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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

πŸ’• When Calls the Heart - Season 10 on the Hallmark Channel - starring Erin Krakow, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Jack Wagner, Chris McNally, Kevin McGarry, Viv Leacock, Natasha Burnett, Andrea Brooks, Kayla Wallace and More! πŸ’•

TV Drama: When Calls the Heart - Season 10

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: July 30, 2023

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen
Studio Images - Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Sven Boecker


Erin Krakow ... Elizabeth Thornton
Pascale Hutton ... Rosemary Coulter
Jack Wagner ... Bill Avery
Kavan Smith ... Leland “Lee” Coulter
Chris McNally ... Lucas Bouchard
Kevin McGarry ... Nathan Grant
Loretta Walsh ... Florence Blakeley-Yost
Hrothgar Mathews ... Ned Yost
Andrea Brooks ... Faith Carter
Martin Cummins ... Henry Gowen
Johannah Newmarch ... Molly Sullivan
Kayla Wallace ... Fiona Miller
Ben Rosenbaum ... Mike Hickam
Viv Leacock ... Joseph Canfield
Natasha Burnett ... Minnie Canfield
Amanda Wong ... Mei Sou
Jaeda Lily Miller ... Allie
Gracyn Shinyei ... Emily
Ava Grace Cooper ... Opal
Christian Michael Cooper ... Timmy Lawson
Jaiven Natt ... Robert
Vienna Leacock ... Angela
Elias Leacock ... Cooper
Hyland Goodrich ... Little Jack
Remy Marthaller ... Sarah Wolf
Billy Christos Jr. ... Toby
Sarah Smyth ... Mary Wolf
Daniel Smith Arnold ... Jed Campbell

"When Calls the Heart" Season 10 - Episode Details:

Episode 1 - “Carpe Diem” :
Air Date: Sunday, July 30, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Hope Valley faces an economic downturn together. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Bill learn that the children of Hope Valley have made a discovery that could change the future of the town.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 2 - “Hope Springs Eternal” :
Air Date: Sunday, August 6, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Everyone is buzzing with talk of the Hot Springs and how it will help the town. Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Krakow) and Lucas (McNally) host Aunt Agatha and Julie on an interesting visit to Hope Valley.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 3 - “Oh, Baby” :
Air Date: Sunday, August 13, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Tourists start arriving, including the St. Johns, who may prove to be trouble for Bill (Wagner). Meanwhile, Elizabeth (Krakow) rallies all Rosemary’s (Hutton) friends to plan the perfect baby shower.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 4 - “Great Expectations” :
Air Date: Sunday, August 20, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: The Coulter baby is late, but Faith (Brooks) assures them everything is fine. By the time Rosemary (Hutton) goes into labor, the entire town is there to support her. Madeline tries to stay in Hope Valley.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 5 - “Life is But a Dream” :
Air Date: Sunday, August 27, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Rosemary (Hutton) and Lee (Smith) are still adjusting to parenthood. Lucas (McNally) reveals the surprise he’s been working on to Elizabeth (Krakow). Nathan (McGarry) has a camping trip planned for just him and Allie.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 6 - “The Heart of the Problem” :
Air Date: Sunday, September 3, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Rosemary (Hutton) and Lee’s (Smith) baby has brought up memories of Rosemary’s own mother, and questions about her past. Meanwhile, the kids feel left out of the hot springs with all the tourists.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen and Jordan Blackstone

Episode 7 - “Best Laid Plans” :
Air Date: Sunday, September 10, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: When a former student visits, Elizabeth (Krakow) thinks she may need her help. Meanwhile, Lucas (McNally) orders something for all of Hope Valley to enjoy…if they can get it working.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 8 - “What Is and What Should Never Be” :
Air Date: Sunday, September 17, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Elizabeth encourages Gowen to seek forgiveness from Rosaleen to heal old wounds. Meanwhile Montague continues to raise suspicion.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 9 - “Deep Water” :
Air Date: Sunday, September 24, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Everyone helps Rosemary as the Governor visits early. Meanwhile, Nathan is called away to help with land trouble only to find himself in unexpected danger and with surprising intel.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 10 - “All Dressed Up” :
Air Date: Sunday, October 1, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: The town prepares for the Governor’s black-tie ball. While still reeling from the true intentions of Union City Holdings, Lucas decides to try to sway the Governor to their side.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 11 - “Long Time Running” :
Air Date: Sunday, October 8, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: Lucas is the talk of the Valley. Elizabeth and the whole town rallies around him, but everyone still worries it won’t be enough to stop the Governor.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

Episode 12 - “Starry Nights” :
Air Date: Sunday, October 15, 2023 (9 p.m. ET/PT)

Storyline: With Elizabeth at his side, Election Day has the entire town supporting Lucas, hoping he will be the one to save the Valley. Meanwhile, Rosemary and Lee discuss who should be their baby’s godfather.

Credit: ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: David Dolsen

It appears this will be another heartwarming season of "When Calls the Heart," which will surely be filled with incredible emotion and all sorts of surprises.

For those of you who plan to watch, I would love to hear your thoughts throughout Season 10. Please be sure to share in the comment section below this post - or beneath any post will also work.

Blessings to you all, Net


  1. I'm still very skeptical on the content of this Season, but there ARE some things I'm excited about seeing, so that's nice.

    Maybe my paranoia will just end up being paranoia in the end. Because I don't think the huge fanbase this show has in both the US and Canada would ever stand for anything immoral being shoehorned in, at least not without a large amount of backlash. -Maria

  2. I can't believe it's almost here!! I'm super excited to see all the beloved characters again! And Rosemary looks so sweet in her maternity dresses. :)

  3. What do you think of Fiona's blonde hair...? It looks good, but I still love her natural dark color.

  4. I'm excited. The new showrunner worked with Andrea on Supergirl. I, for one, know that I'd like to see her and Nathan together. But honestly, as long as it's a feel-good season, I'll be happy.

  5. I stop watching a number of seasons ago. Got my Sunday evening back.

  6. WCTH Season 11 still plans to start filming tomorrow, and from what I've just heard from 1 of the EP's, they will only be using all Canadian workers for the time being. They'll add in the US workers when they are able to and use plenty of good editing to make it look like they were always there. -Maria

  7. WCTH was given an official waiver from SAG today to film with all it's actors. -Maria

    1. Oh Maria, that's wonderful news!! I'm thrilled! Thanks for letting us know!

  8. Couple new interviews up on TV Fanatic and TV Insider with Andrea and Erin, and a hilarious new sneak peak was posted last night by Entertainment Tonight.

    Everything looks great. I probably shouldn't say this just yet, but I will: I feel confident that this'll be a good, clean Season. -Maria

  9. Entertainment Tonight was on set of the 100th episode celebration!



    1. Maria, That video from the 100th Celebration last year is so fun. It's interesting to see Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) dressed in character, while most everyone else from the cast is in regular clothes.

      I also loved seeing Author Janette Oke. Her stories were some of my favorites growing up, and I still cherish those old books, which have an honored place still in my bookshelf.

      From what I'm hearing the WCTH 100th episode will air Sunday, August 27th!

      Blessings, Net

    2. I own 4 of her Love Comes Softly books. -Maria

    3. 100th episodes is Life is But Dream. - WCTH: Seasons 10: Episodes 5 on 8/27/2023

  10. Very happy to say that I loved the premiere! -Maria

    1. Maria, It's wonderful to hear how much you enjoyed the WCTH premiere; I thought it was delightful, too! :)

      Blessings, Net

  11. ET released a new sneak peak of the 100th episode:


  12. The 100th episode was fantastic! (and clean). -Maria

  13. Very lovely Episode 3! So looking forward to next week's!! -Maria

  14. Awww, Episode 6 was sooo nice! -Maria

  15. I am so happy that Henry Gowen is born-again (from season 9)! Last night's episode (8) when Henry and Pastor Joseph talk, and Rosaleen and Henry settle their differences was wonderful and they both sit together while the newly formed choir performs.

    1. This is my favorite season for Henry Gowen! It is such a treat to see him as you said "born again." It's nice to see him with out the burden on his back. Replaced with a smile!

  16. I can't get Episode 10 out of my mind, and when I can't get an episode out of my mind, that means I was more affected by it then I want to admit. And that means I have a lot of thoughts:

    Back in Season 6 when Nathan and Lucas were 1st introduced, every fan I knew of wanted Nathan to be the 1 simply because he was a Mountie. And to me, my initial thoughts were 'Oh yeah, just replace 1 Mountie with another to repeat the same love story. (eye roll).' I wasn't very eager by that. Like, did he really have to be the one? It made me feel bad for Lucas, and the real turn off for me was when Team Nathan fans started becoming quite hostile to Team Lucas fans.

    I saw how good of a match Elizabeth and Lucas were, and I was so thrilled he was chosen. And I have zero desire to watch a love story that ended with Season 5 be repeated again, even less so if it involves breaking off a perfectly wonderful relationship.

    I have no clue of what will happen, of course. Heck, Elizabeth could actually decide to leave with Lucas and she could be telling Nathan that in the finale, given that she's still wearing her ring in the early photos. But I would like to ask this: Would breaking up a perfectly good engagement just to repeat a love story that's been long gone really be worth reducing a wonderful Season 9 to utter nothing and be a huge slap in the face to those who didn't want the same old love story?

    Honestly, if I was Team Nathan, I'd be absolutely insulted at getting an endgame like that.

    I love this show so much, but if she dumps Lucas and chooses Nathan, I may just be angry enough to dump this show for good. Because I cannot bear the thought of this show continuing after doing something so cruel to fans everywhere regardless of whose side they were on. Elizabeth deserves to be with Lucas, and I don't want to see him get dumped.

    Hope there's some encouragement out there. -Maria

    1. Wow Maria! That was well said!

    2. We should have a WCTH Podcast of our own. haha ;)

    3. Thank you. :) -Maria

    4. I totally agree. I didn’t even watch tonight’s episode. I skipped to the end to see Elizabeth dump Lucas. I have been a faithful watcher from the beginning but if they break up Elizabeth and Lucas, then I am done watching. This came out of left field and it’s stupid! Jackie

  17. Well, I got some encouragement: Hallmark put out a much better looking sneak peak for Episode 11 that fans on Twitter are liking, so maybe things will turn out okay after all. (I uh, don't react well to certain kinds of pressure, if that wasn't obvious). -Maria

  18. I have always been a team Nathan. I have never been a team Lucas. I stopped watching for some time due to this. I resumed watching some episodes this season. I still and team Nathan.

  19. I'm just very upset as how historically inaccurate this is. Canada doesn't have Governors. We have Premiers. I know we have to please the American public but this is over the top. Are we going to have American Mounties next?

    1. I thought about that too! It seemed odd to me since they live in Canada.

      That made me laugh. American Mounties... I'm American, but my great uncle was a Mountie.

  20. Almost hard to believe that my main worry for this Season was possibly going woke. When in reality, I should've been worried about the main couple all along. How degrading. -Maria

    1. Yes, Maria. I never imagined this would happen. Chris must be leaving the show.

    2. Abigail, I wondered that, too... so I looked into it, and he is currently filming Season 11 of "When Calls the Heart" with the rest of the cast.

  21. Is my very long expanded thoughts on Ep 11 comment that I left here on Sunday ever going to be posted? I know it's a bit OT, but it explains how I'm not new to being manipulated like this, and how I wish I wasn't going through it again. -Maria

    1. Maria, I rechecked my comment area and spam, and I don't see any comments unpublished from you on Sunday. I also checked Monday, as well.

      When a comment is long, sometimes when it is submitted, you will receive a message saying (something like) the comment failed to post because it's too long. I'm thinking that must be the case here.

      So sorry it didn't go through. ~Net

    2. Drat. :( -Maria

  22. Gonna try again with that long thoughts post, in smaller parts this time.

    EP 11 Extended thoughts part 1:

    The same year this show started, I got invested in CBS's NCIS Los Angeles. As the years passed, I grew to really love ths show. Amazing Teamwork, tip top writing, a main love story that was really beautiful, and I'll admit, I had a big crush on the boss, who I thought was the ultimate female warrior because she was so tough despite being so small. It was my favorite show for a long time. But back in 2018, the actress that I adored so much got hurt right before filming was set to start, and was sidelined for most of the Season. After that, the show slowly went on a downard spiral that it would never come back from. Writing became dull, everyone started acting like baffoons, the main couple became unbearable, and the producers and writers didn't really seem to care.


  23. Ep 11 extended thoughts Part 2:

    It was really heartbreaking to witness something that I loved so dearly turn so bad.

    It came to an end back in May. And while it ended happily for everyone, the boss that I loved was left in limbo. The way she was included in the finale was very beautiful, but to this day, I still hope to one day see her or hear of her getting her happy ending that she deserved with everyone else.

    I feel like what happened with that show is happening here with WCTH, only at a much faster pace. 1st 9 Seasons are amazing, and then Season 10 starts a downward spiral that it doesn't recover from. It happened with NCIS LA too.

    I know it's never over until it's over, and there's always a chance of final twists that undo what happened, but right now, I feel so, so sacked!


  24. Ep 11 Extended thoughts part 3:

    Like, E looks so awful right now! And Nathan had no business butting in the way he did. There's nothing romantic between them, E only looks at him the way she does is because she's still mourning Jack. Well, she's got to get over him! Lucas is a good man and she didn't take as long as she did in choosing him for nothing! And if she did, then I'm sorry that I bothered to ever care about a love story that wasn't between a teacher and a Mountie!

    I don't want to up pretending with yet another favorite show that it ended in it's 8th or 9th Season, but it's what I'll do if E goes flying into Nathan's arms next week like a desperate love sick puppy. I cannot tolerate being so emotionally manipulated again.


  25. I've thought for the last several days on should I post this comment or not and I've decided I will.

    First I want to get this out of the way I am Team Lucas, so you can take my comment how ever you like.

    Me, my mom and sister all watch this show, my mom was on Team Nathan and my sister is also Team Lucas, I never was anti-Nathan I just thought there was more story potential with Lucas.

    Now onto my thoughts over the last few years we have seen Elizabeth deciding on who she likes more and it all came together with Elizabeth picking Lucas.

    We even had Rosemary saying Jack was for a season, Nathan was for that reason and Lucas is for life.

    Yet now that comment means nothing. Even Lucas made a comment on how if you love someone let them go and if they come back to you, you were meant to be together.

    Then on top of that there is the saying love is patient, love is kind, yet I don't feel that is accurate, because of how the writers wrote Elizabeth this season. She has been anything but kind to either man.

    I remember after the season ended, Chris, Erin & Kevin and the writers talked about how they went over why they thought it is better Elizabeth picks Lucas.

    You even had Hallmark making commercials saying you will find out who Elizabeth will marry, yet that now is thrown out the window.

    I personally feel the producers of this season did Elizabeth dirty, because she said to one guy, I don't love you, I love another and now you have Elizabeth saying, no I don't love you, I love the other guy.

    I think that is awful and you have multiple kisses to Lucas, and you cheapen love and Romance, by saying that meant nothing, by having Elizabeth now choose Nathan.

    I honestly would have been fine with Elizabeth picking Nathan last season, but Hallmark made their decision and should have stuck with it, no matter how angry people were or by personally attacking Chris.

    This just shows if the mob is angry enough you will give in to them and that is just wrong.

    I can't speak for Nathan fans, but I do have to say if you were Team Nathan, that it must feel disappointing in how Hallmark went about this change.

    Nathan has been with two women since being with Elizabeth and now it looks like he and Elizabeth will end up together.

    I just don't feel like that is right and in truth the producers did Elizabeth, Nathan and Lucas wrong.

    Just a massive mistake on their part and this all could have been avoid had they just stuck with Elizabeth and Lucas or had Elizabeth chosen Nathan instead, in the last season.

    The crazy thing was, I thought this season was a little slow and boring, not no more, that is for sure.

    1. I forgot to add I thought it would have been nice if Nathan ended up with Fiona.

      It would have been a nice nod to Kevin and Kayla being together in real life.

    2. Ashley, I have to say...That was really well said. I couldn't agree more. I can't say I was a fan of either man at the time(missing Jack), but was leading towards Nathan. And in season 8, I saw how happy Elizabeth was with Lucas and it made me love his character. I do wish Hallmark could have made their life grow. It seemed so clear in S9.

  26. I've been hearing this theory on Twitter about how what happened in Ep 11 was actually a giant ruse, and I think it has a good leg to stand on:

    -NOTHING about that ending made sense. And IMO, I think Lucas would've looked a bit more upset if that breakup was serious. (and I think he definitely would've noticed before they got to the train station that E didn't have any luggage!)

    -Rosemary did say at one point that E would make a good actress (not sure when it was though).

    -Starry Nights is an awfully romantic title for a Season Finale following a breakup episode. Plus, the press release says that E is still at his side, and I doubt Hallmark would intentionally lie about something like that in a season ending press release.

    -Season finales always have some kind of big twist. And if you ask me, this sounds perfect.

    And yeah, I definitely need this type of scenario to happen if I want to stay with this show! -Maria

  27. ET posted a Lucabeth sneak peak today, and Parade posted a new photo, and now all I can think of is: 'Please, please be together at the end!' πŸ™


  28. Season finale thoughts:

    Honestly, Rosemary, Lee and Henry were the only real parts I loved. (and OMG, that ending of him going to Abigail's house!! ❤). They are all just so sweet. Mike and Mei are also cute as well.

    Other then that, I just feel nothing buy disgust for Elizabeth. Like, how can someone you dated for 2 years be the 'safe' choice?! Lucas being in trouble confirms that no matter who she wants to be with, it'll never be the 'safe' choice! Lucas did everything he could to prove himself to be the perfect man, and he is definitely far better then Nathan will ever be!! But apparently, that was never enough for little Miss Wishy Washy!!

    In case no one saw, Erin did an interview with ET that more or less confirms Team Nathan will end up winning in the end. Just wiping away the last 2 years like that like they never even mattered in a beyond awful soap opera twist, like the Lucas fans never even mattered.

    Depending on how I feel next year, and whatever I hear about on Season 10, I think this may be my last episode, because I can't stand being jerked like this. This is supposed to be a nice and cozy family show, not some twisted soap opera!

    Everyone but Elizabeth is so nice, but even all that can't be enough to keep me around if it means having to see her and Nathan be miserable with each other.

    It's been real nice being a Heartie for so many years. Hopefully GAF brings back When Hope Calls for a real 2nd Season in the future so I can myself 1 again and not feel so hurt. -Maria

  29. I've said this before, but I really love Henry this season!! I loved seeing him with Goldie and he's been a great friend to the town. Whoever first thought "Let's make Gowen a good guy".... Genius!!! And him going to see Abigail.... Aww! Brought tears to my eyes.

  30. I am a Team Nathan fan. I know that he has dated two others and Elizabeth has been with Lucas for two yrs essentially, but life is messy.

  31. I know this season is over, but it's hard for me to slow down. I'm a heartie all year round ;)

    Brian Bird said there would be a wedding in Season 11.. any ideas of who that would be?? I'm thinking Mei and Hickam, but it sounds a little too obvious to me. Normally they like to switch it around and surprise us.

    1. Abigail and Jim, You both may have seen this already, but I just caught an article from PEOPLE that states the future for Lori Loughlin on When Calls the Heart.

      The quote from the article is...
      Despite Bird's comments, Hallmark Media is "not in talks" with Loughlin about reprising her role as Abigail on 'When Calls the Heart'

      Interesting, huh? Not sure why Brian would want to tease fans like this, but it sounds pretty clear that Lori will not be involved with this next season, at least.

      I'm just glad Lori seems very happy with Great American Family! I think her upcoming movie, A Christmas Blessing,
      looks very good!

      Blessings, Net

    2. Thank you Net!! I've been so busy lately, I missed that. But, I probably would have anyway since I stay away from Twitter or Facebook. ;)
      Of course I would be happy if she came back to Hope Valley, and since she's friends with the WCTH cast and crew, I can't blame them for being hopeful she'll return. But, I think you're right. Hallmark has been very clear concerning Lori. It's sad though. They almost seem bitter.

      I am so happy she is involved with Great American Family!! So encouraging to see it growing more every year. One day, I hope WCTH can slide over to it if Hallmark finishes it. Also hope to see more from the sister show When Hope Calls.


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