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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Hallmark Press Release:

-Hallmark Crown Media-


“Chesapeake Shores” Season 3, Episode 5
Premieres: Sunday, September 2nd (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd
The paparazzi attention from Trace’s growing fame puts a wedge between him and Abby, and the strain both hurts and inspires Trace to write a song. Megan urges Mick to repair his relationship with Connor, but their tumultuous history makes Connor reluctant to reconcile. Kevin is concerned when Sarah seeks adventure after a near-death accident at work, and notices similarities between her behavior and his after a wartime injury. Bree edits her novel with Simon’s help, and realizes she shares the same drive.

“Wedding of Dreams”
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, September 8th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Debbie Gibson, Robert Gant, Pascale Hutton
Pop sensation Debbie Taylor has found happiness teaching music at an Ohio high school. Her passion for her students, and boyfriend Noah, who just asked her to marry him, contribute to her joy, and now she’s been asked to sing on TV’s “Platinum Star.” She wows the audience and is asked back for the finale, three days before her wedding. Seeing Debbie juggling her rising career while planning their nuptials, Noah asks if her heart is still with him or with her music, leaving Debbie to wonder if her heart is big enough to handle both.

“Chesapeake Shores” Season 3, Episode 6
Premieres: Sunday, September 9th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd
Abby navigates family dynamics when she learns Wes is in a serious relationship, and misses Trace’s support when work pulls him away. Mick and Megan’s relationship continues to evolve, but is influenced by their past. Having worked independently for months, Jess adjusts to David’s return. Also adjusting to a man in her life is Bree, who attempts to define her relationship with Simon.

“Love in Design”
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Saturday, September 15th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Danica McKellar, Andrew Walker
Hannah’s television show “Love in Design” is known for modernizing outdated spaces, and she is now renovating a historic manor in her hometown. Up for the challenge, she’s not ready to work with the overseeing architect, her ex-boyfriend Jeff, especially since their attraction hasn’t waned. Revamping such an old building and having an opinionated ex on set is hard, and Hannah must make their Ying/Yang approaches blend. At the same time, maybe Jeff can reach beyond his comfort zone and overcome the distance between them.

“Chesapeake Shores” Season 3, Episode 7
Premieres: Sunday, September 16th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd
When Trace discovers that an employee has driven The Bridge into debt, he tries to make things right before Mick reconsiders the terms of their partnership. Abby struggles to balance her workload and being a “super mom” to keep up with Wes’ new fiancé. Jess is suspicious when David’s sister arrives in town looking for help with the Peck family business.

“2018 Fall Harvest Preview Special”
Sunday September 16th, (11 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott
Hallmark Channel fan favorites, “All of My Heart” stars Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott announce the network’s highly anticipated programming event,”Fall Harvest.”

“Truly, Madly, Sweetly”
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Premieres: Saturday, September 22nd (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Dylan Neal, Nikki DeLoach
Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest #1
Natalie, the owner of a San Francisco food truck business selling cupcakes, and Eric, a finance manager and divorced dad are brought together when Eric’s aunt, also a longtime customer of Natalie’s, passes away and leaves them a building which happens to be the site of a once-famous bakery. Forced into this new partnership, they discover selling the building won’t be easy because it has been declared a historical site. Romance blooms as they spend time together in the process of renovating the old bakery. However, Natalie’s desire to keep things strictly business could put an end to the partnership before the grand opening.

“Chesapeake Shores” Season 3, Episode 8
Premieres: Sunday, September 23rd (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd
Abby takes on Wes’ fiancé as a client, and is surprised by the personal connection that results. Trace struggles to see eye-to-eye with Mick at The Bridge, but digging his heels in may put their personal relationship in jeopardy. Kevin graduates from his EMT program, but the reality of he and Sarah moving apart looms over the happy occasion. When Connor’s ex-girlfriend offers him a job, he senses familiar romantic feelings developing. At Nell’s urging, Bree shares her manuscript with Megan, and begins to realize there are two sides to every story.

“All of My Heart 3”
A Hallmark Channel Original Movie World Premiere
Premieres: Saturday, September 29th (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Lacey Chabert, Brennan Elliott
Hallmark Channel’s Fall Harvest #2
Jenny and Brian’s wedding plans are interrupted when Meg arrives, claiming she’s also an heir to their inn. Now they must focus on raising the money to buy Meg out, and Brian considers returning to Wall Street, until Bucks County has a fundraiser. Still, they’re short on the funds they need, and an interested buyer shows up who intends to rebuild the aging structure rather than tenderly repair it like Jenny and Brian always have. For now, though, focusing on marrying is all that matters to these loving innkeepers, who hope their happy-ever-after can be spent creating more romance in Emily’s Inn.

“Chesapeake Shores” Season 3, Episode 9
Premieres: Sunday, September 30rd (9 p.m. ET/PT)
Stars: Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Treat Williams, Diane Ladd
Abby is caught in the middle when Trace and Mick’s legal conflict over The Bridge escalates, but she and Trace hit an even bigger crossroads when Trace is offered an 8-month tour. Despite Nell’s efforts to keep the peace, the O’Briens fight over Bree’s book, and Mick and Megan disagree with how Bree has portrayed their family history. Kevin drives Sarah to Philadelphia for her new job, and spending time with her family makes it harder to say goodbye.

(*press release via: George Zaralidis and Stephanie Sherman - Crown Media)



There are so many wonderful things to see come September on the Hallmark Channel... including the kick off of two movies - "Wedding of Dreams" with Debbie Gibson and "Love in Design" with Danica McKellar and Andrew Walker!

"Chesapeake Shores" continues on Sunday nights with it's stellar all-star cast. The Fall Harvest Preview Show on September 16 precedes the start of a new season, beginning with the first two Fall Harvest movies - "Truly, Madly, Sweetly" with Dylan Neal and Nikki DeLoach and "All of My Heart 3" (also known as: "All of My Heart: Wedding Inn") with one of Hallmark's favorite on-screen pairing, Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott!

Let the leaves fall where they may... and enjoy a wonderful month of movies & more this September on the Hallmark Channel!

Blessings, Net


  1. I knew it Truly Madly Sweetly will premiere on September 22, 2018. According to Dylan Neal “Truly Madly Sweetly”, will premiere in September 2018.

    1. He originally said it would premiere in October (he said it closer to the time it was filmed). That's probably what he was told at first.

    2. Yes, premiere dates do sometimes change, especially if they are announced early on.

  2. Thanks for the latest wonderful update Net! I'm looking forward to all of the September premieres since each one of them includes at least one of my favorite Hallmark Movie stars. Blessings to you and all who visit here. John

    1. Thank you so much, John! Glad to hear you are looking forward to all these new movies ahead! September definitely has a fantastic full slate!

      Blessings to you! Net

  3. The Movie Posters (both are cute) and pictures for "Wedding of Dreams" and "Love in Design" are now up online! I love looking at the pictures -- makes me excited to see the movies. "Love in Design" has a swings scene and "Wedding of Dreams" has a bridge scene....two of my very favorite things! :)

    1. Oh yes... the pictures for "Wedding of Dreams" and "Love in Design" are all so nice! I also liked the swing images & the bridge picture too! (It's at the end - the best for last!)

      Wish we could have seen more in the "Wedding of Dreams" pics - of the kids in the music program, and of course, the WEDDING! Also, the wheels in "Love in Design" are pretty cool! :)

    2. UPDATE: I have added some pictures of the wedding ceremony to my Wedding of Dreams post - see here!

      The bridal gown is beautiful!!!

  4. Will “Love Under the Rainbow”, will gonna air on September 1, 2018

    1. So far, as I write this, no air date has been given for the movie, “Love Under the Rainbow.” This could change, however, any minute!

      "A Country Wedding" with Jesse Metcalfe and Autumn Reeser is currently set to air as the primetime movie at 9pm on September 1st.

    2. Probably, if Hallmark will surprise us, “Love Under the Rainbow”, gonna air on September 1, 2018. Or air it on Sunday, before Countdown to Christmas.

  5. Well fall is def on the way......and I am happy that we have some great movies to look forward to! I am most looking forward to seeing Love By Design and Wedding of Dreams.

    If we must move into a new season and leave the sunshine and long summer days behind, I am happy to have some great movies to look forward to.


    1. Oh, that is so true, Kerry! I feel the same! While I'm glad to leave the intense heat and BUGS behind with Summer, I still love the sunshine and just being outside until the sun sets! It is nice to always have fun Hallmark movies to look forward to - as we transition into a new season! Enjoy them all! :)

      Blessings! Net

  6. Im only looking forward to Love in Design and Truly madly sweetly. It would be great if they have more Hallmark movies with 20-or 30-somethings in the lead

    1. Thank you for sharing your picks for September, MsTalkingmovies! Hope you like them both! :)

      Blessings! Net

  7. I can't wait to watch Love in Design & Truly, Madly, Sweetly


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