Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Oscars, Nascar, & Lucy... oh my!

It's an interesting day for TV, Sunday ~ February 26, 2012. First, FOX has the Daytona Nascar Race taking place in the afternoon, in Florida. The Hallmark Channel has the All-Day Marathon of We Love Lucy Episodes, and then for the evening, on ABC... there's the Oscars.

I must admit I have not seen any of the Best Picture Nominees for the Academy Awards this time around. I typically am most interested in the Oscars ~ because I enjoy seeing the fashions on the Red Carpet... Or, if there is an actor or actress from the "Old Hollywood Era", (such as Mickey Rooney, etc...) I always enjoy seeing them.

I have heard a lot of buzz this year, however, about the movie, The Artist (Rated PG-13). You may have seen it or heard about it - it's a new film, but it is a Silent film - pictured in Black and White. As a "TCM watcher", a "Classic Movie Lover", I found this to be extremely fascinating. After seeing the trailer, which I've included below - it appeals to me very much as I see traces of old Hollywood films I love. One scene in particular reminds me of a scene right out of The Thin Man and in another I was reminded of Citizen Kane... with the dark shadows and camera angles.

As long as it has a "Nick and Nora successful 'we got the bad guy' ending" or the classic "small town girl makes it to Broadway" Happy Ending... then I'll be sold. Yes, I love sappy happy endings... I guess that's why Hallmark Channel movies appeal to me so much.

Have you seen any of the Movies chosen for Best Picture? Which one would be your favorite?

Best Picture Nominees:

*Please know that I am NOT personally recommending any of these films - I am simply sharing with you what has been nominated for Best Picture.

Most of the films listed above are rated PG:13, except The Descendants, which is Rated: R and Hugo, which is Rated: PG. If you would like to read movie reviews on these films - just click on their pictures above.

If you watch the Oscars 'Live', I do hope you enjoy the show... and can stay awake!

I haven't decided, yet, how much I'll watch or tape... we'll see!

To everyone who visits "It's a Wonderful Movie"...
I hope you have ... a "Wonderful Weekend"!


  1. I found the show to be more boring than ever before. I taped some of it with my dvr. just too long.

  2. My husband and I watched most of it, but the kids fell asleep only an hour into it... Cath

  3. Yeah!!! The Artist won lots of big awards. I haven't seen it, yet - but like you - I love a good classic Movie. It appeals to me, as well - I guess mostly because it is uniquely different. Thank you for sharing all the Best Picture details - your site is always the best!


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