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Monday, April 16, 2018

"When Calls the Heart" SEASON 5 SHOCKER... is JACK... ? (the emotional end to Episode 9!)

The end of "When Calls the Heart" Season 5, Episode 9 "In My Dreams" has left many fans bewildered, shocked, and upset.

If you haven't watched this episode, yet, and don't want to know the outcome, please do not read any further.

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Near the end of episode 9, of "When Calls the Heart" Season 5, the Hope Valley community was gathered at the Saloon for a surprise birthday celebration, spearheaded by Nurse Faith Carter, in honor of Dr. Carson Shepherd. At first, it didn't seem like Carson was going to make it to his own party, due to a medical emergency, but he arrived right on time. Rosemary greeted him at the door, but was quick to give full credit to Faith for arranging this surprise birthday celebration for him. There were sweet glances between the two!

Jesse and Clara were also present at the party. Throughout the episode they had a realization in their relationship...and it all boiled down to honesty. Jesse admitted to Clara the extent of his education was only the 8th grade, but Clara didn't care...she was proud of Jesse, regardless, and his willingness to learn and better himself.

Cody and Robert found themselves in a bit of trouble throughout the episode as they destroyed Carson's original birthday cake and tried to fix it by baking their own, which looked almost like the one they originally dropped! These were all such cute scenes of these two boys trying their best to fix their mistake after eventually telling the truth to Cody's Mom, Abigail.

In this episode, there was also a new visitor who came to town, Eleanor Roberts, the widow of a friend of Lee's. Rosemary wasn't sure about her, from the start, while sweet Lee was quite trusting. Eleanor attempted to conspire with Henry Gowen, to take down Lee's sawmill, by stealing customers and starting their own sawmill nearby. Just when it appeared that Gowen was going along with this corrupt scheme, Sheriff Bill Avery showed up and arrested the woman. It was an obvious set up, justice was served, and Rosemary was right!

Everyone was happy at the saloon, celebrating Carson's birthday and these triumphs, when Elizabeth remembered she left Carson's gift in her desk at school, and she and Abigail left the party to retrieve it together. As they walked out into the dark night, a Mountie road up on horseback. At first, Elizabeth thought it was Jack, but soon realized it was not and apologized for her error. What happened next is what has left many fans, Hearties, bewildered, shocked, and upset...

The Mountie dismounts his horse and says, "I'm looking for Elizabeth Thornton."

Elizabeth hesitantly responds, "I'm Elizabeth Thornton."

The Mountie removes his hat and Elizabeth asks, "Has he been hurt?"

"No, Ma'am," he gently replies.

"Just tell me he's alive," Elizabeth says desperately.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," the Mountie responds.

And, Elizabeth falls to her knees on the ground, shouting and crying "No...No...No...Jack...," with Abigail by her side.

So... that was the emotional, heartbreaking end of the episode... the tease and cliff hanger until next week's Season 5 Finale.

Do the writers have people talking? Absolutely. Are they playing on everyone's emotions? Absolutely, yes, again! I have seen some on social media - sadly say they cried for hours after the program aired Sunday night. So many people have a great love for this show and an even deeper connection to these characters. Week after week, we have all become invested in this sweet little town, the love stories, the adorable children, and the good, usually triumphing over evil.

We must remember, in the end, it is only a TV show. Even so, I understand how everyone feels. My heart breaks for those who are so deeply hurt by this storyline, especially the young viewers who do not fully understand. Some fans say to be calm and trust the writers. This tease may have been effective for the writers in getting people to talk even more about the show, but it has also been emotionally upsetting to many, as well, as fans do fear Jack may be dead. In my heart, however, I feel like this will not happen.

I was quite young at the time, but I still vaguely remember the "Who shot J.R." phase, when viewers had to wait all Summer long to see if J.R. would be okay on "Dallas." That TV event certainly sparked conversation and had people talking, and in the end, J.R. was fine... and, ironically, not many people actually remember "Who shot J.R.."

Various "When Calls the Heart" theories and speculations are floating around from Hearties all over social media. My theory is... the Mountie never said Jack was dead, so I'm conjecturing... Jack must be missing or captured by their enemy. That's my guess. My hope. That's why, possibly, the Mountie couldn't tell Elizabeth if he was dead or alive.

If the actor who portrays Jack, Daniel Lissing, has decided to leave the show or his time is limited, then they may be working something out. Somehow, hopefully, they can work around Daniel's schedule to include him in Season 6, if Jack is, in the end, alright.

Whatever the outcome, and I "hope" it's a happy one... the Season Five Finale airs Sunday night, April 22nd at 9pm/8c. You can also join the stars of WCTH - Monday, April 23, for a Facebook Live Chat at 6pm EST. as they are promising they will be answering all our questions then!

Anything is possible, so let's try to be calm and have faith everything will work out in the end.

Please share your heart, hopes, and thoughts in comments below...

"Let not your heart be troubled..."
~John 14:1


  1. Well written and excellent post, Net!

    I feel that Jack has passed away and next week will be the town rallying together in wake of his loss. If I’m wrong, that would be great if not, Daniel Lissing has done an amazing job as Jack Thornton and I wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

    For Hope Valley, I will always tune in. This show has such a great cast and I look forward to more of their stories for as many seasons as they give us.

  2. I haven't watched this season (though I'm sure at some point I will) save for the wedding because I wrote an article spotlighting it, but I did see all the tweets last night, so I know about this episode's end. I feel like Jack may actually be dead simply because Daniel's role/screen time has been so limited in comparison to the beginning. Makes me think perhaps Daniel is ready for a new role.

    Plus, all of the stars tweets and social media posts sort of "confirms" this theory.

    When it's the actor's choice and not writers simply breaking our fangirl hearts, I tend to "forgive" the character's death more so than if it's just for "shock value." Either way, I suspect this show will still have a hearty following no matter what the outcome is. :)

  3. Well said, Net. Thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope.

  4. I have tried to not let this get to me, but it is. I know it's just a TV show, but I expect when I watch it to feel good, but after watching this episode that's the last thing I feel. Thank you for letting us pour out our hearts here, Net. I feel like the whole Hope Valley community is in a state of shock together.

  5. It was a horrible way to end an episode. It was so abrupt and shocking. It should have been handled differently. We expect better things of Hallmark and this family-oriented show.

  6. Net, thank you for your words and glimmer of hope. I was sad :( last night, but I started to speculate that the episode was named "In my dreams". Elizabeth writes a letter to Jack telling him of a dream she had, where she sees a Mountie coming at her, and she thought it was him, but it wasn't, and she went on to say it was only a dream. I am so hoping that this is just a nightmare, where he has disappeared or he is missing in action. But, whatever the outcome, this season has been most rewarding. In a perfect world we would like everything to be happily ever after. but it is not, but we watch shows like this to get away from reality and to enjoy watching something good on tv. WCTH provides that for me every week. Whatever the writers, the network or Daniel Lissing have decided, I would like to thank them for allowing us to enjoy WCTH every Sunday as I will continue to watch. Let it be known I am not missing next week's episode. :)

  7. Net--I appreciate your wise words, especially the reminder that "We must remember, in the end, it is only a TV show" :) Blessings!

  8. Daniel is a very talented actor, I am not upset if he wants to go do something else. That is not his fault or even hallmarks fault if he did want to leave. To be honest, not trying to be mean, but this show has so many talented actors and I would like it if they spent more time on those characters. PH, KS and LL are the most talented actors/actresses on the show, followed by Jack Wagner and then Paul Greene. I am ok with seeing them shine more. And if Daniel had to leave, wouldn't it be better he left Elizabeth by death(something he didn't choose) than to leave her or divorce her? there is no way they could ever recast Jack. This is all of course if Jack has died. and just my opinion.

  9. Hi! I follow your site regularly, but I'm new to commenting. I just had to say something about last night's episode! Before I watched it, I had seen a post by one of my friends saying that something shocking happened. As I watched, I kept waiting for it, and of course it only came in the last few seconds! I was guessing that Abigail and Elizabeth might find Henry Gowen on the ground outside, having collapsed or something. My heart sank when I saw the Mountie! However, the Mountie did not give her much information. He did not say who or what the news was about. I have high hopes that Jack is alive and will return! Perhaps he is missing? Perhaps something happened to another member of Elizabeth's family?

    A few weeks ago, Daniel Lissing was a guest on Home & Family where he shared that he had received news of his grandfather's death. He found out just minutes before they filmed the wedding episode. This leads me to the possibility that Daniel went home to Australia to attend the funeral and spend time with his family. Doing so could mean that he was unable to be on set for the filming of the final episodes of season 5. Perhaps this is what they'll explain next Monday on the Facebook Live Chat. Of course I could be wrong, but I am so hopeful that Daniel Lissing will return for Season 6...and beyond! :)

    1. The only issue with this is they were done filming this season in December so the finale would have been filmed way before his grandfather's death. Maybe jack will just be missing, leaving it open for a return, this is if he's even leaving. I don't see hallmark as trying to show shocking tv, just to have him be ok, I don't know. I'm just hoping the finale isn't a funeral, I think I'm with you guys on wanoting to see positive stuff.

    2. Hi, I posted the earlier comment here. Daniel’s grandfather passed away when they were filming the wedding episode (#6), so I do think the timing is a possibility. Whatever the reasons, I hope that all the Hearties will hold on and have a little hope! The cast is full of incredible people and it will remain a wonderful show! Every episode makes me laugh and cry! ❤️😍

  10. Joyce in CarolinaMonday, April 16, 2018

    Isn't Daniel filming another movie for Hallmark?? If so, I would think he's not leaving WCTH. Doesn't seem like he would be doing a Hallmark movie and leave a roll that has made him so popular. I don't believe Jack's dead...hopefully!

    1. The movie that he was supposed to do with Rachel Boston has been delayed multiple times since early 2017. There is no indication that the movie is even still going to happen at this point.

  11. Net, I'm still reeling from what I saw last night on WCTH. It can't possibly be true, could it? Just out of nowhere, poof, he's gone??? Oh, how my heart hurt for Elizabeth...so happy and newly wed to the love of her life and within a short breath he's gone?? Until I see different, I'll stay positive and I loved your depiction, Net. You could be a beautiful writer and give us the fairytale ending we all crave for!!

  12. Okay all I will say is this. It was a shock and if Dan is ultimately moving on, I fully understand. Net, you are more sympathetic than I would be. I think injecting a bit if realism into the story is a good thing. I'm over the social media conversation. It makes me sick to read what people are saying. And honestly if this spells the end of wcth ad we've know it I'm ok with that. The sun will rise and set whether Jack is alive or dead and I feel mostly for the cast & crew of the show. So much hate from the Hearties being thrown at them. I am sorry for people who are upset but I look forward to the future. I remember when Cedar Cove ended & left its fans high & dry. I rallied behind the cast & crew & that will always be my response. Thanks for your timely podt. Well done!

    1. I Daniel Lising has opted to leave When Calls the heart why don't they replace him with another actor. Maybe go short in the face.

    2. With that kind of ending, I know I'm making a lot of assumptions right now, but I am just so upset if Hallmark truly kill Jack's character off. They just got married for goodness sake :( Hearties have been waiting 5 years for that wedding and if he truly is dead, it is just too cruel! I do feel like his character has been sort of "weaned off" gradually from the show because we really haven't seen much of him this season, which is so sad. Elisabeth and Jack is magic and truly the heart of the show. They need to be together!

  13. I am hoping Jack is just missing and not dead. I think if he would have been killed the mountie that came to bring Elizabeth the news would have brought the body back with him. I love the pure romance between Jack and Elizabeth and hope after the wedding scene Daniel just went home to be with his family after the death of his grandfather.

  14. I’m hoping that it will be a circumstance where they gave the wrong name for the Mountie who is missing or passed away, just like in Home for Christmas Day. I do think they will leave us hanging though until next season. However, if Jack has really passed away I wish Daniel Lissing the best of luck in his future endeavors.

  15. Great information. Lucky me I came across your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have bookmarked it for later!

  16. This was a great post, Net! What I find odd is that Hallmark is not releasing any sneak peeks or an official synopsis for the season finale like in episodes past. Also, according to the episode schedule for Home & Family on Hallmark Channel’s website, it looks like none of the stars from When Calls the Heart are going to show up to talk about the season finale. I don’t know what this means, it’s just something I noticed. Like you mentioned, anything is possible. In my opinion, I think, for a number of reasons, that Jack may have passed away. If this were to happen, not only would Elizabeth be devastated, but so would Charlotte and Tom Thornton. Let’s not forget that Tom’s father/Charlotte’s husband was a fallen Mountie, so losing Jack could bring up years-old pain as well as create new pain. Also, thank you, Net, for not including the HeartieStrong hashtag in your post. As a fan and a blogger, I find the idea of using a hashtag that was originally intended to commemorate real life events and situations for the sake of a fictionalized television show to be uncomforting and unsettling. Like you, I do remember that When Calls the Heart is a tv show. Whatever happens, I’m still continuing to watch one of my favorite shows!

    1. I have noticed the same thing, Sally, regarding no episode details given for this episode, or press photos, thus far. I also checked Friday's listings for Home & Family to see if anyone might be on from WCTH, and like you, I was surprised no one from the show is listed. I found that kind of odd, since this is the finale.

      As far as what will happen to Jack, I still don't think, in my heart, he is gone. I just don't believe a Hallmark show would end the season this way. And, if Daniel Lissing were leaving, why would he even bother with the Facebook live chat on Monday? Just some random thoughts... I'm sure many of us are having this week...

      Oh, and I appreciate what you said regarding the hashtag... I, too, feel that should only be used for real life tragedies.

      Blessings, Net

  17. I just wanted to thank you for all of your ideas about what might happen in the finale of When Calls the Heart -- it gives me hope
    I love watching both of the Hallmark Channels-- movies and series because of the heart warming feelings I get (not heart wrenching )
    I also think Hallmark should feel good so many people are touched by their shows they are willing to express their thoughts and concerns.
    PS I want to add I read all of the books in the WCTH series and yes they are very different--but all was happy in the end

  18. If there had been five good seasons with E&J together, more episodes of them being married then I wouldn't leave the show if Jack has died but that's not the case. From the very first seasons the writers have strung us along putting our emotions through the wringer, at first with Elizabeth's ex boyfriend several episodes, then with Jack's ex girl friend several more episodes leaving fans to wonder if J&E would get together or not, then they finally do get together for a short time then Jack is off to war missing several episodes then he is back, then they are married, then quickly he is gone again, then boom he's dead? That's just awful writing and really cruel to had strung the fans along all those seasons having us on a roller coaster ride so I say now, if Jack is gone, I will be gone, too! They could replace with another actor if Jack wants off the show. Fans would be upset but not as upset as killing him off and then if it was because Jack wanted off the show then at least the writers could not be blamed if they replace him.

  19. This show lost my heart sometime back. Reading this heartache shocker, I find relief I stopped. Life hurts us too much at times. Hallmark has brought me over many bumps. I am so sorry Net.


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