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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Mystery JUNE 2024 New Movie Premieres - SEE DETAILS:

Ready for a Vacation? No need to pack your bags... Hallmark will take you on a trip this June to exciting and beautiful destinations with their *Passport to Love* themed movies.

You'll see familiar Hallmark stars, like Bethany Joy Lenz, Andrew Walker, and Hunter King paired with other actors/actresses, who may be new to you, or at least new to the Hallmark family.

See all of the movie details below...


All premieres are at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

For Love & Honey

Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 8/7c

Starring: Andrew Walker and Margaret Clunie

Storyline: Beekeeper Eva uncovers an ancient fresco while rescuing a hive. Austen, a visiting archeologist, thinks it is key to his research, so he persuades Eva to help him on his quest across Malta.


Savoring Paris

Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 8/7c

Starring: Bethany Joy Lenz and Stanley Weber

Storyline: Disillusioned with her life, Ella embarks on a soul-searching journey to Paris where she navigates love, self-discovery and cheese amidst the enchanting backdrop of The City of Love.


A Greek Recipe for Romance

Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 8/7c

Starring: Danielle C. Ryan and Rafael Kariotakis

Storyline: After a recent setback, Abby heads to Greece to visit her mom and decide what's next. While there, she meets Theo, and they team up to open a restaurant. But will Abby be able to stay?


Two Scoops of Italy

Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 8/7c

Starring: Hunter King and Michele Rosiello

Storyline: When an American chef travels to a quaint village in Italy for inspiration, she falls in love with the flavors, culture, gelato, and the Italian gentleman who helps her discover it all.


Premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder

Friday, June 7, 2024 at 9/8c

Starring: Holland Roden and Chris McNally

Storyline: A cryptic call about a planned jewelry heist draws a Detroit Free Press tipline operator, Maddie Moore, into a dangerous homicide case alongside a newly promoted detective.


Well, the June Weddings theme didn't make the cut this year—again! It's one of those themes that has been off & on through the years. I'm wondering if last years June Weddings movie block didn't quite pull in the ratings they wanted, so they are trying this instead. Or maybe it was difficult to find 4 good wedding themed films. Who knows? I think the destination movies are a good idea for summertime, though, as they get everyone in the mood for vacation time.

UPDATE: The theme for Hallmark's June movies is *Passport to Love*. Ironically, that was also the title of Great American Family's first original movie premiere this year.

As I mentioned above, I find it interesting that these well-known Hallmark stars are paired with others who are less known on Hallmark. It seems this is a purposeful effort to introduce more actors to the network.

I would love to hear your take on these movies! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy movie watching,


  1. Hi Net,

    I love destination themed movies! Travel is really important because we all need to relax and spend time with family and friends.

  2. I spoke too soon - here we have a full quota of Hallmark movies for June all based on a travel theme.

    To ne honest I don't really know what to make of these.

    Even if it is Andrew Walker I can't believe a movie about beekeeping will keep me riveted.

    I'm not a big fan of either Paris nor Bethany Joy Lenz although I have to say she knocked A Biltmore Christmas out of the ballpark - we'll see.

    I know neither of the lead actors in a Greek Recipe For Romance but will give it a fair chance although the synopsis isn't giving me any feelings of excitement.

    Hunter King had one of the big Christmas hit movies with The Santa Summit but I'm afraid seeing the actor they've paired her with they really look a mismatched couple.

    Tipline Mysteries is the only one which really excites me.

    At least I can say thank you Hallmark for giving us new movies - Florence

    1. Florence, That is so true. Without Hallmark, there wouldn't currently be any flow of new movies on TV, only streaming. (Except Lifetime, of course, but their movies are mostly thrillers and suspense right now.)

      As for "A Greek Recipe for Romance," I'm wondering if you might not quite recognize the actress. She uses the name Danielle C. Ryan now, but formerly went by Danielle Chuchran, and she's done a number of movies you may know: Christmas for a Dollar, Love Finds You in Charm, Mistletoe Mixup, Runaway Romance, Finding Love in Mountain View and others.

      As for the rest of these June movies, I agree... these pairings are rather interesting and some puzzling. Maybe the promos will draw us in more. We'll see! :)

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts; I always enjoy hearing your take on things!

      Blessings, Net

    2. Thank you Florence. I am glad i am not the only one who feel this way. I know that movie can be better but for example Andrew and Margaret have literally zero chemistry in that last picture. They even look awkward and uncomfortable.

  3. I look forward to new talent on hallmark. However sometimes I feel as if it's forced chemistry but I still love these movies.

  4. It’s just me, but I hate change, I like the regulars doing movies together, I tend not to watch when they pair them with people I don’t know, I’ll tape them and watch them at some point, like I said it’s just me ~Susan Ann

    1. Susan Ann, I feel that way, too, sometimes.

      However, if the promo grabs me, I'm in, and I don't mind it every once and a while, but now every rom-com movie in June has someone new.

      It makes it feel like Hallmark doesn't have a lot of actors, when in actuality they have a lot of actors they aren't even utilizing this year.

      Blessings, Net

  5. It is so nice to see a network made announcements on movies. Not weekly announcements on Christmas movies like GAC does and also not answering the most popular question that their fans are asking.

    1. Yyes, GAC seems to be doing nothing other than make announcements about upcoming 2024 Christmas movies.

      However, they haven't mentioned anything about Christmas in July.

      If they are participating I see a new movie starring Jonathan Stoddard and Brittany Underwood titled A Royal Christmas Ballet.

      I wonder................ Florence

  6. I love mystery movies, but the Hallmark mystery does not entice me to watch. Net is correct-The pairing of noted Hallmark actors with newbies is a means to introduce them. However, sometimes it may come across as too much of an age difference. GAF appears to be writing storylines that are compatible to the actors with great success.
    -Gabe’s Mom

    1. Holland Roden is 37 and Chris McNally 35 - hardly much of an age difference - Florence

    2. I have to agree with rubcale. Biggest age difference is between Andrew 44 and Margaret 36. (Stanley 37 and Bethany 43, Danielle 30 and Rafael 26, Hunter 30 and Michele 35).

  7. 1st 3 look okay. Just need them all to be clean. -Maria

  8. The Lucas fans are going to be excited I bet for his mystery series!

  9. The summer European movies look amazing! The new faces paired with veterans is a great idea. And look at the cute dresses the lady in the "Honey" movie is wearing. Net, you and your sister will have some clothes sleuthing to do it seems. :) Amy in San Diego

    1. Aww, Amy... that is so sweet of you to say! I'm sure one of us will be glad to do a fashion post on them. My Sister and I especially love the floral summery tops and dresses. And I agree, Margaret Clunie's dresses are quite pretty, and I can't wait to see Bethany's in "Savoring Paris."

      Stay tuned!!! :)
      Blessings, Net

  10. Lots of fun movies in the future.

  11. Why are they bringing all of these new people in while simultaneously NOT casting the actors we all know and love?

    Where’s Ryan Paevey, Taylor Cole, Brennan Elliott, Jessy Schram, Rachel Boston, Holly Robinson Peete, Niall Matter, Autumn Reeser and so on??? Why do we have to wait until Christmas to see most of these people while they cast other actors, who may be nice, but no one knows???

    1. Excellent point, Anon. I feel like I’ve seen even less of Taylor Cole and Brennan Elliott since they signed their contracts with Hallmark.

      And then there’s Andrew Walker, who is on movie #2 this year, with "For Love & Honey" following "Curious Caterer" and a new "Three Wiser Men and a Boy" Christmas movie already announced. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised if he had two Christmas movies this year. I like Andrew and all, but I would love to see other actors you mentioned, as well.

    2. I agree too, I miss Taylor, Ryan, Rachel & so on! Do you think it is the actors negotiating more and Hallmark not wanting to pay? So they cast these actors instead? I just can’t understand why they aren’t casting the Hallmark veterans we all know and love 🀷🏻‍♀️πŸ™

    3. Joyce in CarolinaSunday, May 05, 2024

      Net and Anon, I totally agree with you both. I love Andrew Walker but this is over kill. All the actors that you guys mentioned and still others that have not been in a movie for a while or only get a Christmas movie and that's it. Case in point...Kristoffer Polaha. He's very popular and a great actor...Kimberly Sustad...where is she?? Mark Blucas hasn't been in a Hallmark movie in about 3 years I believe. Hallmark has changed so much and in my opinion not for the better! As always Net...thank you for all of your hard work keeping us updated!! Blessings my friend!

    4. Anon, 100% agree. I've heard that Ryan won't be filming any movie this year and that he is disappointed with Hallmark. I would love to see a new movie with Brennan. I don't know who's signed a deal with Hallmark but i would love to see a new movies with Jesse Hutch, Marc Blucas, Brendan Penny...

    5. While it might be nice for some to watch the same actos over and over, all networks have to shake it up to stay fresh. Hallmark is doing that by bringing in new actors.
      I mean, some have gone to GAC, others like Jessy Schram, have full time gigs with Chicago Med or Netflix.
      I for one think these pairings will work well for Hallmark.

  12. I have to say, the June movies do not excite me. I love a good on location flick, but these all seem forced. One in Italy, one in Greece, and one in Paris - all with the same theme of "I have to change my life and can't do that by staying home and seeking therapy". And as for the Malta movie, great location but we've already seen it with Dancing Detective. Plus it's about beekeeping. Yes, bees are important, but do we really need a romance movie with them? Then again, this is the network that has given us multiple butterfly movies, so who's to say.

    Honestly, I know Hallmark is struggling with the actor shifts, the writer strikes, and other factors. I wish they would take a breath and harken back to the Hallmark Hall of Fame days. Give me one truly good and special new movie per month and I will happily watch all the reruns they want to air. Give me four new movies of recycled schlock and I may switch channels.

  13. Yet another new mystery. I will say I like the actors, so I'll give it a try. Not sure what is with all the new mystery movies - it feels like Hallmark is trying the same formula, with different leads, and seeing what sticks. Are there any new mysteries with a female detective (Dancing Detective was the last?)? The latest ones - Family History Mystery and Family Practice Mystery - were both problematic.
    History seemed off with leads that had no actual chemistry. It was a bad concept rip-off of the amazing French series Origines (not family friendly), which should have been left alone.
    Practice had great leads, with good chemistry, but the story was lacking. At one point, the female lead was told to "keep your nose out of it". Um, really? What year is this?
    Don't get me started on Crime Time. Terrible chemistry with another concept rip-off - this one from Carter (also not family friendly).
    I feel like Hallmark needs to take a breath and figure out what the plan is going forward. Mystery movies do go on without Candace Cameron Bure and Jill Wagner (to name a few), they just need to be worthwhile to watch.

  14. While I do have my favorite actors, and some that are hard for me to watch, I think it's a good thing to allow others the chance. When I remind myself they are real people who are trying to get roles, I appreciate producers being willing to let others have a chance. That may not be the heart behind their decision, but I don't want to be exclusive about lesser-known actors and rank some as higher than others.

  15. Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder Review...

    This was a very clean and family-friendly mystery I am happy to say!! I had fun watching it. I loved the beginning scene when she switches the hotel room numbers because the customer was VERY insistent on that room even though they are duplicates.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    I would have liked it better if Maddie's character could down play a bit. I could see why the police thought her annoying, but she did grow on me.
    Chris(I almost typed Lucas ;) did a great job as the detective! He's a good actor.
    I hope to see more, it was fun. I love it when the police let the amateur detective help out!

  16. Joyce in CarolinaTuesday, May 21, 2024

    Tipline Mysteries Dial 1 For Murder is family friendly. I had trouble understanding Holland's dialogue. Speaks real fast. No problem with any of the other actors. Lots of twists and Holland's character takes some really crazy risks as the movie moves along. Fair chemistry between Holland and Chris. Chris does make a good detective.

    1. Abigail & Joyce - Thank you both so much for these early reviews for "Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder"!

      I couldn't help from noticing how your reviews came in minutes apart. You must've watched and reviewed together! (If only, right?)

      Anyway, so nice to hear how much you both enjoyed this new mystery! Thank you both for taking the time to share.

      Blessings, Net


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