Monday, July 1, 2019

☀🍲 A Taste of Summer - a Hallmark Channel "Summer Nights" Movie starring Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter! ☀🍲


Movie: A Taste of Summer

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: August 10, 2019

(please note: the premiere date has changed.)

*Part of Hallmark Channel's Summer Nights!


Roselyn Sanchez ... Gabby
Eric Winter ... Caleb
Alison Araya ... Christina
Antonio Cayonnne ... Matthew
Nyla Blackman ... Emily
Gracyn Shinyei ... Hannah
Matt Mazur ... Toby
Benjamin Wilkinson ... Chef Franco
Alvin Sanders ... Danny
Edwin Perez ... Sergio
Marco Grazzini ... Garrett
Hannah Pederson ... Victoria
Brenda M. Crichlow ... Principal Watkins
Kurt Teixeira ... Bennett
Erica Elliot ... Sara
Ian Collins ... William
Tom Tasse ... Judge Hank
Andy Nez ... Umpire
Amanda May ... Judge Barbara
Mark Licorish ... Judge Peter
Jimmy Paul ... Server
Kwesi Ameyaw ... Superintendent Meyers


Storyline via Hallmark: Sous-chef Gabby opens a restaurant, and must contend with former high school baseball hero Caleb, the competitive owner of a popular eatery. A star in culinary school, Gabby is undaunted until opening night, when her restaurant has few customers due to Caleb’s wings promotion. Deciding to enter the Taste of Summer to win $10,000 and stellar reviews, Gabby is stunned when Caleb enters a similar dish, but heartened when he helps after her sous-chef burns himself. With the contest winner still unnamed, there’s lots of competitiveness in the air, but now it’s mixed with a hint of romance.

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*images via: Hallmark Crown Media Family Networks


  1. I did notice this weekend when I saw a ad from Hallmark that Summer Nights is going to be 6 movies, so there is 1 other movie for the last weekend in August unknown right now. But of course Hallmark can change at the last minute and only give 5, or give 8. I guess I don't really put much stock in what they say anymore. But it "said" 6 movies for Summer Nights.

    1. That is so true, Sabrina! Love it! :)

      I noticed two of the Summer Nights movies have changed around on Hallmark's web-site, but the new Summer Nights press release is reporting the same premiere date above.

      But you never know... they could still change again. So far, they've only officially announced five movies, but just like Sister of the Bride, they could easily add in a 6th movie!

  2. Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter’s first Hallmark movie together since Alexa & Carlos PenaVega

    1. Yes, just like Alexa & Carlos PenaVega, Roselyn Sanchez & Eric Winter are also a real-life married couple! Should be fun to see them in this new movie together!

  3. This looks sweet. I've never seen Roselyn in anything, but Eric was great in Finding Santa. Good to see him on Hallmark again.

    1. I agree, Anna! This looks very sweet, and it's always fun to watch a real-life couple acting together. I'm also glad to see Eric Winter on Hallmark again. By the way, doesn't he have the most perfect name for an actor who makes Hallmark movies, especially Christmas! :)

  4. I’m not so happy “In the Key of Love”, is not airing tonight since I notified to received message for watch Live “In the Key of Love”, last Saturday on my phone.

    I’m not able to watch “In the Key of Love on Hallmark Movies Now app because of Free Trail unless they will add “In the Key of Love”, on Youtube so, I’l watch it.

    1. I know... I completely understand. A lot of viewers are not happy with this decision, and honestly, I'm one of them. It seems wrong, in my opinion, to announce a movie premiere, change it to another date, then pull it altogether and move it to Hallmark Movies Now, their streaming service. This was very poorly done and completely unfair to the viewers and the cast.

  5. Hallmark’s new show: “Christmas Cookie Countdown

    1. Yes, this delightful new Christmas competition can be seen this upcoming Christmas season on Hallmark Drama! :)

  6. I hope they give us 6 Summer Nights Movies or even 7 or 8 Summer Nights movies

    1) Rome in Love
    2) Sunshine & Summertime
    3) A Taste of Summer
    4) A Summer Romance
    5) A Summer Long
    6) Love on the Ranch

    Additional Summer Nights movies
    7) Shopping for Love
    8) Unknown Summer Nights Movie

    1. Well... 6 Hallmark Summer Nights movies appear to be official now. Course, changes are still quite possible.

      After that, we'll have to see what follows. There are three Saturdays after Love on the Ranch on August 31st - before Fall officially begins on Sept 23.

  7. Even though A Taste of Summer was filmed in Vancouver, I'm fairly positive there were "transition scenes" filmed from the top of the railroad bridge in Buzzards Bay, Mass - on the Cape Cod Canal. Sami "A Taste of Summer"

    1. That's very possible that they took shots from going into and out of commercial breaks from Massachusetts. That's right, even though it was filmed in Vancouver, Canada... I'm sure they've gone to great measures to make it look authentic to that area.

    2. Yup, I saw that! Definitely the train bridge and park in BBay.

  8. I liked this one! Very cute:)


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