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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

🌼 Hallmark Channel's *Spring Into Love* April Movies + "When Calls the Heart" Season 11 and Hallmark Mystery 🌼 SEE HERE:

Hallmark Channel's new *Spring Into Love* movies are coming to the channel this April, along with the 11th season of When Calls the Heart!


Hallmark Channel:

Blind Date Book Club

Premiere Date: April 6, 2024

Starring: Erin Krakow and Robert Buckley

Storyline via Hallmark: A bookstore owner finds love and direction in life after agreeing to review a famous author’s new novel in her blind-date-with-a-book club.


When Calls the Heart - Season 11

See more images and episode details for When Calls the Heart - *HERE*!

Premiere Date: April 7, 2024

Storyline: In season 11 of “When Calls the Heart,” schoolteacher Elizabeth Thornton embarks on a fresh start – with new romance, new challenges, and new style. She and Mountie Nathan Grant navigate their growing romantic feelings while also leaning on each other for support as they face new parenting obstacles. Newly elected Governor Lucas Bouchard must confront his past in order to embrace his strengths and lead Hope Valley into the future. Retired Mountie Bill Avery and newspaper reporter Rosemary Coulter team up to unravel a mystery putting their entire community at risk. This season explores renewal, redemption, and of course romance as Hope Valley enters the 1920’s.


Legend of the Lost Locket

Previous Title: The Hunt for Love

Premiere Date: April 13, 2024

Starring: Natasha Burnett and Viv Leacock

Storyline: When an antiques expert takes on a quest to find a long-lost locket that promises to bring the wearer true love, she finds herself in conflict with, but also attracted to, the town sheriff.

Movie Review:

🌼 Not related but I watched the new film on Hallmark Movies Now titled "Legend of the Lost Locket" featuring some cast from WCTH and other familiar faces. It was such a nostalgic watch, very much reminded me of Hallmark the way it was many years ago. Family friendly and the best Hallmark film I have seen in a long time. ~Laura


Falling in Love in Niagara

Premiere Date: April 20, 2024

Starring: Jocelyn Hudon and Dan Jeannotte

Storyline: After her fiancΓ© leaves her before their wedding, MADELINE goes to Niagara Falls to honeymoon without him. There, she reconnects with her adventurous side, learns to let go, and finds new love.

Movie Rreview:

🌼 I got to watch Falling in Love With Niagara early, and I LOVED it!! –Maria


Branching Out

Premiere Date: April 27, 2024

Starring: Sarah Drew & Juan Pablo Di Pace

Storyline: To help build a family tree, single mom Amelia tracks down her daughter's IVF donor. It becomes a journey of trust, love, and discovering the meaning of family.


Hallmark Mystery:

One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery

Premiere Date: April 5, 2024 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Starring: Alison Sweeney and Victor Webster

Storyline: Hannah Swensen has been asked to teach a baking class at the college in town, but her equipment is tampered with causing an explosion that the fire department rules an accident. Soon, a colleague ends up dead and Hannah begins to put together the puzzle of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder. Hannah leans on her friends and family to collect the breadcrumbs of foul play and put them together, and meets a different side of law and order when Lake Eden's prosecuting attorney Chad Norton (Webster) enters her life.


Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans

Premiere Date: April 26, 2024 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Starring: Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker

Storyline: Goldy Berry's Medieval feast at Hyde Castle gets interrupted by a murder. She teams up with Detective Shultz to solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again.


I hope you see a movie above that you'll enjoy in April!

You can also *click here* to see the *Spring Into Love* movies premiering in March.

Blessings to you all this Spring!

images via: Hallmark Media


  1. The Hunt for Love sounds unique, plus I’d be curious to see Vic and Natasha in something besides When Calls the Heart.

  2. Funny enough, I came across the Stephanie Bennett, Dan Jeannotte movie a few days ago and had a suspicion it might be Hallmark.

    Looking forward to it - Florence

    1. Florence, I remember you mentioning that! Excellent sleuthing!!! :) ~Net

    2. Well, it's not the movie "A Change in Heart" after all. It is, however, another movie starring Dan Jeannotte, "Falling in Love in Niagra." Maybe, the other movie will show up... eventually.

  3. I'm looking forward to Blind Date Good Club, When calls the heart (which mean i have ca. one month to finally watch a previous season) and A change in heart ( I like Dan).

  4. I think Sarah Drew .& Juan Pablo Di Pace’s movie is
    31 Second Chances.
    Written by Melynda Bissmeyer


    My Week in Wyoming

  5. Kimberly Sustud said, “Paul and I are writing a script called ‘My Week in Wyoming,’ which is going to be an amazing tale. It’s almost like a ‘City Slickers.’

    1. I want to watch her movie if it is family friendly.

  6. Falling in Love in Niagara, not Falling in Love in Niagra

    Isn’t that Niagara Falls?

    1. Yes, the movie synopsis says they are in Niagara Falls! :)

  7. I see that Falling in Love in Niagara is now available to watch on Hallmark Movies Now… if any of you all watch it on there, I’d love to know if it’s woke-free!

  8. yes it's clean.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing this with us.

    2. Thank you Anonymous for that bit of info about the movie being clean! I like both leads. Dan Jeannotte has been in some questionable Hallmark movies. I have not kept them on my DVR.

    3. Namegirl, Just wanted to mention that Maria also gave a review for this movie below. She would absolutely let us know if there was any content to be aware of in the movie. And since she loved it, I know it is wholesome.

      Glad you are looking forward to "Falling in Love With Niagara"! Me too! :)

      Blessings, Net

  9. I got to watch Falling in Love With Niagara early, and I LOVED it!! -Maria

    1. Thanks for the comment Maria and Net. :)

  10. "Legend of the Lost Locket" is now airing on Hallmark Movies Now. If anyone has a chance to watch it, that would be great if you could share some details on it! :)

  11. One Bad Apple; Hannah Swenson Mystery Review

    This one was alright. It was family friendly and clean. Mystery ok, not the best. I don't know why Victor Webster was on the cover though, he was kinda dull and was more in the background. I would hope to see her with Norman on the cover one day. He's always there for her.
    Her mother being a PI was corny, but at least it brought the Swenson women together.

  12. I notice they change the title: from Falling in Love in Niagara to Falling in Love in Niagara Falls

    I saw Melora Hardin‘s instagram that she’s in Niagara Falls

    She labeled Falling in Love with Niagara Falls

    I wonder if she’s filming with Jocelyn Hudson

    1. Hmmm? That's interesting. I checked Hallmark Channel's website and the title on there is still "Falling in Love in Niagara." I think sometimes people just use different names on social media, or maybe that was one of the previous titles for the film???

  13. We watched The Legend of the Lost Locket last night and really enjoyed it! If there was a way to contact Hallmark, I would suggest that it could be the first in a series. Every "cozy mystery" doesn't have to involve a murder, tracking down the story behind antiques could make for an interesting series too!


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