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Thursday, February 29, 2024

πŸŒ πŸŽ„ Great American Family Announces “Aurora Christmas” Starring Jill Wagner, Jesse Hutch, Lauren Holly, and Bruce Boxleitner πŸŒ πŸŽ„

More wonderful news, movie fans... Great American Family has officially announced their new Christmas movie, "Aurora Christmas," starring Jill Wagner and Jesse Hutch.

Joining them in this holiday adventure are veteran TV stars, Lauren Holly and Bruce Boxleitner. See all the details in the press release below...



NEW YORK, NY – February 29, 2024 – Great American Family, the leader in quality, original faith-based, family friendly programming, and one of the primary producers of original Christmas movies, announces a new star-studded film for this season’s highly-popular Great American Christmas which returns in October. “Aurora Christmas,” (wt) starring Jill Wagner, Jesse Hutch, Lauren Holly, and Bruce Boxleitner will join the robust roster of Great American Christmas talent, which in Year Four of the franchise, will include movies with Mario Lopez, Candace Cameron Bure, Cameron Mathison, and Danica McKellar, with many more stars to be announced at a later date.

In “Aurora Christmas,” (wt) Erin (Wagner) joins her dad Doug (Boxleitner) for a Christmas in the family’s former hometown of Aurora on a mission that is part business – selling the family home – and major bucket list item for Erin to see the Aurora Borealis light up the Northern sky. Realtor Lori (Holly) and family friend and local tour guide Trevor (Hutch) create a Christmas inspired at every turn by faith, love, and hope, so much so that Christmas bells hung over decades in a forest grove ring an unbroken song, a harbinger of miracles to come.

“As we approach Year Four of our Great American Christmas franchise, we are proud of the family of actors we have assembled that are at the top of every viewer’s list of favorites. This high quality talent is just one of the elements that distinguishes Great American Family from other networks and content providers who are simply making movies that are set during the Christmas season,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Great American Media. “Our storytelling is filled with characters who revere family, faith and country and their journeys establish a foundation of hope and joy for so many viewers throughout the Christmas season,” Abbott concluded.

“I am so excited to continue my relationship with GAF with this great film and so blessed to have this incredible cast around me,” said Jill Wagner.

“Aurora Christmas is executive produced by Brad Krevoy, Jill Wagner, Susie Belzberg Krevoy, and Micheline Blais. David Anselmo produces. Kelly Martin is supervising producer. “Aurora Christmas” is written by Amyn Kaderali with revisions by Ernie Barbarash.


Great American Family is America’s premiere destination for quality family-friendly programming, including original holiday movies, rom-coms and fan-favorite series that celebrate faith, family and country. Great American Family is home to year-round seasonal celebrations including Great American Christmas, the network’s signature franchise featuring holiday themed movies and specials. Founded in 2021, Great American Family is part of the Great American Media portfolio of brands. Follow Great American Family on Twitter: @GAfamilyTV Facebook: @GAfamilytv Instagram: @greatamericanfamily


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Network Program Publicity

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

It's Official! Hallmark Drama is now Hallmark Family - Details Here:

As of today, the end of an era has come as Hallmark Drama is rebranded to Hallmark Family. If you turn to the channel, you will now see the Hallmark Family logo, which has replaced Hallmark Drama in the lower right-side corner of the screen.

You can see the difference in these two images...

The network also released a new promo - giving viewers an idea of what the new Hallmark Family name means, and it appears the channel will air more of the same content we are used to - family dramas, like Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons and classic Hallmark movies.

Video Promo:

The New Logo Look:

As I was creating this post and staring at the new logo versus the old, I noticed how the company name, Hallmark, has become smaller, while the word Family is far bigger than Drama in the previous logo. The emphasis is strategically focused on the word Family over Hallmark, which I find to be rather interesting.

I pulled up my Frndly TV programming guide to see if changes had been made there, and yes, they have. For those of you who have this streaming service, if you don't have your Frndly TV guide in alphabetical order, then you should find Great American Family and Hallmark Family side by side in the guide. It was easier to tell the two apart before, but now that Hallmark Drama is Hallmark Family, I'm wondering if that might confuse some viewers into thinking they are watching Great American Family. It makes one wonder?

I know Great American Family and Hallmark Family aren't close on DirecTV, but are they close (in channel number) through other cable services?

Anyway, I wanted to be sure to mention this big change for Hallmark Drama to Hallmark Family today. Is this a channel you watch often or plan to watch more of since the rebranding? I must say, I don't watch regularly, but every now and then, I tune in when the network plays a classic Hallmark movie I love from years back.

Happy watching, everyone!

INSP Welcomes New TV Series and More in April - See Here:

The TV channel INSP will welcome a new series titled Elkhorn in April. Filled with adventure and the rugged tails of the American frontier, Elkhorn follows the true-life story of President Theodore Roosevelt and the years leading up to him fulfilling his destiny in the White House.


Series Premiere Date: April 11, 2024

Starring: Mason Beals as Theodore Roosevelt

Elkhorn Synopsis via INSP: Twenty-five-year-old Theodore Roosevelt is on the path to greatness – a Harvard education, famed family name, rocketing political career, and a loving wife due with their first child. But what should be the happiest day of his life turns unbearably tragic when his beloved mother succumbs to Typhoid and his wife, Alice, dies after giving birth. Reeling from unimaginable loss, Roosevelt decides his place isn’t among the high rises and social elite, but on America’s frontier. Here, he believes America found its mettle. And it’s here, in the desolate beauty of the Dakota Territory, where he intends to remake himself – mind, body and soul – into something greater.

ELKHORN makes its exclusive television premiere Thursday, April 11th at 9PM ET on INSP, with subsequent episodes (this is a 10-episode series) airing every Thursday at 9PM.

In addition to Elkhorn, INSP will also have the premiere of the movie, Far Haven, on Sunday, April 14 at 9PM ET. See further details - here.

And if you love Cowboy movies and Western adventures, look for these special programming events throughout the month of April on INSP...

Happy trails, Y'all!

images and promotional content via: INSP

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

πŸ”Ž Candace Cameron Bure to Star in the Great American Family Mystery Movie: "The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker" πŸ”Ž SEE HERE:

Wonderful News, Sleuthers! Great American Media Announces their inaugural Great American Mysteries movie launch starring Candace Cameron Bure! Her co-star is Aaron Ashmore, who you may recognize from Cider and Sunsets and Santa Squad.

Get the full scoop on this new mystery in the press release below...

Great American Media Press Release:




NEW YORK, NY – February 27, 2024 – Great American Family, the home of quality content celebrating family, faith, and country, announced it will soon launch GREAT AMERICAN MYSTERIES, mystery movie franchises which star some of the network’s most beloved talent. Great American Family announced the first movie in Great American Mysteries inaugural launch is, “The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker,” starring Candace Cameron Bure (“Aurora Teagarden Mysteries,” “My Christmas Hero”) and Aaron Ashmore (“Ginny & Georgia”). “The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker” is adapted from bestselling novelist Candace Havens’ book of the same name. Great American Mysteries is the new home for a variety of thrilling whodunnits featuring beloved Great American Family stars and the network will announce more new original mystery movie series in the next few weeks.

“We are thrilled to be in the business of telling fun, light-hearted stories featuring great characters, strong stories and a fun side of the mystery genre that fits perfectly with our licensed series strategy,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Great American Media. “Our cozy mysteries are crafted in the heritage of the classic storytelling that has evolved since Agatha Christie coined the term in the 1930s and set the stage for one of the most popular genres of entertainment,” Abbott concluded.

In “The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker” Ainsley McGregor (Bure) a former Chicago criminologist returns to her hometown of Sweet River, Texas. She has chosen to trade full-time crime work to open Bless Your Arts, a market for artisans to sell crafts and wares. But Ainsley cannot deny her first love is crime solving and accepts a position teaching a criminology class at the local community college. Her skills quickly become a major asset to the quaint town, when a murder occurs at a winery owned by her friend, who now stands accused of the crime. The Sweet River Sheriff, who just happens to be Ainsley’s brother, Ryan, wants her to stay out of the investigation. But Ainsley knows the pieces of this puzzle do not fit. To help her friend and with the unexpected assistance from some goodhearted local busybodies – Ainsley McGregor is back on the case.

“There’s nothing more exciting for me than being back in the cozy mystery genre. Mysteries are so fun to watch and to try to solve. I hope our faithful fans and audiences fall in love with the townspeople of Sweet River, Texas and Ainsley McGregor’s keen eye for solving mysteries. In this next-level mystery series, the family dynamics and developing relationships alone should keep you coming back for more!” added Candace Cameron Bure, CEO of Candy Rock Entertainment.

“The Ainsley McGregor Mysteries: A Case for the Winemaker” is a Syrup Studios production in association with Candy Rock Entertainment. Costa Vassos serves as Producer and Martin Wood directs a screenplay adapted by Jim Head based on the Candace Havens book of the same name. Executive producers include Candace Cameron Bure, Ford Englerth, Jeffery Brooks, Eric Jarboe, Holly A. Hines, Gerald Webb, Martin Wood, Jim Head, and Trevor McWhinney. Supervising producers include Catherine Kretz and Michael Shepard with Jonathan Shore and Doran S. Chandler serving as Associate producers.


Great American Family is America’s premiere destination for quality family-friendly programming, including original holiday movies, rom-coms and fan-favorite series that celebrate faith, family and country. Great American Family is home to year-round seasonal celebrations including Great American Christmas, the network’s signature franchise featuring holiday themed movies and specials. Founded in 2021, Great American Family is part of the Great American Media portfolio of brands. Follow Great American Family on Twitter: @GAfamilyTV Facebook: @GAfamilytv Instagram: @greatamericanfamily


Candy Rock Enterprises is a joint venture between award winning actress, producer and New York Times best selling author Candace Cameron Bure and the full-service development and execution team behind Redrock Entertainment, Ford Englerth and Jeffery Brooks. Candy Rock’s Entertainment division develops, produces, and distributes television projects, lifestyle programming and feature length films with an emphasis on family-friendly content. Instagram: @CandyRock.Entertainment


Syrup Studios is a Canadian deficit-financing studio focused on exceptional films, series, and international co-productions for global audiences. Syrup’s highly tailored approach to developing, financing, producing, and distributing content through entrepreneurial business models brings each compelling story to life.


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Network Program Publicity

**************End of Press Release**************

I'm truly delighted to finally share the details of this movie! Congrats to GFAM on their first mystery franchise. I can't wait to see Candace Cameron Bure return to mystery solving. I always loved watching her in the Aurora Teagarden Mystery series, and I'm ecstatic that the network will be announcing even more new original mystery movie series in the next few weeks! It is such an exciting time at Great American Family!

Happy Sleuthing!
Net πŸ”Ž

🌼 Hallmark Channel's *Spring Into Love* April Movies + "When Calls the Heart" Season 11 and Hallmark Mystery 🌼 SEE HERE:

Hallmark Channel's new *Spring Into Love* movies are coming to the channel this April, along with the 11th season of When Calls the Heart!


Hallmark Channel:

Blind Date Book Club

Premiere Date: April 6, 2024

Starring: Erin Krakow and Robert Buckley

Storyline via Hallmark: A bookstore owner finds love and direction in life after agreeing to review a famous author’s new novel in her blind-date-with-a-book club.

Movie Reviews:

🌼 "Blind Date Book Club" -- this was an enjoyable family-friendly watch. :-) ~Alicia

🌼 Blind Date Book Club was family-friendly as well, thankfully. It was a cute movie. ~laura

🌼 We did watch "Blind Date Book Club" and I have to say my husband and I absolutely loved it! It was cute, fun, sweet and uplifting. It was refreshing to see a movie that was not overly contrived and introduced some elements that weren't predictable. Erin and Robert had nice chemistry. Nothing felt forced. I liked how the secrets were unveiled early as well as them sharing a sweet kiss half-way through the movie. I liked everything about this lovely and endearing movie. :-) I am still smiling..... ~Joan

🌼 Blind Date Book Club - This is an enjoyable family-friendly rom-com. Meg (Erin Krakow) and Graham (Robert Buckley) have a cute romantic spark from the very start. At times, Robert Buckley reminded me of his carefree "Chesapeake Shores" character, especially since they were surrounded by the same beautiful scenery of boats and water in this idyllic coastal community. This is nice, lighthearted watch. ~Net

🌼 Blind Date Book Club May Contain spoilers

I've a bit of catching up to do with Hallmark movies and hopefully they'll all be up to the standard of this one. Erin Krakow is very much hit and miss for me and while I really like Robert Buckley his recent films have had a considerable dose of woke content. They combined well together in this family friendly outing. The chemistry was excellent and subtle , the plot was novel and intriguing and while a bit odd it was believable. In a way it was two different stories highlighting each's conflict but meshing well together. Meg struggling as to whether she could continue to run the book store after her aunt/ partner decides to pull out while Graham a best selling author tries to go incognito with a differently styled novel.

Now if you're a regular Hallmark watcher you have a good idea how things will turn out but we were nicely blindsided. This was easy going, romantic and maturealthough I might have preferred a bit more tension. I still really don't know why Meg decided ti include Graham's book in her club though.

Thoroughly enjoyable. Florence's rating – 8


When Calls the Heart - Season 11

See more images and episode details for When Calls the Heart - *HERE*!

Premiere Date: April 7, 2024

Storyline: In season 11 of “When Calls the Heart,” schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton embarks on a fresh start – with new romance, new challenges, and new style. She and Mountie Nathan Grant navigate their growing romantic feelings while also leaning on each other for support as they face new parenting obstacles. Newly elected Governor Lucas Bouchard must confront his past in order to embrace his strengths and lead Hope Valley into the future. Retired Mountie Bill Avery and newspaper reporter Rosemary Coulter team up to unravel a mystery putting their entire community at risk. This season explores renewal, redemption, and of course romance as Hope Valley enters the 1920’s.


Legend of the Lost Locket

Previous Title: The Hunt for Love

Premiere Date: April 13, 2024

Starring: Natasha Burnett and Viv Leacock

Storyline: When an antiques expert takes on a quest to find a long-lost locket that promises to bring the wearer true love, she finds herself in conflict with, but also attracted to, the town sheriff.

Movie Reviews:

🌼 I watched the new film on Hallmark Movies Now titled "Legend of the Lost Locket" featuring some cast from WCTH and other familiar faces. It was such a nostalgic watch, very much reminded me of Hallmark the way it was many years ago. Family friendly and the best Hallmark film I have seen in a long time. ~Laura

🌼 We really enjoyed "Legend of the Lost Locket". It was a very nice movie. Great cast. Intriguing storyline although I figured out quickly who was lurking in the shadows. I did enjoy the surprises that were revealed along the way. Natasha and Viv were good together. You can tell they have worked together, for awhile, because they had natural believable chemistry. I also like the B & B owner. It was fun seeing all of the WCTH people! And of course, it was also fun seeing one of our Signed, Sealed and Delivered folks as well as Kevin O'Grady! All in all a very nice movie :-) ~Joan

🌼 Legend of The Lost Locket was good. Family friendly and just enough suspense to keep the story going...plus a little romance too! ~Joyce in Carolina

🌼 Legend of the Lost Locket is family friendly about an antique expert named Amelia searches for a long-lost locket that promises to bring the wearer true love & finds herself in conflict with, but also attract to, the town sheriff named Marcus. Mayor called it Town of True Love. Amelia mentions James Robert Dudley & Queen Elizabeth ~Anonymous

🌼 We watched The Legend of the Lost Locket last night and really enjoyed it! If there was a way to contact Hallmark, I would suggest that it could be the first in a series. Every "cozy mystery" doesn't have to involve a murder, tracking down the story behind antiques could make for an interesting series too! ~Anonymous

🌼 Legend of the Lost Locket – I just fell in love with this cozy little mystery starring Natasha Burnett and Viv Leacock (of When Calls the Heart) and the legend and mystery of the missing locket. The entire cast in this small community includes such fascinating characters and the romance between the leads was sweet and intriguing. I agree with others, this would make a fantastic on-going mystery series! Wholesome and family-friendly! ~Net

🌼 I really enjoyed The Legend of the Missing Locket with Natasha Burnett, Viv Leacock. They are so good together. ~Namegirl


Falling in Love in Niagara

Premiere Date: April 20, 2024

Starring: Jocelyn Hudon and Dan Jeannotte

Storyline: After her fiancΓ© leaves her before their wedding, MADELINE goes to Niagara Falls to honeymoon without him. There, she reconnects with her adventurous side, learns to let go, and finds new love.

Movie Reviews:

🌼 I got to watch Falling in Love With Niagara early, and I LOVED it!! –Maria

🌼 Aw! "Falling in Love in Niagara' was super cute. I liked Jocelyn and Dan together. Amazing chemistry! I also enjoyed the sister and the co-worker. Of course, there were some contrived moments but over-all my husband and I enjoyed the movie. ~Joan

🌼 Falling in Love in Niagara is family friendly about when her fiancé named Jason leaves her right before the wedding, Madeline goes to Niagara Falls to honeymoon without him. She soon finds new love named Mike while reconnecting with her adventurous side ~Anonymous

🌼 Falling in Love in Niagara - I wanted to like this one but couldn't. Acting was very cringy, at least in the first 20 minutes I've seen. And the fact that it immediately reminded me of another 3 similiar Hallmark movies didn't help either. Dan is one of my favorite Hallmark actors and i was looking forward to this movie but sadly, i didn't like it. ~Anonymous


Branching Out

Premiere Date: April 27, 2024

Starring: Sarah Drew & Juan Pablo Di Pace

Storyline: To help build a family tree, single mom Amelia tracks down her daughter's IVF donor. It becomes a journey of trust, love, and discovering the meaning of family.

Movie Review:

🌼 And, to top of a wonderful weekend, my husband and I watched 'Branching Out' which was also an excellent movie. I forget sometimes how wonderful of an actress Sarah is. She brought her A-game for sure and her daughter was precocious. She is going to have a long career. Sarah's best friend brought brutal honesty and had great chemistry with Sarah. Sarah also had amazing chemistry with Juan. I adored his large and loud family. Plus, the scenery was an added bonus. I wish every weekend of movies could be this stellar. ~Joan


Hallmark Mystery:

One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery

Premiere Date: April 5, 2024 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Starring: Alison Sweeney and Victor Webster

Storyline: Hannah Swensen has been asked to teach a baking class at the college in town, but her equipment is tampered with causing an explosion that the fire department rules an accident. Soon, a colleague ends up dead and Hannah begins to put together the puzzle of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder. Hannah leans on her friends and family to collect the breadcrumbs of foul play and put them together, and meets a different side of law and order when Lake Eden's prosecuting attorney Chad Norton (Webster) enters her life.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ”ŽπŸŽ The new Hannah Swensen is family-friendly and enjoyable. Victor Webster did a good job, though it is sad that Mike was gone. Both her sister and Norman were present as well. ~laura

πŸ”ŽπŸŽ One Bad Apple; Hannah Swenson Mystery Review

This one was alright. It was family friendly and clean. Mystery ok, not the best. I don't know why Victor Webster was on the cover though, he was kinda dull and was more in the background. I would hope to see her with Norman on the cover one day. He's always there for her. Her mother being a PI was corny, but at least it brought the Swenson women together. ~Abigail

πŸ”ŽπŸŽ My husband and I just finished watching the new Hannah Swensen movie. We thought it was just okay. Her mother was completely over the top. I did not feel Victor or Alison had any chemistry. I like them both separately but honestly not together. It may be just me but I even felt their chemistry wasn't good in the Wedding Veil series either. Also, I thought the mystery was weak. We figured it out really early on. This movie left me feeling cold. I miss Cameron! ~Joan

πŸ”ŽπŸŽ One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery -
Okay, this movie is the first episode in the series without Detective Mike Kingston. Did I miss Cameron Mathison? Absolutely, YES!!! However, for the first time, I was beginning to see a deeper connection between Hannah (Alison Sweeney) and Norman (Gabe Hogan), who has always been her faithful wingman, copilot, bestie, etc… You get the picture. But now they’ve also introduced a new character- prosecuting attorney Chad Norton (Victor Webster). It seems they are setting us up for another love triangle here. Ugh!!!!

The mystery portion was easy to solve and somewhat lackluster, however, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the interaction between Hannah, her mother, and sisters! Family-friendly for ages 12 and up, since it’s a murder-mystery. ~Net


Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans

Premiere Date: April 26, 2024 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Starring: Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker

Storyline: Goldy Berry's Medieval feast at Hyde Castle gets interrupted by a murder. She teams up with Detective Shultz to solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again.

Movie Reviews:

πŸ”Ž Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans Review... I could not wait to review it. My time is 12:25 am! I promise to go to bed right after!! Haha ;) I absolutely LOVED this one!!! I don't want to give to much away, because it was really good. I liked how there was no "don't interfere in the investigation" speech. All the cops respected my, appreciated and wanted Goldie's help. And that was a nice change.

The young cop was cute, very young ;) and I loved the scene when Tom takes away Goldie's scone and eats it himself.

I think this was my favorite mystery for this year. The mystery plot was great as well, it was a trickier than normal. And family friendly! This is one to buy. I hope they make more.

(When Tom was reading a poem written on his hand, it reminded me of his character Billy on WCTH in Season 1) ~Abigail

πŸ”Ž I just got to watch Curious Caterer Foiled Plans. That movie kept me on the edge of my seat & what a powerful ending. Love Nikki DeLoach & Andrew Walker together. I hope there are many more of these to come. Well done! ~Nancy

πŸ”Ž Hi Abigail! Your review of 'The Curious Caterer Mysteries' was spot-on! Oh my gosh it was seriously excellent in every way. My husband and I were on the edge of our seats basking in the awesomeness of what was unfolding on our tv screen. Kudos to everyone involved in putting together such an intriguing and engaging story. And high-fives to the cast who brought the storyline and characters to life. :-) :-) I have to say this was also my favorite mystery of 2024 too. ~Joan

πŸ”Ž I finally watched the new Curious Caterer & I agree with the reviews above, it was great! It actually threw me for a loop and I didn’t figure it out until the very end. It was full of little clues & twists & turns, not obvious at all! Crossing our fingers they make more! Loved seeing a cameo from Morning Show Mysteries. ~Paula

πŸ”Ž Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans- Trust me to be the odd one out. This has gone down a storm with most people but I somehow didn't enjoy it as much as previous instalments. I think it was the fact that it took place in an enclosed space. and it felt somewhat claustrophobic and too slow moving for my liking.

I never worked out the mystery but I did guess the murderer although that was a complete stab in the dark!

I felt too that Mason was getting far too big for his boots. What I did like was the small subtle ways they moved Goldy and Tom's relationship forward and of course, I loved the ending! Florence's rating 5.5

πŸ”Ž Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans – For me, this movie had the vibe of a 'Clue' mystery (the movie and board game), with all the guests of Sir Alastair suspects in his murder while stranded in a medieval castle during a snowstorm with a murderer on the loose. (I almost expected Miss Scarlet or Professor Plum to appear in the library with a candlestick!)

Seriously, though, all of the medieval costumes are elaborate and eye-catching on screen; I really liked both Goldy (Nikki DeLoach) and Tom’s (Andrew Walker) best, along with Goldy’s friend, Marla.

The mystery, itself, was fairly easy to solve, but I enjoyed all of the various unique characters, suspect possibilities, and how they brought back a mystery from the past.

The interaction/chemistry between Goldy and Tom is excellent throughout. Their medieval dance was also captivating, if only it could have been a little longer. I also enjoyed seeing Goldy’s daughter in this movie more, along with Goldy’s ex, Richard, who in spite of investigating a murder, was rather humorous, at times.

The movie has an excellent pace, keeping viewers captivated through every scene. The castle is grand and elegant, with incredible artwork, weaponry displayed, and secret passageways.

Overall, this was an entertaining mystery I enjoyed watching with my family. ~Net


I hope you see a movie above that you'll enjoy in April!

You can also *click here* to see the *Spring Into Love* movies premiering in March.

Blessings to you all this Spring!

images via: Hallmark Media