Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 8: Hallmark Channel's Christmas Keepsake Movies are Here Today!

Christmas is finally here
on both Hallmark Networks-
So take a day off
for a little Christmas Vacay...
Here comes Santa and all his reindeer
in the big red Sleigh - Yay!

Friday, July 14, 2017:

Hallmark Channel - Christmas Keepsake Begins!

A Very Merry Mix-Up ... 2 PM
A Dream of Christmas ... 4 PM
My Christmas Love ... 6 PM
Love You Like Christmas ... 8 PM

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

The Christmas Card ... 7 PM
I'll Be Home for Christmas ... 9 PM

*Christmas in July continues on Hallmark Channel's morning show Home & Family today with Brooke Nevin (The Christmas Cure) and Paul Greene (When Calls the Heart Christmas!) sharing details on their upcoming Christmas Movies - plus there will be Christmas crafts and Christmas cooking!!! (*this show will encore Monday at 12 noon)

All of today's movies are especially great - from "My Christmas Love" to "The Christmas Card" - whatever you sit down to watch... you seriously can't go wrong!

Happy Christmas Keepsake Week!!!

So glad to have ALL
the Hallmark Channel viewers
join the Christmas Movie watching!!!

Be Blessed, Net :)



  1. Can't believe it's been a week already, Net, and I haven't missed a movie. I'm so grateful we'll be having four movies during the weekdays instead of two. I miss the 24/7 like it "used" to be so let's pray we don't see any future cuts....please, Hallmark??

    1. Linda - Yes, I so agree... it's great to have 4 Christmas movies on the weekdays! And, lots more on the weekend!!!

      Love this little preview of Christmas, too! I know we always feel spoiled for these few weeks! Hold on tight and enjoy!!! :)

    2. Also, Linda... Yes, unfortunately, the Christmas in July movies aren't 24-7, like at Christmastime. The last time they did them day and night, was actually in 2014! It was probably reduced due to some people complaining about them taking off the sitcoms at night for Christmas movies. Or, it was more expensive to play the movies over the re-run sitcoms. Whatever the case, I miss them, too... 24-7! Guess we'll have to wait to really enjoy that gift at Christmas!!!


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