Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"The Christmas Note" on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries


Movie: The Christmas Note

Network: Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Original Air Date: November 29, 2015

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler ... Gretchen Daniels
Leah Gibson ... Melissa McCreary
Greg Vaughan ...
Lynda Boyd ...
Dylan Kingwell ...
Lochlyn Munro ...
Zachary Gulka ...
Gelsy Wong ...


via Hallmark: Having just moved back to her hometown without her husband but with her young son, Gretchen Daniels finds her life in disarray as Christmas approaches. But she seems to find new purpose when she helps to deliver a message to her new neighbor that makes her an ally in the quest to find the neighbor’s long-missing sibling. The women become bonded not only by the search but by the understanding that being there for each other means they’re no longer alone in the world. And that becomes the greatest Christmas gift of their lives. Based on a bestselling novel by Donna VanLiere.

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  1. Oooooh, another "sleuther type" Christmas movie; my list is growing!!

  2. Looking forward to this one. I've read all of Donna VanLiere's Christmas Books more than once and have seen all of the many movie adaptions and have enjoyed them all. Can't wait!

  3. I watched it and it was the one I enjoyed watching the most that day (of the ones I watched). So wish this was shown on Hallmark!


  4. Having just found out last year that I have three sisters I didn't know I had, The Christmas Note, and other stories like it, have a special place in my heart. I love being a big sister.

  5. Good movie. Any info on where it was filmed?

  6. Where can I buy this movie? I can't find it online for purchase anywhere?

  7. I love these one it is the best of all I want it but can't find it

  8. I agree it was a fantastic movie. I hope it gets released on DVD/Blu-ray so that I can watch it year after year.

  9. I love Donna VanLiere's Christmas books & absolutely love how characters from her first book somehow pop up in subsequent stories. Loved the story line & the bit of suspense too. I would definitely read this book again during future Christmas seasons.

  10. This story is so..."God Bless Us Everyone"; so... "Miracle on 34th Street"; so...well, you just wish in the end that it wasn't fiction. That it really happened. That some family really was allowed to live through the experience. It makes you want to grab and hug your own family and sing "Joy to the World." It's a keeper.

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  11. When will this movie be available on DVD.its fantastic

  12. Having just watched this film, don't mind admitting I was moved to tears. I was disappointed to discover that it wasn't on sale, in DVD. Might have to look for the book - but really want that DVD - will just have to keep it on my sky box until it's released.

  13. It's a good movie but the kid in the movie is about 10-12 yrs old and still writing letters to santa and having bed time stories read to him???


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