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Thursday, October 8, 2015

4 NEW CHRISTMAS MOVIES to Premiere during *HALLMARK MOVIES & MYSTERIES* 2015 "Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas!" Event!

image via: Hallmark

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries "Most Wonderful Movies of Christmas" for 2015:
(click on each movie title for more movie details!)

Murder She Baked - A Plum Pudding Mystery - November 22, 2015

The Christmas Note - November 29, 2015

The Magic Stocking - December 6, 2015

Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through The Snow - December 13, 2015

3 of the 4 coming Christmas Movies above are based on popular books...
is based on Joanna Fluke's Plum Pudding Murder.

is based on Donna Vanliere's book by the same name,

is based (obviously) on Debbie Macomber's book,
also with the same name,

Click on the book covers above for more details or to order via Amazon!

When we Add up ALL the New Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Channel Movie Premieres coming - that means we will have 21 All New Movie Premieres for this upcoming 2015 Christmas Season!!!

Wow! This will be certainly be a wonderful *Countdown to Christmas*!!!

"Joy To The World"!!!


  1. Ah, so Dashing did get bumped to HMM. Interesting. That's one I'm really looking forward to.

    Honestly, I'm really surprised by these dates, because aren't they starting 24-7 Christmas programing Nov. 1 just like Hallmark Channel? It seems like a LONG time to wait for a premiere movie, which is what draws a lot of eyeballs to the channel. A full month of reruns before they show anything new just seems ... odd.

    1. I truly thought "Dashing Through the Snow" might get placed on HMM - especially since they moved Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle there, as well.

      And, both networks begin Christmas Movies on October 31st!!! That's only 20-some days away!!!! Yay!!!

  2. Oh and forgot to add that I think it's funny you have more info on the Magic Stocking on your website than Hallmark has on theirs!

    1. Oh, wow, thank you!!!

      We are also blessed to have such a great group of people who have been so helpful this year in finding cast details, etc... especially for "The Magic Stocking"... and sharing it here with all of us!!!

  3. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, October 08, 2015

    Well, at least the "Dashing Through the Snow" mystery is now solved, although it still doesn't explain why it was announced and advertised on "Home & Family" that the movie would be part of the Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel. They seem to be a bit disorganized over there at Hallmark!

    My guess is still that DTTS will still end up on the regular Hallmark Channel at some point. It may only air a couple of times, or it may run for a while on HMM and then move over to Hallmark towards the end of the year. It may only air post-December 25th on Hallmark, but I do think it will be shown on both channels at some point in the season.

    1. It's a lot of new movies to juggle - so I understand it can be difficult to place everything.

      I am wondering now... what they will do with Christmas Day? In years past, with 12 movies- they played them all commercial free on Christmas Day - as their gift to viewers. Not sure, yet, what they will do this year???

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 09, 2015

      If all of the movies are kept at 90 minutes each on Christmas Day, they could air 16 of them over the 24 hours. They'd either have to leave one movie out, or maybe run it on Christmas Eve, commercial-free.

      I typed up a much more detailed response to your other points with extra comments about DTTS, but I don't think my comment went through, as I didn't see the usual yellow bar pop up to let me know that the comment was pending approval. It seemed to just disappear. The same thing happened when I was just trying to comment underneath your blog about "All of My Heart" coming to DVD. I typed up a whole reply and when I tried to submit it, it just vanished and the little yellow bar did not pop up. I posted a shorter comment after that, which appeared to go through, but I think there is a glitch in the software somewhere.

    3. Oh dear - so sorry your previous comment disappeared. I'm not sure why it would do that. Here's something, though, that I do when posting to blogs. When I am done writing my comment. Before I hit Publish, I highlight my comment - then hit Control+C - which copies it. And, then if you don't think it goes through - all you have to do is go back to a blank comment and in the space hit Control+V - which will paste your comment in the box and you can try it again!

      You can also copy and paste with an iPhone or iPad by pressing down on your comment and waiting to hit "copy". Then, if it doesn't go through- in the blank comment space you press down until it lets you hit "paste".

      I wish I could eliminate blogger approval for comments, but you wouldn't believe some of the disgusting stuff I have to delete. :(

      Again, so sorry for your trouble, Sherry. I do hope this helps... as I always enjoy your movie thoughts & comments! :)

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaSaturday, October 10, 2015

      Oh, it's no problem -- I know that technical glitches happen. I moderate a forum on a large website, and earlier this year we switched from one hosting platform to another -- which yielded all kinds of 'fun' results, such as missing text, messed up punctuation, etc. :-( :-( .

      I did notice that a few of the comments I posted yesterday did not end up going through, so I think I must have been trying to post at the exact same times that other people were posting, or maybe at the exact moment you were writing a new blog, and that somehow caused a conflict. Two times I posted under the blog about the "All of My Heart" DVD release, and neither post went through! Lol. Oh well. I gave up! Lol.

      I totally understand about needing to screen the comments. I know all too well what people try to get away with on websites. We try to keep things pleasant on the board I moderate, and we don't allow any extreme cursing or inappropriate content or anything like that. But every so often someone comes along who tries to stir up some trouble, or people get into a heated debate and the discussion takes a bad turn, and we have to delete things.

  4. Ooooh, I hope so, Sherry!! I love Debbie Macomber's movies and I know a lot of her fans don't have the HMM channel. This way, all will be able to view. If we have 21 new movie premiers this year, I can't imagine what Hallmark could possibly do to top that next year!!

    1. I think it would be great IF THEY COULD play all the movies, even the HMM new movies- in a 2 day Commercial Free Marathon on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day on the Hallmark Channel! But, I don't know if they could do that or not... however, I know many would love that, if possible.

      As far as topping next year... I'm not sure what they could do, except for just keep being themselves - that's what You & I... and all viewers love!!! But, won't it be fun to see!!!!

    2. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 09, 2015

      Linda -- Last year the movie "The Christmas Shepherd" was originally designated for what used to be the Hallmark Movie Channel (now HMM, of course). Somewhere along the line, as the months rolled on, it got bumped over to the Hallmark Channel as part of the Countdown to Christmas. I'm not sure why that happened -- maybe one of the planned movies for the Countdown didn't come through and they needed to fill the void? After it aired for a couple of weeks on the Hallmark Channel, it them moved over to HMM for the rest of the year. "The Christmas Shepherd" was no longer on the Hallmark Channel, nor was it on the Hallmark Channel during Christmas in July. It seems to be exclusive to HMM at this point.

      "Dashing Through the Snow" was apparently originally intended for HMM, which made little sense to be because Debbie Macomber's stories have all been part of the regular Hallmark Channel, not part of the Movie channel/HMM.

      At some point, as we know, Hallmark decided that DTTS was going to be part of the Countdown to Christmas on the Hallmark Channel and advertised it as such. If people were unaware that DTTS was originally intended to air on HMM, then this development would not have been puzzling. For those of us who know that DTTS was supposed to go to HMM, it was puzzling -- and yet it made more sense to me that DTTS would air on Hallmark because of the other Macomber stores that air on that channel.

      Now, DTTS appears to be back on the channel where it was intended to go in the first place, and has been yanked form the Countdown on the other channel.

      So, my guess is that, just to save face a little bit and to deal with the complaints from Debbie Macomber fans who do not get the HMM channel, Hallmark will run DTTS at least once or twice on the regular Hallmark Channel during the season. For all we know, maybe they WILL end up premiering it on Hallmark and then moving it over to HMM (as they did with "The Christmas Shepherd") -- I would not put it past Hallmark to do that at this point, as they seem to be disorganized. As we've seen, even after they advertising and promote something the details can still change. But, more than likely what would happen is that the movie might debut on HMM and then move to Hallmark for a couple of showings, and then move back to HMM for future holiday seasons and Christmases in July.

      I may be totally wrong on how this will unfold, but I think that Hallmark set themselves up for backlash when they publicly promoted DTTS as part of the Countdown. They should at least air the movie on the regular channel a couple of times, even if it is not part of the Countdown.

    3. Anything is certainly possible! I wouldn't be surprised, at all, if there was some shuffling around!

      We'll just have to keep a look out and hopefully more HMM movies will get airings on the Hallmark Channel - especially for those who do not have both!

  5. Sherry, you've been right on the money with your deductions throughout Nets posts so I hope this one rings true so all will be able to watch "Dashing Through the Snow". Debbie's movies have been so endearing and I, personally, am grateful she did another one for Hallmark this year.

    Net, you've got a wealth of information flowing from your website; I hope Hallmark is viewing and what a great idea, 2 day Christmas marathon, no commercials!!

    1. Thank you, Linda! Who knows what Hallmark will ultimately decide, but it sure is fun guessing!!! :)


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