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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Happy Easter" TV Programming!

Today is March 31, 2010 ~ the last day of March! April is just right around the corner... and how I adore this time of Year and Spring! Everything is New Again - as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Saviour, Jesus!

I thought I would share with you, today, some of the Easter Specials airing on TV this year...

Tonight, Children will be delighted to see It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown on ABC! It's a sweet little Easter Special. It's more about the Easter Bunny, but children will love it!

For Religious Specials... Jesus of Nazareth  airs today and several more times throughout this Easter Week... plus The Ten Commandments airs on Saturday night.

There are other Easter Children Shows on TV, as well... including Max & Ruby, Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt, Dora the Explorer, etc... I'm sure some of the Christian Channels will air Religious Easter Cartoons on Saturday Morning, as well... however, they do not give program details on their tv schedules.
Check out the FAMILY TV SCHEDULE for more details!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Love Comes Softly Movies + Easter Movie Marathon!

There are Two New Love Comes Softly Movies coming to the Hallmark Channel!

Love Begins and Love's Resounding Courage are actually Prequel Movies to the Series.


Each Movie follows the story of Clark Davis and his wife Ellen, before Marty arrives and they are both widowed. (Click on Each Movie Title Above for more information on their Movie Synopsis - released from the Hallmark Channel.)


I have yet to hear who will play the starring roles. I would hope, if possible, they would still use Dale Midkiff, to portray Clark Davis since he has portrayed this character in all of the other Love Comes Softly Movies.

Also don't forget the....
 Love Comes Softly Easter Movie Marathon:

April 4, 2010 Sunday
Happy Easter! Christ is Risen!

Love Comes Softly ... Hallmark Channel ... 9 AM

Loves Enduring Promise ... Hallmark Channel ... 11 AM

Loves Long Journey ... Hallmark Channel ... 1 PM

Loves Abiding Joy ... Hallmark Channel ... 3 PM

Loves Unending Legacy ... Hallmark Channel ... 5 PM

Loves Unfolding Dream... Hallmark Channel ... 7 PM

Love Takes Wing ... Hallmark Channel ... 9 PM

Love Finds a Home ... Hallmark Channel ... 11 PM

Love Comes Softly ... Hallmark Channel ... 1 AM

Monday, March 29, 2010

Love Begins - Prequel to Hallmark Channel's Love Comes Softly Movie Series


Love Begins

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: September 17, 2011


Wes Brown ... Clark
Julie Mond ... Ellen
Abigail Mavity ... Cassie
Nancy McKeon ... Millie
Steffani Brass ... Rose
Jere Burns ... Sheriff Holden
Brooke Newton ... Girl #1
Joel Bond ... Rider #1
Daniel Buran ... Samuel
Mike Cochrane ... Fiddler
David Hoflin ... Jake Weller
Dwayne Standridge ... Night Deputy
Nathan Sutton ... John
David Tom ... Daniel


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

LOVE BEGINS is the prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the first in a series of highly-rated “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel. It is the story of Clark Davis falling in love with his first wife, Ellen. Clark and his best friend are passing through Trinity on their way to collect their fortune of gold in the West. Working on a run-down farm, Clark meets the sassy Ellen and her sister. Their father has recently passed away and the farm is too much for the two of them. Clark slowly begins to fall in love with Ellen. He eventually gives up his dream of going to California and settles down with Ellen on the farm.

Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

Movie Review:

Love Begins was a beautiful pioneer western period story.

Ellen and her sister, Cassie, live together on their family farm. They have been on their own since the death of their father. It's difficult, at times, for these two young women to keep their home and the farm, but they are strong and get by - with help from neighbors and friends in town.

After a storm goes through, damaging their barn, fencing, etc... it is clear they will need help to repair. Ellen asks the town sheriff if he knows anyone who can help.

In the meantime, Clark Davis and his friend have ridden on horseback into town on their way out west to search for gold in California. His friend talks a little too sweet to some ladies in Millie's Restaurant and causes a fight with some other fellows - which lands Clark and his friend, in jail. One night, when given the chance, his friend decides to escape, while Clark chooses to remain and re-pay his debt.

Unfortunately, for Ellen, who witnessed the fight and finds Clark to not be trustworthy... the sheriff's idea is to have Clark Davis, - pay back his debt to Mille by working on Ellen and Cassie's farm. Ellen is unsure, but concedes to this plan.

After days and days go by... with hard and determination Clark helps to re-build their farm and Cassie and Ellen grow fonder of this former stranger. Clark, is also becoming fond of them and re-thinking his idea of going to California.

At a town dance, Ellen and Clark dance together, eventually revealing their true feelings for each other... admitting they like one another.

However, a day or so later, Ellen's first crush, Jake, shows up on the afternoon stage coach - as a wealthy prospector who has found his gold and has come back to ask Ellen to be his bride.

Ellen then must decide then which path and man is right for her. From there... Love Begins!

See or Skip:

See, sweet love story!

Love's Everlasting Courage - Hallmark Channel's second prequel to Love Comes Softly Movie Series


Love's Everlasting Courage
the second prequel to "Love Comes Softly"

Previously Known As: Love's Resounding Courage

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: October 1, 2011

*This Movie follows the Love Begins Movie.


Wes Brown ... Clark
Julie Mond ... Ellen
Cheryl Ladd ... Clark's Mother, Irene
Bruce Boxleitner ... Clark's Father, Lloyd
Morgan Lily ... Missy
Willow Geer ... Sarah
Tyler Jacob Moore ... Ben
Kirk B.R. Woller ... Bruce Conner
James Eckhouse ... Mr. Harris
Courtney Marmo ... Laura
Andrew Richmond ... Micheal


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

In the second prequel to “Love Comes Softly,” the highly rated series of “Loves” movies from Hallmark Channel,” when Clark’s beloved wife, Ellen, dies from scarlet fever, he and his daughter, Missy, must find a way to survive this hardship while also saving the barren land from drought. With love and support from family and friends, Clark and Missy endure.

Clark's parents, Irene (Ladd) and Lloyd (Boxleitner) have arrived for a long stay and both are eager to help Clark and Missy in any way they can. Lloyd had some ideas for how to find water on the property, and ultimately, Irene and Lloyd provide a magnanimous gift of love and generosity to their son and granddaughter.

Larry Levinson is the executive producer for Larry Levinson Productions.

Movie Review:

Like many of you... I, too, have read all the Love Comes Softly books by Janette Oke, and loved them all. Course, they are such a completely different story than most of these Made-for-TV movies - that it makes it confusing and disappointing. I don't know why Janette Oke allowed them to change her series.

I adore the characters of Clark and Marty Davis and how their lives and families unfolded in each of the books. I don't understand why each movie couldn't follow the book series - just a bit closer. Using the characters names and changing the rest of the story doesn't count. It seems as if each new Movie - a sweet couple falls in love and then in the next story - one of them becomes a widow, and once again... falls in love.

Course this Movie/story - Love's Everlasting Courage was never really written by Janette Oke - it was only mentioned as a part of Clark's past throughout the book series. So of course why wouldn't they want to create another two sets of movies where : a sweet couple falls in love and then in the next story - one of them becomes a widow, and once again... falls in love, eventually again.

It is an important story - about losing and finding love again and having faith in the Lord to see you through anything. However, throughout this Love Comes Softly Series, this main theme story has been played out so many times - I can hardly count them all.

I knew the character of Ellen would have to pass away for the progression of the story between Clark and Marty to continue; however I still found it to be dreadfully sad. Movies to me, should be uplifting, especially a Hallmark Movie!

Also, where was Cassie, Ellen's Sister? I know everyone keeps asking and wondering where she was. They were very close in the first movie. It just seems odd that she wasn't even mentioned in this second movie.

Highlights in this Movie - Bruce Boxleitner. His acting was real and natural. His scenes with Clark, as Father and son, were some of the best moments in the film, especially in the scenes where they discussed faith and how God is always beside us. Even though, I knew him as an actor, he brought such character of seriousness, and lighthearted laughter, that it made it all seem more authentic.

Another Highlight - The little girl! The first (blonde-haired) girl, who portrayed the character of Missy Davis in the first Love Comes Softly Movie, was absolutely wonderful and incredible - full of personality and spunk! I loved her! This little girl in Love Everlasting Courage was also precious. My only qualm with her was - I wish she had been blonde. I liked the little girl - I just think they should have put a blonde wig on her. Missy has been portrayed, by at least three other characters - as she's grown, and they were all blonde. (Love Comes Softly Movie Followers will recall - At least it wasn't as bad as the character of Belinda, who went from extremely dark brown hair - to very light blonde!) Anyway, the actress who portrayed Missy, Morgan Lily, in this film, did so with such sweet expressions that were absolutely delightful and heartwarming!

All in all, it's a get your tissues ready sort of movie.

See or Skip:

If you have enjoyed the rest of the Love Comes Softly series, you'll want to see this one, as well.

If you, however, are tired of the same sad story being repeated over and over again, then you may want to skip this one.


*Images provided by: Hallmark Channel - Crown Media Family Networks

Friday, March 26, 2010

Disney Channel's Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars Premieres Tonight!


Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars
Premieres Tonight on the Disney Channel !

I'm sure anyone, who ever read a Harriet the Spy book, will be interested in checking out this Movie tonight. I'm just hoping it's more Nancy Drew than High School Musical - but judging from the commercials I've seen, I'm thinking it's more of the latter.

Catch the Premiere...

March 26, 2010 Friday:

Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars ... Disney (east) ... 8 PM *NEW

Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars ... Disney (west) ... 11 PM *NEW
Click Here for Plot Description & More from Harriet The Spy: Blog Wars.
Check the Family TV Schedule for more airings!

Den Brother - Disney Channel Original Movie


Den Brother

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: August 13, 2010


Hutch Dano ... Alex Pearson
G. Hannelius ... Emily
Kelsey Chow ... Matisse Burrows
Vicki Lewis ... Dina
Taylar Hender ... Abigail
David Lambert ... Goose
Kiara Muhammad ... Ursula
Kirstin Dorn ... Bumble Bee # 1
Haley Tju ... Tina
Caroline Labrum ... Gemma
Agustin Juarez ... Kalvin
Thomas J. Post ... Pedestrian


This comedic Disney Channel Original Movie stars Hutch Dano (of Disney XD’s “Zeke and Luther”) as a teen hockey star who must swallow his pride and step in to be substitute leader of his little sister’s Bumble Bee Troop. However, when his self-centered antics cost the scouts a spot at Camporee, it’s up to the leader to earn his stripes.

Den Brother follows Alex Pearson (Dano), a typical teenager with a love for hockey (and girls), who wants nothing more than to go out on a date with his beautiful classmate, Matisse Burrows (Kelsey Chow), and land a spot on the coveted All Star hockey team.

When he ruins his chances of making it onto the All Star Team by getting suspended for showboating during a game, Alex’s disappointed father, Professor Pearson, makes him repent for his wrongdoing by delegating him to babysit his younger sister Emily (G Hannelius) and assigning him overdue chores.

Alex soon finds himself doing more than his fair share of babysitting and reluctantly winds up as Emily’s unofficial Bumble Bee troop leader after her troop’s den mother suddenly resigns. Now Alex is in charge of leading the elementary school-aged troop made of up Emily and four of her closest friends - Abigail, Ursula, Tina and Rachel and must hide the fact that they don’t really have a den mother anymore.

Movie Review:


See or Skip:



16 Wishes - Disney Channel Movie


16 Wishes

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: June 25, 2010


Debby Ryan ... Abbey Louise Jensen
Jean-Luc Bilodeau ... Jay Kepler
Cainan Wiebe ... Mike Jean Jensen
Karissa Tynes ... Krista Cook
Anna Mae Routledge ... Celeste Jeansen
Keenan Tracey ... Logan Buchanan
Joel Semande ... Joey Lockhart
Patrick Gilmore ... Bob Jensen
Kendall Cross ... Sue Jensen
Jesse Reid ... Ted Hope
Brenda Crichlow ... Miss Duffy
Patricia Isaac ... Nice Sales Woman
Gary Jones ... Principal Smith


from Wikipedia:
Abby Jensen (Ryan) has been planning for her 16th birthday ever since she was a little girl. When that day comes, she adds her 16th and final wish to a list secretly taped to her closet door. To her surprise, she receives a box of Sweet 16 Birthday Candles, each of which corresponds to a wish on her list. As her wishes come true, her day gets better and better until she makes a wish that changes everything and helps her finally understand that being a kid isn't so bad.

According to the VP of worldwide programming strategy, acquisitions and co-productions for Disney Channels Worldwide David Levine, "'Sixteen Wishes'" is a funny and aspirational movie about a young girl who realizes the true meaning of the universal theme, be careful what you wish for. Debby Ryan brings a unique charm and vulnerability to the role of Abby, one that we know our audience will embrace.”

Movie Review:

This is a Disney Channel Original Movie, so of course, it is sweet and cute and completely appropriate for family or slumber party viewing!

The story is basically all about Abby Jenson (Debby Ryan), who gets everything she wishes for on her 16th Birthday, and when everything she thought she ever wanted... Money, Car, being Grown Up, too... all starts to come true - she decides that she would much rather have her life and family back and just be 16 !

It's a cute story and makes for a great lesson - be content and happy where you are in life. A great lesson for younger ones - enjoy being a child or a teen - responsibilities will come soon enough.


In the end, Abby does get her final wish - to be 16! So, it ends sweetly and happy, and she kisses her best friend, Jay, at her Sweet Sixteen Party!

See or Skip:

See, with your family!


Amish Grace - Lifetime Movie Network Movie starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley


Amish Grace

PLEASE NOTE: This Movie, Amish Grace, is based on a TRUE and TRAGIC story. I have not personally viewed this Movie. I am hopeful that the story might have a good message of Faith and Forgiveness. See More Details, below. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE FOR FAMILY VIEWING WITH CHILDREN!

Network: Lifetime Movie Network

Original Air Date: March 28, 2010


Kimberly Williams-Paisley ... Ida Graber
Tammy Blanchard ... Amy Roberts
Fay Masterson ... Jill Green
Matt Letscher ... Gideon Graber
Bob Rumnock ... Reporter
Eugene Byrd ... Danny
Eric Nenninger ... State Trooper
Madison Davenport ... Mary Beth Graber
Darcy Rose Byrnes ... Rebecca Knepp
Gary Graham ... Henry Taskey
Amy Sloan ... Rachel Knepp
Karley Scott Collins ... Katie Graber
Jim Metzler ... County Sheriff
Madison Mason ... Levi Brennaman
Emilee Wallace ... Teacher Ruth
John Churchill ... Charlie Roberts
Taylor Ann Thompson ... Hannah
Bruce Nozick ... Leonard
Kate Fuglei ... Shelly
Willow Geer ... Judith
Christopher Curry ... Minister
Dale Wade Davis ... Isaac Knepp
Chloe Madison ... Sarah Knepp
Sammy Jack ... Knepp Boy #1
Jessica Dickey ... Melinda
Joel Schmidt ... Melinda's Husband
Trevor Thompson ... Jacob
Gabriel Welch ... Knepp Boy #2
David Mazouz ... Andy Roberts
Elijah Tadros ... Ryan Roberts
David Curtis ... Amish Elder


from Lifetime:

The Lifetime Movie Network Original Movie "Amish Grace" is based on a true story about the aftermath that followed the 2006 schoolhouse shooting in the Amish community of Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania.

The peaceful Amish community of Nickel Mines is forever changed when a gunman senselessly takes the lives of five girls in a schoolhouse shooting before taking his own life.

What transpires afterward takes the community by storm, as the media descend on the town and criticize its Amish leaders for their notion of unconditional forgiveness of the shooter and their outreach of support to his widow, Amy Roberts (Tammy Blanchard). Devastated by her daughter’s death, Ida Graber (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) finds herself struggling with her community’s belief in the transcending power of forgiveness. Deeply conflicted and unable to forgive the gunman and his family, Ida is tempted to leave the only life she’s ever known before re-embracing her faith.

Movie Review:


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT Little House on the Prairie. This story is based on a TRUE and TRAGIC story. I have not personally viewed this Movie. I am hopeful that the story might have a good message of Faith and Forgiveness, however, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE FOR FAMILY VIEWING WITH CHILDREN!

See or Skip: