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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet My Mom / Soldier Love Story - Hallmark Channel Movie starring Lori Loughlin and Stefanie Powers


Meet My Mom

Also Known As...

DVD Title: Soldier Love Story

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 8, 2010

Mother's Day!

*Meet My Mom aired as the crown jewel of the Hallmark Channel network’s “Countdown to Mother’s Day” campaign, which included a full week of programming in May designed to celebrate the mothers and mother figures who love us, encourage us and support us.


Lori Loughlin ... Dana Marshall
Stefanie Powers ... Louise Metcalf
Johnny Messner ... Sergeant Vince Carrera
Charles Henry Wyson ... Jared Marshall


Recent divorcee, Dana Marshall (Loughlin) and her son, Jared (Charles Henry
Wyson, “Journeyman”), move across the country to live with Dana’s mother, Louise (Powers), in California. Jared is nervous about attending a new school, but when his fourth-grade class is assigned to write letters to soldiers serving overseas, he finds a friend in someone he never would have expected: Sergeant Vince Carrera (Messner).

Jared’s letters hit home with Vince, who hasn’t received mail since his divorce three years earlier, and the two continue to write back and forth. Vince returns on leave and decides to pay a surprise visit to his 10-year-old pen pal, and when Dana answers the door, it’s love at first sight, but neither of them are ready to admit it.

Over the next few weeks, Vince spends more time with the Marshalls, coaching Jared in baseball and getting to know Dana, who, despite her mutual attraction to Vince, is afraid to fall for someone who will soon be sent back overseas. But the more they get to know each other, the less they are able to deny themselves the love they’ve been so reluctant to seek out, and when Vince is deployed again, Dana must decide whether she and Jared can afford to wait for his return.

Movie Review:

This was a perfect Family Movie!

Dana and her son, Jared, move to live with her Mother following her divorce. It's soon apparent that her ex-husband is an absentee father - making promises to his son that he doesn't keep and just generally not being there for him.

When Jared's new teacher at school asks them to write letters to Soldiers... it opens a whole new door for them when Sergeant Vince Carrera not only responds, but ends up literally at their door, hoping to teach 10 year old Jared how to play baseball. I was glad to see the Mom, always went along with them to the park, and it was evident to see an interest quickly developing between Dana and the handsome Soldier, Vince.

Also, I adored Vince's Southern accent... it was so sweet, it made his character seem even more charming and endearing. And Jared, the ten year old boy... he was absolutely adorable! Some of the things he said were just soooo cute! One line I particularly liked - was when Vince & his mother were going out on a date - and he told his Grandmother as they left, "I think he'll be good for her!" I loved that statement and that he and his Mother always thought of things to be thankful for when he said his prayers at the end of each day, and how he still held his teddybear close at night, and how he so wanted so much to belong and make friends with the other boys, while playing baseball.

Lori Loughlin (Dana) is as lovely and beautiful, as ever... Johnny Messner (Vince), who plays the Soldier, was quite the Southern Gentleman and handsome, in his uniform, and Stefanie Powers (Dana’s mother, Louise), is incredibly beautiful, too... she was a perfect choice to play Dana's caring, sweet, and very active Mother! The casting was perfect!

It is an absolutely sweet and refreshing film. There is some sweet simple kissing between Dana and Vince, as they are dating, and that is all. There is no language or violence, just a nice little story about life and love. It makes you appreciate all the more, what our Military does for us on a daily basis and all the sacrifices they make in their lives, as well as their families. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

I won't spoil it, but there is a sweet, Happy Ending that leaves you wanting more. Can I say... Sequel, Please!!!! May I suggest, Marry My Mom!!!

Thank you Hallmark Channel... for making another warm and wonderful Family Movie!

Click here to get Meet My Mom on DVD.

See or Skip:

An absolute MUST SEE with your Family!!!

Production credit: An LG Films Production in association with Larry Levinson Productions


  1. I was trying to add this movie to our netflix queue for my mom. Apparently they don't have it as nothing comes up. do you know if it's on hallmark channel soon or something.

  2. Hi!

    I just read your comment and wanted to let you know it is avaiable to buy on Amazon.com, but I cannot help you as far as if its going to air on TV or not... there are several places you can check the schedule though. Start with Hallmarkchannel.com. :-)

    Hope you can find it... this film does sound very sweet -- those who liked "Christmas Card" will likely enjoy this story, too.

  3. Thank you for your responses. I added a link to the DVD plus more Movie Details, here. This movie is airing on the Hallmark Channel, however, not with the DVD Title, Soldier Love Story. It will premiere on the Hallmark Channel, May 8th, 2010 - with a New Title - Meet My Mom. Hope this information is helpful... I, too, look forward to seeing this movie!

    1. I wish this movie was played throughout the year. I think about it every Christmas, and now I've learned it's more of a mother's day movie. Im in July now, and it kills me I won't ne able to watch it for another.. how many months? So sad

    2. "Meet My Mom," also known as "Soldier Love Story," is not a movie that is played on the Hallmark Channel any more because it stars Lori Loughlin and she currently has some legal issues.

      If you really want to see it, you'll probably want to get the DVD at Amazon. As I write this, the DVD is only $6.95.

      See "Meet My Mom" DVD here:

  4. Thanks so much for the details... So gladly appreciate that..

  5. Hi again!

    For cadilacjax and Net Movie Blogger, I just thought I'd post a quick comment to say that I just saw this movie [as "Soldier's Love Story"] and it was so sweet! It will definitely become one of my favortie Hallmark titles.

    If you've seen "Christmas Card," you'll love this, and if you haven't and end up liking this(SLS), check out the former. :-)

    Thanks for helping us discover these "smaller" titles!

    Have a great day!

  6. helencubby said..........When will other great hallmark movies be out on dvd..like uncorked, flower girl, healing hands, and elevator girl. They have been on a lot longer!

  7. For helencubby: "Healing Hands" is now available on DVD at Amazon.com under a new name; "Working Miracles."

    As for the others,like you, I'd enjoy seeing them too, but haven't come across them even under a new name. :-) Let's just hope Hallmark continues this string of DVD releses!

  8. does anyone know where meet my mom was filmed? it is so beautiful there...I know it is in California, but where in Cali? any ideas? msheza@yahoo.com
    It is a great, great, great movie! Another homerun of a movie from Hallmark!! Gotta love these Hallmark movies!! :)

    1. The camping scene looked like Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

  9. I absolutely love this movie! I really hope they make a sequel soon, perhaps entitled "Meet My Dad"!!

  10. I just watch Love Story and I thought it was total amazeing movie I was wondering if this was a true story and I was wondering also if that they would make a sequel soon prehaps intitled meet my new dad the Soldier that would be so awsome if you could do that and I would like to write to that Brave Soldier that played in this movie and thank him for fighting for our country and God Bless

  11. Hi looking for subtitles for the movie "a soldier's love story" if you find someone to write to skype fbi_615. Thanks in advance

  12. you can get a soldiers love store at wal-marts.com flower girl at a christian book store. glad to see a show that talks about god and gives him all the credit. praise be to god.

  13. Why does Pixl rename a lot of t movies they show? This movie on Pixl is Soldier's Love Story. I get excited when I see a movie title that is new and it turns out I have alread seen it on Hallmark!!!

  14. I hope that hallmark makes a second part to the movie meet my mom I thought it was a great family movie

  15. Enjoyed watching Lori Loughlin in this movie over the weekend. She is great in many Hallmark Movies. Nice family friendly movie to watch and makes you feel good. God Bless our Military.

  16. Hai, I'm Yohanes, Indonesian. I like your movie Solider Love Story. from the trailer I very want watch this movie, but can't enjoy this movie because there is no subtitle, can you give the subtitle (.srt format from the notepad), or if you can not make timing you please make dialogue in mic. word file. thank you . my email: yohanes.hutabalian@gmail.com

  17. Does anyone know if this was a book as well


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