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Friday, February 24, 2017

HALLMARK to Premiere 32 New Christmas Movies in 2017!!!

Exciting Christmas Movie News!!!

According to new press release from broadwayworld.com:

"Hallmark CHANNEL will premiere 20 new Christmas movies and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will premiere 12." During the 2017 Christmas Season! More details below!

The article also gives a rundown of the first 8 films being produced...

'12 Days'

Lydia, a successful professional organizer, is constantly trying to grow her business, but even her ambition takes a back seat to love when she meets Robert, a frazzled widower with two young children. A toy inventor, Robert is asked to present his new Christmas toy line to a superstore. His challenge is he only has 12 days to get his life and his business in order. Talk about a Christmas rush! Lydia shows Robert that this task goes way deeper than messy junk drawers and encompasses every aspect of his life. While she's intent on helping him straighten out details he had long ignored, Robert teaches the buttoned-up Lydia that messiness can be a delightful part of life.

'Christmas Festival of Ice'

Those years of law school pay off for Emma but not in ways one would expect. When she finds out that her beloved ice-sculpting contest, part of her hometown's Christmas festival, has been canceled, she springs into action. Determined to keep it going, she enlists sponsors and artists. Nick, the town's ace artisan, isn't interested in competing this year, but Emma wants him as her teammate. Considering what she's managed to accomplish, Nick is impressed and signs on. As Emma and Nick work together, she realizes there's more to life than legal briefs. And transformed by Emma's can-do spirit, Nick is invigorated, too. They just might have a shot at winning this very special Christmas CONTEST -- and a lot more.

'Christmas Sister Swap'

Just because they are identical does not mean these twins even like each other. Estranged twin sisters get together for an obligatory pre-Christmas lunch, a year after their mother died. Both women are unhappy and frustrated with their own lives. Though not close, each is envious of the other's life. What's a twin to do but take advantage of this? And who would be the wiser? They do what any identical twins in need of new outlooks would do -- they swap lives until Christmas Day. And by doing so, each woman discovers the true meaning of her life and gains a deeper perspective and appreciation for what she already had.

'Miss Christmas'

Holly Kuhn is on her annual mission of finding a majestic specimen for The National Tree. While searching for the perfect Christmas fir for the Washington, D.C. Holiday Tree Lighting ceremony, Holly receives a letter from a boy detailing why his town boasts the most beautiful evergreen. Holly travels to the boy's quaint New England town, where she meets his handsome uncle, Sam McCary. Sam owns the land from which it grows and is a protective steward. It holds such deep meaning for Sam that he's not about to let it be CHOPPED down even for such an honor. Still, Holly finds herself falling for Sam and they discover the magic that this perfect tree can bring, just in time for the holidays.

'Marry Me at Christmas'

Organizing a Christmas wedding is a true treat for bridal boutique owner Madeline Krug. She loves the challenge of finding the perfect dress for the bride and orchestrating an exquisite event. What Madeline didn't expect was to be swept off her feet by the bride's gorgeous brother, movie star, Jonny Blaze. Jonny came to the quirky town of Fool's Gold to support his sister -- not to fall in love. Yet Madeline is the most extraordinary woman he's ever met. Planning the perfect wedding leads to candlelit dinners and strolls through snow-covered streets. Madeline finds the real Jonny even more captivating than her celebrity crush. Will the action star be brave enough to take on the role of a lifetime?

'Finding Santa'

Jessica was delighted to start running her New England town's Christmas events after her mom died. The main event is the parade on Christmas Day when the jolly man in red greets the crowd. For the last 30 years, Henry, owner of a famous Santa School, played St. Nick. When Henry falls ill, and everyone else he has trained is already booked, Jessica's in a predicament. The only possible replacement is Henry's son, Ben, an Uber driver who never wanted to follow in his father big black leather boots. Desperate, Jessica sets off 200 miles north to find Ben, and lures him to town by hiring him to drive her back. The trek is daunting; the real Kris Kringle makes it around the world easier than Ben and Jessica on their return. Still, once Ben dons the red suit, he feels the spirit of Christmas -- and soon begins to realize he may have found the new, real-life Mrs. Claus.

'Father Christmas'

Work-obsessed Eric Randall, chief technology officer of a major tech company in Kansas City, is laid off two weeks before Christmas. Divorced and the father of three, this will be Eric's first Christmas alone with the kids. His ex-wife, Marie, encourages Eric to postpone a job search and instead make Christmas a true family holiday. Unfortunately, he's better with computers than children. With baby Max strapped into a backpack, Eric is determined to build a sled with son Liam, no small feat for the math-challenged boy. Eric also gets roped into volunteering at daughter Chelsea's junior cotillion class. At least her teacher, Kate Moore, is lovely. Kate teaches Eric some dance moves and Eric realizes he's avoided relationships by burying himself in work. Though enthralled with all old-fashioned romance, Kate finds a lot to like in this digital-age dad while Eric learns that FAMILY TIME does not need to be restricted to Christmas.

'Coming Home for Christmas'

Allie Richfield is at a crossroads when she lands a job as house manager for the exquisite Ashford Estate in the Virginia countryside. While preparing the place for sale, Allie plans one final Christmas Eve gala for the Marley family, though they seem to be a family in name only. There's Kip Marley, who never met a party he didn't like; Robert, the handsome but all-business executor of the estate; Sloane, who arrives with her two young children, sans husband, and the 90-year-old matriarch, Pippa, a spitfire who doesn't want to put the house up for sale at all. As Allie is inserted into the home and the lives of the Marley family, she finds herself drawn to Robert -- even as Kip pursues her. Can she navigate her suddenly complicated love life, while helping mend family feuds and maybe teaching all the true spirit of Christmas?

Hope you enjoyed reading these Christmas Movie story lines - all via Hallmark's press release at broadwayworld.com. I know I certainly did - and now I can't wait to see them ALL!!!

Did one movie pique your interest more than any other?

32 Christmas Movies - Wow!!! Get your DVRs ready Now!!!

Merry Christmas - early!!! Blessings!!! Net

*One more thing -- If you love Christmas movies all throughout the year, be sure to check out my Christmas Movies Coming in 2017 post!


  1. Too bad if lke me you already thought 30 were too many!

    Of those described like the plot of Coming Home For Christmas best.

    1. Oh... trust me, I know 30 plus Christmas movies are a lot to watch and keep up with! But, hopefully, you have a way to record some of them and enjoy later. Being such a busy time, I know it's not possible to catch all the new ones at Christmastime.

      "Coming Home for Christmas," I agree - sounds like a good one! Plus, I love the title!

  2. Hi Net - Like you, I am looking forward to seeing all of them! I guess the one that intrigues me the most now is Christmas Sister Swap, because I'm curious to see if they have one actress play the role of both sisters, or it they actually have twins play the parts.

    Can never get excited about the new Christmas movies too early, right?!

    1. That's an interesting thought, Mark! I would assume it would be one actress, but you never know! I would love to see it actually be twins... such as Cynthia and Brittany Daniel (Sweet Valley High) or Tia & Tamara Mowry (Sister, Sister). (Those are their maiden names)

      I agree with you... Never can start thinking about Christmas movies too early!!! Love it!!! :)

    2. Tia & Tamera Mowry, Cynthia & Brittany Daniel, or 2 of The Creel Triplet Sisters: Leanna, Monica, or Joy Creel, & Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

      But Cynthia & Brittany Daniel could protraying as Twin Sisters in Christmas Sister Swap. I watched them in Sweet Valley High on TV is based on the books. I'd like to see them part of new Hallmark Family

    3. Tia & Tamera Mowry, Cynthia & Brittany Daniel, two of The Creel Triplets Sisters: Leanna, Monica, or Joy, or Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

      Someone portrayed as double role as Twins - How did the crew uses a piece of mirror as Lindsey Lohan portrayed as Annie & Haley in Disney remake: "The Parent Trap", or something else?

      Someone portrayed as body double as Twins - stand in actress for dual role by their sides for movie or TV actress or actresses

      Or stick with real life Twins

      I prefer Cynthia & Brittany Daniel could portrayed as Twin Sisters in Christmas Sister Swap. I watched them as Elizabeth & Jessica on TV show called; "Sweet Valley High". They could be part of new Hallmark Family. I never seen them on TV shows or movies but I watched Brittany Daniel on the movie called; "Joe Dirt" & Dawson's Creek

    4. Yes, I used to watch "Full House," "Sister, Sister," and Sweet Valley High," too! Plus, I recall the Creel triplets from The Parent Trap 3 - when it was the movie of the week!

      I thought about suggesting the Olsen twins, especially with their connection to Candace Cameron Bure and Lori Loughlin, but they don't seem to do acting anymore, not even "Fuller House" - so far!

      Any of these sisters, however, would be great choices!!!

  3. The Christmas Sister Swap sounds good but I almost always enjoy the Hallmark Christmas movies. There haven't been many I didn't like. I just wish they'd put some of my favorites on dvd, like Once Upon A Holiday. I'm looking forward to the new ones this year.

    1. Yes, more movies on DVD would be great!!! Hope they plan to release even more this upcoming Christmas season!

      The Christmas Sister Swap does sound cute! Hope this role is filled with an actress or actresses - who have great, spunky sort of personality! :)

      Glad you enjoy most of the Hallmark Christmas movies! Me too!!!

    2. Is the Sister Swap the same as Lights, Camera, Christmas, where it was in that article about two pairs of movies?

    3. I wondered that for a minute since Ashley and Kimberly are sisters, but since they are not identical I don't think that would work for this movie.

    4. Tia & Tamera Mowry, Cynthia & Britney Daniel are identical twins. The triplet Creel Sisters are identical triplets. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen are sororal twins.

      Ashley Williams & Kimberly Willams-Paisley are both stars in Light, Camera, Christmas & Darrow & Darrow.

  4. Marry Me at Christmas is based on a book by the same name from Susan Mallery

  5. How many more is that for each channel? Sorry to say, but I'm hoping that means a lot more for the movie channel since those were far better last year than the Hallmark ch.

    1. Great Question! The breakdown is like this...

      Hallmark Channel:
      in 2016 - 19 New Christmas Movies
      in 2017 - 20 New Christmas Movies

      Hallmark Movies & Mysteries:
      in 2016 - 7 New Christmas Movies
      in 2017 - 12 New Christmas Movies

      So... this means the Hallmark Channel will get one extra new Christmas Movie Premiere this year while HMM will receive 5 extra new ones, than the season before! Which makes sense, since the Hallmark Channel already takes up nearly every Saturday & Sunday in November and December with new movie premieres already!

      Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, on the other hand, has a lot of open schedule spots available for new movies! The only next problem is - that all of these 12 new Christmas movies on HMM will probably premiere at the very same time as another new Christmas movie premiere on the Hallmark Channel. I sure don't like having to choose between them, but thankfully Hallmark is excellent about encore airings!!!

      By the way, I've heard a lot of people say they enjoyed HMM's Christmas movies best last year, so five more premiere movies there this year, 12 in all, is definitely good news for all who agree!!!

    2. Joyce in CarolinaFriday, February 24, 2017

      Yes! More on HMM is great news to my ears! I love those movies best!

    3. Oh, so happy to hear, Joyce, and bring you this wonderful Christmas Movie news!!! If they are as good as last year - then we are especially in for a treat!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

  6. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 24, 2017

    Yesterday, when I saw how many movies were in the works, my first thoughts were:

    1) The number of movies on the main channel is not really changing that much. Last year there were 19 new ones in Oct-Nov-Dec, and then one new movie in July. So, they're still cranking out 20 for the main channel this year (one of them will inevitably sneak preview in July);

    2) Where the real change can be seen is in the number of movies on HMM. Last year there were 7 in Nov-Dec, and then also Part 2 of "The Bridge" in March. And the new movies only aired on Sunday. This time around, with 12 new ones coming to HMM, will they start premiering some of them on Saturday too? Or will they possibly start experimenting with premieres on other nights like Fridays? Mondays?

    Hallmark is clearly trying to really step up the efforts to get people to tune into HMM (we can expect another bunch of movies from the main channel to move to HMM this year as well). The viewers who tend to prefer the movies on HMM over the ones on the main channel will have more to watch;

    3) I think it's to the point now where a lot of viewers will give up on trying to see aaaalllllllll of the movies. Thirty-two is a lot for anyone to tackle during a busy holiday season (though it's a wonderful problem to have). There are people who didn't even see all 26 of the movies that premiered on the 2 channels last holiday season.

    I think that a lot of viewers are going to pick and choose -- based on plot synopses and actors starring the movies -- which ones they want to see, and skip some of the others;

    4) It is noteworthy that, out of *only* 89 movies being made for both Hallmark channels this entire year (including all themed events and all mystery movies), 32 of them will be Christmas movies! It's not like it's 32 movies out of 200. Thirty-two out of 89 is a lot of Christmas movies!; and

    5) I wish Hallmark would throw some extra movies into Spring Fling and Fall Harvest. I love the Christmas movies, but those other events need to be bulked up just a little.

    1. I've been saying for a while now that I'd like a more even spread throughout the year.

      I'd love to be able to pick and choose which Hallmark movies to watch but if you do then you could easily miss out on something special.

      I found in 2016 ones I was really looking forward to didn't live up to expectations while I really enjoyed some which didn't sound overpromising beforehand.

      We all have differetn tastes and you can't go by reviews either.

      I didn't get to see My Christmas Love until after the multitude of glowing reports from Net Posters but for me it turned out just to be an average Hallmark movie.

    2. All good thoughts here!

      Sherry - So true! With 12 new Christmas movies, HMM will surely have to premiere some of their new ones on another night - besides Sunday. There are only 8 Sundays within November & December, before Christmas! Not sure when they will start - maybe October 28, and even if they start in October, that's only 9 Sundays. Unless they do a double-header type premiere on a Sunday night, then they will definitely have to expand to another night of the week. Personally, I think Friday night would be great, instead of competing with the Hallmark Channel on Saturday nights. But, my guess is - they will stick with Sundays and add Saturdays. However, I'd be pleasantly surprised if they did go with Friday!!!

      To Anonymous... I could never pick & choose, either! Just like you - I wouldn't want to miss out on something special!

      Thank you both for commenting!!! :)

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, February 25, 2017

      Net -- What's funny is that, in a few months, the "Hallmark Christmas movie landscape" will probably look a whole lot different. And, six or eight months from now, there are probably a couple of titles that we know of today which will have disappeared, while other new titles will have popped up out of the woodwork! lol

      Last year, as you know, Futon Critic put out one release (was it in late May or early June?) with a bunch of titles going into production soon (some of which we had never heard of before).

      Then, a month or two later, Futon Critic put out an even more detailed, larger, press release, and one title had disappeared, while others had been added in.

      And then the Summer TCAs happened, and the information that came out in the press releases further complicated the issue.

      And we won't even get into the "false alarm" Hallmark movies that were not Hallmark movies at all, even though they were labeled as such early on (which is what I am starting to suspect about "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot").

      By the end of October, the final Christmas movie line-ups on Hallmark, on HMM, on Lifetime, on UP and on ION looked quite a bit different than what they seemed they would be earlier in the year!

  7. Aw, so many of these sound cute! I suspect many will also feature familiar faces, though of course, it's always fun to see new faces. Either way, already I'm anticipating 2017's holiday season. :)

    1. Definitely, Rissi!!! Hallmark always gives us much to look forward to - plus, it's always fun to see the Hallmark family return for the Holidays!!! :)

  8. I hope there's extra Christmas Movies for Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries like Love Blossom is extra one after Valentine's Day on Hallmark Channel.

    More than 32 Christmas movies on Hallmark Channel & Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

    1. Yes, extra movies after the Holidays are great! I loved having Rachel Boston's Christmas movie on New Years Day!!! :)

      We can only hope they plan to give us another one like that - this year!

  9. Miss Christmas sounds exactly like The National Tree.

    I would love for Tia and Tamara to star in the Christmas Sister Swap.

    I don't have one that particularly stands out to me right now.

    1. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, February 24, 2017

      I agree with the Tia and Tamara idea for the twin movie. I think they'd be perfect. I would rather see real twins in the movie than see one actress playing 2 roles. Tia has already appeared on "Home & Family" at least a couple of times in the last year, which means she is on Hallmark's radar (a lot of times the guests who appear on H&F end up in movies much later in the year). So they might be trying to work with at east one of the sisters, if not both. I really hope that's something Hallmark will consider.

    2. Good points, Stephanie! It is hard to know what may turn out to be good just from a short synopsis, plus casting can make all the difference! Thanks for sharing! :)

    3. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, February 25, 2017

      I responded to this last night, and my comment never appeared. I agree with you about Tia and Tamara, Stephanie! I think they'd be perfect. I'd rather see actual twins in the movie than one actress playing 2 roles.

      Plus... Tia was delightful in "The Mistle-Tones" for ABC Family several years ago.

    4. Don't see any comments of yours in spam, Sherry. Must not have gone through or something. ???

  10. It always seems to take me a couple months after Christmas (where we are right now) to get completely over that empty longing for the past Christmas high. Then I start to anticipate and look forward to the new Christmas season.

    After all, Christmas in July will be here in a blink of an eye. Seeing this wonderful news today really gets me back in the fun anticipation of the new year. It's as if the light of the new year finally sets in for me at this time every year.

    1. I'm happy to hear that, Jim - so glad to add to your Christmas Joy!!!

      Anticipation is always more than half the fun -- right??? Blessings!!! :)

    2. LOL...you are speaking my language Net. I am a huuuge anticipation person. I love how you put that. "Anticipation is always more than half the fun". That is so true. As an example of how much I love the anticipation part on everything, if I buy something really good to eat, I will purposely wait quite some to eat it just so I can enjoy the anticipation of it coming up. My family thinks I'm nuts...haha.

      Anticipation can sometimes if not mostly, be the best part for me because at that point the WHOLE real arriving event is ahead of you. Once the event starts and the anticipation is over, you are that much closer to the event being over and at that point time speeds up so much thus flying through the actual event. I try to put the brakes on the time but you can't. Time seems to slow down in the anticipation phase and I love that. I am nuts!!! haha

    3. Thank you, Jim!!! No need to put on the brakes - we'll just coast to the next Christmas and enjoy the scenery along the way! (So to speak!)

      Have a Blessed Day!!! :)

  11. Father Christmas sounds adorable. It will be fun to see a male in the lead for a change. This was done in Midnight Masquerade and I reallly liked the take from a man's point of view. Coming Home for Christmas also sounds like it will be fun as I'm sure the estate will look amazing. Christmas Festival of Ice sounds way too much like Ice Sculpture Christmas and I agree with Stephanie who said Miss Christmas sounds exactly like The National Tree. While they do sound good, some like the ones I mentioned, as well as Finding Santa which sounds an awful lot like Magic Stocking and Sleigh Bells Ring--women running the town's Christmas events, are basically recycled plots. If Hallmark is interested, I have some Christmas movie ideas which I'd be happy to share with them : ) Thanks, Net! I do love the Christmas movies, but I am looking forward to Spring Fling and Summer Nights and Fall Harvest.

    1. You're welcome, Barbara! I know what you mean about enjoying all the seasons! It's hard to believe we've already passed Winterfest and Countdown to Valentine's Day! Incredible! March is nearly upon us!

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the new Christmas movies!!! :)

    2. I suppose it's inevitable that with the huge increase in the number of films Hallmark are putting out there are going to be a good few recycled plots which is why the casting has now become so important.

      Christmas Cookies for example could have been just another formulaic outing but was lifted by the magical pairing of Jill Wagner and Wes Brown.

    3. Yes, so true... with so many movies there will surely be similar storylines. I absolutely agree- the movie Christmas Cookies was a wonderful Christmas movie last year - because of Wes Brown, Jill Wagner, and the rest of the amazing ensemble cast, which made up the townspeople in Cookie Jar!

      Casting can be one of the key ingredients to a great movie!!!

    4. Father Christmas sounds very interesting and oh so real to those of us who live around the programming world. My concern is that it is set in Kansas City where Hallmark is headquarted. I hope if they shoot elsewhere they do their homework on our town.

  12. I believe that "Second Chance Christmas", is actually Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie, isn't it!!!

  13. Thanks again for everything, Net! As it is unusual 65 degrees here in New England, I guess my mind is really on the Spring Fling flicks! Also looking forward to the return of Good Witch!

    1. You're welcome, Barbara! It had been unseasonably warm here for weeks in the Midwest, too - but today it is Snowing!!! So... it feels Christmassy again, a Winter Wonderland!!! :)

  14. Net, this might be off topic, but do you know if there will be anymore Flower Shop Mysteries? I was watching them today again and very much enjoy them, especially Brooke Shields and Brennan Elliott. I've been trying to see if new ones are being filmed, but sadly it doesn't look like it. Would you or any posters happen to know? Thanks!!

    Enjoy the snow!

    1. I love the Flower Shop Mystery set of movies, too, Barbara! It seems they were just getting started and now, well, nobody knows! Absolutely, no details have been given as to whether this series will have a future.

      During Hallmark's TCA Summer Event, last year, it was announced that Brooke Shields would be starring as Joy in a new Hallmark Christmas Movie titled "Joy to the World." (I have details still on that - HERE!) Unfortunately, for some reason or other that fell through, which was unfortunate since the story sounded good! (It's possible it was delayed until this year - so, I'm still hoping!)

      And, now at the Winter TCA Hallmark event, it was announced that Brennan Elliott will be starring in his own new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie (potentially new series!) “Stay at Home Dead.” (Details HERE!)

      For now, I'm not sure about "Flower Shop Mystery," but I do know there are plenty of fans of this movie series who are still hopeful - like you and me!!!

      Wonderful to hear from you, Barbara!!! :)

    2. In regard to Flower Shop Mystery - I also saw this statement today from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on their Facebook page (it was in response to a viewers question)...

      Hallmark Movies & Mysteries statement:....we don't have any info on a new Flower Shop Mystery at the moment, but we'll post on this page as soon as we have news. We have a new Gourmet Detective coming out later this year."

      So... Still no update, but it doesn't sound like they have completely shut down the idea of it returning... so we'll see!!!

  15. Merry Me at Christmas....is a book form one of my favorite authors, I just read it this past Christmas and can't wait for it to come to life on the hallmark channel!!

  16. Miss Christmas: A heartwarming romance for Hallmark movie fans!
    Kindle Edition by Gigi Garrett (Author)

    Holly Kuhn is on the hunt for The Tree, but could she possibly find The One along the way?

    Next to Santa Claus, Holly Kuhn has one of the most important Christmas jobs out there. She’s the Director of Horticulture at Rockefeller Center, which means she’s in charge of finding the biggest and most perfect Norway spruce and transporting it to Manhattan. When she stumbles upon The Tree of her dreams on an idyllic Massachusetts dairy farm, Miss Christmas—as she’s called—is on seventh heaven. That is, until she meets the farm’s owner, handsome Sam McCary, and discovers he doesn’t share her holiday spirit.

    Will Holly be able to convince him to share his tree with the world? Or will workaholic Holly learn that sometimes there’s something even more important than tinsel-trapped success?

    Join Holly and Sam—along with a colorful supporting cast and charming small town—as they discover that Christmas miracles are all around us, if we’re only willing to see them in plain sight.

    Note: This is an expanded and updated version. There are additional scenes from 2015's edition. It's also hopefully going to be on Hallmark's 2017 movie line-up.

    Miss Christmas wil be filming in New York City - Rockfeller Center

  17. Miss Christmas and Coming Home for Christmas sound really good!

    1. Yes!!! They do!!! So agree, Carol!!!

      I sure hope these all good casting!!! :)

  18. I'm am excited to watch them all. But, it would be fantastic if one of those movies will have Jill Wagner and Wes Brown or Colin Egglesfield as the main characters.

    1. All great actor suggestions!!! Thank you for sharing the excitement!!! :)

  19. The Christmas Letters (2017)
    Family | TV Movie 2017

    Write Christmas (2017)

  20. I'm wondering are the numbers as straightforward as they seem?

    We're saying that there are 5 extra HMM Christmas movies this year based on a figure of 7 in 2016.

    But how many acrually were there then?

    Did it not turn out that Journey Back To Christmas and A Nutcracker Christmas were HMM movies which premiered on the main channel but then reverted back to HMM?

    It could be some of the "12" HMM Christmas movies proposed for 2017 might actually follow the same route and appear first on the main channel.

    One thing I would like Hallmark to give some consideration to in the scheduling that as far as possible none of the movies shown on the two channels overlap.

    1. It is, indeed, possible that one or more movies could premiere one place and then be moved for the rest of the season to the other network.

      The numbers, themselves, may even be more or less - when Christmas does arrive! In January it was 30 new Christmas movies and in February 32! By October, we should (probably!) know for sure!

      I, too, would LOVE if the premiere Christmas movies could somehow not air at the exact same time on both Hallmark networks, but... unfortunately, that's probably not going to change.

      Thanks so much for sharing your *Christmas Movie* thoughts! :)

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaMonday, February 27, 2017

      There were 26 new movies made for the holiday season last year, with 19 premiering on the main channel and 7 premiering on HMM. There were also 2 bonus movies, with the Christmas in July premiere on the main channel and Part 2 of "The Bridge" on HMM. So, if we are counting those, then there were a total of 28 new Christmas movies that premiered at some point last year. (Part 2 of The Bridge premiered on HMM and then aired on the main channel, before settling in permanently on HMM.)

      The key is to not focus so much on what will air on which channel or what will movie from this channel to that channel, as that may change over the next 8 months.

      There will be at least 32 movies, and they will be distributed between the 2 channels in some way or another. At least one of them will sneak peek in July.

      I am just thinking of the actual premieres when I consider the number of movies on either channel. Some movies will end up on HMM after premiering on the main channel -- that is inevitable for at least one or two of them, I think -- but I believe that there are 12 planned premieres for the HMM channel, and 20 planned premieres for the main channel.

      There isn't much room to add too many more new movies to the main channel without branching out beyond weekends and premiering more movies on weeknights (other than during Thanksgiving Week), or without starting earlier than late October. The HMM channel is the channel with more room to expand and grow its holiday premiere schedule, so it makes sense to increase the number of new movies on that channel.

      Also... there are plenty of repeats on both channels -- no one has to worry about missing a new movie for that very reason. It shouldn't make too much of a difference if two movies are airing opposite each other, as they will each be repeated on their respective channels, or move from one channel to the other. The repeats are your friend, everyone! We can all use them to our advantage.

  21. 12 Days (TV Movie)
    After Hallmark’s most successful Christmas season yet, the network is determined to make 2017 even better. 12 Days is one of 32 new movies that will premiere during this year’s ambitious lineup across Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

    Robert’s life is a whirlwind. He’s a single father raising his two young children, and also a successful toy inventor. If that weren’t enough, he’s given a huge opportunity to have his Christmas toys carried by a superstore. Before he can make that commitment, he first has to get his personal life and business under control. The catch is, he only has 12 days to do it.

    Thankfully, Robert meets Lydia, who runs her own business as a professional organizer. Lydia is just what Robert needs to get his business in order, and finally deal with what he’s been putting off for a long while. And as it turns out, Robert might be just what Lydia needed as well.

    Hallmark hasn’t released who will be playing Robert or Lydia, but we’ll update this article once more information is available.

    12 Days will be filming in Vancouver and British Columbia until March 17th.

    1. Thank you for sharing that article from whatsfilming! It's fun to see so many Christmas movies in-the-works with such great stories!

    2. Catherine Bell will be starring in 12 Days. Love her! BeckyF.

  22. 12 bells will star Catherine Bell & Eric Close.

  23. Not sure if this has been posted but Catherine Bell of "The Good Witch" series will be the lead role in one of the new CTC movies "12 days" which just went into production.


  24. Thank you all for sharing this casting news... Was fun to see Hallmark put out this press release today!

  25. This was posted on the countdown to Christmas Facebook page:


    Basically people pick their favorites out of the 64 listed and the winner will have a special airing on Friday April 7th. Participants also have the chance to win cash prizes.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing... I created a post today to share this news - with all the details - HERE!

      This should be extra fun for all Hallmark Christmas Movie fans!!!

  26. Cassidy Grifford stars in "Like Cats & Dogs", on Hallmark Channel


    1. Yes! They sure are! Looks like it will be a good one! I have that Hallmark Press Release - HERE!

      It was so thoughtful of you to share!

  27. An old song goes, 'Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot', the lyric called; "Auld Lang Syne".

    Hallmark movie: "Old Acquaintance Be Forgot", could have Christmas song "Auld Lang Syne" sung by Dan Forgelberg

    Here's description: With her marriage on rocks, Caroline wants a divorce. However, on the way to the divorce attorney. She is hit by a car & comes down with amnesia. Unable to rediscover herself. In the process, she falls in love all over again.


    1. Thank you for thoughtfully sharing! I do have news on this Christmas movie! See it HERE!


  28. 12 Days of Giving (2017)

    A man who wins a small fortune decides to share his winnings by acting as a Secret Santa to people in a small town. One of the characters chosen is a boy whose father is deceased. The man grows fond of the Boys mother and begins to fall in love with her....

    Ashley Jones as Pamela Collins
    David Blue as Baxter Billings
    Preston James Hillier as Toby Billings
    Meagan Flynn as Lydia
    Brooklyn Funk as Little Girl
    Dan Bauer as Elf
    Lance Holloway as Derek
    Laura Carlson-Lum as Jennifer
    Melanie Recker as Audrey
    Tricia Nangkal as Amanda Shen
    Walter Coppage as Mr. Garrett
    Jax Connolly as Westin
    Linda Cutts as Mrs. Foster

    The indie film “12 Days of Giving” is conducting a talent search for all of the lead and supporting roles in the film. Initial auditions will be done through self-taped and/or Skype auditions. The movie’s production company Expression Entertainment has also scheduled an open casting call for Monday January 16, 2017 in Fremont, Nebraska. The production company needs people of all ages and types to work as fully paid extras. The film will shoot in the Fremont, NE area from February 1, 2017 through February 17, 2017.

    “12 Days of Giving” is a feel-good Christmas movie that centers on small town photographer Baxter Billings, who after winning a Porsche in a raffle, opts to go home with $50,000 in cash instead – and because it’s Christmastime, he can’t resist the urge to help those around him, a decision that radically alters his life for the better.

    “12 Days of Giving” is being directed and written by Nebraska native Christine Conradt. Conradt has numerous writing and producing credits for Lifetime Television. She recently wrote the screenplay for the thriller feature film “Girlfriend Killer”, which is now in post-production. She recently directed the TV movie “Killer Mom”, and wrote the teleplay for the TV movie “The Guest She Found Online”. Conradt is also producing “12 Days of Giving” along with Chris Goodman and Boris Isaac. Executive producer is Neil Harrington.


  29. Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe

    From bestselling author MELISSA DE LA CRUZ, comes a dazzling retelling of Pride and Prejudice with a Christmas twist.

    Darcy Fitzwilliam is 29, beautiful, successful, and brilliant. She dates hedge funders and basketball stars and is never without her three cellphones — one for work, one for play, and one to throw at her assistant (just kidding). Darcy’s never fallen in love, never has time for anyone else’s drama, and never goes home for Christmas if she can help it. But when her mother falls ill, she comes home to Pemberley, Ohio, to spend the season with her dad and little brother.

    Her parents throw their annual Christmas bash, where she meets one Luke Bennet, the smart, sardonic slacker son of their neighbor. Luke is 32 and has never left home. He’s a carpenter and makes beautiful furniture, and is content with his simple life. He comes from a family of five brothers, each one less ambitious than the other. When Darcy and Luke fall into bed after too many eggnogs, Darcy thinks it’s just another one night stand. But why can’t she stop thinking of Luke? What is it about him? And can she fall in love, or will her pride and his prejudice against big-city girls stand in their way?

    MELISSA DE LA CRUZ's next adult novel will be a sweet, sexy and hilarious gender-swapping, genre-satisfying re-telling of Pride and Prejudice, set in contemporary America and featuring one snooty Miss Darcy.


  30. Longbourn film on pre-production and a new Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe book & TV movie in the works!

    Synopsis: The lives of the servants of Longbourn House, home to the Bennet family of Jane Austen's 'Pride & Prejudice.'

    Director: Sharon Maguire
    Writers: Jo Baker (novel), Angela Workman (screenplay)

    Production Companies: Focus Features (USA distributor), Random House Films, StudioCanal

    And a new P&P related book and movie is in the works...

    Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe (book and TV movie by Melissa de la Cruz, best-selling author of Witches of East End).

    Bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz has signed a three-picture development and production deal with Brad Krevoy Television, the TV and SVOD production arm of Motion Picture Corporation of America. The three TV projects will be written, produced and broadcast for Christmas 2017. The second film, Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe, is a gender-swapped re-telling of the classic novel. Production is planned for April 2017. Pride, Prejudice, and Mistletoe will also be published as a novel by St. Martin’s Press during the 2017 Christmas season. De la Cruz will write the screenplay and novel. Executive producers are David Anselmo and Susie Belzberg.

    Book info via Macmillan Publishers website...

    Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe (Melissa de la Cruz)
    The hardcover ($18.99) version is available to pre-order here. It'll be released on October 17th, 2017.


  31. Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe by Melissa Dela Cruz
    Book release date: October 17, 2017


  32. I see you are adding a few new movies at Christmas. Please don't take my favorite Christmas ones off. They are: Christmas Magic...The Christmas Card...Help for the Holidays...A Christmas Visitor...The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...A Christmas Wish with Tess Harper...A Princess for Christmas...Angel in the Family...A Boyfriend for Christmas...I watch your station faithfully at Christmas and look forward to seeing these movies...So please don't take them off.

  33. Pride, Prejudice, & Mistletoe is supposed to start filming this month or even propose to May or so. It's probably will air on Christmas in July or October-December on Hallmark Channel


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