Monday, July 20, 2015

We Need a Little Christmas Now!

On Moonlight Bay
image via: Warner Bros.
I wanted to share with you all... recently another web-site, titled "Christmas TV History" invited guests to submit answers to various questions about Christmas.

This annual event is called "Christmas TV Party" and each day in July - participants share their Christmas TV and Movie favorites. I joined in by submitting my own list... so, of course, I wanted to share the link here, with all of you!

Here's a direct link to my list of Christmas favorites:

(One of my responses - just might have something to do with this lovely image of Doris Day, pictured on the right!)

If you would like to check out others answers, too, while you are there... (which I highly recommend!) easy way to do it, is to click here, then scroll down through all the responses, one by one!  If you are a Christmas Movie fan, I think you will enjoy it!

More Christmas News:

The latest POLL on my site has closed. The Question was...

What is your Favorite Christmas Movie starring Lacey Chabert?

Matchmaker Santa - 122 (53%)

The Tree that Saved Christmas - 20 (8%)

A Royal Christmas - 59 (25%)

Family For Christmas - 28 (12%)

It looks like Matchmaker Santa is the overwhelming favorite, among Christmas Movie viewers! (By the way, it's my favorite Lacey movie, too!) I love the story of baking cookies, finding true love, the very funny Dean, the bear, the Snow, Santa Kris, being stuck together in Buford Falls, and best of all, it has a truly fantastic ensemble cast! Matchmaker Santa is so sweet, one can't help but love it!

Thank you all for participating in this poll... let's continue to Count Down to Christmas together!!!

And be sure to click here to see my list of Christmas favorites at the "Christmas TV Party"!

MATCHMAKER SANTA, image via: Hallmark Cown Media


  1. How about a new poll as to when people start watching Christmas movies?

    Something like …
    A) After Halloween
    B) After Thanksgiving
    C) Not until December
    D) Christmas Eve through New Year's
    E) All Year Long

    … I realize given the nature of this website, the results will likely be a little skewed, but it’d still be interesting to see.

    For me, part of the joy of Christmas movies is “saving” them to only watch during a certain time of year. Traditionally, I used to wait until Thanksgiving to start my holiday viewing, though I admit in recent years, especially with Thanksgiving falling so late the last year or so, I’ve started watching them a week or so before Turkey Day, though I do watch Thanksgiving-themed movies throughout November to “gear up” for Christmas viewing.

    1. Great Idea! I like it! I have a new one going up today - but yours will definitely be next!

      It will be fun to see what everyone says!

  2. Turner Classic Movies "TCM", Christmas Schedule..... Coming Soon!!!

  3. All year round...just gives me the "warm, loving feeling...feeling blessed"...all year would be great. Alice Storey Berry


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