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It's official! Entertainment Tonight has announced TWO NEW Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas Movies for the 2018 Holiday Season!

The first movie revealed was "House on Honeysuckle Lane," a project for Alicia Witt (The Mistletoe Inn, Christmas List)! (I always personally find Alicia's movies a joy to watch, as she is rather quirky & fun and full of energy, spunk, & personality!)

This movie is based on the book, House on Honeysuckle Lane by actress and writer, Mary Elizabeth McDonough. (That's Erin from the beloved television family series, The Waltons!)

Here's a description of the story, via ET: "In House on Honeysuckle Lane, Emma (Witt) returns home to celebrate Christmas for the last time with her siblings in the house they grew up in. After their parents' recent passing, the siblings reluctantly agree to sell the family home on Honeysuckle Lane, leaving Emma in charge of their belongings. While Emma’s mother’s collection is being appraised, they find a hidden surprise that takes them on a journey to discover the power of love and family during the holidays."

by Mary McDonough

The second Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Christmas movie ET revealed was... "Return to Christmas Creek," starring Tori Anderson, Steven Weber, Kari Matchett and Stephen Huszar.

Here's a description of the story, via ET: "After being rejected and told that the new idea for her holiday app lacked the spirit of Christmas, young dot com CEO Amelia (Anderson) decides to return home to her Family Inn she grew up at in Christmas Creek. She is just in time for the anniversary of the Fly By Santa event that her family arranges. Her uncle (Weber) is a charter pilot who flies over the town dressed as Santa each Christmas Eve to deliver presents to under-served children in neighboring communities. Amelia was his co-pilot until her family moved away after her father and uncle had a quarrel that split the family apart. Years later, Amelia agrees to revisit the Family Inn where she heals old wounds and reconnects with the family, life and love she left behind in this festive holiday town."

These both sound like two wonderful films to add to our increasing Christmas movie lists! It's wonderful to finally see these are both official and share these details with all of you!

Alicia's movie "House on Honeysuckle Lane" sounds deeper and more emotional than the movies we are used to seeing from her. If the storyline above is any indication, tissues may be required for this one!

I love that Steven Weber (from the TV series "Wings") is playing a charter pilot in his Christmas movie, "Return to Christmas Creek." That is so apropos and suitable for him since he also portrayed a pilot on his popular 90's sitcom!

So much to look forward to!
Blessings on your day, Net


  1. Thank you for sharing, Net!

    So funny, I used to be obsessed with Wings and noticed the pilot part. LOL

    Both sound like great Christmas movies!


    1. That's so great you caught that too, Misty! Wings was a fun show back then. It is interesting, a cute nod, to have him portray the pilot role once again! :)

  2. Hi Net,

    Your description of Alicia is right on - quirky, spunky, energetic! Her reactions to situations are always fun to watch! (I love her reaction to the follow-the-light eye test in A Very Merry Mix-up!) I think it is because of her personality that I enjoy her Christmas movies so much! (Or could it be that I identify with offbeat characters?! Uh-oh!) :)

    I remember hearing last year that she submitted an original idea, maybe even a screenplay, for a Hallmark Christmas movie. I wonder whatever became of that??!

    Can't wait to see House on Honeysuckle Lane! Thanks as always for providing the information!


    1. Yes, her gestures are just as great as the way she delivers her lines! This is definitely going to be a different side of her in this more serious role.

      As for the movie she's personally working on, it appears that one is still in-the-works. I know she wants it to include her music, as well, so... she must still be in the creative phase.

      Glad you enjoyed this Christmas movie news! :)

  3. I love Alicia Witt for all the same reasons you mentioned above. I'm having a hard time imagining her in such a serious role. For that reason alone, I guess it's worth the watch.

    1. Yes, it's going to be quite different... I'm hoping their will be some lighthearted moments, as well.

  4. I grew up with The Waltons, great show. I had no idea Mary McDonough AKA ERIN was writing books these days. Wonder if she might play some character in the movie?

    1. I wondered that, too, CJ! It would be wonderful to see Erin, I mean Mary McDonough, portray any character in the movie, big or small! :)

  5. Mary McDonough could portrayed as Emma's Mother on "House on Honeysuckle Lane"

  6. Oh, Net, Alicia is quite the "personality girl"! She has made me laugh so hard I thought I'd "bust a gut" and then the next minute I'd be running for the box of Kleenex to dry my eyes. I loved her in "Mistletoe Inn" and I'm really curious to see how this one fares.

    1. That is so sweet, Linda... Alicia Witt definitely mixes it up in her roles, doesn't she? I guess I think of her as always being fun loving and spirited, but there are definitely some deeper, emotional scenes, even in her Christmas comedies! I'm so looking forward to seeing this one too! :)

  7. Will Alicia Witt have 2nd Christmas movies written by hers & the Writers


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