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Thursday, April 25, 2024

‘UNSUNG HERO’ – Movie Review from It’s a Wonderful Movie – “I Can’t Stop Singing Its Praises!” 🎬 See Here:

I am ecstatic to share with you all today that I was blessed to be one of the media/entertainment outlets provided a screener for the new biopic faith-based film, ‘Unsung Hero,’ which is based on the lives of the Smallbone family.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Smallbones, they are a family with seven children, three of whom became well-known Christian singers- eldest daughter, Rebecca St. James, and sons Joel and Luke Smallbone, of the renowned Christian pop duo— for KING & COUNTRY.

This powerful film, which officially opens in theaters across the country on Friday, April 26, 2024, is one, I pray, that will truly move you and anyone who sees it— emotionally and spiritually.

‘Unsung Hero’ is an inspirational, family-friendly film that is appropriate for all ages; it is rated PG by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

I hope you enjoy my movie review below…

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“The Proof of Your Love” ♪

Since seeing ‘Unsung Hero,’ I can’t stop singing its praises!

The Smallbone family had it all while living in Australia, according to what the world deems as success— wealth, a large home, a swimming pool, and all the comforts a lavish lifestyle affords. But when the father, David, loses it all after making some bad investments as a promoter in the Christian music industry, he and his wife, Helen, feel God’s calling to leave Australia and move to America with their six children.

Just when they believe things will turn around, another deal goes bad for David after they move into their small rental home in Nashville, Tennessee. With money scarce, no furniture, and little food, the family has to rely heavily on their faith and each other to earn money by cleaning homes and doing lawn service. David often has to set aside his pride to provide for his family.

It’s beautiful to watch the parents and children come together and rely on The Lord to see them through this difficult season in their lives. Over and over, even when one door closes, they continue to see the proof of God’s love in their lives as another window opens.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“Fix My Eyes” ♪

When the Smallbone family is down to almost their last penny, their mother insists that they need to pray for everything they need. So, with scrap paper, they made two lists (seen in the image above) on the wood-paneled wall in their rental home.

The first list was *Please*, and the second list was *Thank You*. Under *Please*, they would list their prayers, which were numerous, and as each one was answered, they would move those prayers under *Thank You*. It was especially beautiful to see the children's optimism in this spiritual activity, as it was their faith in motion. As each prayer was answered, the thank yous got longer, and the needs under the please list became shorter.

Even when there were many obstacles in their way that seemed insurmountable, the Smallbone family fixed their eyes on God, and He saw them through their hardships with big and small miracles.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“JOY, Let it Move You…” ♪

While' Unsung Hero' contains many intense moments of struggles and adversity, it also features many scenes with lighthearted, joyful comedy.

And what a joy it was to see such an amazing cast! The production quality matched the remarkable talent chosen to portray these real-life individuals.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

Joel Smallbone –

Christian Singer Joel Smallbone’s portrayal of his father, David, in this film is phenomenal. You can truly feel the passion in his voice and the intensity in his reactions, especially when he is at his lowest. A few minutes into the movie, I completely forgot he was singer Joel Smallbone of for KING & COUNTRY, as he embodied the look and mannerisms of his father, burdened with the task of caring for a large family.

Although this is not Joel’s first acting role, his performance in this is so impressive, I wouldn’t be surprised if this catapults his acting career into making even more inspirational films like this.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

Daisy Betts –

Australian Actress Daisy Betts portrays the mother (mum), Helen Smallbone, who not only has the task of rearing 6 children, but as they move to America – she is expecting their 7th child. Daisy's acting in this film, alongside Joel, is spectacular; you truly feel her emotion as she’s doing her best to raise her children and make their new life in Tennessee, even when times are hard, an exciting adventure. As the mother, she is the glue that holds them all together, encouraging them in their walk with God and uplifting their spirits. I was completely moved by her incredible performance.

Releasing this film just before Mother’s Day, I must say, is brilliant, because this film highlights all the joys and hardships of motherhood, while championing her role as the loving nurturer and loyal advocate for her children and husband. It was wonderful to see how being a mother is celebrated in this movie. I was moved to tears countless times by Helen's immense compassion and love for her family, along with her resolute determination to follow God’s will.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

Candace Cameron Bure –

Actress Candace Cameron Bure portrays Kay Albright, a member of their church family who becomes a good friend, along with her husband, Jed, to the Smallbone family after their arrival in Tennessee.

Albright is the perfect last name for Mrs. Kay because she is definitely a bright spot in the lives of the Smallbone family.

It was fun to hear Candace use a southern accent and wear a curly, reddish-brown wig and 90's style of clothing to look more like her real-life counterpart, but more importantly, it was beautiful to see her character, Kay, literally being the hands and feet of Jesus, giving to the Smallbones in their time of need.

This was truly an ideal role for Candace, who enthusiastically shares her love for Jesus through her character and in real life!

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

Lucas Black –

As Jed Albright, Actor Lucas Black offers some comedic scenes to the film with his witty southern accent; however, more importantly, Jed offers the love of Christ, as he’s a cheerful giver to the Smallbone family, even if David’s pride often has a hard time receiving.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

And more recognizable talent…

*Actor Jonathan Jackson (Nashville, General Hospital) portrays Christian musician Eddie DeGarmo, who is there for the Smallbone family at a pivotal time.

*Country/Christian Singer, Hillary Scott (Lady A), hits the right note as the church’s worship singer, Luanne Meece.

*Veteran Actor Terry O’Quinn (Lost, Christmas Sail) plays the Smallbone family patriarch, Grandpa James. He has several memorable lines in the film, but one of my favorites is: "Look around you... your faith, your family, that's what makes you rich in life."

*Happy Days sitcom star, Don Most, plays music rep, Pierce.

*Actress Rachel Hendrix (October Baby, Christmas Wishes, and Mistletoe Kisses) portrays a young Amy Grant.

*Christian Singer and Actress Rebecca St. James portrays a flight attendant.

*Luke Smallbone (for KING & COUNTRY) dons a long, bushy wig to portray one of the band members in the Christian rock group, Stryper.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

Although I didn’t recognize all of the children in the film from previous works, their performances are all outstanding, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if many of them are breakout stars in the making.

*Kirrilee Berger (Country Comfort) portrays eldest daughter, Rebecca Smallbone.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“Burn the Ships” ♪

Fun scene moment: Near the beginning of the film, the family is running through the airport after being held at border patrol, and I couldn’t help but get a flashback of the movie Home Alone in my mind as the family races to catch their next flight. Thankfully, no child is left behind!

This scene also symbolized to me - their unwavering determination to plod forward in their belief that God was leading them to America. In theory, they were like pirates burning their ship and not looking back.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“The Little Drummer Boy” ♪

Christmas feels in ‘Unsung Hero’:

Just like the Little Drummer Boy plays his best for Jesus in the aforementioned song, which is a well-known trademark for the For King & Country duo, later in the film, the Smallbone’s faith is tested once again at Christmastime when the children, who are doing their best to please God, pray for the gifts they want Santa to bring them on Christmas morning, believing with all of their hearts that God must be close friends with Saint Nick.

Once again, it is precious to see a child's innocent faith, and the church family provides a miracle that will surely warm your heart.

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“God Only Knows…” ♪

When a film is released into the world, one can never foresee the impact it will have, the ripple effect of lives touched— this year, next year, and years to follow.

I absolutely recommend for everyone to see this film – as God only knows the lives ‘Unsung Hero’ will ultimately reach and touch for His Glory!

Image – Unsung Hero | Copyright, Lionsgate (Loinsgate Entertainment Corp.)

“Amen…” ♪ (pronounced ah-men)

My prayer is that this film will inspire each person who sees it and touch many lives for the kingdom.

When we are uncertain, Lord, help us to look to you, instruct us, guide us in the way that we should go, and direct our paths. You are our provider and protector.

I pray this movie is an encouragement to believers and a light in the darkness to those who are seeking.

May our faith be refreshened and reawakened!

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Trailer for ‘UNSUNG HERO’:

Be sure to look for 'Unsung Hero' at your local theater. 
Let it move you!

God's Blessings,

"Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; 
and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, 


  1. Can't wait to see this!! -Maria

  2. Wow, hands down the best review I have read about this movie.
    I am going to see this weekend with my Mom and Dad. I listened to For King & Country all the time so it will be neat to see their life story. I like how you used their songs to relate to their journey. Thank you for sharing it makes me want to see it even more.

  3. We have been SO looking forward to this for so long! LOVE Burn the Ships and so many other songs by For King and Country, and can't wait to see the movie. Their story is so inspirational and full of hope. I pray it touches the hearts and lives of so many! Hope you are doing well, Net. God bless you!

  4. Maybe now Candace can do something about the programming that airs on Great American Family. Airing Perry Mason in Prime Time has to be the stupidest movie that that Great American Family ever made. Considering that Justice Channel is also airing it at the same time. No movies on the schedule through May 9 which makes me believe no movies for the month of May either and I would not be surprised if there are no movies airing in June. Judging by the comments on Facebook in the Perry Mason post fans are not happy.

  5. Loved reading your review on this movie Net. I guess it's because I am feeling rather emotional today, but your review and the trailer for the movie brought me to tears. I loved when you said this referring to Candace Cameron Bure's character, "it was beautiful to see her character, Kay, literally being the hands and feet of Jesus, giving to the Smallbones in their time of need." That got to me for some reason today.

    I had no idea that Rebecca St James was part of this family. I have always loved RSJ. I have heard of them but don't know a lot about the Christian band, "For King and Country", which is Rebecca's two brothers. I will have to check them out more. However, the RSJ angle reeled me in to want to see the movie.

    This movie looks great! Thanks for the wonderful review and bringing it to my attention. I would have never even thought or heard to go to this movie otherwise.

    1. I hope you are feeling better today Jim! I have days like that sometimes; thinking of you & praying you have a better day tomorrow 😊

    2. Thank you for your kindness and prayers Paula. So many sweet people on this site.

    3. Jim, Awww... yes, so many sweet people here like you and Paula. I'm so thankful for all of you!

      And... I'm so delighted this review uplifted your day, my friend. This is one of those movies that really pulls at the heartstrings. It would be perfect to see with your mother. In fact, I also saw it with my momma, and we cried a happy cry together at the end!

      As for the singing duo, for KING & COUNTRY, they are incredible! I've seen them in concert and they are truly phenomenal singers and musicians. I love all of their music, but their rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy" is by far, my favorite, along with the song "Amen" and "Joy". By the way, Candace Cameron Bure is in their "Joy" music video.

      YouTube Links:

      Drummer Boy-



      I hope you enjoy these songs, too!
      Blessings on your weekend, Net

    4. Thank you for the links to "For King and Country", Net. It led me to a couple of other songs they do also. I really loved the videos of "God Only Knows' & "For God Is With Us". Really moved my spirit.

      Rebecca St James has a very special place in my heart. Many years ago, when I was really pursuing my Christian faith, I started to listen a lot to Contemporary Christmas music, and she was one of my favorites. She has songs that destroy me. Very talented family.

      Love seeing Candace Cameron Bure giving her whole life to her faith.

      Thank you for ONCE again sending me on a journey to where my soul and spirit were moved to cleansing tears!!

  6. I am so looking forward to this movie!

  7. Nice review, Net. Might go this weekend to see it. Rob

  8. Net, I really really enjoyed your review for Unsung Hero. I’ve been wondering if I should go see it or wait for streaming, but after reading your review, I can’t wait!!!

    We saw For King & Country in concert last year and had such an awesome time.

  9. I loved your review here Net. Told my family this could be my Mother's Day gift, so that's what we're doing, dinner and a movie.


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