Friday, April 22, 2011

Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie "Beyond the Blackboard" Premieres Sunday Night!

Beyond the Blackboard
is the newest Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie.

Premieres Easter Sunday-
April 24th, 2011 at 9 PM est
on your Local CBS Channel.

This look to be a very heartwarming and inspiring story for your family to watch and enjoy together.

Please see the Beyond the Blackboard page for more pictures & details!


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  1. I've marked my calendar. The movie has competition in my house from lots of other good programming but I am confident I will get to watch Beyond The Blackboard.

  2. The movie was excellent, however anyone that was hard of hearing missed about half the movie due to the loud music in the background. Why do you have the music so much louder than the voices? Several at the coffee crew this morning said they turned it off because they could not hear the words over the music. Also have seen complaints in the USA paper in the people's forum about loud music over voices in music. The newer movies the louder the music. WHY?

  3. I agree about the loud music in Hallmark movies. Why do you set the background music so loud we can't hear the actors? I love your movies, especially when I can hear what they are saying.


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