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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lacey Chabert & Brennan Elliott Star Together Again in Hallmark Movie!

Currently in Production!
Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott are acting together again
in the upcoming Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie:
"A Christmas Melody", with singer Mariah Carey!

Image from Hallmark Channel Movie "All of My Heart"

Lacey Chabert, who just recently starred in Hallmark's "Christmas Keepsake" event with "Family for Christmas" and Brennan Elliott, of "Cedar Cove"... previously starred together in the very popular Hallmark Channel Valentine Movie, "All of My Heart"!

It is wonderful to see Hallmark pair these two together again! Fans who have been asking for a sequel to "All of My Heart", will certainly be happy to learn this news! "A Christmas Melody" will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on December 19, 2015.

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  1. Oh, wow, what a smart move, Hallmark!! The chemistry between Lacey and Brennan was perfect and made me see Brennan in a "different light". I won't miss this one!!

  2. That's great! Too bad it's not the same characters. Their movie was one of my most favorite of hers. I tend to like her movies, but not 'love' them.


  3. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, October 08, 2015

    I just found out last night (from Lisa's great Hallmark fan group on Facebook) about Lacey being in the movie, which surprised me. I thought we had seen the last of her in new Hallmark movies for this year, but I'm glad she is back!

    But I didn't know about Brennan being in the movie as well (I was tired when I read the bit about Lacey, so I didn't go off to investigate any further!). He and Lacey were great together in "All of My Heart" -- which is one of my favorites -- so I hope they can replicate some of that magic in Mariah's movie!

    I was saying in the Hallmark fan group that I think that Lacey (and now Brennan too) being in the movie will make a huge difference in getting skeptical Hallmark viewers to tune in. People were not so welcoming and kind about the idea of Mariah being in a movie, which they expressed on the Countdown to Christmas Facebook page. If those people had planned to not tune in to this movie, I think that Lacey and Brennan being in it will change that.

    And then there are Mariah's fans, who will tune in along with the regular Hallmark viewers. I think this movie -- whether it ends up being good or not -- will end up being a ratings hit!

    1. Really? I would have still watched the movie. Mariah was very good in the movie I think called 'Precious'? I can't recall the name, but she was very good in her role. I really hope people will see that in this movie.


    2. Sherry In CaliforniaThursday, October 08, 2015

      Misty -- I was shocked at how many people were so against the idea of Mariah in a Hallmark movie. It was the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas Facebook page that posted a photo of Mariah 2 or 3 weeks ago, and mentioned that she was going to be in a movie on Hallmark this year. About 98% of the comments underneath the photo were negative in some way, with people making a lot of remarks about Mariah's attire, image and overall personality, among other things. I thought some of the comments were mean and highly unnecessary.

      I will admit that when I learned Mariah was going to be in a Christmas movie for the channel, I was surprised -- mainly because Hallmark never gets huge stars for the movies, and I wasn't sure if someone of her caliber would enjoy being in a Hallmark movie, or would kind of look down on it. Also, I wasn't sure if her celebrity would distract from the simple, charming stories that Hallmark usually tells.

      But then I figured... Mariah loves Christmas and all Christmasy things. She has always been vocal about that. A love of Christmas is what brings most of us to the Countdown to Christmas in the first place. So I am keeping an open mind and giving the movie a chance! It might surprise me. I am hoping that a true Christmas lover is going to make a good Christmas movie!

      So I think that all of the naysayers and anti-Mariah folks who spoke up on the Countdown to Christmas page a couple of weeks ago will have more of a reason to tune in now that Lacey and Brennan are in it. I hope they keep an open mind and give it a chance, even if they are not fans of Mariah. Mariah's fans, of course, will tune in!

      Mariah was good in "Precious," indeed, although that movie is so heartbreaking and hard to watch.

    3. I understand the negative commentary to a degree. While I like her singing and all, Mariah has been known as being somewhat provocative and not necessarily Hallmark in her choice of apparel, music videos, etc.

      There is a certain standard folks expect with Hallmark and I think Mariah Carey hasn't always fit that image.

    4. Sherry In CaliforniaFriday, October 09, 2015

      Some of the comments about Mariah on the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas page were unnecessarily harsh. There is no reason to be mean, as then it makes the people commenting look bad. All they had to say was, "I'm not a fan of Mariah's so I probably won't watch." Instead, people too it upon themselves to pick on her persona, her attire and the way she lives her life. It was uncalled for.

      The truth is -- whether people want to accept it or not -- all of the Hallmark actors have other lives outside of the Hallmark world. Many of them would love to do other things and work on other projects that may not fit the Hallmark image. Many of them HAVE done projects that do not fit with Hallmark -- projects that may be considered questionable by Hallmark's viewers -- but they come back to Hallmark anyway, and deliver the programming that we want to see. Mariah is not the only person to have ever worn a sexy dress or done something that certain Hallmark viewers would not deem appropriate, and then later appeared in a Hallmark movie. Lots of the actors have done it.

      Hallmark chose Mariah or approached her to do the movie. It's not as if she needs the money or the work. They sought her out, so obviously they feel that her image is fine and that she will meet their standards.

      I am keeping an open mind and giving the movie a chance!

  4. According to the Daily Mail, Mariah's only request for her to direct the movie was that Lacey play the main character. Apparently she is a big fan of Lacey's performance in Mean Girls. Mariah knows a good thing!!

    Merry Mark

    1. I love Lacey, too - so I think it was an excellent choice, Merry Mark... plus Hallmark viewers love her, too... so it will be a comfortable selection for viewers - especially being Mariah's first directorial debut - and it's a plus adding Brennan to the mix!!!

  5. Pics from the set, including Lacey, Mariah and Lacey's dog ...


    Because of Mariah's involvement, there's a lot of paparazzi on this one.

  6. Great post, Sherry!! Thumbs up!!


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