Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reality TV

Lately, I've found myself - watching a lot more Reality TV. My favorites are the Amazing Race, the Apprentice, the Biggest Loser, American Idol, 18 Kids and Counting, Little People Big World, and Table for 12!

I know there are plenty more out there, but those are the ones I enjoy the most. Usually, I record them and fast-forward through commercials, or boring performances (American Idol)... so that helps to save on time.

The next question is, who do I hope wins?

Amazing Race (CBS)- Mother & Son Team - Margie & Luke

the Apprentice (NBC)- my pick is the Vivacious, Joan Rivers

the Biggest Loser (NBC)- Tara, she's Incredible! She never gives up - what a Great Competitor! I love how she doubts herself sometimes in the challenge, yet keeps going and going with determination, and in the end, she defeats those who were way in front of her. And if it can't be Tara, I'm pulling for Mike... he is so sweet - I just hope America votes him in for the Finale and he does well.

American Idol (FOX)- Kris Allen is my favorite of the Final 3 ! I just loved when he sang the country song in his own ballad tone - "To Make You Feel My Love" I have it downloaded from Itunes and it is just a beautiful version.

As far as my other favorite family reality shows on TLC - 18 Kids and Counting, Little People Big World, and Table for 12 ... I just love watching these precious families.

18 Kids is the Duggar family, who have 18 children. I am impressed with the love, respect, and moral discipline shown with such honor and grace in their home. I hope that it is inspirational to other families - we certainly need more like them today.

Little People Big World - Talking about Inspirational... nothing holds this family back - including their height. I so admire them for all they accomplish in life - and they have a very united precious family.

Table for 12 - another beautiful family with 10 children, this time. 2 sets of twins and one grouping of sextuplets. One of the little girls has cerebral palsy and it so precious to see how the other children and parents treat her so gently and kind. She's such a precious, beautiful little girl. I love how they, too, are such a close knit family.

Thank you, TLC, for giving us such great family programming. It seems to be lacking on TV sitcoms today.

If you wish to respond to this blog, just click on Comments below. I fixed this, so it is working correctly now. I would love to hear your favorite picks.

God bless & Take care, everyone...
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