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Saturday, June 29, 2019

On TV this Weekend: HALLMARK's Christmas in July + last June Wedding movie "Sister of the Bride"

Sister of the Bride / Christmas Wonderland / A Joyous Christmas
images: Hallmark Crown Media

Saturday, JUNE 29, 2019:

Christmas in July!

Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas - image: Hallmark Crown Media

It's a full day and night of Gold Crown Christmas Movies today with...

Christmas in Angel Falls
Debbie Macomber's Dashing Through the Snow
Finding Christmas
Christmas Encore
Magical Christmas Ornaments
The Christmas Secret
Rocky Mountain Christmas
Christmas Homecoming
Christmas Wonderland
Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas
Once Upon a Christmas Miracle
Last Vermont Christmas

See times airing in the Christmas TV Schedule!


More... Saturday, JUNE 29, 2019:

Many of you have been asking about...

starring one of our Hallmark favorites, Jill Wagner!

*image via: The Legend of 5 Mile Cave and INSP

Storyline via INSP: A mysterious drifter bonds with a boy with tales of the West. Past and present collide when a crooked lawman appears seeking long-lost gold.

INSP will have a Special Encore Presentation of
Saturday, JUNE 29, 2019 at 8pm/7c.


More... Saturday, JUNE 29, 2019:

Will two Sisters say "I do" in...

image: Hallmark Crown Media

Storyline via Hallmark: After a six-month romance, Stephanie and Ben announce their engagement and learn Stephanie’s sister Tracy, is also engaged. Both want July 4th weddings, so Stephanie throws herself into helping plan Tracy’s big event. Ben pitches in, and everyone, but Stephanie’s dad, adores him. Also looming is... click here to read more...

See the premiere of Sister of the Bride
Saturday, JUNE 29, 2019
at 9pm/8c. on the Hallmark Channel


Sunday, JUNE 30, 2019:

Christmas in July!

A Song for Christmas - image: Hallmark Crown Media

It's a full day and night of Gold Crown Christmas Movies today with...

A Bramble House Christmas
Christmas in the Air
Christmas with Holly
A Song for Christmas
I'll be Home for Christmas
Small Town Christmas
Return to Christmas Creek
Northern Lights of Christmas
A Joyous Christmas
Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane
A Godwink Christmas
Hope at Christmas

See times airing in the Christmas TV Schedule!


I also wanted to add a note here about the movie, In the Key of Love, that was supposed to premiere this upcoming Monday night, July 1st, on the Hallmark Channel. Unfortunately, we have learned In the Key of Love will NOT be airing on the Hallmark Channel after all. Instead, actress Laura Osnes, who stars in the movie, has shared via Instagram - this movie will be seen later this Summer via streaming on Hallmark Movies Now to coincide with the premiere of When Hope Calls, which is a spin-off of When Calls the Heart. Andrea Brooks, who portrays Nurse Faith Carter on When Calls the Heart also stars in the movie, In the Key of Love; therefore, Hallmark's reasoning to air this new movie with this series, according to Laura Osnes' Insta statement - is to help promote When Hope Calls.

We have two Saturday nights coming up in July without the usual new Hallmark Saturday movie premiere. I feel the movie, In the Key of Love, easily could have been moved to one of those nights. How do you feel about this sudden change of plans? Please share in comments below.

In the meantime... I Ho-Ho-Hope You ALL have a nice, relaxing, wonderful weekend! I plan to watch the new June Wedding movie and as many Christmas movies - as possible, but... I will also be getting together with lots of family again this weekend! Oh, I can't wait to see my dear Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins, but rest assured, I'll be recording a "few" (LOL!) Christmas favorites to watch later! :)

Merry Christmas in July -
on this last weekend in June!
Joyous Blessings to You All, Net


  1. Net -- I totally agree. Hallmark could have easily let "In the Key of Love" air on one of the Saturday nights without a new movie -- even just one showtime only -- so that they could keep up the "new movie every Saturday" plan, and THEN movie it right over to Hallmark Movies Now after that one showtime.

    Because Hallmark is already airing a non-Christmas Summer Nights preview on July 20th, and the non-Christmas "Rome in Love" is premiering on the last weekend of Christmas movies, then why NOT just air "In the Key of Love" on 7/13 or 7/20? It makes no sense to me.

    There are new people in ITKOL who have not been in previous Hallmark movies before, as well as beloved Andrea Brooks, who we know from many Hallmark projects. It doesn't seem fair to them to deny them the exposure of premiering on the main channel that everyone has, and shuffling them off to HMN, which fewer people have. I don't understand it. AND it revolves around a wedding, so it makes sense to air it on the actual channel, right after June has ended.

    Then again, I also don't understand why Hallmark banished "Truly, Madly, Sweetly" to the HMN service either, when it just premiered in September. They keep telling people on their social media pages that HMN has a library of more "vintage" Hallmark "classics." "Truly, Madly, Sweetly" premiered on the Hallmark Channel 9 months ago, and it was already moved to Hallmark Movies Now a while ago! How "vintage" is it?? lol

    And, in my mind and way of thinking, there is no real reason to leave 7/13 and 7/20 without new movies of any kind, because all Hallmark had to do was either acquire a couple of independent Christmas movies from outside production companies and air them, OR just 'borrow' a couple of their own new made-for-Hallmark Christmas movies and show them ONE time each, on 7/13 and 7/20, and then run them again lots of times during the holidays, along with all of the others they are premiering. They would still have plenty of never-before-seen Christmas movies to air during the holidays.

    Those two July Saturdays didn't need to be without new movies, so it seems like it was a deliberate, strategic programming move to keep them empty, with only the new one-hour specials to watch. Very strange.

  2. I hope Laura Osnes & Scott Michael Foster will do Christmas movie: “Broadway Musical Christmas” for Hallmark.

    Nutcracker or Christmas Carol Musical

  3. Can't wait for the 'Christmas in July' shows, Net. That will be a nice addition to this hot weather we've been having. I really enjoyed 'A Godwink Christmas' last year, and I liked most of the actors in it.

    Wishing you sweet Summer days and a wonderful Fourth of July coming up. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  4. I’ll watch In the Key of Love on YouTube

  5. I am bummed that the movie will not be on hallmark channel. I think that the idea of having a streaming app is nice but not many people will get it. They are obviously trying to get more people to subscribe by making that series and putting movies on it. But people with cable get hallmark channel where they can watch hundreds of movies all the time. So I think that hallmark movies now would be nice for people without cable.

  6. I was disappointed that "In the Key of Love" was not airing after all. After reading that's its on Hallmark's subscription service, I was even more disappointed.I expect they *may* air it in late Fall or next Spring. In the meantime, maybe UP or PIXL will have more items.

  7. To me, advertising a new movie every Saturday night should mean a new movie every Saturday night! I definitely agree that the 2 week void and scrapping In the Key of Love looks very strange and is rather disappointing! I'll just have to watch a Hallmark movie to get over it. :-D


  8. I like the movie: Sister of the Bride

    4th of July Festival

  9. 1st thing, I LOVED Sister of the Bride, easily the best movie of the year for Hallmark. I loved so much that 2 people worked thru their problems and we didn't have to watch another girl marrying a guy but her old boyfriend resurfaces story. I was so happy we got to see Ben and Stephanie stay together the entire movie. I loved the parents, I want a second movie, I would just watch the entire family and their children hang out at the Palm Springs house for 2 hours. I loved that they had a mix of going slow, traditions, and then when you know you know stuff going on. People may think 6 months is not long enough to get married, but one reason I love Hallmark love stories so much is that I do believe that you can fall in love so quickly, and that there are some people that meet and know they will be together forever and do.

    I am still unhappy about the In the Key of Love movie moving, once again for When calls the heart (I know its a spinoff) but the no internet for me does not allow me to watch the streaming service unless I do to someone house with Wifi, and then completely ignore them for 2 hours while I watch a HMMNow movie on my tablet. So not happy about this, and I doubt hallmark needs a movie to help promote When Hope calls since all they have to do is call the hearties and everyone will watch it. It sounds like an excuse to me, I feel there are other reasons they aren't playing this on HM.

  10. I am very disappointed that In the Key of Love is not airing on Hallmark. I was especially looking forward to seeing Laura Osnes. I don't think it's a smart move for Hallmark to advertise a movie AND put it in their preview special, only to suddenly and without a real explanation, send it to a streaming service. Why would I now want to watch future Preview Specials only to get excited about a movie that may not play on the channel?

  11. I'll add that I'm also disappointed that they moved In The Key of Love. I saw multiple articles promoting it that normally don't care about the channel just because Laura Osnes was in it.(The Broadway community is very supportive)

    It seems wrong to promote it and then pull it just to try and make more money by getting people to sign up for a service when they already pay to watch the channel. I pay $70+ a month to have Hallmark and now they want more for a single movie. It's greedy. It was also one of the more diverse wedding movies and they replaced it with yet another all white movie. It certainly makes me rethink my support of Hallmark going forward.


  12. Soooo bummed about In the key of Love. I was really looking forward to watching it. I already pay extra just to get the Hallmark channel, I’m not about to pay for the Hallmark App too. Very disappointed in this decision.

  13. You have disappointed millions of viewers by promoting "In the Key of Love" and then failing to show it. It makes me think less of Hallmark. I thought you were a channel of integrity. So disappointed, it's just all about the money.

  14. You have disappointed millions of views by advertising the movie "In the Key of Love" and then pulling it at the last minute. I thought that Hallmark was about integrity but it doesn't seem so. You are just like all others, it's just about the money. Your loyal audience may not stay so loyal.

    1. This page is not a Hallmark page. It is a blog called It's a Wonderful Movie and, while most of Hallmark's content is covered here, Hallmark has nothing to do with this page. Net (who runs this site) has nothing to do with the programming decisions Hallmark makes. Perhaps you should direct your grievances to Hallmark, on their social media pages.

  15. I completely understand everyone's disappointment in the Hallmark Channel removing this movie, "In the Key of Love," from their line-up. It does seem completely unfair that they shared the movie in the preview special and promoted it on their web-site, but at the last minute, they removed it and placed it on their streaming service.

    I recently watched the movie through Hallmark Movies Now and thought it was a nice standard, wholesome Hallmark love story. There was absolutely no content that I saw that would've made it necessary to remove it. At times, the movie mas kind of slow and predictable, but other movies follow that same format. The singing in the movie was great; I only wish there could have been more of it.


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