Tuesday, November 15, 2011

12 Wishes of Christmas - ION Television Christmas Movie


12 Wishes of Christmas

Network: ION Television

Original Air Date: November 27, 2011


Elisa Donovan ... Laura Lindsey
Fred Willard ... Jack Volara
Michael Gross ... Harry
Sarah Thompson ... Faith
David O'Donnell ... Andy
Richard Gnolfo ... Michael
Marliss Amiea ... Cindy St. Clare
Ariana Brown ... Nadine
Kimberlee Kidd ... Barista
Michael Ciminera ... Richard


Willing to try anything to transform her life, Laura follows her best friend’s suggestion and sets up a session with a life coach, who tells Laura to make 12 wishes for a positive change in her life. But before long, Laura realizes that her wishes are sparking unforeseen circumstances and she must act quickly to get her life back and her dog before Christmas.

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  1. not for children

  2. Very cute movie!

  3. Loved the actress who played NOEL, kind of a Paula Deen-type Santa's Helper...she has great fun with it.
    Many of these ION movies seem hokey BUT that doesn't mean they don't pack a lot of fun and the FANTASY elements add some seasonal zip!

  4. This is undoubtedly the worst Christmas movie I have ever seen. The acting wasn't terrible--I actually felt sorry for the actors because of the nauseatingly frustrating story line. During the opening scene, our heroine is forced to put her adorable dog into a shelter because her apartment complex does not allow pets. She then is granted TWELVE wishes by a (yes, very cute) Paula Deeny Christmas fairy/angel/whatever. Upon discovering that her wishes are coming true, she then proceeds to ask for all-important items such as new shoes. No wishes to get her pup back--just really stupid things such as a good hairdo for a friend for one night. At the end of the movie, she quits her managerial position in the fashion industry to take her dream job at the--you guessed it--local animal shelter. I suppose there were a very few things about the movie, but the entire dog issue completely irritated me throughout. Not to mention the heroine's portrayal as a completely brainless, materialistic twit. If you love your dog and value your sanity, avoid this movie!


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