Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hallmark Channel Movie: "Midnight Masquerade" starring Autumn Reeser


Midnight Masquerade

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: September 27, 2014

Midnight Masquerade stars Autumn Reeser from Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade!



Autumn Reeser ... Elyse Samford
Christopher Russell ... Rob Carelli
Richard Burgi ... Howard Samford
Helen Colliander ... Ruby
Damon Runyan ... Emmett
Chris Gillett ... Carter
Danny Smith ... Andrew
Neil Crone ... Sam
Shauna MacDonald ... Helen


via Hallmark: A beautiful, young businesswoman’s life takes a turn when she inherits a billion-dollar candy company. On Halloween night, she shares a dance with a handsome and mysterious “prince” at a masked costume ball and yearns for the love and romance her life has been missing. Meanwhile, a plan is hatched to swindle her out of her fortune. Will she find love with her mysterious “prince” and will he be able to save her from losing her fortune?

Movie Review:

Simply sweet! Midnight Masquerade is the perfect fit for a modern day fairytale.

It’s actually a reverse tale of Cinderella…

A young woman, Elyse Samford, the heir to her father’s candy company, dresses as a princess, and meets a handsome prince, who sweeps her off her feet, at the annual Samford candy company’s Halloween costume ball. Before the clock strikes midnight, however; prince charming is gone and Elyse does not know the identity of the masked man, with whom she danced and kissed, under the moonlight. All he left behind was his crown.

It’s an endearing story of love and storybook fantasy come-to-life as Elyse searches for the real prince who stole her heart at the Halloween ball.

See or Skip:

See... especially for anyone who enjoys Cinderella, Princess type movies, or non-creepy Halloween movies.

All ages can enjoy this movie! In fact, young girls will love the role the Prince's niece plays in matching the two together!



  1. I can't wait to see this movie!! I loved Autumn Reeser in Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade and am excited to see her in this new Hallmark movie for Halloween. I love Halloween almost as much as Christmas but unfortunately their aren't as many festive Halloween movies that the whole family can enjoy.

    1. I'm looking forward to this movie the most too! Autumn looks so pretty in the pictures.


    2. I agree! It will be wonderful to see Autumn Reeser in Midnight Masquerade!

      I also loved her in Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

      For those of you, who have watched "Parade" as many times as I have... Do you think, she, perhaps, looks like a "Vintage Cinderella"!

  2. Yay! More pictures!
    Yes, she looks just like a fairy tale princess! So cute!


  3. Loving this movie already!


  4. I just saw a tweet from Hallmark that Autumn and Antonio will be in another movie together! Yay!

    However, this guy in this movie is so great with Autumn too! :)


    1. I saw that tweet, too! Isn't it wonderful!?!? Antonio and Autumn together again!

      And, Autumn just happened to mention the title of it on Home & Family on Friday, during her interview for Midnight Masquerade. It is.... I Do I Do I Do.

      I tweeted Hallmark to ask if that was it and they said that was right! Yay!

      Can't wait to see them in it together! Except, now I wonder if they will get together in the movie or if they are both just in it?!?!?


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