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Keeping Up With The Randalls - Hallmark Channel Movie


Keeping Up With The Randalls

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: July 16, 2011


Kayla Ewell ... Alicia
Thad Luckinbill ... Will
Roma Downey ... Barb
Marion Ross ... Dorrie
Tom Schanley ... Doug


A Los Angeles fashion designer is put to the test when she must accompany her boyfriend to his family’s annual “Randall Reunion Races.” Only when she finds creative ways to demonstrate her strengths instead of her weaknesses, she proves herself a welcome member of the family.

If you think the competitive world of fashion is tough, nothing is as intimidating as meeting the boyfriend’s family for the first time. Budding designer Alicia Crosby (Kayla Ewell, “The Vampire Diaries”) must earn the approval of a new family and she must do so under the pressures of their annual extravaganza in “Keeping Up With The Randalls”. Two-time Emmy® nominee Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”), television legend and five-time Emmy® nominee Marion Ross (“Happy Days,” “Brooklyn Bridge”) and Thad Luckinbill (“The Young and the Restless”) also star in the high-spirited summer movie.

Alicia Crosby (Ewell) is a hugely successful children’s fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Her personal life is equally successful as Alicia suspects her boyfriend, Will Randall (Luckinbill), is going to pop the question any day now. But first, Alicia must survive meeting Will’s family, which means getting down and dirty in their annual “Randall Reunion Races,” where she is up against everyone from Will’s mom, Barb (Downey), to seemingly sweet Grandma Dorrie (Ross), to even Will’s ex-girlfriend, Kris (McKenna Jones, “The Bold and the Beautiful”).

It is no surprise to anyone, Alicia included, that she is not up to the athletic challenges. Almost out of patience, Alicia at last sees a glimmer of hope when she finds creative ways to demonstrate her strengths instead of her weaknesses. Just as the stopwatch ceases to tick, she might not only win the race, but finally, a place in the hearts of her soon-to-be family.

Movie Review:

This movie was... well, decent and for the most part, very family friendly. A handsome young man, Will, asks his girlfriend to come home with him to meet his parents and family. She accepts. At the home, there wasn't an issue of where they were rooming - they simply stated right away that she would stay in one room (with his sister, I believe) and he would share another one - with his cousin or Uncle. Anyway, the important part is that it was decent in that regard. There is one scene, however, where they all wear swimwear and Will's girlfriend,  Alicia wears a skimpy bikini. It's supposed to be a diving competition. She jumps in (not so gracefully) and once in the water - we see her bikini top floating near by. Nothing is seen, as Will informs her, and she quickly grabs it, with an embarrassed expression, while the rest of her is still under water.

The Randall family continues to be a bit hard on Will's new girlfriend. Constantly, they are talking about Alicia, whispering, mis-judging her, and putting her down. Alicia tries her best to fit in - especially at playing the Randall Family Games - an annual competition of athleticism. She, however, is a terrible athlete, and fails miserably at every event. Alicia even knocks down the grandmother, played by Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days), not just once, but twice. And, what is truly funny about that - is that she is the only family member (at first), who is truly nice to her.

It's a Hallmark Movie - so of course the family becomes accepting of her and eventually they all come around, even Will's Mother, Barb, played by Roma Downey, who was the toughest critic of them all.

If you like the outdoors and competition, then you should like this lighthearted family flick. It's funny and silly, and at times... a bit cheesy - but in today's world, it's nice to enjoy any wholesome programming!

See or Skip:

See, if you enjoy family sports and competition!

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*Images from Hallmark Crown Media


  1. I liked that it was sponsored by SC Johnson... they are a family company

  2. I thought that there was a gun battle. I was wrong

  3. Loved it! Best movie, cause it's free. Trust me you wouldn't want to pay for it

  4. Keeping up with the Randalls was a huge disappointment. The plot was lame and the acting was terrible!

  5. I purposely searched out this movie so I could see it this year. I saw it for the first time last year. I loved the fact that the family learned something from their bad judgement of this girl and perhaps learned that their own ugliness needs some improvement. Hope it comes on again this year!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and hopefully you will see it played, again, someday! Most likely, I would guess, in the summer months.


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