Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"The Swap" - a Disney Channel Original Movie


Movie: The Swap

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: October 7, 2016


Peyton List ... Ellie
Jacob Bertrand ... Jack
Claire Rankin ... Summer
Darrin Rose ... Coach Malloy
Callan Potter ... Gunner
Jesse Bostick ... Stryker
Kiana Madeira ... Sassy
Eliana Jones ... Aspen Bishop
Devyn Nekoda ... Mackenzie Wick
Kolton Stewart ... Owen
James Godfrey ... Porter
Danny Smith ... Clerk
Naomi Snieckus ... Coach Carol
Linda Kash ... Nurse Helen
Valérie Descheneaux ... Stylist
Naya Liviah ... Claire
Marcia Johnson ... Dr. Baker
Michael Fessaha ... Ryan
Jordan Cotton ... Junior Varsity Goalie
Sebastian Orr ... Hockey Player
Mark Hickox ... Badminton Coach


via press release: Ellie O’Brien (List) is trying to juggle rhythmic gymnastics and troubles with her best friend. Meanwhile, classmate Jack Malloy (Bertrand) is struggling to live up to his brothers’ hockey-star legacies and his dad’s high expectations and tough-love approach. When a text argument about whose life is easier gets out of hand, Ellie and Jack trigger an unexplainable real-life swap. As each tries to navigate the other’s life, hilarity ensues when Ellie (as Jack) learns about brotherly bonding and hockey lingo, while Jack (as Ellie) has to decipher girl code and experiences a spa day. With a rhythmic gymnastics championship and a spot on the varsity hockey team on the line, they must figure out how to get back in their own bodies before the swap becomes permanent. As they are forced to literally walk in each other’s shoes, they gain empathy for one another and learn valuable lessons about their own lives.

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  1. I found "The Swap" quite charming. It has some of the Disney charm while still staying true to the "Freaky Friday" story line. There was humor, a little bit of craziness, and of course, at the end, the two leads learn a lot about themselves and have grown much in a short couple days. I recommend watching, at least once, for teens and those wanting a little modern twist on the "old original body swapping movie." :)

  2. Cool. it loos like the new version of "Its a boy girl thing".


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