Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You asked. I answered. "What are the New Movies in your Banner?"

Its a Wonderful Movie - Your Guide to Family Movies on TV 
I have had a lot of people asking...
"What are the new movies in your banner?"
So, here are the Answers, from left to right:

1. Kevin Sorbo
(Shadow on the Mesa, Abel's Field, God's Not Dead)

Featured above in the UP original movie:

2. Autumn Reeser
(Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade)

Featured above in the Hallmark Channel original movie:

3. Erica Durance (top right)
("Smallville", "Saving Hope")

Featured above in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie:

4. Danielle Panabaker
(Nearlyweds, The Shunning)

and Shawn Roberts
(Reel Love, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold)

Featured above in the Hallmark Channel original movie:

5. Vanessa Marcil
("General Hospital", The Nanny Express)

and James Denton
(Grace Unplugged)

Featured above in the Hallmark Channel original movie:

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope this information was helpful to all of you who were wondering about these new movies. Please note: I have, yet, to pre-screen any of the films featured above.

If you want more information, including premiere dates, on these new and upcoming movies, please click on their titles for more details: Coffee Shop, Midnight Masquerade, Wedding Planner Mystery, Recipe for Love, and Stranded in Paradise.

I hope we will enjoy these new movies... Coming Soon!


  1. Yay! I'm most looking forward to Autumn's movie! :)

    There's a new one on the Hallmark Movie Channel coming on this weekend!


    1. Yes, I think Autumn's movie looks great, too! She has such personality - I just know we'll love her in this, as well!

      And, yes... The new movie this weekend is the Hallmark Movie Channel movie, The Memory Book! I was able to pre-screen it. It's very sweet! I wrote a review for it. You can find under Movie Reviews above! Hope you like it, too! :)

    2. I saw how long it took to even be on tv! Was it 2012 when you saw The Memory Book?


    3. I first learned about the movie The Memory Book in March of 2012 and at that time, I posted the details I knew then on my site.

      I think it was just in the early production phase in 2012, since it was filmed this spring - 2014!

      I just recently watched it!

  2. I was wondering why Hallmark hadn't snatched up Autumn Reeser for either another movie or sitcom since "Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade" was such a hit. Now there's Antonio's "leadin' lady"!!

    1. Linda, you got that right! Loved them together and have watched the movie many times.

    2. I agree... It's wonderful to see Autumn in another Hallmark movie. I would love to see her in a Christmas movie or one of the Hallmark dramas!

      Autumn and Antonio had such great chemistry together! I love how you put it, Linda.... "Now, that's Antonio's leading lady!" That's so true! I love it! I must admit I have watched Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade many times myself!

  3. All the Movies sound GREAT ! Coffee Shop has all the qualities of a Hallmark movie - is that going to happen? Are any of these going to be Hallmark televised movies???

    1. Most of the movies mentioned above and pictured in the banner will be on the Hallmark Channel.

      Coffee Shop will be on the UP channel.

      Midnight Masquerade, Recipe for Love, and Stranded in Paradise will be on the Hallmark Channel.

      And, Wedding Planner Mystery will be on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. (This is the new name for the Hallmark Movie Channel, effective October 1st)

      Hope this info helps! : )


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