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Matchmaker Santa - Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie


Matchmaker Santa

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: November 17, 2012

*See My Movie Review of Matchmaker Santa below!


Lacey Chabert ... Melanie Hogan
Adam Mayfield ... Dean Ford
Donovan Scott ... Chris (Santa)
John Ratzenberger ... George Graves
Florence Henderson ... Peggy Montgomery / Pegasus
Lin Shaye ... Debbie
Thad Luckinbill ... Justin Green / Greene
Elizabeth Ann Bennett ... Blaire Tisdale
Nikki Hahn ... Young Melanie - Lead
Mary-Margaret Humes ... Katherine Greene
Nick Kiriazis ... Bill Hogan
Robert Pine ... Jack Tisdale
Victoria Gabrielle Platt ... Donna
Carter Sand ... Nicky


from Hallmark:

Excited about meeting her upscale and slightly intimidating future mother-in-law, fresh faced Melanie makes the trek to her fiancé's home for Christmas. Despite the fact that Justin is a workaholic, Melanie is head over heels for him and sees a bright future for them. Melanie's best friend, thinks she's is better suited for Dean, Justin's longtime and dependable assistant. Because Justin is known to choose work over Melanie, Dean often times stands in to accompany Melanie on her "dates." With a little help from a man named Chris, Melanie and Dean end up stranded in a sleepy, little romantic town called Coventry Falls. Here, it is all about Christmas. Will Chris' magic be the key to Melanie and Dean's holiday happiness?

More details from Hallmark...

As a little girl, Melanie Hogan (Chabert) wished to find her own prince charming just like her parents found true love. Now an adult, Melanie is running her own bakery and dating a handsome CEO, Justin (Thad Luckinbill). Although things seem perfect when Justin asks Melanie to spend the holidays together at his beautiful lake house upstate - and meet his mother. Melanie finds herself spending more time with Justin's best friend and loyal assistant, Dean (Mayfield), who just might be harboring a secret crush on her. Justin secretly plans to throw a corporate Christmas party at the lake house to impress the team, using Melanie to make him look good. He flies up early to set up and relies on trusty Dean to pick Melanie up from the airport. Soon the magic of a man named Chris (Scott) - a happy guy with a resemblance to Santa determined to fulfill Melanie's childhood Christmas wish - puts the duo under his holiday spell. Melanie and Dean find themselves stranded in beautiful Buford Falls for Christmas with Chris - and without Justin, who has begun to occupy his time at the lake house with an old flame. John Ratzenberger plays George, a mechanic in town, and Florence Henderson is Peggy, the innkeeper who does her best to get Melanie and Dean together.

Movie Review:

My take...

When Santa magically traps business assistant, Dean Ford and baker, Melodie Hogan together in a small town...

It’s more than a Delicious Treat!

“Matchmaker Santa is the Perfect Recipe for a Christmas Romance!”

From the start, this is such a sweet movie. A young Melodie is taken by the love her parents have for another – and writes a letter to Santa asking him to one day bring her a Prince Charming, like her Daddy.

Now Melodie is all grown up, and in a relationship with Justin, who is more committed to his work, then her. However, love is blind and Melodie is hoping that a special trip to meet Justin’s Mother is a sign that he is ready to purpose marriage.

Everything changes when Melodie meets Chris (Santa Claus!) who just happens to sit next to Melodie on her flight. Chris will be staying in a nearby town, Buford Falls, to play Santa there during the Christmas Season. And, unbeknownst to Melodie and Dean (Justin’s assistant), Santa will work his magic to be sure these two are stuck together in Buford Falls, too... where the delightful people in the town, (played by great well known actor and actresses: John Ratzenberger (Cheers, The Woodcarver, What If) , Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch, Ladies of the House, The Christmas Bunny), and Lin Shaye (Farewell Mr. Kringle) seem to be working a little magic, with Santa, too!

Please Note: Santa can be a little creatively naughty in his attempts to keep Melodie and Dean together. Everything he does is relatively harmless; however, he did deserve, at times, some coal in his stocking! In the end, you’ll be delighted to know... everyone is happy, and it is all works out for good!

One of the best scenes is when Melodie and Dean cut out Christmas Cookies together! As I said before....

“Matchmaker Santa is the Perfect Recipe for a Christmas Romance!”

See or Skip:

Absolutely See!



  1. Love the cast, but the story line is awful. It makes Santa manipulative and deceitful. The only way the two characters are falling in love is because Santa changes what may have happened with the original couple. He is also making the original boyfriend out to be a lire in the girlfriends’ eyes and the Boss/friends eyes. And then to put the two characters in the Honeymoon Suite – when they aren’t a married, let a lone a couple.

  2. Yes, Santa is a bit manipulative. However, he's acting on behalf of true love, which is the higher value.

  3. Interesting, this entire plot is completely original... I love it. If only there were an angel named "Clarence". That would be super special. Lacy is freakin fine though.

  4. Who played Justin's mother? She looked really familiar.

  5. Your comments on "Matchmaker Santa" have been interesting!

    I personally thought the Movie was cute, and I agree - loved the cast, but you are right Santa is actually (dare I say) a little "naughty" ... in a PG Hallmark way!!!

    As for Justin's mother... I recognized her as the Mother on Dawson's Creek. Her real name is Mary-Margaret Humes. You can see the complete cast list on imdb and click her name there for more details.

    Hope that helps!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Was wondering who plays Melanie's father at the beginning of the movie. He is not listed in the credits and we was a very popular actor in the 1980'smaybe? It's driving me crazy

  7. Cute movie! Thanks, I was trying to figure out who the mom was!

    Although Santa is a little manipulative I think they set it up where he's just helping things along. They show that Justin has been neglecting his relationship with Melanie for his job for a while and that Dean's been the one around so I think the idea is he's just helping move along what would be happening either way.

  8. Who plays Mr. Hogan in the flash backs? It is driving my wife cracy trying to figue it out.

  9. Oh, and IMDB does not have the full cast for this Movie.

  10. What location was the movie filmed?

  11. I was wondering about the movie location too. It's such a gorgeous setting!

    This was not my favorite although it was pretty cute. Casts were great, especially Lacey Chabert. However the ending threw me off. It just didn't make sense and was not believeable that it was how Melanie & Justin ended things between them. Very awkward and weird.

    1. Big Bear ,Ca and in Canada.

  12. What is the name of the actress who played Melanie's mother at beginning of the movie? I do know she has appeared in many commercials, however she was not listed in the cast credits. I hope to see her in other movies with longer parts.

  13. The movie takes place in Buford Falls, CA not 'Coventry' as mentioned above.

  14. Does anyone know the brand/designer of the green coat that Melanie wears throughout the movie?

  15. I want to buy this movie ASAP!! Anyone know when it comes out on DVD???

  16. Erica Shaffer was the actress who played Melanie's mom at the beginning of the movie.

  17. Absolutely loved this movie! I'm a sucker for romances! Recorded on my DVR bet I watched it a hundred times! Can't wait for it to come out on DVD!!

    1. Me too!! Have you heard anything on when or if it will be released?

    2. Me too!! Does anyone know when or if it will ever be released?? I must of watched this movie a hundred times as well. I really must have a copy of this. Only 62 more days until Christmas and this is on my list for Christmas. LOL

  18. when is it commimg out on dvd so it can be bought

    1. Loved the movie...When is coming out on DVD?????

    2. has this dvd come out for purchase?

  19. Matchmaker Santa is a wonderful Christmas movie - yes, Santa is naughty, but only because he believes in the magic of true love and is after all a "Matchmaker". Donovan Scott is by far the best Santa in all the Hallmark movies.

  20. I wait for November every year so I can start watching all the Hallmark Christmas movies. I LOVE MATCHMAKER SANTA!!!! It is a sweet and moving movie with all the love the people in the movie show to one another. Keep it up!!! Now make a part 2 ;)

  21. I just adored this movie with the exception of the ending and I got a bit angry, we all saw the 'boss' or ex-boyfriend pull up and it seemed they showed 'Dean' kissing "Melanie's hand" , but they get to the telling of how they fell in love and the 'writers'? skip over that and have the two who hide away at the summer home tell Dean/Mel how they were sorry, sparks flew yada yada and made it kinda sad, here the boss guy seemingly does not care if he hurt her or not, all about him. And that rather threw me off , but best best Christmas movie in a long time. The scenery was Magic!!

  22. I Love the actor who played Matchmaker Santa. He was wonderful, I know I've seen him before.

  23. I absolutely LOVE this movie - when will it become available on DVD ???
    I can't wait to see it again - the best Santa EVER !!!!

  24. Best movie ever - still waiting for it to come out in DVD.

  25. I, too, am very much looking forward to this moving coming out on DVD. I am a huge fan of the Hallmark Christmas movies and am currently enjoying the Christmas in July movies. I am a collector of Hallmark movies and REALLY WANT TO SEE MATCHMAKER SANTA come out on DVD.
    How about it Hallmark???? When is it going to be released for purchase and why the delay?


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