (the influencer mom) got on my nerves at first, but there was character growth in both of them as the movie went on. Both of them learn to put down their phones and be present with their families. Jen, the third mom, really helps them put things in perspective as she lost her husband two years previously and knows how important it is to be present in the moment. The friendship that grew between these moms really moved me and was the best part of the story! The romance was more of a side plot, and while I enjoyed their chemistry and flirty banter, the way they couldn't make up their minds the second half of the movie started to get annoying. They kind of dragged that on too long, in my opinion. There was a touching moment that made me cry when Jen watches a video left for her by her deceased husband. Overall, a great movie with nothing questionable! ~melnewlife

🍁 Okay I’m slowly getting through my recordings. I watched Field Day and it was great. Family friendly, the supporting cast were good, her parents were sweet, Rachel and Benjamin had really good chemistry. Unfortunately it will be a one time watch for me just because it was so sad. I teared up throughout the movie, I could just feel her grief and pain. Just a personal preference, but I prefer the lighter classic hallmark storylines. I’m sure a lot of people will enjoy this movie but it was just focused a lot on her moving on past her husbands death which I wasn’t aware of until I started watching it….I think we all pray we never have to go through losing a spouse and that’s why I typically avoid these types of sad movies. Side note: I loved the video the husband made for her before he passed and how he said “Heaven is amazing” I thought that was so nice that they included that 😊 ~Paula

🍁 Field Day. A fun, entertaining movie. Made me laugh and made me tear up. Rachel Boston can get on my nerves when her movies are all about romance and she’s all silly and giggly and overly perky, but I think she shines in movies like this one where the focus is more about everyday life and friendships. There were still plenty of silly and unrealistic bits to the movie that had me rolling my eyes, but, for the most part, it was quite enjoyable. I’d definitely watch it again in a year or two simply for the great chemistry and fun between the three moms as they forged a new friendship (absolutely loved all three actresses!!). The romance was secondary to the friendships between the moms. I thought Rachel and Ben had good chemistry but the on-again, off-again nature of their romance dragged on way too long (it was always “should we or shouldn’t we go on a date?” and that just got boring for me). Family friendly. {**Mild Spoiler Alert: I was glad the obligatory kiss at the end was partially interrupted by the fun friends and also that it was more of a peck than a full-on lip lock. That made more sense since they had only been on one sort of “non” date and were only just building a friendship after each had experienced loss. However, it felt yuck when the leadup to that kiss was him telling her how much he loved her (so soon??) and whispering how sexy she was. Blech! That totally did not fit the story.} ~~Jane

🍁 Field Day – This family-friendly movie starts off rather sweet and funny, but for me, it was kind of slow moving. The romance was rather lackluster, and the agony of trying to put together Field Day was drawn out way too long for three PTA moms who accidentally get roped into doing it. While it was nice to see Rachel Boston’s character, Jen Davis, meet new friends, there was another catty woman, who totally reminds you of those high school clique days. Ugh! She was awful. Then, the scene (small spoiler) later in the movie, where Jen receives a message (via video) from her deceased husband is rather sad and heavy for the typical Hallmark Channel rom-com. Wish we could’ve seen Benjamin Ayres character, Dan Alridge, more in the movie; he seemed to only pop in for brief segments. Overall, Field Day was fun, too, at times, but just an okay one-time watch for me. ~Net


When Calls the Heart
Season 10 Episode 12 – "Starry Night"
Sunday, October 15 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

With Elizabeth at his side, Election Day has the entire town supporting Lucas, hoping he will be the one to save Hope Valley. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee discuss who should be their baby's godfather.


on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Premieres:

A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery
Friday, October 6 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Alison Sweeney, Cameron Mathison, Barbara Niven, Tess Atkins, Mike Dopud, Lisa Durupt

They say the real estate business is deadly, but no one is more surprised than Hannah Swensen (Sweeney) when her mother, Delores (Niven), discovers the dead body of the homeowner – and regular customer of The Cookie Jar – while house-hunting for her sister Michelle (Atkins).

Hannah is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and is convinced that the prime suspect Mike (Mathison) and the Sheriff (Dopud) are focusing on isn't the culprit. Hannah's sleuthing becomes a family affair when Delores, Michelle and even her sister Andrea (Lisa Durupt) – who pays an unexpected visit – take part in the investigation. As Hannah uncovers clues she slowly rules out suspects and is led to the shocking truth about the killer's identity.

Movie Reviews:

🍁 The Hannah Swenson Mystery was good. I was almost jumping up and down in my seat when Andrea showed up. And I loved how in the ending when the two(Mike and Hannah) make up, Andrea says,"Turn me around, " because she was on FaceTime. Disappointed Hannah didn't ask for the ring back. Only accepted to start over. Hopefully we will see more of these. As as I LOVE Norman.(I was pro Norman, similar to the WCTH's Nathan/love triangle ;) I was grateful he wasn't in this episode. I feel like we needed the love triangles to finally be over. Doesn't mean I don't want him back, but as an already happily taken man. ~Abigail

🍁 As far as the new Hannah Swensen movie goes, let me just say, I am very happy! It was a good movie and my heart swelled at the end of the movie. Enough said for all of us who LOVE Mike and Hannah! 😊 😊 I wish Andrea had a bigger role because I feel like it was a wasted opportunity. I was beyond excited to see her again, but I feel she was underutilized. I do hope she returns if they do more movies but with more scenes. ~Joan

🍁 A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery – This was the best (so far!) movie for the Hannah Swensen series! It truly felt like the Murder, She Baked good ole days. While I missed seeing Norman (Gabriel Hogan) in this one, I loved having Andrea (Lisa Durupt) come home again, and I liked how Hannah (Alison Sweeney) and Mike (Cameron Mathison) focused more on each other, even though their relationship is a bit strained. Hannah’s mom, Delores (played by the incredible, Barbara Niven), was so funny throughout the movie; I especially enjoyed her actually trying to help solve this mystery this time, instead of her usual complaints over Hannah’s involvement. She and Andrea always add some delightful comedy to the story. It was also nice to see Hannah’s cat, Moishe, make an adorable appearance, as well. The mystery portion had me guessing until nearly the end, which is good because I can typically spot these suspects a mile away. I’m certainly hoping we will see more in the Hannah Swensen mystery series soon! ~Net

🍁 I also watched the Hannah move Zest for Death. I liked this one the best of the new rebranded Hannah Swenson series. I did not find the sister Michelle annoying at all, and loved having Andrea for a visit. I was ok with Hannah and Mike breaking up in the last movie cause it brings more drama, and is realistic that 2 people have problems in the relationship. I figured they would find their way back to each other, and I hope we get more movies to show them finally get married. This movie felt more like the original movies in that it just got back to the basics of Hannah trying to solve the crime. Love that Dolores got involved too. It was funny and a great movie. I hope there are more. ~Sabrina


Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows
Friday, October 13 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker

In the franchise's third installment, professional caterer and amateur detective Goldy Berry (DeLoach) is hired to cater for a big wedding. The bride, Jessamyn Cole (Amanda Khan, Superman and Lois) is the ex-wife of Goldy's current romantic interest, detective Tom Schultz (Walker).

The town is shocked when they find the groom, Sterling Clearwater (Kareem Malcolm, The Flash) dead and Jessamyn missing. To complicate matters, a new detective (Brock Morgan, Dangerous) with a vendetta against Tom is hired to oversee the case. Forced to take matters into their own hands, Goldy and Tom must find Jessamyn before she meets Sterling's fate.

Movie Review:

The Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows... I thought this was their best mystery of the 3 so far. I really love it when the detective and the amateur sleuth work together. My favorite.. His question... What's the most important thing, she says Pastry Puff. I truly loved all of those little funny moments! ~Abigail


Please share which shows/movies appeal to you this October in comments below. I'm personally looking forward to the last episodes of When Calls the Heart's Season 10; it's especially nice already knowing a new season will come next year!

As for the movies, I'm especially looking forward to the Mysteries!!! I'm so giddy that Andrea is coming home (to Eden Lake or Lake Eden, whatever you want to call it!) and will be part of this all-new mystery. I'm also hoping Mike and Hannah will get back together.

And... for the rom-coms, Field Day is my pick. I'm not into movies about ghosts, so 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost will be a skip for me.

Countdown to Christmas will also be coming at the end of October; Hallmark has not released official details, yet, but it won't be long now!!!

Happy movie-watching!

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Fall Movie favorites on DVD/Streaming:

Schedule Update for Great American Family's Autumn Movies! 🍁 SEE HERE:

Great American Autumn is coming soon to Great American Family, and I wanted to alert you to a little switch-up in the Fall schedule.

One Perfect Match, starring Merritt Patterson and Joshua Sasse, will now premiere on September 16, 2023, and Craft Me a Romance, starring Jodie Sweetin and Brent Bailey, will now premiere on September 23, 2023.

One Perfect Match synopsis via Great American Family: 

A professional matchmaker must choose between her job and her heart when she falls for a client.

Craft Me a Romance synopsis via Great American Family: 

The owner of a quaint arts and crafts store is faced with an ultimatum when the owner of a competitor tells her she must either sell her store or be forced out of business.


I know many of you are looking forward to the Autumn movies on Great American Family, some more than others; however, I wanted to be certain you all were aware of this recent schedule change.

The new poster for One Perfect Match looks great, but I especially love the cozy picture above of everyone laughing and enjoying each other's company around the fire pit. That image epitomizes the Fall season of everyone coming together, while seeking the warmth and companionship of friends.

In case you haven't seen them, yet, here are the preview videos for One Perfect Match and Great American Family's Autumn movies:

One Perfect Match promo:

Great American Family's Autumn movies promo:

Oh... I just love the look of the cozy fall vibe, and even though this is the season where a chill will most likely be in the air, all of Great American Family's movies look welcoming and heartwarming!

UPDATE (September 2, 2023): The title Haven't Met Yet has been changed back to One Perfect Match.

See Great American Family's Fall movie line-up - *here*!

On a serious note...

Before I end this post, I want to change the subject and let those of you who have been in the path of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Idalia this week know that my heart and prayers have been with you. I know the waiting and wondering has not been easy, and I pray many of you were not terribly affected by this storm.

Also, my heart continues to be in distress for the people in Hawaii who endured those devastating fires. If you can give, please do so. So many people are hurting. Actress Alexa PenaVega is working with families in Lahaina, Hawaii to raise money for their individual needs. Alexa, Carlos, and their children live there, but thankfully, their home was not damaged, and yet they are determined to help their friends and neighbors. Visit *here* to donate.

There's also a wonderful Christian organization called 8 Days of Hope, who is helping in Hawaii and those who homes were destroyed by Idalia. Their mission is to "serve as the hands and feet of Christ – providing light in the face of darkness and restoration in the face of destruction." You can see details about giving *here*.

Have a Blessed Day, everyone,
and take care, Net

Monday, August 28, 2023

Take a Step through the 🍎Apple Orchard🍎 in Great American Family's Last Monday Night Movie Premiere 🍏 SEE HERE:

Tonight Great American Family will premiere their last Monday Night Movie Premiere, 10 Steps to Love, from Nicely Entertainment. The setting of this film takes place in the country in an apple orchard.

Synopsis via Great American Family: "Sophie Michaels has had great success by using her 10 step plans, but when she decides to use a 10 step approach to find love, she will discover that you can’t make a list when it comes to the heart." The film stars Ella Cannon (A Maple Valley Christmas) and Britton Webb (Let Love Grow, Undying Faith).

I've included the official movie trailer from Nicely Entertainment below, but please know these long trailers sometimes include some spoilers.

Movie Trailer:
(Depending on your connection speed, it may take a few seconds or more to load. Click the white arrow play button to watch here.)

Premieres Monday, August 28, 2023
at 8/7c. on Great American Family

Happy Movie Watching!

Friday, August 25, 2023

This Weekend: Savor the Last Summer Movies☀️, We'll Countdown to ChristmasπŸŽ„, and More - SEE HERE:

It's the LAST Weekend of August and the end of Summer movies on Great American Family and the Hallmark Channel. I can hardly believe next weekend is Labor Day weekend. Summertime always floats by so quickly.

See details below on the new Summer movies and an all-new When Calls the Heart + we're Counting Down to Christmas on Friday, August 25th! Come along for the ride, the sleigh ride!


Friday, August 25, 2023:

Happy 4 Months 'til Christmas!

We are *Marking the 25th* and Counting Down to Christmas! Can you believe there are only 4 months to go? Plus, we are under 2 months away from the Christmas movies airing on TV near the end of October!

The Hallmark Channel has an encore airing of My Southern Family Christmas airing Friday night, August 25th, at 8pm/7c. I may watch some of that; plus, in honor of the recent news on Daniel Lissing's Christmas movie (in case you missed it, *see here*), I will also watch Daniel's last Great American Family Christmas movie, Catering Christmas.

If you plan to watch something Christmassy on Friday or this weekend to celebrate this occasion, please share in the comments below.


Saturday, August 26, 2023:

Storyline: When sisters Kate and Megan attend a local wedding fair they jokingly enter a dream wedding package raffle even though they are not getting married. The sisters win and are surprised that they must put on a show for the magazine who sponsored the raffle.

Premieres Saturday, August 26, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family


Saturday, August 26, 2023:

Storyline: After inheriting her estranged grandmother’s winery in Napa Valley, Cassandra (Denise BouttΓ©), a high-powered attorney, takes a sabbatical from her job to renovate the property that was the source of the fractures within her family. With the help of handsome local Alec (Colin Lawrence), she learns more about the grandmother she hardly knew and is able to reconcile the past, while finally opening herself up to a love like she’s never known.

Premieres Saturday, August 26, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, August 27, 2023:

Season 10 - Episode 5

Synopsis: Rosemary and Lee are still adjusting to parenthood. Lucas reveals the surprise he’s been working on for Elizabeth. Nathan has a camping trip planned for just him and Allie.

Season 10 - Episode 5
Sunday, August 27, 2023
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel


Monday, August 28, 2023:

Storyline: Sophie Michaels (Ella Cannon) has had great success by using her 10-step plans, but when she decides to use a 10-step approach to find love, she will discover that you can’t make a list when it comes to the heart.

Premieres Monday, August 28, 2023
at 8pm/7c. on Great American Family


Programming Notes:

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries-

Saturday - Mystery 101 marathon
Sunday - Garage Sale Mysteries marathon


Please note: I haven't pre-screened the new movies listed above. If you'd like to post a review on whether a film is family-friendly, please share in the comments below.

The Summer movies look equally good to me this weekend; the movie that most piques my interest, though, is 10 Steps to Love since the story takes place in a country setting in an apple orchard.

I've heard mixed reviews on Dream Wedding, but I'm a fan of Jesse Hutch, so I'll definitely be watching it, too!

When Calls the Heart looks especially sweet this Sunday night with a father-daughter camping trip, and I hope we'll learn Rosemary and Lee's baby's name.

Have a Blessed Weekend, Everyone!


"I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples."
~John 15:5-8

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Jillian Murray Shares Images From the Set of Her Christmas Movie... πŸŽ„ See Here:

Actress Jillian Murray (A Brush with Christmas, Christmas in the Pines) shared on social media that she is currently filming her CHRISTMAS MOVIE!!! Recently, during the premiere of An Unlikely Angel, Great American Family announced Jillian Murray would be starring in a new Christmas movie for their network.

In the images Jillian shared we can see she is filming her holiday film down under in Australia, but they are using American cars, so the setting of the movie most likely is not intended to be Australia.

Jillian also gives a glimpse of her CO-STAR, who is quite recognizable! See if YOU can guess WHO HE IS in images below...

In this image, Jillian Murray is all smiles, bundled up in her coat and scarf, as she shares the text, "It's 87 degrees, but make it look cold."

In this next image, we can see Jillian buckled up in a car with a cute fluffy white beret and coat.

The smaller images above also give a hint of who her co-star is! Do you recognize him, yet?

I think it's pretty clear in this picture who Jillian Murray's co-star is, even from the side view. He is certainly no stranger to Great American Family and Christmas movies.

It's actor Daniel Lissing, from When Calls the Heart, When Hope Calls Christmas, A Christmas Star, Catering Christmas, and more! Daniel and his family are from Sydney, Australia, so I'm guessing location choice was chosen specifically for him to be close to family.

Jillian Murray also shared these fun mirror selfies of the sweet dress she's wearing in her Christmas movie, with the caption, "Coordinated with my phone today." Both her phone and dress are a lovely shade of Christmas green!

And it looks like Jillian Murray has an adoradle furry co-star, too! She shared images of herself dancing with this cute little doggie festively dressed like Santa's elf!


So, that's a little fun behind-the-scenes of Jillian Murray's and Daniel Lissing's Christmas movie!!!

I had wondered if it might be a possibility for these two to be paired together, and I'm happy to learn they are! I think they will make a great couple on screen, and I'm excited to eventually learn more about their Christmas movie from Great American Family!

May your day be Merry & Bright!