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Thursday, August 31, 2023

🍁 Hallmark's October "FALL INTO LOVE" 2023 Movie Schedule is Here - Plus, "When Calls the Heart" and New Mysteries πŸ‚πŸƒ SEE DETAILS:

Hey, Y'all! 
More movies are coming This Fall!

Hallmark sent me this afternoon their latest press release which includes details of their *Fall Into Love* movie lineup for October, Mysteries, and much more!

Plus, it's official, Lisa Durupt returns to the Hannah Swensen Mysteries in her well-loved role as Hannah's delightful sister, Andrea! This must be due to all of the fans who requested her return to the series. Well done, sleuthers!

Also, When Calls the Heart's 10th Season will come to an end in October. It appears the season will not end with a wedding for Elizabeth and Lucas but an election.

Check out all of the details below...

on the Hallmark Channel:

When Calls The Heart Season 10 Episode 10
"All Dressed Up"
Sunday, October 1 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

The town prepares for the Governor's black-tie ball. While still reeling from the true intentions of Union City Holdings, Lucas decides to try to sway the Governor to their side.


3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost
Saturday, October 7 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Julie Gonzalo, Chris McNally, Madeleine Arthur

A ghost from the 1920s refuses to leave the home just listed by Anna, a new real estate agent. Worse, the spirit is convinced she cannot "pass over" until she gets Anna back together with her ex.


When Calls The Heart
Season 10 Episode 11 "Long Time Running"
Sunday, October 8 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Lucas is the talk of Hope Valley. Elizabeth and the whole town rally around him, but everyone still worries it won't be enough to stop the Governor.


Field Day
Saturday, October 14 (8 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Rachel Boston, Benjamin Ayres, Shannon Chan-Kent, Carmel Amit

Jen (Boston), Marissa (Amit) and Kelly (Chan-Kent) are moms from different backgrounds who are thrown together to plan the annual Field Day at their kids' school. Along the way, they navigate a myriad of obstacles, including an unsupportive head of the PTO. New to town and still trying to move on following the loss of her husband, Jen is thankful to have the encouragement of Dan (Ayres), the school's PE teacher who is becoming a good friend…or could this be the start of something more? As the planning continues, Jen, Marissa and Kelly bond as friends who will stop at nothing to make sure their kids are happy, with each of them finding their own path as their friendship grows stronger.


When Calls the Heart
Season 10 Episode 12 – "Starry Night"
Sunday, October 15 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

With Elizabeth at his side, Election Day has the entire town supporting Lucas, hoping he will be the one to save Hope Valley. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee discuss who should be their baby's godfather.


on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Premieres:

A Zest for Death: A Hannah Swensen Mystery
Friday, October 6 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Alison Sweeney, Cameron Mathison, Barbara Niven, Tess Atkins, Mike Dopud, Lisa Durupt

They say the real estate business is deadly, but no one is more surprised than Hannah Swensen (Sweeney) when her mother, Delores (Niven), discovers the dead body of the homeowner – and regular customer of The Cookie Jar – while house-hunting for her sister Michelle (Atkins).

Hannah is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery and is convinced that the prime suspect Mike (Mathison) and the Sheriff (Dopud) are focusing on isn't the culprit. Hannah's sleuthing becomes a family affair when Delores, Michelle and even her sister Andrea (Lisa Durupt) – who pays an unexpected visit – take part in the investigation. As Hannah uncovers clues she slowly rules out suspects and is led to the shocking truth about the killer's identity.


Curious Caterer: Fatal Vows
Friday, October 13 (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Starring: Nikki DeLoach, Andrew Walker

In the franchise's third installment, professional caterer and amateur detective Goldy Berry (DeLoach) is hired to cater for a big wedding. The bride, Jessamyn Cole (Amanda Khan, Superman and Lois) is the ex-wife of Goldy's current romantic interest, detective Tom Schultz (Walker).

The town is shocked when they find the groom, Sterling Clearwater (Kareem Malcolm, The Flash) dead and Jessamyn missing. To complicate matters, a new detective (Brock Morgan, Dangerous) with a vendetta against Tom is hired to oversee the case. Forced to take matters into their own hands, Goldy and Tom must find Jessamyn before she meets Sterling's fate.


Please share which shows/movies appeal to you this October in comments below. I'm personally looking forward to the last episodes of When Calls the Heart's Season 10; it's especially nice already knowing a new season will come next year!

As for the movies, I'm especially looking forward to the Mysteries!!! I'm so giddy that Andrea is coming home (to Eden Lake or Lake Eden, whatever you want to call it!) and will be part of this all-new mystery. I'm also hoping Mike and Hannah will get back together.

And... for the rom-coms, Field Day is my pick. I'm not into movies about ghosts, so 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost will be a skip for me.

Countdown to Christmas will also be coming at the end of October; Hallmark has not released official details, yet, but it won't be long now!!!

Happy movie-watching!

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Fall Movie favorites on DVD/Streaming:


  1. I'm saddened their won't be a WCTH wedding. I guess now we know why they told us about S11 early on.

    Over the moon excited about Andrea!!!!! They make it sound like someone we know dies, I hope it's not Norman or some of the gossip older ladies. I hope the couple gets back together too Net, I didn't think that was fair of Hannah.

    I'll watch the other mystery. I'm not to much a fan of the series, always about someone's ex.

  2. My 1 word to describe this schedule outside of WCTH:



  3. When Calls the Heart Season 10


    Honest opinion here. Season 10 has been a bit of a disappointment to me so far only with the exception of the Coulters’ baby arriving.

    Firstly, Faith and Nathan. I actually really liked the idea of them together last year because I didn’t really get on board with the Mei/Nathan thing but this year it feels quite forced and doesn’t seem very natural.

    Secondly, Elizabeth and Lucas. Elizabeth is really starting to fall back into her old ways of selfishness, to me. Admitting that she’s avoided talking about Jack with Lucas is great, and could have been a great opener, but alas, she still didn’t talk about him! They’re engaged and all he knows of her first husband is that he was a mountie and a good man. Regarding the house he wanted to build, I personally found it to be quite selfish and unfair of Elizabeth to shut Lucas down about the house. If she doesn’t want a mansion or a grand home, that’s ok, and she has every right to express that. But to say “this is my home” about the rowhouse and not give him an alternative was too selfish for my taste. I know this isn’t a popular opinion amongst people today, but isn’t her home wherever her husband is? For the time period, it was common for the man to plan and build a home for his new wife, just as Jack planned to do for her, even though it never came to fruition. Besides Hope Valley is not what I would call a large town. Very likely she would see everyone every day even if they did move to the edge of town. Which leads me to the clinginess between Elizabeth and Rosemary. It’s a little too in your face this year. She’s her best friend, true. But that relationship should not be more important than the one with her fiancΓ©. Basically giving Lucas a low-key ultimatum about their home was disappointing and not respectful of his opinion. Obviously there’s always going to be the memory of Jack in their lives but Lucas may not want to live in a house that she shared with Jack. I keep wanting him to stand up to her about something but he never does. He’s mild mannered typically and gentle, but sometimes he needs to assert himself. But that doesn’t fit in with the generally feminist direction of the show, I know.

    Finally, why all the conversations with Nathan about life? Season 9 did a great job of showing how you can move on from a relationship and still be nice to each other but all these shared conversations about things, especially regarding Little Jack asking about his dad, that should involve the man who is about to become his step-father not the local mountie who used to be in love with her.

    Sorry to anyone who actually read this all the way through! I know there’s a good bit of negativity in my review and I’m hoping things improve but I’ve been wanting to put my thoughts down after watching the most recent episode. These are strictly my opinions and not meant to attack any of the actors, writers, producers, etc


    1. At least it hasn't gone woke, that's the main plus. Boring can be good in some scenarios, especially on a network like this. -Maria

    2. Rebecca, that was well said. When Calls the Heart has always been my favorite and still is, but I do think Elizabeth has been unfair to Lucas. And way to clingy to Rosemary. I think it's the new writer.
      Have you ever seen the Lucabeth Lounge Podcast on YouTube?? Run by Jillian and Div. I've been watching it since last year and enjoying their conversations. They said very similar things like what you said. I think you would like watching it.

    3. Rebecca, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts on the latest WCTH drama.

      I so agree with your take on Nathan and Faith! At first, I wanted them to be together, but something just doesn't seem right. I think I still long for Faith and Carson to reunite; those feelings seem unresolved to me.

      As for Elizabeth and Lucas, there is an underlying tense feeling between the two that seems to pull them more apart in each episode. The whole house debacle was just the tip of the iceberg. Lucas seems to want a different life, while Elizabeth is content right where she is, and whatever she wants is what matters most. Lucas must succumb to her every pleasure. I agree, Rebecca, the way that talk was handled was completely one-sided and all about what Elizabeth wanted. She doesn't seem all that interested in building a home with Lucas. There was no room for compromise. And the way she spoke about him to Rosemary was disrespectful.

      Also, I agree, the flirtatious between Elizabeth and Nathan really surprised me, as well as their carefree conversations about parenting. I think the writers are just teasing us again, but this episode was truly a weak moment in the Elizabeth and Lucas (Lucabeth) love saga.

      Erin Krakow did say this season would be a roller coaster!

      Thank you again, Rebecca, for sharing your take with us!
      Blessings, Net

    4. Maria-Definitely true! I’m glad to see they haven’t included any offensive storylines thus far.


    5. Abigail, I have listened to a couple of the Lucabeth Lounge’s podcasts and have enjoyed them very much!

      I have wondered too if the new writers and show runner have had an effect on the way the characters are being portrayed in season 10. I’m sure it does take some time to get comfortable writing for characters that you haven’t before.

    6. Net- I do agree about Faith and Carson! I am curious if Paul Greene ever plans to make a return to Hope Valley. I hope, before the show comes to an actual end, that he comes back and the two characters can reconcile, assuming that she isn’t married to Nathan by then.

      Also, thank you for the reminder about this season being a rollercoaster! There are 7 episodes remaining right? So plenty of time for things to even out again even if there isn’t going to be a wedding.


    7. Sorry, typo. I meant Rebecca, not Return lol

    8. Sorry, but it's rightfully unpopular opinion. It was true in times when bride has moved from her father's house to her husband's (or husband's family) house. Not in times when bride is living on her own, in her own place/house. Lucas is selfish because it's little Jack's home. And he said he wanted to build that house for Elizabeth and if she does not want that he should respect that. He has always admired Elizabeth's independence. But if he wanted a bride who would follow him everywhere he should have chosen some young virgin bride instead. I truly respect your opinion but i probably don't understand you. Especially since your idea of compromise is that everything should be according Lucas's wishes. And it would not be fair either.

    9. I appreciate the response and I respect your opinion as well. 😊However, I can’t say that my opinion is a “rightfully unpopular one”. I certainly never said that everything should be according to Lucas’ wishes, nor did I imply it. But I do think there should have been a discussion not simply laying down the law by Elizabeth. Little Jack is around 5 years old I believe. He would most certainly adapt to a new home very quickly. Lucas responded that he understood so I don’t think there is an issue with him not respecting what she said. I don’t understand it, but he did haha πŸ˜‚ Also, I don’t think that it matters whether she lived on her own or not. I still believe that, for the time period, it was normal and accepted for a man to build a house for his wife, regardless of whether she was widowed or single. From what I’ve learned of that time in history, whether she was a young bride or not really wouldn’t have come in to play. Lucas lives on his own also but he doesn’t seem to expect her to move where he is now. He’s also never given the indication that he expected her to follow him wherever he went, especially after this season’s second episode when he made it very clear that and Elizabeth would be making their home in Hope Valley.


  4. Additional thought: Seriously? No wedding on WCTH?!! Outrageous. -Maria

  5. Curious Caterer is about the only mystery which I really like on Hallmark at the minute (although most of the others are one-offs) so I'm looking forward to it - Andrew and Nikki are a great pairing.

    I'm a big fan of Chris McNally and 3 Bed 2 Bath 1 Ghost sounds like fun although many here won't like the idea of a ghost.

    Nothing else really appeals.

    There was some talk here last week that HMM might not be airing any Christmas movies but I was reading that Nikki DeLoach's X'mas offering with Lucas Bryant is on HMM so it looks like they will be.

    Wikipedia is already listing the first two Christmas movies on Hallmark - Florence

    1. Florence,

      If HMM doesnt air Christmas movies, then I likely won't watch any Hallmark. I only watch the HMM channel during Christmas cause they actually play older movies. HM plays woke, new movies and they pish certain movies down the viewers throats, like the Mahogany, or the movies that star their pet actors, all the actors that are NOT Candace Cameron Bure. Those movies get played over and over, even if the ratings were bad. I know that happnes on HMM too, just that they play the movies I like and they play a lot of older movies.

      Here is an example, they are playing A Maple Valley Christmas AGAIN on Christmas Thursdays. I dont have my notebook with me but they have literally played that move 4 or 5 times across Thursday and Friday Christmas. I mean they have hundreds of movies, but that movie gets played over and over? The movie wasn't even good. But it will be played yet again on Oct 12th. I get it has Andrew Walker, and he is in Fatal Vows, but there are many other Andrew Walker they can play, like Christmas Tree Lane, Merry & Bright, Dashing Thru the Snow, A Bride for Christmas, but they keep pushing this Maple Valley movie.

      So I do hope HMM plays Christmas otherwise I will be on GAF the entire time. I loved the ONE year the Drama channel played Christmas, cause i watched it all the time as they played the older movies.


  6. Hi all!

    I am so excited about the news Lisa is coming back! I miss her being on with Alison. OMG they better get Mike and Hannah back together or I am going to be so mad. I am also looking forward to all of the other mystery and 'Field Day'. I am ready for Autumn. It has been so hot in KY this year.

    1. Hey, Joan-
      I was born and raised in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky. It is a beautiful state and so lovely in the fall.
      -Gabe’s Mom
      In regard to the upcoming movies on Hallmark, I am happy to see the Curious Caterer and H.S. Mystery. The H.S. storyline has been less interesting as of late. Hallmark is at a crossroads of either presenting their favored movies and themes or stumble along and lose fans. Time will tell.
      Have a good weekend all. πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚

    2. Joan, you make me laugh! You sound so much like me! I need to see Bill with Andrea, and of course Hannah should get back together with Mike. We should meet up some day and watch one together(we're just an hour apart right?) but we'd probably talk so much we'd miss some...I remember you saying you talk to the TV(so do I.) -LOL ;)

      Oh yeah! It has been hot, but weren't those last do days great! It was enjoyable here in Owensboro. I was able to go outside and read, and I have my mom's red head skin so I don't do well wth heat or humidity. Was it the same in Louisville?? But now it's 90 again. I guess we are going through the season back and forth change.

      Have a blessed Lords day tomorrow!❤

    3. Hi Gabe's Mom!

      That is so cool to hear you were born and raised in KY! I do agree with you. I think KY is lovely in the autumn. I have enjoyed the Curious Caterer so far and I hope the latest one is good. And, I do agree with you on the H.S. storyline. Honestly, I enjoyed the Murder She Baked movies more.

    4. Hi Abigail!

      You make me laugh too! We are so much alike! I would love to meet up someday. I would agree with you we would talk so much we would miss some of the movie. Yes, I do talk to the TV. :-) I believe we would get along very well. :-)

      We did enjoy some lovely weather recently as well in Louisville. But, yes we are back to hot weather again here. I did hear it is going to cool off in the next few days. You know, if you don't like the weather, in KY, don't worry because it will change soon. LOL

      On another note, I see we are similar in our skin tone too. I am very fair so I always wear sunscreen.

      Thanks so much for the lovely words at the end of your message. I wish the same for you always! ❤

  7. I can’t believe Elizabeth and Lucas aren’t getting married this season. They seem to be drawing this out and with the fiasco last week with Lucas offering to build Elizabeth a big house, I can’t help but wonder if trouble is ahead.

    1. Remember how excited she was when jack was going to build her a home large enough for the Thorton Clan, but now she can't do the same for Lucas(and she has the land!!)

    2. Abigail, That is so true! I remember how much Elizabeth looked forward to her dream home with Jack. At that time, Rosemary wasn't even considered. It seems she still has issues with holding onto the past, but those issues most likely won't be explored any further in future episodes.

      Blessings, Net

  8. So excited for fall movies. I'm decorating for fall.

    1. Good for you!! I'm doing the same!! I can't wait to stick my hand inside of a pumpkin!🍁

  9. I totally thought of the group of gossip ladies as well!

  10. These look so great! For sure I’ll be watching Field Day and Hannah Swenson and Curious Caterer. I’m also confused about the Lake Eden but more so for me I miss the Murder She Baked title, sounded warmer to me. I will also be skipping the ghost movie Net, I’m bummed because I really wanted to see Julie and Chris in another movie together.


  11. I hope Bill will be on too. Andrea and Bill were the best. Or at least talk about Bill.


  12. This channel does have a history of ending a series when the couple is broken up, like Mystery 101. So I wouldnt put it past HM to break up hannah and mike, and end the series.

  13. Yay for getting Andrea back!!! Come to think of it, I never even watched the last movie--didn't feel exited because who knows when they'll cancel a series on a cliffhanger, right? πŸ™„ Now I have double to enjoy watching, assuming they straighten out the romance in this new Swensen mystery. 😊

    I agree Abigail, Curious Caterer is almost dizzying with how so many of the characters have been married to each other! I'm finding it a bit wearisome, especially in the last movie, and it doesn't look like this one will depart that pattern. Maybe I'll be pleasantly suprised.... :-)

    I can't believe it's already September, friends!


  14. Yay! Lisa Durupt is back! About time! Let someone just hope it’s family-friendly and we can enjoy and watch it!

  15. Glad to hear that Lisa Durupt is back. Andrea and Bill kind of made the movies for me. As for the comments of Hannah needs to get back together with Mike. I've got to say that she didn't end up with him in the books, that was a diversion that Hallmark added to the movies.

    Also looking forward to seeing Chris McNally and Julie Gonzalo in a movie together. It'll be great to see them in another movie and especially now that they're together in real life
    And I for one still love when calls the heart. Interesting to see what happened between Nathan and Faith and where they're going to go with it. I think we just have to be patient and remember that there's, what? Seven more episodes left this season. Anything can happen.

  16. Anna is a new real estate agent. She just listed a home, however, she has a problem.
    A ghost from the 1920s lives in the home. Moreover, she refuses to leave the house unless Anna does one thing. The ghost insists that Anna reunite with her ex-boyfriend so that she can “pass over,” and leave the home.

    The premiere of 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghostpremieres on Saturday, October 7, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel. This movie will be available on Peacock up to 72 hours after the premiere.

  17. Hallmark’s Field Day is the final non-holiday movie of 2023. Moreover, this is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the season. That is because it was previewed at Christmas Con back in June, and everyone who saw it raved. Viewers have said this is the movie that has all you want out of a fall movie, and Rachel Boston to boot.
    Jen, Marissa, and Kelly are all moms who are planning the annual Field Day for their kids. Although they are all from different backgrounds, they find a lot of common ground with each other. Unfortunately, that is not true about the PTO

    However, the PE teacher is there for her. Dan is happy to help out Jen as a friend and as a teacher. This entire experience is helping Jen who is new to town, and still getting over the death of her husband.
    Besides Dan, Jen is really enjoying her time with Marissa and Kelly. They are working hard for their kids, but have found a strong bond with each other.

    The premiere of Field Day is on Saturday, October 14, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel.

  18. They changed back from Haven’t Met Yet to One Perfect Match on September 16, 2023

  19. I saw 3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost promo trailer

    The house that Anna, a new real estate agent, has listed has a spirit from the 1920s that won't go. Even worse, the ghost is afraid she won't be able to "pass over" unless she reconciles Anna with her ex named Elliott

    The female ghost dressed Great Gatsby in 1920s in her house who refused to leave the house. Anna is selling this house & she is like ahhhh when she says a ghost.

    Looks like similarity Casper the Friendly Ghost & The Canterville Ghost


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