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"Wedding Planner Mystery", a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie


Wedding Planner Mystery

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: October 19, 2014

*Based on Deborah’s Donnelly’s novel Veiled Threats.


Erica Durance ... Carnegie Kincaid
Andrew W. Walker ... Aaron Gold
Brandon Beemer ... Holt Walker
Rick Ravanello ... Detective Borden
Julian Christopher ... Eddie Breen
Zahf Paroo ... John Nevin
Chelan Simmons ... Nicky Parry
Gabrielle Rose ... Clara Parry
Karen Holness ... Lily
Billy Mitchell ... Doug Parry
Oliver Rice ... Lance Solveto
John Treleaven ... Keith Gutherbridge
Kevan Ohtsji ... Ray
Laura Soltis ... Dorothy
Chelsey Reist ... Diane Parry
Adam Lolacher ... Theo
Cameron Dent ... Switchblade
Nancy Amelia Bell ... Queen Mary
Barbara Kottmeier ... Michelle Parry
Clayton Chitty ... Shawn
Nelson Wong ... Kenny Staffer
Anthony Konechny ... Buff Guy
Brenda Crichlow ... Sally
Mark Brandon ... Reverend


A young wedding planner is framed for a crime and struggles to clear her name as she learns that love does not always arrive in a pretty package!

Carnegie Kincaid (Durance) is a wedding planner and a perfectionist - in both work and romance. When a murder occurs and a bride (Simmons) is kidnapped surrounding the wedding of a prominent family embroiled in a high profile fraud scandal, Carnegie becomes a suspect. She is questioned by police and pursued by shady news reporter Aaron Gold (Walker). To make matters more terrifying, Carnegie is pretty certain whoever is responsible for the crime is out to get rid of her. As she struggles to clear her name, Carnegie is hounded by a hard-boiled detective (Ravanello) and wooed by a handsome lawyer (Beemer). With her life exploding into a whirlwind mix of danger, mystery and romance, Carnegie begins to realize that love does not always arrive in a pretty package and that the perfect “Prince Charming” she’s been waiting for may not have her best interests in mind.

“Wedding Planner Mystery” is a Reel One Entertainment Production.

Movie Review:

In Wedding Planner Mystery, Carnegie Kincaid may help brides and grooms tie the knot, but can she unravel herself out of murder?

As a wedding planner, Carnegie is used to fixing last minute pre-nuptial mishaps… so when she becomes a “person of interest” in a murder investigation... Carnegie must play detective and fix it herself.

The Parry family, wealthy and influential in the community, has hired Carnegie Kincaid to plan the wedding of Diane Parry, one week, and cousin Nicky Parry, the next… with the hopes that cousin Michelle Parry, will soon follow. However, Michelle sadly is killed in an automobile accident during Diane’s wedding reception. Suspecting the car, owned by Nicky, was tampered with, the police deem it to be murder, and Carnegie, for various reasons, becomes their main suspect.

From there, Carnegie isn’t sure who she can trust. The Parry family, Nicky’s father Douglas and stepmother Clara, reassure her that they want her to continue to plan their daughter Nicky’s wedding, but can Carnegie manage it all, as she keeps her business barely afloat with her partner Eddie, investigates this mystery with her best friend Lily, dates the Parry’s lawyer Holt Walker, denies interview access to an annoying, but increasingly intriguing Press Writer Aaron Gold, and all-the-while dodging bullets, break-ins, and failed brakes, herself?

It’s a fascinating mystery for anyone who loves solving clues and guessing who-dun-it!

See or Skip:

See... if you enjoy a good mystery!



  1. Thanks for the review! It's on right now and I get to look up that book too! :)



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