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"The Tree That Saved Christmas" starring Lacey Chabert


The Tree That Saved Christmas

Previously Known As: Christmas Tree Farm

Network: UP

Original Air Date: November 30, 2014



Lacey Chabert ... Molly Logan
Corey Sevier ... Lucas
Matthew Anderson ... Ryan Logan
Jim Thorburn ... Walter Dunlap
Eric Keenleyside ... Gordon Logan
Lini Evans ... Betty Logan
Olivia Steele-Falconer ... young Molly
Yasmeene Lily-Elle Ball ... Victoria
Alisha Newton ... Sofia
Karen Holness ... Tara


In the UP Original Movie The Tree That Saved Christmas, imaginative, hard-working Molly Logan (Lacey Chabert) grew up on her family’s generations-old Christmas tree farm in rural Vermont and would often write stories about individual trees as they shipped out, her favorite being a “Charlie Brown” tree struggling to grow.

One day, after hearing the roar of buzz saws used to clear the woods of sickly saplings, nine-year-old Molly (Olivia Steele-Falconer) ran to save her favorite – even after her father Gordon (Eric Keenleyside) and his crew had made a gash in its trunk. She knew that someday this little tree would have a story to tell. Now 29, Molly lives in Manhattan and is pursuing her dreams of a writing career.

Unfortunately as an assistant to Pendant Publishing CEO Walter Dunlap (Jim Thorburn), Molly has no life and little chance to write. Buried with work and Mr. Dunlap’s personal Christmas plans, Molly is devastated to learn from her architect brother Ryan (Matthew Anderson) that the bank is foreclosing on her parents’ heritage tree farm. This will be her family’s last Christmas at the farm as all the trees will be cleared to make way for a golf course. However, a frustrated Molly can’t make it home thanks to obligations to her boss and his young daughters Victoria (Yasmeene Lily-Elle Ball) and Sofia (Alisha Newton).

Much to her shock, Molly discovers that the Christmas tree she ordered for the Dunlap home is that same one she saved years ago, down to the distinctive gash on its trunk. Certain that it is the same tree from her youth – and a sign – Molly drags the tree back to her Vermont home and embarks upon a plan to save the family farm – with some surprising, inventive help from her brother and former boyfriend Lucas (Corey Sevier), who now works at the bank for his father Elliot (James Kidnie).

Lacey Chabert on the set of "The Tree That Saved Christmas"
image via: Lacey's instagram

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  1. This new movie sounds like a warm and cozy Christmas novel with a fantastic and unique storyline. Looks the best of the bunch airing this coming holiday season and could very well be a classic annual movie must see. Very excited to watch it. Great cast, can't wait!


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