Monday, February 18, 2013

Movie "Abel’s Field"


Abel’s Field

Network: GMC

Original Air Date: February 24, 2013


Kevin Sorbo ... Abel
Samuel Davis ... Seth
Catie Duff ... Mary
Elizabeth Duff ... Cary
Nicole Elliott ... Katie
Richard Dillard ... Coach Chalmers
B.K-McKee ... Football Fan
Terri Merritt Bennett ... Aunt Linda
Devin BonnΓ©e ... Netty
William Buchanan ... Billy
Gene Cervenka ... Bar Patron
Luci Christian ... Receptionist
Bob Coonrod ... Mr. Gates
Wray Crawford ... Large Customer
Yesenia Garcia ... Ms. Hernandez
Ellen Dolan ... Ticket Taker
Benjamin Hoffman ... Pilgrim
Brittney Karbowski ... Stacy
Craig Kotfas ... Man In Suit
Susan Mansur ... Rose
Titos Menchaca ... Old Bartender
Trent Moore ... Pastor Daniels
Matthew Posey ... Officer Paulson
Ray Prewitt ... Manager
Dylan Ramos ... Luis
Alejandro Rose-Garcia ... New Bartender
Katie Sarife ... Courtney
Abbey Siegworth ... Keith's Girl
Cat Sims ... Hannah
Anthony Solomon ... Lineman
Cliff Stephens ... Blake Hardgrove
Joe Ward ... Keith


From the Abel’s Field web-site:

Left motherless by tragedy and fatherless by abandonment, high school senior Seth McArdle (Samuel Davis) is under enormous pressure to support his young twin sisters. At home, he has no one to turn to. At work, he struggles to earn enough money to make ends meet. And at school, he endures the daily bullying from members of the football team.

When Seth fights back, he's singled out by the football coach and assigned to an after-school work detail. Laboring alongside reserved groundskeeper Abel (Kevin Sorbo) to get the football field ready for the big game, Seth is surprised to discover that Abel understands his struggles—and his dreams. Abel encourages Seth to ask out popular Katie and even steps in to babysit so Seth can go out on the date. Yet as dark circumstances lure Seth toward a desperate decision, a reluctant Abel could be the one person who points him back toward the light.

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  1. I just ordered Abel's Field and Field Of Vision from I love anything Kevin Sorbo and Faith Ford does so I already know I'll enjoy both these movies. I'll keep you posted.

  2. Linda, I hope you enjoy both movies very much!
    Kevin Sorbo is a great actor - I agree! I hope to watch Abel's Field this weekend, so I'll try to let you know, too!

    Also, I agree that Faith Ford is a great actress... love her in Trading Christmas! Field of Vision is also a great movie, and if you like, you can read my review of it, here:"

    Hope you enjoy your Movie Night!


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