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Monday, September 18, 2023

πŸŽ„ GREAT AMERICAN FAMILY'S 2023 CHRISTMAS MOVIES with Candace Cameron Bure, Jen Lilley, Trevor Donovan, Jill Wagner, Danica McKellar, Chad Michael Murray and Many More! πŸŽ„ *SEE HERE:

Press Release via Great American Family:



As Gift to Viewers, Full Slate of Movie Premiere Dates Coming Soon

NEW YORK, NY – September 18, 2023 –Great American Family today announced the company’s highly-rated and highly-anticipated annual holiday program event, Great American Christmas, returns Friday, October 20, with the first premiere of the season, Saturday, October 21. The full slate of World Premiere dates will be announced soon so that holiday movie fans can mark premiere dates in the Great American Christmas Movie Checklist App. The 2023 edition of Great American Christmas features 20 high-quality original holiday movies and around the clock, 24/7 holiday films from the network’s library on Great American Family, the nation’s fastest-growing cable television network for the past 10 consecutive months.

Talent audiences know and love star in stories destined to become holiday classics will provide viewers an unparalleled entertainment experience that promises to make the season bright. Great American Christmas originals feature beloved stars such as Candace Cameron Bure, Danica McKellar, Chad Michael Murray, Trevor Donovan, and Jill Wagner, to name a few.


Great American Christmas Original World Premiere Movies 2023 Include:

12 Games of Christmas

Starring: Johnny Ramey and Felisha Cooper.

In 12 Games of Christmas, a group of old friends and neighbors are transported into a Christmas-themed board game during a Christmas party.


A Christmas Blessing

Starring Lori Loughlin, James Tupper, and Jesse Hutch

A TV chef (Loughlin) is divinely inspired to take over her late aunt’s charity with help from a new friend (Hutch) and handsome business associate next door (Tupper).


A Christmas Commission (wt)

starring Sarah Fisher and Simon Arblaster

Two rival realtors (Fisher and Arblaster) are forced to work together to sell one special house before Christmas.


A Christmas for the Ages

starring Natasha Bure, Anna Ferguson, Kate Craven, and Cheryl Ladd

Prompted by their youngest granddaughter (Bure), four generations celebrate family and what Christmas was like in the 40s, 60s, 90s, and present day.


A Dash of Christmas

starring Broadway’s Laura Osnes and Christopher Russell

A marketing exec (Osnes) must learn a recipe to get her dream job and ends up entered in a holiday bakeoff with a dream baker (Russell).


A Model Christmas (wt)

starring Ash Tsai and Joey Heyworth

While on a charity press tour, a model (Tsai) ends up stranded by the weather at the family home of the driver (Heyworth) she hired to assist her for the week.


A Paris Christmas Waltz

starring Jen Lilley and Matthew Morrison

A novice dancer (Lilley) pairs with a professional (Morrison) to enter a renowned dance competition…in Paris! The next story in The Christmas Waltz universe, the highest-rated Christmas rom com of 2020, from Michael Damian and Janeen Damian.


A Royal Christmas Holiday

starring Brittany Underwood and Jonathan Stoddard

In search of her big break, a reporter (Underwood) arranges a Christmas interview with a European Prince (Stoddard) visiting the states. Will the reporter’s big story become her love story?


A Royal Christmas Romance (wt)

starring Danica McKellar and Damon Runyan

When a European Duke (Runyon) arrives in the US, he realizes that his bags have been lost in transit. He has no choice but to be styled, and ultimately inspired, by Bella (McKellar) the owner of a local boutique.


A Time Capsule Christmas (wt)

starring Jillian Murray and Daniel Lissing

A father (Lissing) bonds with his daughter and stumbles upon an unexpected romance (Murray) while tracking down the original owner of a Christmas time capsule.


Bringing Christmas Home (wt)

starring Jill Wagner and Paul Greene

A professor of military history (Wagner) teams with an antique store owner (Greene) to track down the original owner of a historic WWII uniform and the love letters left in its pockets.


Christmas on Windmill Way

starring Christa Taylor Brown and Chad Michael Murray

To save her family’s legacy windmill, a woman (Taylor Brown) must remind her ex-boyfriend (Michael Murray) of the best of their hometown.


Destined 2: Christmas Once More

starring Shae Robbins and Casey Elliott

In this sequel, Theo (Elliott) continues to miss connecting with his girlfriend, Kim (Robbins) as he attempts to propose at Christmas.


Mistletoe Moments

starring Susie Abromeit and Liam McIntyre

With her career on the line, a decorator (Abromeit) must work with an unexpected partner (McIntyre) to showcase a house for an upcoming Christmas gala.


My Christmas Hero

starring Candace Cameron Bure and Gabriel Hogan

An army reserve doctor (Bure) tracks down her family’s military history with the help of a new romance (Hogan).


Our Christmas Wedding

starring Holly Deveaux and Drew Seeley

In the sequel, roles reverse as Nicole’s boss plans newly engaged Nicole (Deveaux) and Michael’s (Seeley) wedding in two weeks at Christmas.


Peppermint & Postcards

starring Ella Cannon and Christopher Russell

When a Christmas letter concerning her love life goes viral, one mom discovers that romance might be right at her door.


Santa, Maybe (wt)

starring Aubrey Reynolds and Sam Whitten

Can theater director Lila (Reynolds) rise to the challenge of putting on the perfect Christmas ballet, while also discovering her office Secret Santa in the process?


The Christmas Regift (wt)

starring Erin Agostino and Marshall Williams

A city manager (Williams) recruits the help of a childhood friend (Agostino) in setting right his town’s Christmas Charity event, while she sets to work setting him up with her close friend.


‘Twas the Text Before Christmas

starring Merritt Patterson and Trevor Donovan

An unexpected text message sent to the wrong number (Patterson) sets into motion a Christmas tradition with a new family (Donovan) over three separate years.


Stay tuned for announcements on Christmas movie premieres coming to the company’s streaming service, Great American Pure Flix.


Great American Family is America’s premiere destination for quality family-friendly programming, including original holiday movies, rom-coms and fan-favorite series that celebrate faith, family and country. Great American Family is home to year-round seasonal celebrations including Great American Christmas, the network’s signature franchise featuring holiday themed movies and specials. Founded in 2021, Great American Family is part of the Great American Media portfolio of brands. Follow Great American Family on Twitter: @GAfamilyTV Facebook: @GAfamilytv Instagram: @gactv

Pam Slay
Network Program Publicity

My Take:

2023 is sure to be another heartwarming and cozy Christmas movie season with Great American Family's faith and family movies. I'm so excited to see so many of our favorite TV movie stars return to the network for their 3rd annual Christmas movie event!

If Santa asked me to put my top 5 must-see Great American Family Christmas movies on a list, I would have to refuse, because it's too hard to choose - they ALL look so good!

I simply can't wait to see the new Christmas movies with Candace Cameron Bure, Jen Lilley, Trevor Donovan, Jill Wagner, Danica McKellar, Chad Michael Murray, Lori Loughlin, Daniel Lissing and many more!

Also, some key things to notice... There are two sequel films - Our Christmas Wedding is a sequel to My Boss' Wedding and Destined 2: Christmas Once More is a sequel to Destined at Christmas.

A Christmas for the Ages is from Candy Rock Entertainment, in which Candace Cameron Bure is one of the producers. Candace's daughter Natasha Bure will star in this all-new holiday film that spans various eras at Christmastime! Also starring in the movie is Cheryl Ladd, of Charlie's Angels fame.

I hope you find many delightful Christmas movies you are looking forward to seeing during this Christmas Season! Please share your thoughts in comments below...

Joyous Christmas Blessings to You All!

God bless us, everyone! Net


  1. Deck the halls! Wonderful thing to wake up to!!

    Everything here looks amazing! Not sure which I'm looking forward to more! (though, it might be a tie between Paris Christmas Waltz, My Christmas Hero and A Royal Christmas Romance! Think they might premiere during Thanksgiving weekend?)

    Hope everyone here enjoys these amazing looking movies! -Maria

  2. Well, it turns out that Santa did ask me for my top 5 picks, but I told him I couldn't do less than 7. He said fine, so here are my top picks:
    A Christmas for the Ages
    A Dash of Christmas
    A Paris Christmas Waltz
    A Time Capsule Christmas
    Bringing Christmas Home
    My Christmas Hero
    'Twas the Text Before Christmas

  3. You are so right I want to see every one. I am hoping since Gabriel Hogan is in my Christmas Hero that his mom Susan has a cameo in the movie. I have always loved movies with mom Susan and dad Michael. And was so sad when I heard about Michael’s accident.

    1. Bebe, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the Hogan family! In fact, The Christmas Secret is one of my all-time favorite movies!

    2. Awww, Bebe, I didn't know about the accident. That's so, so sad. That would be super sweet if Susan has a part.

      I, too, love The Christmas Secret, Mark 25...so full of heart! I sure wish Hallmark would give us more like that one.


  4. OMG!!! I am loving the synopsis of these movies. I am especially looking forward to the movie with Natasha Bure-it is different to have a movie not be a rom-com :) I really hope GAF keeps the movies around that 20 mark...Hallmark tends to have TOO many movies and it is hard to keep track of-plus out of the 40 they tend to bring out maybe 10-15 of them are keepers. Anyways...lol Thanks Net for the update!

  5. Well, certainly plenty of surprises here.

    On the information given 4 I will definitely NOT be watching are:

    A Christmas Blessing
    A Time Capsule Christmas
    Destined 2: Christmas Once More
    Peppermint And Postcards

    A Christmas For The Ages doesn't sound too interesting but will watch it at some stage.

    I hope there's no surprises turn up in the others.

    Interesting to see that Christopher Russell is starring in 2 movies plus it's a long time since we saw Gabriel Hogan.

    Not one of the 4 Nicely Entertainment movies I thought might be in the list is there.

    A few movies there which were my list to see have turned up:

    A Model Christmas (the trailer looks great)
    A Royal Christmas Holiday
    Santa Maybe

    One completely new to me which looks good - The Christmas Regift with Erin Agostino and Marshall Williams.

    I have counted 20 movies there plus July's offering -wasn't there originally going to be a total of 18?

    Should be a lot of good viewing there.


    A Model Christmas

  6. So happy to see this news and I've been waiting for Great American Family to give us more information on the remaining movies. I kept looking online to see what completed movies were out there and made a list last week of possibles, so now I have to compare and see if I got any of them right. I do know that just off the top of my head, A Christmas for the Ages, The Christmas Regift and Peppermint & Postcards (previously titled It's a Christmas Thing) were on that list. Exciting news for sure and glad they had everything completed before the strikes happened. The majority of these sound like they'll be good with a few I'm a little unsure about. I will be watching them ALL though! Year 3 for Great American Christmas is looking up, up, up! ~ Debbie

  7. Starting to get the warm and fuzzies. It seems when the beginning of September or so hits my heart starts to increase in size and strength and love and continues that way for the next few months until it's ready to explode, just like the Grinch's heart and I can't control it ha-ha.

    1. Jim your comment made me laugh out loud! I can’t control myself either; September came and our house is all decked out in fall pumpkins and Nov 1st the Christmas tree will be up. The best time of the year is quickly approaching! 😊

    2. Paula, I love the anticipation that September brings. I already have that holiday spirit in my soul that exponentially increases as the weeks go by. I love that everything is ahead of us and nothing is already done. It's so close that I can feel it already. Already starting to line up my Fall and Christmas events to do. Started on Sept. 1st by going to Hobby Lobby. They already had a ton of Christmas stuff and 50% off Christmas merchandise. I felt giddy in the store...haha. They actually had Christmas stuff in July already out which made me terribly excited.

  8. The Christmas movies from GAF look wonderful. I'm looking forward to sipping a hot cuppa tea and watching them!

  9. Oh my goodness!! These movies look amazing! Best part, when you start to watch these you can relax and not worry about what will pop up on the screen next! Thanks for the update Net!!

  10. some of these look exceptionally good.


  11. This is a fantastic list! Excited that Gabriel
    Hogan is CCB’s costar! And very excited for Daniel Lissing and Jillian Murray! The only actors I can think of that seem to be missing this year are Cameron Mathison and Cindy Busby.
    Jennifer R

  12. I noticed, Jennifer R, that Jessica Lowndes is also missing this year, but I'm happy to see many of my other favorite stars returning.

    I've been reading this list over and over, and I'm loving many of these movies already!!!! Someone else mentioned that 20 is a good number and I would have to agree. Give or take one or two, most of these look fantastic!!!!

  13. Yay! I think this list sounds great! I am most looking forward to that game movie...talk about unique! LOL. I really like the Natasha Bure storyline and Iook forward to Danicas movie.

  14. Thanks, Net, for the update of such good news. It looks like Santa and Great American Family has been busy this year. The holiday season will be filled with some terrific movies from GAF. I am very excited about the following movies (not in any order of WOW!).
    1. My Christmas Hero
    2. A Time Capsule Christmas
    3. Bringing Christmas Home
    4. ‘Twas the Text Before Christmas
    5. A Paris Christmas Waltz
    6. A Dash of Christmas
    7. A Royal Christmas
    The story lines are varied that will appeal to many viewers during the holiday. Thanks to GAF for setting the bar so high.
    And as you all mention - Let us not forget the reason for season. God Bless.
    -Gabe’s Mom

  15. I think the lineup for Great American Christmas year 3 looks great! Many of our favorite actors are back and I am definitely excited to watch the movies with our favorite stars. I am also looking forward to seeing some new faces on GAF. I was hoping that Cameron Mathison, Cindy Busby, Marc Blucas, Rukiya Bernard, Nick Bateman, Tim Ross, and Jessica Lowndes might surprise us and show up on the list. I am also hoping that GAF was able to purchase rights to more of my old favorites such as Moonlight and Mistletoe, The Three Gifts, The Spirit of Christmas, Christmas for a Dollar, Farewell Mr. Kringle, The Sons of Mistletoe, A Christmas Wish, etc to throw into the lineup during the 24/7 programming. It will also be interesting to see if any new Christmas movies that haven’t been announced will air on GAPF and if any GAPF Christmas movies will air on GAF. I appreciate what Bill Abbott and the team are working to build at GAF!

  16. Wow! I think this is some of the best pairings I've seen on GAF!! Really looking forward to these, more so than normal.

    I just know Jen Lilley's will be a treat! Same with Trevor's!

    I especially love the military movies, and here we have two! With two great pairings! Can't wait to see Candace with Gabriel. My mom will be excited about that one. She's always been a Norman fan, and the more I see him, the more I am as well!

    Not always a fan of the Royal movies, but do love them when the cast is good like Danica!!

    Thanks Net for this terrific info!!!

  17. Do you think Norman won't be in the Hannah Swenson since the actor is now on GAF??? I would be sad to not see him on the show.

  18. This article has me so excited for the holidays! Thank you Net for putting this together with all the photos. I can’t wait to watch all of my faves from Hallmark who came to GAC and also the sequel to Destined at Christmas (excited to see that proposal) and the one with Natasha Bure. Really, they all sound like great storylines even the ones where I am not familiar with the actors, I’ll give them a try. 😊

  19. Excited for all these movies...my only disappointment was I was hoping they would have Marc Blucas back...but the line-up certainly looks great.

  20. I hope that if GAF decides to slowly increase their yearly quota of Christmas movies year after year that they won't let it get too out of hand (looking at you, Hallmark). Lots of movies can be great, but too many and well, that makes for less time to watch them at once and increases the chances of there being more then 1 dud. -Maria

  21. “Transported into a Christmas themed board game” ? That’s certainly a new one (lol!) Sounds a little strange, but… points at least for originality?

    A Christmas for the Ages sounds fun; I love movies featuring different eras from the past. Looking forward to that for sure!

  22. A Dash of Christmas for Chris Russell,
    A Paris Christmas Waltz (Jen), A Time Capsule Christmas, Peppermint & Postcards. Not sure about Santa, Maybe and Twas the Text Before Christmas.

  23. Joel Smallbone's directorial debut from Kingdom Story Company now has a release date of April 26, 2024.

    Lionsgate has picked up Kingdom Story Company’s Unsung Hero, the directorial debut of Joel Smallbone, one half of the Christian music duo For King + Country.
    The drama centers on the Smallbone family, which also includes For King + Country member Luke Smallbone and singer-songwriter Rebecca St. James, as they come to America from their native Australia after the collapse of their father’s successful music company.

    The movie also follows the family’s mother, Helen Smallbone (Daisy Betts) as she uses her faith to hold the family of nine together by turning struggles into an adventure for her children. The title for the film comes from a For King + Country song of the same name that was dedicated to the parents of Joel and Luke Smallbone.

    Joel Smallbone stars as his father, David Smallbone, with other cast including Kirrilee Berger, Jonathan Jackson, Lucas Black, Candace Cameron Bure, Terry O’Quinn and Hillary Scott

    The acquisition follows Lionsgate scoring a box office win with Jesus Revolution, which debuted in February and grossed more than $52 million domestically. Meanwhile, the faith-based Angel Studios has scored a breakout hit this summer with the thriller Sound of Freedom.

    Lionsgate has set an April 26, 2024 wide release for the film from Kingdom Story Company.
    Smallbone directs Unsung Hero with Richard Ramsey based on a script they co-wrote. The producer credits are being shared by Justin Tolley, Josh Walsh, Luke Smallbone, with Kingdom Story Company and Candy Rock behind the drama.
    The Smallbone brothers also teamed for the feature documentary Return to Sydney: The For King & Country Journey that was to chronicle the Australian brothers and their sister Rebecca St. James returning home after winning Grammys & Billboard Music Awards.

    1. Yes, I was so excited when they made the movie premiere announcement (I believe it was at the beginning of August) that the film, Unsung Hero, would premiere next year!

      I'm so glad the life story of the Smallbone family is being told, and it's great that Candace Cameron Bure will have a role in the movie, as well, since she's been great friends with Joel and Luke for many years now.

      Blessings! Net

  24. Christopher Russell has 3 Christmas movies this year 2023

    A Dash for Christmas - GAFAM
    Peppermints & Postcards - GAFAM
    The Secret Gift of Christmas - Hallmark

  25. Christmas Destined 2: Christmas Once More
    October 21, 2023

    While I was watching Murder, She Wrote

    1. Thank you for catching that Christmas movie news and sharing with us! I'm looking forward to seeing how they continue this story.

      Have a Blessed Saturday! Net


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