Friday, September 11, 2009

The Nanny Express


The Nanny Express:

Hallmark Channel Movie starring Vanessa Marcil (“Las Vegas”), Dean Stockwell (“Quantum Leap”), and Stacy Keach (“Prison Break”).

Vanessa Marcil ... Kate
Brennan Elliott ... David
Natalie Dreyfuss ... Emily
Uriah Shelton ... Ben
Dean Stockwell ... Jerry
Dorie Barton ... Lisa
Peter Dobson ... Ray
Stacy Keach ... Rev. MacGregor


from Hallmark-

Vanessa Marcil is a nanny with a knack for healing a hurting family in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie “Nanny Express”. Dean Stockwell and Stacy Keach co-star in the heartwarming tale of learning to have faith in yourself and trust in others.

By the time Kate Hewitt (Marcil) walks through his front door, widower David Chandler (Brennan Elliott, “Strong Medicine”) is a desperate man. His two children, nine-year-old Ben
(Uriah Shelton, “Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight”) and teenager Emily (Natalie Dreyfuss, “Connected”), have already succeeded in chasing a string of six terrorized nannies out of the very same entryway. But Kate, who is caring for an ailing father (Stockwell) and finishing up a teaching degree, needs this job and she resolves to stand up to whatever tricks and pranks the
Chandler kids can dish out—and to help them cope with the death of their mother.

As Kate slowly wins over young Ben, dad David finds himself falling for the spunky nanny as well. The feeling is mutual, but a bitter Emily is determined not to let Kate into her life—or her father’s. Emily doesn’t realize that Kate understands exactly what she’s going through because Kate lost her own mother as a teenager. Somehow, Kate must find a way to reach the angry and isolated teen since Emily’s happiness—and Kate’s as well—depends on it.

Movie Review:

I instantly liked the character of Kate - the devoted daughter to her very sick father, good friend to her lovelorn best friend, the mentor to the local youth at her church, the determined student working towards becoming a teacher, and the new nanny to David's children, Emily and Ben. She has a very busy life.... and being the Nanny, however, isn't too easy. David's children don't want anyone to replace their mother and have plenty of schemes to play on each nanny to get rid of them. This part of the storyline is quite fun.

Kate, however, stays strong and is determined to make it work. In the meantime, she and David, become interested in one another and Ben warms up to her, as well.... Emily, though, keeps up her schemes and works against Kate and her father.

I loved seeing Kate's devotion to her church and to God. It was nice to see Kate turn towards prayer in her time of need.

Kate's father passes away and Kate eventually leaves her job as the nanny and begins to teach. Emily learns that Kate also lost her mother as a teenager and they finally connect. And then there's David... he and the children visit Kate at school while she is teaching and he officially asks her out on a date.

It has a delightfully sweet ending... that actually leaves you wanting more!

See or Skip:

See, but probably not for small children due to the situation with Kate's father.


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  1. I see no posts on this, so I have to add one. I LOVE this movie and have it saved on my DVR. I love Vanessa Marcil so much, she is forever my Brenda Barrett on GH. She is beautiful and a great actress, and this movie was so good and sweet.


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