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Saturday, April 30, 2022

This Weekend is Twice as Nice with Trevor Donovan & Kevin McGarry!🌞 It's a Destination Romance on UPtv🌴, a GAC Family Movie MarathonπŸŽ„, NEW 'When Calls the Heart"❤ and More! 🌟 SEE HERE:

I hope you all are enjoying Spring!

As we transition from April showers on Saturday to May flowers on Sunday, we can look forward to one new movie and rom-com marathons this weekend!

On Sunday night, Trevor Donovan stars in the UPtv premiere of Aloha with Love, plus you can see him first on Saturday night - in the 2021 GAC Family Christmas movie, Jingle Bell Princess.

Kevin McGarry can be seen in two classic movies: Autumn Stables, Saturday afternoon on GAC Family, plus, The Wedding Veil on the Hallmark Channel, just before an all new When Calls the Heart Sunday night.

See all the details below...

Saturday, April 30, 2022:

GAC Family Saturday Movie Marathon

(Times in EST.)

Autumn Stables - 2pm
Coffee Shop - 4pm
The Winter Palace - 6pm
Jingle Bell Princess - 8pm
Accidentally Engaged - 10pm


Saturday, April 30, 2022:

Hallmark Channel Saturday Movie Marathon
(Times in EST.)

highlights include...

Once Upon a Prince - 10am
Right in Front of Me - 2pm
The Perfect Catch - 4pm
One Perfect Wedding - 6pm
You're Bacon Me Crazy - 8pm
As Luck Would Have It - 10pm

*Please note: Love, Classified is the movie airing at noon. If you believe in traditional relationships, as I do, you'll want to skip this one.


Saturday, April 30, 2022:

Sweet as Maple Syrup
(encore airing)

Storyline via BYU:
Desperate to save her family’s maple orchard, Rachelle enlists the help of Derek, a tree scientist. With the Maple Syrup Festival coming up quickly, Rachelle and Derek must work together to get her maple trees back to their former glory. A charming family-friendly romance, Sweet as Maple Syrup champions the virtues of hard work, science, and community-mindedness.

Catch an ENCORE airing of
Sweet as Maple Syrup
Saturday, April 30, 2022
at 6pm/5c. on BYU

and Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 2am/1c.


Sunday, May 1, 2022:

Mystery 101 Sunday Movie Marathon
(Times in EST.)

Mystery 101 - 9am
Mystery 101: Playing Dead - 11am
Mystery 101: Words Can Kill - 1pm
Mystery 101: Dead Talk - 3pm
Mystery 101: An Education in Murder - 5pm
Mystery 101: Killer Timing - 7pm
Mystery 101: Deadly History - 9pm


Sunday, May 1, 2022:

See more images & movie details - here!

Story-line via UPtv: Gemma, a big city architect, flies to the Hawaii to handle the estate of her late Aunt. At her Aunt's request, she must first renovate the house. Ben, a handsome country-boy contractor, helps her revive the home and in the process revitalizes Gemma.

Aloha With Love
Premieres Sunday, May 1, 2022
at 7pm/6c. on UPtv


Sunday, May 1, 2022:

See more images & details - here!

Episode 9 - “Recent Memory” :

Storyline: Walden returns to town, putting more pressure than ever on Lucas and the residents of Hope Valley. Bill comes up with a plan to stop Walden while new investors arrive from the oil company.

airs Sunday, May 1, 2022
at 8pm/7c. on the Hallmark Channel


I'm so happy to see GAC Family return to showing movies this weekend with their marathon on Saturday. I'm definitely going to tune in to give them my support. If you've seen their movie marathon commercial for this weekend, you may have noticed it also includes other GAC Family movies, plus the movie they announced previously this year, titled Love in Bloom, starring Susie Abromeit. I'm hoping since it was included in the commercial this means we will see it soon. Enjoy watching the marathon!

I hope you all have a delightful Spring weekend! We are truly expecting April showers on the last day of April (I'm praying they aren't severe!), and I'm looking forward to all of the beautiful flowers that will bloom this May and all Summer long!

May we all bloom where we are planted!

Blessings to you all! Net



For I know that my redeemer liveth,
and that He shall stand
at the latter day upon the earth:"
Job 19:25

Thursday, April 28, 2022

🌞 Hallmark's June "Summer Nights" 2022 Movie Schedule is Here! 🌞 SEE DETAILS:

ET has revealed... the Hallmark Channel will have four new "Summer Nights" themed movie premieres this June, while Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will have one new premiere with a heartwarming message. Look for Ashley Williams, Ryan Paevey, Erica Durance, Benjamin Ayres, Heather Hemmens and more.

Check out the details below...

Hallmark Channel's 2022 Summer Nights in June:
All premieres are at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

Movie: Hidden Gems

Starring: Hunter King and Beau Mirchoff

Premieres: Saturday, June 4, 2022

Storyline: While prepping for her sister’s wedding, Addie (King) loses her grandmother’s ring in the waters of Hawaii. She hires dive instructor Jack (Mirchoff) to search for her lost treasure. They immediately clash with each other when Addie insists she go on the pursuit with Jack. Once they come to an agreement, Jack ends up serving as Addie’s tour guide of the island’s hidden gems.

Movie Reviews:

🌊 "Hidden Gems is family friendly. Addison “Addie” Watson’s family heirloom is her Grandma’s ring was founded by her Grandfather whose was served in The Philippines. Her family trips to Hawaii for Addiie’s Sister; Kate & her fiancΓ©’s wedding day. Addie’s ring called; “Sea of Pearl”, was lost in the ocean during paddled yoga. It’s made by Addie’s Grandpa for her Grandma. She meets Jack on his yacht πŸ›₯ called Gem of the Ocean because it’s his day off. Addie begs him to find her ring. Jack & Addie go scuba diving to look for the ring with metal detector & scooper. Jack finds the ring πŸ’ for Addie but it’s not its. The guy with metal detector with scooper finds Addie’s ring under the sand since tide during midnight hunt. He shows Addie’s ring to Jack. Addie wanna stay in Hawaii to become marine biologist where’s dolphin 🐬 & aquarium is. Jack put Addie’s ring πŸ’ on her finger on his yacht. ~Anonymous"

🌊 "Hidden Gems has a lot of perkiness (some of which can be really annoying), the acting is a bit weird and stilted quite a lot of the time, it feels weirdly written, and yet it's also clean. And that means me taking a risk in watching this without reading a review the next day was worth it in the end, which is a big win with this network now." -Maria

🌊 "Happy to report that Hidden Gems is family friendly! As for the quality of the movie, it was a little slow at the beginning and the acting in the opening flashback was pretty bad. However, the lead actress was very likable, and once she met her leading man, it was a very cute movie. They had good chemistry and their first meeting was very funny. It was wonderful also to see how close the Watson family was. No sister bridezilla like in some sister of the bride movies. One other thing that may be a small pet peeve to some people but mattered to me: they talk a lot about the grandmother believing magic and talking about magic and at one point it sounded kind of like new age beliefs. I would have preferred faith or hope or something like "grandma said the ring would lead me to my true love " Just my personal preference, but I thought others might share my feelings! Overall it was a sweet summer rom com. Oh, and they do talk about sailing around the world together, and I wish there was a "one year later" clip to show they get married first." ~melnewlife

🌊 "Hidden Gems – I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this movie as much as I did, but I really-really liked it. It was sweet to see how much the family cared about one another and how important Addie‘s grandmother’s ring was to her. Addie enlists a local scuba diver, Jack, to help her find the ring and I enjoyed watching the two get to know more about one another – each time they did a search. There was something extra special about their chemistry and the way Jack was willing to give something important to him – in order to retrieve Addie’s ring. This movie was, indeed, a hidden gem! I hope many will discover this family friendly Summer Nights movie and enjoy!" ~Net

🌊 "I wanted to try the Summer Nights movies cause I was happy that they have finally gone back to the location Summer Nights movies, I liked the year they had the one with Catherine Bell and Cameron Mathison, and then the Pearl in Paradise, i think that was the year they did the movie on the cruise ship with the Pena Vegas. But anyway, i like the Summer Nights when they go to Summer Places. So I wanted to try and watch Hidden Gems and Carribean Summer (those are the only 2 I can muster up the interest to watch cause Moriah's lighthouse looks boring and all the accents, and I am not a fan of Ashley Williams so i know I wont watch the 2 tickets movie). So I watched the 1st movie Hidden Gems and it was....... So GOOD. I loved the movie, saved it and will watch again. I know Hunter King from soaps, and she is a good actress. I didnt know the male lead but i liked him. I liked everyone in the movie (although the parents seemed stiff and unnatural). I liked that the movie seemed realistic, the family all banded together to help Kate with her big break in designing and that left Addie to leave her dream and they did rely on her so much so it was hard to even talk about wanting to go back to her dream. (Review may contain Spoilers) She was so grateful to be given the opportunity and it was hard to leave it cause it would have certainly meant a big future of fame, money and all that. But she wanted to live her dream and meeting Jack showed her that. And Jack gave up going on his around the world trip for now, by paying for her ring founded by the (bad) guy. But they said they would go together. it was a really good movie, no over the top bride, just a small wedding in Hawaii with the family and i loved it. Nothing really seemed hard to believe, i am sure people lose things in the water and they have someone find it. Only thing, i am sure the family had to have some money, couldnt they have paid Jack back? Maybe they did. Her sister was a designer that people supposedly loved. But Jack wanted to spend that money on Addie's ring cause it meant something to him cause it was so important to her. I will let you guys know when i watch Caribbean Summer. It looks really good, but right now I am LOVING Hidden Gems." ~Anonymous

🌊 "Just watched Hidden Gems and I LOVED it so much!! My mom did, too. It's so cute and funny and lovely. That main couple were great at bantering and really PERFECT together. Really good chemistry. It's suddenly one of my favorites. I highly recommend it. Very family friendly. Good family moments. I can't say enough." ~Lady Jane

🌊 "I've seen so many amazing Hallmark movies lately: "Caribbean Summer" and "Hidden Gems" were fun, fun, fun." ~Amy G.


Movie: Caribbean Summer

Starring: Heather Hemmens and Ser'Darius Blain

Premieres: Saturday, June 11, 2022

Storyline: Jade (Hemmens), a morning news producer, is forced to take a vacation after an embarrassing gaffe during a live broadcast. She arrives to a relaxing Caribbean island, but Jade’s trip gets off to a rocky start thanks to a snafu involving the house she rented for her stay. Serendipitously, Jade manages to turn things around and begins a romantic Caribbean adventure with the legitimate owner of the house, a mysterious man named Ford (Blain). As Jade slowly lets her guard down and welcomes all that the island, its people, and her handsome host have to offer, her heart and job come into direct conflict when she finds out the true backstory of the man she’s falling for -- and it’s a career-defining scoop.

Movie Reviews:

🌞 "Caribbean Summer was better than expected. Family friendly. Really enjoyed background music." ~JoCo

🌞 "Caribbean Summer this was a great movie, Heather Hemmens was a great lead, its great she's staying with hallmark. Ser'Darius Blane grew on me as the movie was going on. I loved the twist it was really well done. Once she starts to recognize him the movie turns from eh, to good. The first 40 mins, aren't great but keep watching it gets a lot better. the last 2/3 were great. 6.25/10" ~Brenny

🌞 "I've seen so many amazing Hallmark movies lately: "Caribbean Summer" and "Hidden Gems" were fun, fun, fun. Heather Hemmins was absolutely radiant in "C.S." " ~Amy G.

🌞 "Caribbean Summer is NOT family-friendly. Jade has just broken up with her boyfriend (not married) but it is made clear, in fact stressed, that they were living together." - Florence


Movie: Moriah's Lighthouse

Starring: Rachelle Lefevre and Luke Macfarlane

Premieres: Saturday, June 18, 2022

Storyline: Based on the book series by Serena Miller. Moriah (Lefevre) is a woodworking artisan living in a French, seaside town, who dreams of restoring the local lighthouse. When Ben (Macfarlane), an American architect, comes to town, it seems as though her dreams will never become reality after she learns he’s there to give the lighthouse a makeover… but for another buyer.

Movie Reviews:

🌞 "Moriah’s Lighthouse is family friendly & it’s so beautiful movie. (Review may contain Spoilers!) It’s based on the book by Serena B. Miller. It’s finally have subtitles for someone who speaks French. Castel Beau Site (Castle Beau Site) is a Hotel owned by Katherine Beaufort. Moriah Beaufort is her Niece.They meet Benjamin “Ben”McCain is an American architect. Lighthouse Kreper is private property is near the lighthouse Nicholas & Katherine knew each other for 39 years. Ben needs to read French sign: Veuillez Ne Pas Supercharger Le Circuit Electrique Merci that causes crackling power issue. Moriah asks Ben about French Translation App (French-English). Nicolas & Ben talk each other to manage to keep lighthouse & get a chance to remodeling. Ben finds Secret Room in the basement with Moriah & they find love letters that belong to her Grandpa. Lighthouse Keeper was belong to her Grandparents’ family whose was a sole keeper of Lighthouse Keeper. Nicholas & Katherine are getting married & off to their Honeymoon. Moriah goes to the Lighthouse for signal. Lighthouse Keeper is Moriah’s when Nicholas hands lighthouse keeper key to her." ~Anonymous

🌞 "Moriah’s Lighthouse is family friendly & it’s marvelous & beautiful movie. (Review may contain Spoilers!) Lighthouse was rebuilt in 1946 after its was destroyed during the war & in France, they owned by Government but the lighthouse keeper can be purchased Moriah’s Father’s family lived in lighthouse keepe since the day it’s built. They’re keeper of the lighthouse. Moriah’s Mother’s family opened the Inn in 1920s as boarding house. Lighthouse keeper is private property. Moriah’s Aunt Katherine Beaufort owns Castle Beau Site (Castel Beau Site) Moriah’s Father’s family, The Beauforts were sole keepers of the lighthouse. The lighthouse keeper could be remodeling when Ben finds a secret room in the basement at the lighthouse keeper with Moriah. They find an old love letters that belong to Moriah’s Grandparents named Rene but goes by his middle name was Jean-Paul & Adrienne. Although, Moriah & Ben visit Moriah’s Grandma Adrienne’s Niece’s house whose lives in the house all of those years on the path by the love rock in the ocean.. The lighthouse keeper can be restore a new one to renovation to prevent from tide or tsunami so, the lighthouse keeper is belong to Moriah in her family generation. Ben aboard ferry when the guy talking about the stories so, he comes back to Moriah at the lighthouse." ~Anonymous

🌞 "Just watched Moriah's Lighthouse. I thought it was a lovely movie. Very picturesque." ~JohnI

🌞 "I am happy to share that Moriah's Lighthouse is very clean and family friendly and it was a wonderful movie!" ~Grace

🌞 "Moriah's Lighthouse was super family friendly. Loved every bit of it. From the charming and beautiful French coastal town to all the friendly people. It was a delight to see. Great job picking Luke to play the part. If I had the time I would watch it twice, but I'm in the middle of getting our house sold. But I'll definitely buy it when on DVD. Hope everyone gets to enjoy it. It won't disappoint! God bless! Now I'm tempted to go to Panera for a baguette and coffee. Haha!" ~Abigail

🌞 "I have watched Moriah's Lighthouse 3 times already. Obviously, I really like the movie. I saw nothing bad in it so I'd say it is family friendly. Hope it comes out on dvd soon." ~Anonymous


Movie: Two Tickets to Paradise

Starring: Ashley Williams, Ryan Paevey and Mary-Margaret Humes

Premieres: Saturday, June 25, 2022

Storyline: Two strangers meet on what feels like the worst day of their lives. Hannah (Williams) and Josh (Paevey) have both been stood up at the altar. While shocked and devastated, they happen to meet at the park, which turns out to be the morale boost they need to commit to taking their honeymoon vacations. They realize they are going to the same honeymoon resort and keep crossing paths in tropical paradise. Seeing the futility of fighting fate, Hannah and Josh eventually join forces and help learn from one other to enjoy their vacations.

Movie Reviews:

🌞 "ALERT - Two Tickets to Paradise has a gay couple in it...I am so tired of having to be on guard with Hallmark movies!!!" ~Anonymous

🌞 "Two Tickets to Paradise - Not family friendly. Homosexual couple throughout movie, played very stereotypical. Such a shame because rest of movie is delightful." Candy

🌞 "Two Tickets to Paradise is not family friendly. Josh Wyatt & Hannah are both stood up at the altar by their Hannah Holt’s fiancΓ© named Marcus Roberson & Josh Wyatt’s fiancΓ©e named Becca. They ahead off to their solo honeymoon in Hawaii that where Josh & Hannah are both staying at same hotel resort called; “Paradiso IPO”. Josh & Hannah meet Kailani & Josh & Hannah are both end up in Hawaii & same Hotel Suite that called it fate. Josh & Hannah meet gey marriage couple named Nick & Cal who give them recommendations as such as 3 legged race, jungle bungalow, & Turtle Canyon where they go scuba diving to swim with turtles & dolphins. Josh & Hannah go to haunted Hawaiian tour when Brandon tells the ghost stories. Josh goes Surfing. Josh &!Hannah meet up with Alice when Alice owns Tiki Bar. Marcus arrived in Hawaii to see Hannah. Hannah goes hula dance lesson, & Josh & Hannah go kayaking. Thru drink coconut πŸ₯₯ , pineapple 🍍, mango πŸ₯­. Marcus & Hannah made leis. Josh & Hannah go home from Hawaii. 1 year later, they get married in Hawaii" ~Anonymous

🌞 “Two Tickets To Paradise I almost feel I should apolgise to everyone here for my review of this but all you can do is give your honest opinion. I'm not a great Ashley Williams fan - her usual wide-eyed ingenuous look can be very irritating although I really enjoyed her performance with Corey Sevier in The Northern Lights Of Christmas. I had my doubts about the pairing with Ryan Paevey but I have to say it worked well and they were great together. There were also great acting roles from the receptionist who took Hannah "under her wing" and from Josh's long-time friend. It was a well-scripted movie, the situations were appealing and humorous throughout right from their initial meeting when both had just been jilted "at the altar". A shirtless Ryan Paevey was worth watching and the scenery in general was beautiful. it was just unfortunate that they had to have 2 gay men on their honeymoon - it made me uncomfortable when they touched but in all honesty they were actually very likeable people and did add something to the scenes they were in. Whenever Hannah's ex-fiance turned up she made a point of telling him he would have to sleep on the sofa. I suppose it's naive in this day and age that an engaged couple wouldn't sleep together but I did think Hallmark didn't need to put this up front. I'd rate this a 7.5 - if it wasn't for the family-unfriendly aspects I would have given it a 9 because it was one of Hallmark's best movies this year” – Florence

🌞 "Wish I had read this before I started the movie "Two Tickets to Paradise," but I forgot! So 25 minutes into a cute movie, I'm blindsided by two men kissing, then asking Hannah if she is waiting for her husband or her wife. Stopped there, so I don't know what else happened later." ~Anonymous


Hallmark Movies & Mysteries June Movie Premiere:
(All premieres are 9 p.m. ET/PT.)

Movie: Color My World With Love

Starring: Lily D. Moore, Erica Durance, Benjamin Ayres and David DeSanctis

Premieres: Sunday, June 12, 2022

Storyline: Kendall (Moore) is a talented artist with Down syndrome who, thanks to the support of her mother, Emma (Durance), and grandmother, Bev (Karen Kruper), Kendall is happy and thriving. Her life takes an exciting turn when she meets Brad (DeSanctis) in a cooking class at the local center for diverse learners and romance blooms. Emma has spent the last 22 years trying to protect her daughter and has reservations about this new relationship, especially when it quickly moves in a serious direction. With the help of Nic (Ayres), a longtime family friend of Brad’s, Emma slowly accepts that Kendall is ready to -- and should -- live her own life.

Movie Review:

🌞 "Color My World of Love is family friendly & wonderful movie. (Review may contain Spoilers) Kendall is an expert painter to create with Down Syndrome. She met Brad Garrison in Cooking Class, they’re sweetheart. Her overprotective Mother named Emma to look after her Daughter; Kendall for over 22 years. Nic is Brad’s family friendly to look after him. Nic works at Martin Estates & Emma works at Prep Designs. Brad proposes Kendall with toy ring unless Kendall’s Grandma & Kendall go to the Jewelry store to resize Kendall’s ring. It’s Brad & Kendall’s Wedding Day alongside their friends named Sarah as Maid of Honor & James as Best Man are also Down Syndrome. The Family & friends are at Brad & Kendall’s Reception. They’re all dancing at the end of the movie." ~Anonymous

🌞 "I think that Color My World Of Love was a great movie" ~Chris

🌞 "I've seen so many amazing Hallmark movies lately: "Color my World with Love" was beautiful. I laughed and I cried and I was very entertained and blessed by it. Erica Durance and Ben Ayres had realllllly good chemistry together, which was awesome." ~Amy G.

🌞 "Color My World With Love is a heartwarming, touching movie. It’s about loving others deeply, trusting, and learning when to hold on and when to let go." ~Net


Some of the Summer Night's movies sound like they could be fun, but I'm most intrigued by the uplifting and touching story in Color My World With Love.

Which movie (or movies) sounds interesting to you? Please share your thoughts on the new June movies in comments below...

Note: I haven't pre-screened these movies. If you like, you can share a movie review in comments after the movie premieres. Thank you!

Blessings to you all, Net